Indirect Causes of wwi nationalism

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Indirect Causes of WWI

  • Nationalism is “pride” in your own country.

  • Nationalism is the concept that your country is better than any other country in the world.

  • Germany and Great Britain were the two countries that felt they were the greatest.


  • One empire/country having “control” over the smaller countries.

  • There were squabbles over which empire would have control over new smaller countries.

  • Colonial powers included:

  1. Great Britain

  2. Russia

  3. Germany

  4. Austria-Hungary

  5. France


  • Militarism – the build-up of weapons to prepare for war.

  • Both sides (Germany/Great Britain) “flexed” their collective muscles to show their opposition what they were capable of.

  • Britain’s 2 to 1 Naval Policy.

    • Germany challenges this in the early 1910’s

    • Britain looked to its colonies (Canada) to help.

Alliance System:

  • Alliance systems protect all members of a particular “group”

  • If one country gets attacked the other members of that group will support them.

Triple Entente

  • France

  • Great Britain

  • Russia

Triple Alliance


- Austria-Hungary

- Italy

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