Industrial Revolution Enduring Understanding

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Industrial Revolution
Enduring Understanding

How economic development during the Industrial Revolution brought changes to the United States.

Why nationalism in the United States encouraged western expansion and helped define the U.S. role in world affairs.
Guiding Questions

What impact did the growth of industry have on the American way of life?

Why did the United States begin to emerge as a world power?

Section 1

How did industrial development begin in the United States?
Which inventions helped the growth of the American industry?
What were working conditions were like in factories?
What factors made the Northeast the first industrial region of the United States?

Section 2

How did the inventions and the improvements in transportation affect the movement in the United States?

-What were other modes of transportations?

Why did Americans move west in the early 1800s?

Section 3

Why did feelings of national pride and loyalty increase among Americans in the early 1800s?
Why did rivalries between sections of the country increase?
How was the Missouri Compromise considered a band-aid between the problems of the north and the south?

Section 4

Why was Henry Clay considered one of the major figures in the events leading the Civil War?
How did Canada gain self-rule?
Why did the people in Latin American countries fight wars for independence?
How did the Monroe Doctrine encourage nationalism in the U.S. and how did it affect foreign policy?

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