Infants born to substance dependent women are more likely to be low birth weight and, depending on the substance, to experience neonatal withdrawal syndrome

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1-800-905-TIES or visit .

WIC: The Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Program provides vouchers for food (such as milk, eggs, cereal, cheese, infant formula) for pregnant and post partum women and for young children. WIC can also offer other services, like breastfeeding counselors. Whether you can get WIC services is based on income, residence in Massachusetts and proof of identify. For more information, call: 800-WIC-1007 or visit: <>.

Domestic Violence: Reports suggest that as many as one pregnant woman in ten experiences domestic violence, including verbal, emotional and physical abuse. Domestic violence during pregnancy leads to birth complications and increased risk of harm or death to the woman, the fetus and the young child. Domestic violence also increases the risk of substance abuse and depression. Pregnancy makes it harder for a woman to leave a violent home. Women should always be asked if they feel safe at home. Regardless of whether women report experiences of violence, or fear of violence, provide information about Safelink at toll-free: 1-877-785-2020 | TTY: 877-521-2601. <>

Child Care: For information about child care, visit Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care website. Links for child care programs, parent and family support programs, and other helpful resources are listed on this web page.

Pregnancy Choices: When entering a detoxification program, a woman may not be ready to make plans for her pregnancy. Discomfort related to withdrawal may make it difficult to think clearly. Women should be offered information about where they might discuss their choices. Prenatal providers are one resource. To find a local prenatal care provider, a woman can call a local hospital or her insurance provider. Additionally, Planned Parenthood (800-258-4448; ) or the Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 800-277-5387(24 hour a day phone counseling) can offer confidential counseling and referrals.

The Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program: For free information about quitting smoking and free telephone counseling. 1-800-Quit-Now (1-800-784-8669).
Sober Mommies is a website just for women who are parenting and in recovery from substance use disorder. There is a place to share your story, read the stories of other moms, join a local support group, or find information or support on a range of topics.

BSAS welcomes comments and suggestions. Contact:

1 Massachusetts Maternal Mortality and Morbidity study

2 Pediatrics, 2015.

3 Treatment statistics prepared by the Office of Statistics and Evaluation, Bureau of Substance Addiction Services, Massachusetts Department of Public Health on 7/26/2018 with data as of 7/6/2018.

4 NOTE: This may not apply if there has been a positive toxicology screen resulting in a 51A at birth.

Practice Guidance: Treatment Services for Pregnant Women Final Draft August 29, 2018

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