Indiana Jones and the Secret of Solomon's Temple By Mike Barwick Chapter 1 Jerusalem, 1937

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Indiana Jones and the Secret of Solomon's Temple
By Mike Barwick


Chapter 1

Jerusalem, 1937

The diggers had been working since dawn but to no avail. They had been "hired" by a local merchant, Eli al-Jazer, who had starting selling supplies and information to the Nazis for artifacts to sell on the black market. He paced back and forth impatiently as the diggers dug deeper into the earth around the site across from the Temple Mount where a secret treasure chamber of Solomon's was rumored to hold riches beyond belief.

Suddenly, one of the men beckoned Al- Jazer over and held up for his inspection an ancient scroll written in Hebrew. "Marvelous, this will make me very wealthy indeed when I tell Herr. Frieling." , he said as he read it.

The next night Al-Jazer was met in a smoke filled tavern known as Isis' Oasis by a rugged looking man with a patch over one eye and a scar down his left jaw. This was Herr Eric Frieling , a top officer in Hitler's occult research division. As Frieling and Jazer sat at a table near the back of the tavern far from earshot, Jazer unrolled the scroll.

"This should interest your Fuehrer a great deal", Jazer said as a smile crept across his face.
"What does it say?" Frieling asked with immense curiosity.
"This scroll gives directions to the one of the most sought after treasures from Solomon's Temple, The Eye of God." Jazer said. "Tell me about this Eye of God." Frieling said as he lit a cigar.
"The Eye of God is said to give whoever has it unlimited knowledge and power like that of Jehovah himself which is what Hitler desires I believe" Jazer explained as he rubbed his fingers together indicated he wanted to be paid. "Ah yes, your payment, I have it here with me" Frieling said as he produced a gun and shot Al-Jazer in the heart. Frieling scooped up the scroll and left through the back door as a crowd formed around Al-Jazer's body.
This will mark the beginning of the birth of the Fueher's dream and my rise to greatness, Frieling thought as he headed to his hotel to book a flight to Berlin.


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