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Penalties for recce infrigments

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Penalties for recce infrigments:

- first occasion - cash penalty 1000.- EEK

- second occasion - cash penalty 2000.- EEK

- third occasion - up to start refusal by the decicion of the Stewards

8.5.7.Reconnaissance cars

Reconnaissance may be carried out using series production cars for general road traffic (FIA GP Art 14.3):

Tires must be in accordance to Estonian Traffic Laws or studded tires are permitted in accordance to FIA/SWE WRC regulations:

-The studs shall be solid, round and flat-cut

-The length of the stud is limited to 15 millimeters

-The weight of the stud is limited to 2,5 grams

-The maximum overhang is limited to 2,0 millimeters

-The stud must be mounted in to the tyres from the outside

-The number of studs must not exceed 250 per tyre

-The body of the stud must be solid

Checking and marking of recce vehicles will be carried out at Valga põik 3, Otepää during signing on for recce materials

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