Infants born to substance dependent women are more likely to be low birth weight and, depending on the substance, to experience neonatal withdrawal syndrome

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BSAS Publications: Available on the Massachusetts Clearinghouse: <>

Detoxification Services:

Medically Monitored Acute Treatment Services: Brief Guide for Providers: A guide to serving pregnant women, for Level III.7 ATS providers’

Detox and Pregnancy: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: A comprehensive guide for women receiving detoxification services.

Detox and Pregnancy: WHAT FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEED TO KNOW: A comprehensive guide for family and friends of women receiving detoxification services.

Pregnant women and detox: the first 24 hours and Detox Quick Start Guide: Two short documents providing women with introductory information about what to expect in detox.

Protecting Women and Babies from Alcohol and Drug Affected Births: Tools and Resources: A comprehensive tool kit for health care providers.

FAQs for Obstetricians: Suggestions for obstetricians working with pregnant women who are prescribed buprenorphine by other providers.

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