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VII. Our formation communities

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VII. Our formation communities
The atmosphere in our formation communities probably has little similarity to that of the communities before the Council (even though we hope that the values of our tradition are present). Our documents (Rule of Life, Constitutions etc., documents which are clearly of high quality) take into account the need to “reinterpret” RL. This has been the context in which many of our present of formators was formed in RL. The young people who live in our formation communities bring with them post-modernity. This represents both an opportunity to enrich our RI and a call to discernment and response on the part of formators. Even though we could think that we are speaking of another age group, we have to remember than in each of us there are characteristics and elements of modernity, post-modernity etc.
Our communities are also apt to feel the effects of globalization. In the recent past we spoke a lot of our desire to move from “dependence” to “independence’ and from “independence” to “interdependence” and the process that would entail. Parallel to that is an appreciation for the local culture. At times it can be exaggerated and somewhat “chauvinistic.” We also have to open ourselves to a more global vision of the whole body of the Congregation, seeking a balance between being members of an international congregation (from our common charism) and incarnating that clearly in the culture in which we live and serve. (Cf. Constitutions nos. 6-7 and 60-65).
And so we see the importance of those who are in formation being rooted in their culture, without prejudice to their freedom to be “missionaries” outside their culture or their experience of identity as an international body with its own unity. Even though we began this reflection looking more at western culture, there are many other cultural realities in the Congregation to which we will have to give attention in our reflection as we give concrete shape to initial formation for common life lived in local communities.

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