Indiana Jones and the Sword of St. George by Susanna Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

Knock. Knock. A loud rapping on the door interrupted Lauren's musings. Oh no! She suddenly remembered the policeman, and realized he would probably be very angry with her. She turned to look for Dr. Jones, and she saw him stretched out on the couch, snoring. She walked over to him and shook him.
"Wake up! There's someone at the door, I think it's that policeman!" Nothing. He was fast asleep. Lauren heard voices outside, and she tapped Dr. Jones again. "Come on! Wake up!" He didn't even stir. Lauren listened attentively to the voices - she was very nervous.
"I know he's here," said a friendly, deep voice, which she thought could be Dr. Jones' friend from the museum, Marcus Brody. So it wasn't the policeman, after all. Or maybe he had called someone else to go get him. "He just got back from Malaysia. I called him this morning, and he said he would be here to talk with me about the pieces he had for the exhibit. I don't see why he's not answering the door though. I have a key, which he lent me while he was away, so we can go in, if you feel it is necessary. He's probably just sleeping. He sounded exhausted when I talked to him this morning." Lauren quivered. Where would she go if the men came in? What if they got the wrong impression about why she was there? Or, if it were the policeman, he would be very angry with her. Lauren ran into the next room and closed the door, hoping they would just go away.
"Yes, please. This is urgent," another voice explained with annoyance. "We need to speak with Dr. Jones."
"All right," Brody answered, "but if he's sleeping, he won't be too pleased at our disturbing him. Oh well." Lauren heard the key in the door and the footsteps of the men entering. "What a mess he's made here," Brody exclaimed upon seeing the clothing scattered throughout the room. "Dr. Jones! Indiana!" Brody yelled. "Indy! You've got company! Please be polite and greet them," he continued, looking around. "Where is he? Innndddy! Wake up! Hmm…where could he be? Is that him on the couch?" Lauren listened as Brody moved around, looking for him. So his first name was Indiana. How unusual. But it fit him well, somehow, she realized. "Are you sure you need to talk to him? I'm telling you, when he's this tired it is tough to wake him up."
"Listen, we are the U.S. Government. If he's tired, tough luck. Is this the famous Dr. Jones, then? He sure keeps his place messy. I'll wait for the two of you in the car." The other voice responded harshly. Lauren heard the footsteps depart and the door slam shut. What a disagreeable man. But the U.S. Government! Lauren hoped Dr. Jones wasn't in trouble. Maybe they just needed his help. How thrilling!
"Yes, that's him," Marcus responded before he heard the door slam. He said the very words Lauren had been thinking. "How disagreeable! Indy is sure going to be mad at me for this. And he just got back from Malaysia, too. I guess I'll have to get some cold water. It'll be the only way to wake him at this point," Marcus continued, mumbling to himself, and Lauren heard the kitchen sink running. So that's what it had been, Malaysia. And there was no doubt about it now. The rumors were true! Lauren heard as Marcus poured the cold water over her professor. Poor guy, she thought. He won't be too pleased. He wasn't. Lauren listened as he coughed and yelled angrily at Marcus.
"Hey! What's this? I go to Malaysia for you, almost get killed by wild animals, don't sleep for three days, run all over the jungle, and you come when I finally fall asleep to pour water on my head. This is the last time I do anything for you! I'm exhausted. Please, Marcus, get the hell out of here!"
"Indy, I'm so sorry. Really I am. But you wouldn't stir any other way. And there are some important men here to see you, from the U.S. Government. They insisted. Come on, get up, and pack your things. They want you to go on a plane somewhere; they'll give you the details later. Come on, Indy. Want me to make you some coffee?"
"No, no, NO! Marcus, I've had enough. What is it this time? All right, I see that there is no arguing with them. But would you repack my suitcases for me so I can just sleep for five minutes? Please?"
"I'll do that for you, yes. Thank you Indy. I don't have a choice, you see. I'm sure they'll let you sleep on the plane."
"They'd better," Indiana mumbled sleepily. Lauren could see he'd forgotten all about her. So she would just leave quietly after he did. She wondered where he'd be going, and after what. One thing was for sure, she thought: the class is going to be very angry when he doesn't show up again tomorrow. She wouldn't be the one to give away his little secret though. Five minutes later, Marcus shook Indiana awake again.
"All packed. Let's go."
"My whip? My gun?"
"Fine." Lauren heard as Indy got up and heard his footsteps heading for the door. Suddenly, however, he stopped. "Wait a minute. Lauren, one of my students, asked me for a ride home. But I had to stop here and drop off the artifact. She's still here unless you saw her leave. Can we drop her off first?" Lauren smiled. He hadn't forgotten about her!
"Well, I don't see why not. The U.S. Government men seemed to be in a bit of a rush though. I can always drop her off myself after they take you. She can ride along in the car and then I'll take her afterwards. It's up to her. Where is she?" Marcus asked, looking around. Lauren came out of her hiding place.
"Right here," she said.
"I'm sorry, Lauren," Indiana explained apologetically. "Do you still wanna come along?" Lauren looked at her professor. It was almost as though he'd undergone a magical transformation. While she was hiding, he had changed from his normal suit into khaki pants and a matching shirt, a leather jacket, and a small bag. His glasses were gone, and instead he was wearing a dusty fedora hat. He looked like a mythical hero from the Westerns she sometimes went to see at the movie theater. Lauren quickly stopped herself from gaping.
"I'll come along. I don't mind. It's better than the cold. Thank you, Dr. Jones," she responded after a pause. She was so curious to see what he was going to do that she would go anywhere! A real life adventure! How amazing! She so wished she could go along, instead of staying and doing more monotonous work for her classes.
"Then we're all set. Come on Indy and…uh…what did you say your name was?"
"Lauren." They walked out together into Marcus' car. Jones and Lauren got in the back, with one of the U.S. Government men. He had oily black hair and reeked of alcohol. The other man, who was skinny with brown hair and yellow teeth, sat in the front while Marcus drove. Lauren felt uncomfortable in the car, and there was no conversation save occasional remarks about the weather. She felt as though she was in the way somehow. But Dr. Jones, or Indiana, as she was beginning to think of him secretly, smiled at her and she relaxed.
"Don't worry. This is not a problem. Just one thing, though - try not to mention this to your classmates. I know how inquisitive they are. But I trust you."
"I won't. Thank you," she responded automatically. Then Indiana slouched down and fell back asleep. Lauren felt strange again. The U.S. Government man who was on the other side seemed extremely disagreeable, and Indiana was leaning unto her and squashing her against the car door. What an interesting situation. There she was, an ordinary college student, and she was in a car with two true-life U.S. Government agents and her marvelous archeology teacher. She didn't like the agents, though; they were sleazy, and they looked the way crooks always did in the movies. And she couldn't even talk to Indiana, who was smashing her against the door and snoring. She looked at his face quickly as he slept. He was very handsome, Lauren realized. Especially without his glasses! She blushed at her thoughts. Many of the girls in the class had crushes on him - in fact, some just took the class because they heard he was handsome, but she never thought that she would…well she certainly hoped nothing bad would happen to him on his adventure. It sure seemed like the last one had exhausted him. Although the remaining time felt like forever to Lauren, they arrived at a small airport about ten minutes later. The U.S. Government agent rudely shook Indy awake.
"Dr. Jones we've arrived. Wake up now and get out of the car. Yeah, wake up," he growled. Lauren didn't like him at all. He had no right to treat her teacher that way, especially if he was doing him a favor. Indiana got out slowly, taking his suitcase but dropping his whip from inside it. The other U.S. Government man left too, and they began walking towards a small private plane. Indiana didn't notice that he had dropped his whip, and Lauren picked it up.
"Mr. Brody? Dr. Jones left his whip. Should I go give it to him?"
"If you'd like. He'd appreciate that, I'm sure. But make sure you don't get stuck on the plane," Marcus responded jokingly, looking at the wide-eyed college student. She would probably go tell all her friends about it, regardless of what Indy had made her promise, he thought. College students, they were all alike. Still, she really seemed to like Indy. But most girls did. Lucky dog, Marcus thought. Lauren stepped out and followed Indy, stepping carefully over the ice on the runways. She had never been at an airport before. She climbed into the plane and looked around for Indy, who was slouched in a seat, his hat over his eyes. She walked over to him, listening as the plane's engines began revving up. But she knew it took a long time before a plane actually took off, so she was safe. Her brother had been on an airplane, and he had told her all about it. The plane had to wait in line, and then it would finally be set to go, he had explained. And somewhere in the back of her mind Lauren thought - an adventure would be so exciting! What if she did get stuck on the plane? It might not be so bad, after all.


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