Industry Growth Centres Initiative Programme Guidelines

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Industry Growth Centres Initiativescanned image of minister the hon christopher pyne\'s signature, dated 11 april 2016. reads: i, the hon christopher maurice pyne mp, minister for industry, innovation and science (\'the minister\'), issue the following programme guidelines to the department of industry, innovation and science (\'the department\')

Programme Guidelines

21 April 2016

I, The Hon Christopher Maurice Pyne MP, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science (‘the Minister’), issue the following Programme Guidelines to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (‘the Department’).

Dated: 11 April 2016

Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science

Table of Contents

Industry Growth Centres Initiative 3

1.Purpose 3

2.Commencement 3

3.Authority for Programme Guidelines 3

a)Are made by the Minister; and 3

b)May be amended from time to time, if and as required. 3

4.Interpretation 3

5.Part 1 – Programme Overview 3

6.Introduction 3

7.Programme Objectives 5

a)Identifying regulations that are unnecessary or over-burdensome for the six sectors and impede their ability to grow, and suggesting possible reforms; 5

b)Improving engagement between research and industry, and within industry, to achieve stronger coordination and collaboration of research and stronger commercialisation outcomes in the six sectors; 5

c)Improving the capability of the key sectors to engage with international markets and access global supply chains; and 5

d)Improving the management and workforce skills of the six sectors. 5

9.Programme Outcomes 5

a)A reduction in the cost of doing business through regulatory reform; 5

b)Increased Research & Development coordination and collaboration leading to improved commercialisation outcomes; 5

c)More businesses, including small and medium enterprises, integrated into domestic and global supply chains and markets leading to increased export income; 5

d)Improved management and workforce skills of businesses; and 5

e)Improved employment opportunities and contribution to the creation of high-skilled jobs. 5

10.Part 2 – Programme Activities 6

11.Initial Activities 6

12.Sector Competitiveness Plans 6

13.Project Fund Activities 7

14.Part 3 – Proposal and Selection Process 7

15.Selection of Sectors 7

16.Selection and Role of Chairs 7

a)Experience in the relevant sector; 8

b)Credibility within the sector and the ability to attract other high profile members to the Growth Centre Board; 8

c)Board experience (such as chairmanship or directorship); and 8

d)An understanding of working with government and other stakeholders. 8

a)Communicating the objectives of the Programme and the proposed ambitions of the Growth Centre; 8

b)Identifying, securing and consulting with all interested stakeholders in the development and ongoing delivery of the Growth Centre; 8

c)Working with the Facilitator and interested stakeholders to develop and refine the focus of the Growth Centre; 8

d)Identifying and proposing the Founding Members of the Growth Centre; 8

e)Identifying and proposing suitable candidates for the Growth Centre Board; 8

f)Developing a Growth Centre proposal for the Minister’s consideration; and 8

g)Developing an initial outline of what activities will be included in the Growth Centre’s Sector Competitiveness Plan. 8

17.Selection and Role of Facilitators 9

a)Engaging relevant stakeholders and facilitating positive and productive arrangements between them; and 9

b)Working with government. 9

a)Bringing together interested stakeholders within the sector; 9

b)Facilitating workshops, meetings and other engagement activities across the nation, to identify the focus of the Growth Centre and develop its Growth Centre proposal; and 9

c)Facilitating negotiations to formalise the intent of stakeholders (who will form the Founding Members) to provide financial or in-kind contributions. 9

18.Stakeholder Participation 9

19.Intensive Engagement and Facilitation Process 9

a)There are significant and genuine impediments to the Growth Centre proposal being developed which are beyond the control of the Chair, Facilitator and other involved parties (including those who will form the Founding Members); and 10

b)An extension is necessary to ensure that a suitable Growth Centre proposal can be developed. 10

20.Growth Centre Proposal 10

46.Growth Centre proposals will be scored out of 100 using weighted criteria as follows: 11

i.The ability of the proposed Growth Centre to engage with, and create critical mass in, its sector and its plan to progress its proposed activities (refer Clause 46(b)) (weighted at 15 points); 11

ii.The proposed Growth Centre’s indicative budget, pledged resources (cash and in-kind) and approach to risk management and intellectual property (weighted at 10 points); 11

iii.The proposed members for the Growth Centre Board (and their proven experience and capability in the key growth sector) (weighted at five points); 12

iv.The proposed Growth Centre’s suggested key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting and evaluation approach (weighted at five points); and 12

v.The proposed Growth Centre’s suggested marketing and communications activities, including its vision for the Industry Growth Network in its sector (weighted at five points). 12

47.The Department will issue an application form to the Chair for the Growth Centre proposal. The application form will include: 12

a)The format for responses to each criterion and sub-criterion including how much information is required and word limits in the proposal; 12

b)Provision of necessary contact details to enable submission of the proposal; 12

c)The required method for proposal lodgement; 12

d)Any required attachments for the proposal; and 12

e)The closing date for proposal lodgement (and the circumstances under which a late proposal may be accepted). 12

21.Assessment of Growth Centre Proposal 12

22.Decision 12

a)Which Growth Centre proposals will be approved; and 12

b)Any special conditions to apply to the offer of funding. 12

a)The requirements of these Programme Guidelines; 13

b)The availability of Grant Funds; and 13

c)The advice of the Growth Centres Advisory Committee. 13

23.Appointment of Growth Centre Board 13

55.The Growth Centre Board will be nominated by the Chair and the proposed Founding Members for each Growth Centre at the time of submission of the Growth Centre proposal. 13

24.Part 4 – Funding 13

25.Industry Growth Centre Funding Agreement 13

26.Available Funding 13

27.Use of Grant Funds 14

28.Part 5 – Programme Governance 14

29.Roles and Responsibilities 14

30.Part 6 – Monitoring and Evaluating Growth Centre Performance 17

31.Annual Business Plans 17

32.Quarterly Financial Reports 18

33.Annual Reports 18

34.Underperformance 18

35.Programme Evaluation 19

Appendix A: Other Programme Administration Matters 21

36.Payments of Grant Funds by the Commonwealth 21

37.Value for Public Money 21

a)Ensuring applications for funding under the Programme are appraised through a facilitated, merit-based selection process as appropriate; 21

b)Establishing and maintaining robust governance arrangements for individual Growth Centres, as well as for ongoing oversight of Growth Centres’ performance through effective monitoring and evaluation requirements; 21

c)Including provisions in these Programme Guidelines and Industry Growth Centre Funding Agreement to ensure that Grant Funds provided must not be used to fund activities already funded from other Commonwealth Government sources; 21

d)Establishing clear guidance for the appropriate use of Grant Funds and mechanisms to monitor expenditure; 21

e)Establishing and maintaining a comprehensive risk and compliance management process which is used to inform the Programme Guidelines, Industry Growth Centre Funding Agreements, the Growth Centre proposal and assessment process, performance monitoring and evaluation activities, as well as Programme administration and management activities; and 21

f)Ensuring Growth Centres are aware of their responsibilities in delivering value for money through these Programme Guidelines and through the Industry Growth Centre Funding Agreement. 21

38.Conflict of Interest and Bias 22

39.Feedback and Complaints 22

40.Programme Contact Details 22

41.Protection of Information 23

42.Freedom of Information 25

43.Intellectual Property 25

a)Benefits the whole sector to improve productivity and competitiveness; 25

b)Promotes the productivity and competitiveness of the sectors; 25

c)Is consistent with the Programme objectives; and 25

d)Is consistent with these Programme Guidelines. 25

44.Tax Obligations 25

Appendix B: Requirements of the Growth Centres Project Fund 26

45.Description 26

46.Purpose of Project Fund 27

47.Project Fund Details 28

48.Reporting 29

a)A description of the Project and an overview of how the Project meets the strategic priorities of the Growth Centre and the objectives of the Growth Centre Project Fund; 29

b)A list of the Project participants; 29

c)The total of government funding for the Project; and 29

d)The total industry co-contributions for the Project. 29

Appendix C: Glossary of Terms 29

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