Indiana Jones and the Sword of St. George by Susanna Chapter 1

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The class sat restlessly waiting for their teacher to arrive. At the last minute, Indiana Jones raced in, deep shadows under his eyes. Just my luck, he thought, that when I finally get home to rest, I have these damn term papers to grade. He pulled the papers out of his briefcase. The students cheered. Indy smiled despite himself and began calling up the students one by one.
"Peter Stewart. Jean Grant. Lauren Russell." Lauren heard her name and walked up slowly to collect her paper. Indy winked at her, grinning widely.
"Thank you," he whispered. Lauren answered his smile with hers and went back to her seat, ready for the next lesson.
"Remember," Indiana Jones began, "archeology is a serious science. It is not about treasure hunts…today, we are going learn about the civilization of Axum, in Ethiopia." He seemed to be looking out at the whole room, but Lauren knew the truth. She grinned again. She was floating on a cloud.
The students filed out of the room quickly. But one stayed on, as ever. She watched as her teacher hurriedly packed up his things. I can finally get some rest, he thought…oh boy, I need it.
"Wait! Dr. Jones! I have a question."

The end

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