Infidelity and Betrayal in Marriage: a content Analysis of Men Who Cheat in Hollywood Films

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“Infidelity and Betrayal in Marriage:
A Content Analysis of Men Who Cheat in Hollywood Films”

Carolyn Logan

Undergraduate Student

Saint Mary’s College

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Advisor: Susan Alexander

Department of Sociology

St. Mary’s College

(574) 284-4728


Previous literature specifically on extramarital affairs portrayed in American film is not available. Since people are being exposed to affairs in Hollywood films, this study will evaluate how extramarital affairs, specifically those associated with a male mid-life crisis, are socially constructed in Hollywood films from the 1950s to 2005. Using a content analysis of 12 films from the 1950s to 2005, this study focused on numerous characteristics surrounding adulterous husbands. Overall, this study found that the typical adulterous male in a Hollywood film is a white, 37 year old heterosexual business man, married with children.

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