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Index of Back Issues
Volume VII, No.3 $5 ea. Spring 1994 (1 copy)


- The Battle of Hastenbeck, July 26, 1757

- The Hessian Army of the Seven Years War

- The Influence of Disease on 18th Century Campaigns
Volume X, No.1 $8 ea. Winter 1997 (2 copies)


- Sweden’s Involvement in the Seven Years’ War

- The Prussian Navy in the Seven Years’ War

- Swedish Army Organization and Uniforms
Volume X, No.2 $8 ea. Spring 1998 (6 copies)


- The Battles of Gross Jagersdorf and Palzig

- The Russian Artillery in the Seven Years War

- Bashkirs and Kalmucks in the Seven Years’ War
Volume X, No.3 $8 ea. Winter 1998 (21 copies)


- The Christopher Duffy tour of Silesia-1998

- Prussian Pioneer regiment IR 49

- The Battles of Reichenberg and Burkersdorf
Volume X, No. 4 $8 ea. Summer 1999 (8 copies)


- French Artillery& Brigades at Hastenbeck

- A History of Glasenapp’s Freikorps

- Contemporary Accounts of Minden and Hastenbeck
Volume XI, No. 1 $8 ea. Fall 1999 (1 copy)


-Wine, Women, &War: Observations on the Life of the Comte de Saxe

- Lobostiz: Frederick’s First Battle of the Seven Years’ War

- The Battle on Snowshoes: French & Indian War Scenario

- Book Review by Christopher Duffy

Volume XII, No.3 $8 ea. Fall 2001 (10 copies)


- Portugal in the Seven Years’ War, British Artillery (Color Section)

- Spanish, British, and Portuguese Orders of Battle

- More Information About Grün Loudon

- Horace St. Paul’s Journal: 1757, Into Silesia

Volume XII, No.4 $8 ea. Summer 2002 (6 copies)


- The Chevalier de Lévis

- Horsemeat and Mutiny in Canada

- Infantry Fire and Wargame Design

- Young Choiseul at War

- Hessian Hat Poms

- Sweden’s Role in the Seven Years War

-Horace St. Paul’s Journal: 1757, Road to Lissa and Banks of the Oder

Volume. XIII, No. 1 $8 ea. Winter 2003 (22 copies)


- Seven Years War Artillery: Shuvalov Howitzer

- The Arquebusiers de Grassin

- Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz

- Product Reviews

- Horace St. Paul’s Journal: 1757, With the Main Army outside Breslau

Volume XIII, No. 2 $8 ea. Fall 2003 (5 copies)


North Carolina Provincials in the Seven Years’ War

George Washington and the French and Indian War

Austerlitz and Hochkirch Compared, Kolin Refight, Grassin Flags

Provincial Troops at the Siege of Havana

Volume XIII, No. 4 $8 ea. Spring 2005 (10 copies)


- Some Genoese Militia Uniforms of the War of the Austrian Succession (Color Section)

- Wargaming the 18th Century

- Daniel Morgan in the Seven Years’ War

- George Washington Part III

- The Royal Regiment of Artillery
Volume XIV, No.1 $8 ea Fall 2005 (3 copies)

- George Washington and the French and Indian War Part IV

- The Pennsylvania Long Rifle

- The Capture of Quebec

- French Seven Years’ War Infantry Battalion Organization

- Humphrey Bland

- George Townshend

- From the Veranda of Sans Souci

Volume XIV, No. 2 $8 ea. Summer 2006 (8 copies)

-The Life and Times of Seckendorf, Part I

-Wargaming the SYW, Part I; SYW Battlefield Tour with Ken Bunger and Todd Fisher

-Roundshot Measuring Method for Wargames; Ask Alte Fritz

-Stremlined Wargame Mechanics;From the Veranda of Sans Souci
Volume XVIII, No.1 $10 ea. Spring 2013 (3 copies)

-Hesse-Kassel Stands Alone: The Battle of Sandershausen, July 21, 1758

-Book Reviews

-Items of Interest

Volume XVIII, No. 2 $ 10 ea. (larger size) Fall 2013 (5 copies)

-Enlightened Rogues: Light Infantry and Partisan Theorists of the Eighteenth Century, 1740-1800.

-Convention Report

-Book Reviews

Volume XIX, No. 1 $ 10 ea. Winter 2014 (5 copies)

-Flanquers and Pelotons-Hessian Links between the Seven Years’ War and the American War of Independence

-“Over the Bodies of our Enemies” The Battle of Mollwitz, April 10, 1741

-A Scoundrel’s Scoundrel: The Life and Exploits of Franciscus von der Trenck

-Robert Rogers and His Rangers

-Book Reviews

Assorted other works:
Francis Baron Trenck, Memoirs of the Life of Baron Trenck. James J. Mitchell ed. and Illus. $10

(6 copies)

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