Indiana Jones and the Sword of St. George by Susanna Chapter 1

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Chapter 5

Lauren had never run so quickly before in her life, even at the track meets in which she sometimes participated. If only my coach could see me now, she thought as she sprinted through the forest surrounding the camp. It's interesting what pure terror can do, she noted detachedly. Suddenly, she noticed that she was running alone. Where was Indiana? She stopped and looked around, retracing her steps rapidly. Finally, she came across him lying on the ground, half-awake.
"Dr. Jones!" she exclaimed with alarm. Indy looked up dreamily. He'd been having a very strange nightmare…what was happening to him? Lauren looked at Indy again. Sweat was running down his face and he was trembling. My goodness, he looks terrible, she thought…something is wrong with him. "Honestly…you look awfully sick! What's the matter?"
"I'm…fine," he responded weakly. Everything was confused. Vaguely, Indy remembered being drugged…General Vartoldi…escaping…he had to keep going…He struggled to get up but only slumped back down on the damp forest floor, shaking uncontrollably.
"I'm gonna try to get some help…don't worry," Lauren told him soothingly, taking off his hat and feeling his forehead with her hand. "Oh geez! You're burning hot!" she exclaimed, frightened. "Stay there, OK?"
"No," Indy responded, finally fighting his way to his feet. "No…help. I'm fine." Lauren marveled at his tenacity, but realized at the same time that there was no arguing with him, regardless of how sick he was.
"All right," she said reluctantly, "but are you sure you're-"
"Yes," Indy gasped, obviously lying. "Now, let's find a good hiding spot. I need some rest." Lauren followed him slowly as they walked on through the woods, amazed at his incredible willpower. She was also genuinely concerned, not only about Indy's health, but about the possibility of Italians searching for them out in the forest.
"We should get away from here," she commented as they walked. "What if they search for us, Dr. Jones?"
"Whaddya…think…we're…doing?" he responded. "Let me know…if you see…any good hiding spots." Lauren looked around intently, although the darkness didn't make it too easy. Nevertheless, she soon stumbled upon a small cave of sorts and pointed it out to Indy, who eagerly crept inside it and sprawled out on the floor, shaking.
Lauren observed the cave cautiously before sitting down on the slightly wet ground. She doubted they'd be found…but the thought still disturbed her. Indy cried out, and she turned abruptly towards him, again running her hands over his burning forehead. Oh no. But what could she do? She turned him over and opened his khaki bag for the first time, finding inside it a water container. She poured some water on his lips and face. He looked up, but didn't seem to recognize her.
"Marion? Marion?" he called out hoarsely, reaching towards her. Who was Marion? Although she was exhausted, Lauren dutifully dripped more water on his face.
"Dr. Jones, please be all right," she whispered, though she knew he wasn't listening. Finally, overwhelmed by the events of the day, she curled up on the other side of the moist cave and fell into an instant, dreamless sleep.


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