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Industrialization DBQ

Did the Industrial Revolution improve the life in Great Britain?

Directions: Below are questions that pertain to each document in the Industrialization DBQ. After reading each document, answer the question to your best ability. Keep in mind, the question states: “Did the Industrial Revolution improve life in Great Britain?”

Document 1- News report October 27, 1829

Question: Who benefited from the Rocket and how?

Document 2- Fanny Kemble, actress, writing about the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 1830

Question: What “type” of people road the train versus those who were spectators? What does this tell you about society?

Document 4- Friedrich Engels: Industrial Manchester, 1844

Question: What is the downside to Industrialization in the cities?

Document 5- Edward Chadwick

Question: What were some problems Edward Chadwick saw in society? What does he suggest needs to be done in order for the average person to benefit from the Industrial Revolution?

Document 6- Joseph Hebergam- interviewed by Michael Sadler and his House of Commons Committee on 7th July, 1832

Question: What was life like for a child laborer? BE SPECIFIC

Document 7- No. 104- The Penny Magazine- Nov. 16, 1833

Question: In comparison to the Sadler Committee’s report, what do workers and children think of factory life in this account?

Document 8- No. 215- The Penny Magazine- Aug. 8, 1835

Question: What factors may have contributed to a low mortality rate?

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