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"Before The American People"

denny-ray:hardin, ex rel, and

all Americans,


vs 1st Amendment Petition for

Redress of Grievances


all its "Agents",





LET IT BE KNOWN BEFORE ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE that we no longer have a Constitutional government and all "agents" are corporate employees defrauding the American People of their authority and power. The American People have come to believe that their representatives whether politician, judge or law enforcement can violate us at will without accountability. This is a "conspiracy" of the "B.A.R." (British Accredited Registry) to establish themselves and their enforcers as a superior class through threats, intimidation, coercion and terrorism to rule the American People by absolute despotism. WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America established this Nation and in accordance with our "Declaration of Independence" we have the authority to abolish it. I believe the "Corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA no longer serves any useful purpose in our society and we would be better off without these foreign agents terrorizing us.

"Crimes of Agents"

As a member of the "Geneva Convention" the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has signed an "International Treaty" that dictates the treatment of prisoners of war and the sick and wounded. This treaty established all member Nations are "Hostage Free Zones" that requires an "injured party" to establish a "crime". This is operated upon the principle that all the people of the world are sovereign over their governments. Within the treaty to hold a sovereign for over 30 days without and injured party constitutes a "war crime". This is also supported by our 13th Amendment that prohibits "involuntary servitude" except as punishment for a crime. Today in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA there or about 250,000 hostages held in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, most without injured parties. Agents of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA fraudulently claim to act on behalf of the "Corporate Fiction" to violate, abuse, persecute and terrorize the American People. All these "agents" whether law enforcement (FBI, DEA, IRS, ATF, ICE, etc.) attorneys (Judge, Defense or prosecutor/BAR members) or law makers (President, Representatives or Senators) operate on a system of codes, rules, regulations, cases, etc. that allow them to violate our Constitution. For every Constitutional Right, the "B.A.R." has created a method to justify its violation. This is done in concert of "Conspiracy against rights" 18 U.S.C. 241 of "Deprivation of rights under color of law" 18 U.S.C. 242. All "agents" whether maker, presenter or enforcer of these imposter laws are all criminals engaged in "Treason" against our Constitution.

"Common Law"

Under the age old principle of "Common Law" every act of an "agent" of the "Corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is exposed as criminal conduct. The first is "Fraudulent Representation". All "agents" fraudulently claim to represent the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Under the "Common Law" principle of "Agency" and "agent" must be appointed by his/her principal. There are two methods of accomplishing this, 1) Verbal appointment by the principal or 2) signed "Power of Attorney" by the principal. An "agent" can not establish "Agency". Since a "Corporation" can not speak, can not write, can not contract or can not be represented by an attorney, all claims of "agents" representing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are "Fraud" 18 U.S.C. 1001. For this reason, all prosecutions conducted on behalf of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or the STATE (Ex: STATE OF MISSOURI) are "Fraud". Every criminal prosecution conducted without an "injured party" is criminal conduct by the prosecutor, defense attorney and Judge as "Conspiracy against rights" 18 U.S.C. 241 for violation of the 6th Amendment Right to face one's accuser. Only "injured parties" who sign a "complaint" may take the stand and testify. All "agents" who take the stand are "false witnesses" guilty of "perjury", the only exception is murder, only then can "agents" testify, in all other crimes the injured party only can give evidence of the crime. Because over 90% of prisoners were threatened, coerced, intimidated and terrorized by "agents" to sign "plea agreements" the "common law" principle of "Contracts" has also been violated. Under the "Common Law" principle of "contracts" all contracts signed under threats, duress and coercion are null and void. "Agents" of the "B.A.R." have become master "extortionist" to manipulate American into fraudulent "Plea Agreements" that unlawful allow their incarceration.


Only the American People have the right to contract as clearly stated in Article I, Section 10, of our Constitution and 42 U.S.C. 1981. But today "Corporations" are defrauding the American People into believing we can only contract with them. When we are born we are issued a "Certificate of Live Birth" at the Hospital, which is changed to a "Birth Certificate" by the "STATE" establishing we are now a "Corporate Fiction" in commerce. This "Corporate Fiction" is your name in all capitals letters. At birth, the "Corporate" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA creates an account in the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS that establishes you as an "asset" to be bought and sold in International Markets to secure loans to operate the corporation. This is clearly "bonded servitude" by the corporate government condemned by the United Nations. From 0 to 18 years of age the "Corporation" deducts all your needs from this account, whether medical, school, welfare, etc. this account covers those bills. After 18 any promissory note you sign is paid from this account when presented to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK by a financial institution (Ex: Car Dealership, Mortgage Company, Credit Card company, etc.) all are paid from this account with interest. Now comes the fraud of banks, "You must re-pay the loan." The Bank loaned you nothing! Therefore all foreclosures are fraud claiming a debt is owed. The method of defeating this fraud is to demand the original signed note that must be brought to court. On the back will be a stamp to the effect "Non-Redeemable", which means the debt is paid. "B.A.R." members try to introduce copies, because the original has this stamp that exposes their crime to unlawfully collect an unlawful debt. Because all our debts are paid with our signature all claims of debt are fraud. Only corporations are in debt, not us.


Every member of the American People have an account in the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS and each have the right to contract for the distribution of those funds. "Credit" is a "System of Discrimination" that says this person can have credit while this person can not. When one of us signs a credit application, it is taken to a commercial bank who processes it through the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and the debt is paid with interest. Now begins the "fraud" of financial institutions that create a "Fictitious Obligation" for you to re-pay the loan they fraudulently claim to have given you. Because Under Article I, Section 10 of our Constitution, only gold and silver are lawful currency to pay debt, only gold or silver can be loaned to create a debt. Because there is no gold or silver in circulation as currency there can be no debt, just a system of "credit" and "debit". All the American People are "Secured Party Creditors" (because each have account in the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS) and all "Corporations" are "Debtors" guilty of trespass of the American People. Our debts are all paid by our signatures!!! All financial institutions are operated in fraud to keep the American People in "debt" when in reality all debts are paid in full. This "Conspiracy" of the "Corporate" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to keep the American People in debt, fearful of loss of home by foreclosure, denied quality of life by withholding credit and establishing themselves as our superiors, when in fact they are all our inferiors. We can beat this corruption by simply withholding our signatures until accountability is established for these corporate criminals. Contract amongst ourselves, no American should ever contract with a Corporation again in ignorance, all should understand the system.

"When will the corruption come to an end?"

Today there are many things being done to hold Public Officials accountable for their crimes in Public Offices. All these endeavors are failing because our government has abandoned its primary purpose which is to serve and protect the rights of the American People. Our Forefathers, who created our Nation, established a "Constitutional Monarchy" whereby our rulers' powers are restricted to those granted under the Constitution and laws of our Nation. This "Chief Design" served well in the days of old where honorable men truly protected the people they served. But in modern times this system is flawed in it "Chief Design" whereby the Constitution is no longer present or enforced in our society."B.A.R." members are destroying the fabric of our Nation, which is the morals, ethics and principles upon which our Nation was founded, our "Constitution". The Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of our Nation are all controlled by the "B.A.R." (British Accredited Registry) who have conspired to establish themselves as a "Nobel Class" over Americans. These "Tories" (British loyalist) have created a system of Rules, Codes, Statutes and Cases that allows them to violate the Constitution and refuse the American People their Constitutional Rights, this allows them to maintain their superiority over the American People. But each denial of a right is an act of "treason".

"The Law"

The only law of our Nation is the Constitution and every one of us are entitled to its protection. Under our Law, the Constitution in the last Congressional Act of our Constitutional Congress in 1819, the 13th Amendment that established no "title of nobility" may hold any office of trust or profit within the United States of America. This establishes every member of the "B.A.R." who hold any office of the Executive, Legislative or Judicial Branch is guilty of "treason", "Seditious conspiracy to over throw our government", "conspiracy against rights to deprive the American People their Constitutional Rights" and "disloyalty asserting the right to strike against the government". All these crimes are present in every public office currently controlled by a "B.A.R." member, who holds the "title of nobility" of "Esq." (Esquire). All these attorneys are "foreign agents" 22 U.S.C. 611, "traitors" under our Constitution, criminals under the United States Codes and "untouchable" as members of the "Organized Crime Syndicate" known as the "Corporate" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Every American who votes for a "B.A.R." member to hold "Public Office" is a "Tory" (British Loyalist) who is supporting the Queen, over our Constitution. This November if only attorneys are on the ballot, we should write in "None of the above". Our power to vote gives us the power to take back our Nation and remove the "Nobel Class" of attorneys as our absolute rulers.

"The System"

We have all come to hate the system currently being operated as government and have been shown time and time again that attorneys (Public Officials) have no interest in serving the American People. Once they get elected they say shut up and pay me, but you are not paying me enough so I am voting myself another pay raise. I believe all public officers should be paid minimum wage, why should they make more than those they serve? If we allow ourselves to vote based upon the principles established by "Republicans" or "Democrats" then we have abandoned the foundations our Nation was built upon in favor of controversy created as a distraction to take our attention off their ability to conduct honest business. Attorneys are all great "liars" who will say anything to get our money or support, then turn their backs on the morals, ethics and principles they claimed to possess. The perfect example of attorneys is "Obama", we were all taken in by his pearls of wisdom and disappointed by his betrayal of our trust. I believe it is time to eliminate the two party system in favor of an "American Party" that has one objective to serve and protect the American People. After all this is supposed to be the primary function of our government, who has lost the respect and trust of those they are entrusted to serve and protect. The system needs to be changed, by attorneys establishing inadequacy to lead, we must establish new guards for our liberties and freedoms. America can surly do better than lawyers our Bible condemns.

"The Courts"

Our Courts have ceased to be our protectors and have become despotic, tyrannical dictators that refuse to honor the law of our Nation. Because Federal Judges are appointed for life, the most corrupt attorneys are elevated to the position of Federal Judge. All Judges of the Federal Courts have become delusional in their beliefs that they are not accountable to the American People who pay their salaries. The systems of these courts are clear for all to see; District Courts violate the rights, privileges and immunities of the American People and sentence them to inhumane punishment for minor crimes; the Circuit Courts ignore all law and allow the American People to be persecuted by District Judges, less than 1% of appeals are ever hear; The Supreme Court who is responsible to enforce the Constitution in every court of this land violates the Constitution on a daily bases and dismisses 99% of all claims brought before them. This clearly demonstrates the arrogance of Judges who believe they can do as they please and no authority can hold them accountable for their crimes. I say no judge should be appointed for life, each should be limited to 4 year terms, 6 at maximum, and there should be no retirement from a "Public Office" where tax-payers are forced to pay someone to do nothing. No Judge should be allowed to injure the people he is supposed to serve and protect. Every Judges should be held accountable to our Constitution, today they are not.


Today there is no authority that holds "B.A.R." members accountable for their conduct in our "Public Offices". I have petitioned the Judiciary Committee of Congress who did nothing to stop the crimes of attorneys, of course the committee is made up of attorneys. I have clearly shown in every court of this land that I am incarcerated in violation of the Constitution and laws of our Nation and every court has refused to release me. Of course, every Court is just another "B.A.R." member protecting the superiority of attorneys. I remain in prison to prove to the American People, attorneys can do anything and no-one can win against them. This establishes all courts are courts of impossibility. I have filed "Tort Claims" with the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE against Judges/Clerks/Attorneys who have violated my Constitutional Rights. The Attorney General is supposed to be our protector, but he is just another attorney conspiring to maintain "B.A.R." superiority over the American People. All these attorneys are paid by the tax-payers to act as our fiduciaries and protect us. None perform in this capacity. This is taxation without representation. An authority, not made of "B.A.R." members, must be established that holds attorneys accountable under the Constitution. I see a group of Constitutional Experts sitting in judgment of the corrupt "B.A.R." member. Only when all are accountable to our Constitution will justice truly exist in America, until then we all live in a despotic Nation of hypocrisy, a nation that claims to protect the people while violating them.

"Injured Party"

Let it be known before all the American People that there is no claim of injury to person or damage to property against DENNY RAY HARDIN. There is no signed complaint, no witness who claimed an injury at the trial of denny-ray:hardin.The "agents" fraudulently claiming to represent the "Corporate" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA could not produce an "injured party". This establishes clear malicious and vindictive prosecution, without just cause, to cause injuries, anguish and persecution. Because no injury was claimed, prosecution was criminal conduct to deny protection of law, conviction was conspiracy against rights to deny due -process of law, incarceration was kidnapping and hostage taking. All the above constitute "war crimes" by "B.A.R." members to unlawfully prosecute and incarcerate an American National. Because I have petitioned every court of this land to examine these crimes, because I have petitioned the Attorney General to stop Constitutional Rights violations and because all "Public Officials" have a "Official Duty" and "Public Obligation" to support the Constitution and all refused to examine the facts, law and evidence denny-ray:hardin has suffered injuries. denny-ray:hardin has been beaten, forced to endure solitary confinement for 7 months, held hostage without proof of crime for over 4 years and denied his 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment rights under the Constitution. Denny-ray:hardin has suffered greatly at the hands of his transgressors and establishes his Right to declare "Injured Party" status and lawfully bring this Indictment as a private attorney general (ex rel) against those in government who have committed "treason" and high crimes.

"Relief Sought"

We have all been victimized by the "B.A.R." members but few of us have been blessed with the knowledge and courage to stand for what is right and condemn that which is wrong. I can show truth forever, but until truth is addressed in an environment where the power to correct the situation is present, we are oppressed. By presenting truth only to have it ignored, refused, denied and dismissed to protect criminals of the Administration, we have no hope of changing the course of our Nation. I believe the only way to bring about change is to have the truth known by all and a "public forum" created to examine the evidence of "treason" present in my cause of action. I am only one man, an American, who humbly seeks your assistance to force Congress to try those who have committed treason in our "Public Offices". Under Article III, Section 3, only Congress has the power to determine the punishment of treason. Because so many quasi-government officials are participants, a public forum, televised is the only impartial methods of presenting the evidence and seeing the action taken by our representatives. These issues not only effect our lives, but will impact Americans for generations to come. The Beatles taught us you are good when everyone knows you, you are great when you can not be ignored. Only when so many of the American People stand united against the corruption of our Nation, will the American People once again be great in our world.

Thank You for your time!

Without Prejudice


P.S. I ask no-one to do a specific thing. I ask each of you to do what you can to bring about a public forum. Some can do more than others, it is going to take us all to change our Nation. God's will be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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