Indian Cinema Compiled by Gary Palmer

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Indian Cinema
Compiled by Gary Palmer
The vast majority of films on this list were produced after 1990. Sadly, information on the aspect ratio of earlier titles is incredibly scarce. Most of India's commercial movies have been produced in one 'scope' format or another for the best part of three decades (perhaps even longer), and while this listing covers a huge chunk of the relevant titles, it cannot be considered definitive. Still, this is the first attempt to tackle an undervalued aspect of international cinema, and I hope to add many more titles in due course.
NB. The list only covers those films in which India is the primary country of origin (ie. an India/UK co-production would be listed here, while a UK/India co-production would be featured in the main list).
NBB. It's reported that many early Indian scope films were shot with Kowa anamorphic lenses from Japan, and most recent releases are reported to have been shot in Hawk Scope. Unfortunately, Indian cinema rarely credits the photographic lenses on-screen, so in most cases, it's impossible to know which format was used on individual films. As such, I've had no choice but to list the majority of relevant titles as 'Anamorphic' only.
* = Photographic process unknown.

** = 70mm (blow-up) release prints.

[A] = Anamorphic 35mm origination (process unknown).

[HD] = HD origination, cropped from 1.78:1 for a 2.39:1 release print.


10th CLASS [10th క్లాస్] (2006) [A]

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