Index for the Register Volumes 68-110 (1970-2012)

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Salzburg (Rockcastle County, Ky.): colony of, 75:229

Salzburg Seminar (Germany): and Thomas D. Clark, 103:236–37

Sames, James W. III: Four Steps West, 70:235–36

Samet, Elizabeth D.: Willing Obedience: Citizens, Soldiers, and the Progress of Consent in America, 1776–1898, reviewed, 102:240–41

Same Time, Same Station: Creating American Television, 1948–1961, by James L. Baughman: reviewed, 105:558–60

Sam Houston: The Life and Times of the Liberator of Texas, an Authentic American Hero, by John Hoyt Williams: noted, 92:448

Samoa, 72:426

Sampson, Flem D., 72:68, 83:125, 84:24–30, 36, 95:54, 104:415–16; and Cumberland Falls power issue, 81:32–33, 35–36, 39–41, 45–49, 51–55; eastern Kentucky coal mining investigation, 105:421; illus., 100:297

Sampson, Frederick G.: opposition to William S. Milburn, 109:423

Sampson, William, 93:401

Sams, Rice, 69:270

Samuel Eliot Morison Prize, 99:123

Samuel Hannaford and Son (Cincinnati, Ohio): architectural firm, 74:37

Samuel Orr (Union steamer), 70:257

Samuels, Hiram: slave of, 102:358

Samuels, Lewis: slave of, 102:365

Samuels, Mr. ——, 71:88

Samuels, Peggy: and Harold Samuels, Frederic Remington: A Biography, reviewed, 81:100–101; and Harold Samuels, The Collected Writings of Frederic Remington, reviewed, 78:185–88

Samuels, Sheldon: AFL-CIO, 102:180

Samuels, William: Ky. Historical Society, 101:26–27

Samuels, W. T., 89:251, 259

San Antonio (Texas) Express: news of Berea College in, 105:639–40

San Antonio, Texas, 71:1, 5–7, 17–19, 22, 25–26, 93, 96–99, 100–104, 95:251; African Americans in, 105:641–42; American Missionary Association ministers in, 105:636; Baptists in, 105:641; Burritt Hamilton Fee and John G. Fee in, 105:636, 639–42, 648, 650–51; climate of, 105:648; Methodists in, 105:641

San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriquez (1973): and public school reform, 109:28–29, 44

San Antonio River (Texas), 71:19, 97, 99–100

Sanchez, Anita: Mr. Lincoln's Chair: The Shakers and Their Quest for Peace, reviewed, 107:116–17

Sandburg, Carl, 79:215, 97:132, 106:480; Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years, 106:448; Abraham Lincoln: The War Years, 106:572; meeting with William H. Townsend, 103:56

Sand Creek Massacre (Col.), 75:252

Sandelowski, Margarete: Devices and Desires: Gender, Technology, and American Nursing, reviewed, 99:195–97

Sanderlin, John B.: "Ethnic Origins of Early Kentucky Land Grantees," 85:103–10

Sanders, Carl E., 99:17, 38

Sanders, Charles W. Jr.: While in the Hands of the Enemy: Military Prisons of the Civil War, reviewed, 104:726–27

Sanders, George Nicholas: annexation of Texas, 105:574–75

Sanders, Harland, 90:60, 100:324–25

Sanders, John, 95:240

Sanders, Lewis, 87:102

Sanders, Lynn Moss: Howard W. Odum's Folklore Odyssey: Transformation to Tolerance through African American Folk Studies, reviewed, 103:818–19

Sanders, Marie Tyler, 98:60

Sanders, Nathaniel, 69:317

Sanders, Robert Stuart, 74:111

Sanders, Samuel, 72:339

Sanders, Samuel Smith, 81:251

Sanders, Stuart W.: ed.,"'I Have Seen War in all Its Horrors': Two Civil War Letters of John T. Harrington, Twenty-second Kentucky Union Infantry Regiment," 105:657–77

Sanders, Thomas: Daniel Boone's surveys for, 102:550

Sandford, Alfred, 69:132

Sand Hill (Ky.), 68:121, 126

Sandidge, Allen, 93:60, 66, 67

San Diego, Calif., 69:14

San Diego State College (San Diego, Calif.), 68:187

Sandlin, Willie, 77:291, 83:125, 99:128

Sand Mountain (Tenn.), 72:287

Sandoz, Ellis: Republicanism, Religion, and the Soul of America, reviewed, 105:169–71

Sandrich, Mark, 98:405

Sand Shoals Ford (Ky.), 70:209

Sandstone Cliff (Ky.), 100:301

Sandusky, Jacob, 71:469; See Jacob Sodowski

Sandusky, James: See James Sodowski

Sandweiss, Martha A.: and Rick Stewart, and Ben W. Huseman, Eyewitness to War: Prints and Daguerreotypes of the Mexican War, 1846–1848, reviewed, 90:190–91

Sandy Basin (Ky.), 69:287

Sandy Creek (Ky.), 69:286

Sandy Creek Church (Sandy Creek, N. C.): and Shubal Stearns, 110:6

Sandy River (Ky.), 94:63, 108:88

San Felipe de Austin, Texas, 71:1, 5, 90, 95, 97, 99

San Fernando, Mexico, 71:96

Sanford, John, 75:245

Sanford, John E. A., 110:415–16

Sanford, John L., 76:310–11, 78:328–29

Sanford, John T., 74:45, 47–48

Sanford, Terry, 99:17, 39, 104:581; Thomas D. Clark letters to, 103:247–48

Sanford, Theodore ("Ted"): and African American basketball officials, 109:438–39; illus., 107:410

San Francisco, Calif., 69:2, 8, 13, 71:51, 73:277–78, 388, 96:291, 99:103, 100:196

San Francisco Oral History Project, 104:610–11, 621

Sangamo (Ill.) Journal, 106:368

Sangamon County, Ill., 108:182; and Upland South culture, 106:370

Sangamon River (Ill.), 69:196, 108:178–82, 184

Sangamo Town, Ill., 108:180

Sanitarians: A History of American Public Health, by John Duffy: reviewed, 89:108–9

San Jacinto, Texas: battle of, 107:569; battle of, Texas Revolution, 105:588

San Jacinto River, 71:1

San Jose High School (San Jose, Calif.): and Eliza H. Yocum, 110:41

San Lorenzo, Spain, 71:392

San Luis Potosi, Mexico: during Mexican War, 106:26, 31–32, 35–36, 37–38

San Marino, Calif., 68:319, 324

San Miguel, Luciano, 83:344

Sanoff, Alvin P.: and John R. Thelin, and Welch Suggs, Meeting the Challenge: America's Independent Colleges and Universities Since 1956, noted, 104:815–16

San Patricio, Texas, 71:8

Sansom, Robert L.: The New American Dream Machine: Toward a Simpler Lifestyle in an Environmental Age, reviewed, 76:79–81

Santa Anna, Antonio Lopez de, 68:22, 72:78, 75:319, 81:237, 239, 241, 243, 247, 355, 357–58, 95:253, 263, 273, 276; at the Alamo, 71:4–6-, 19, 22–24, 26–27, 95–97, 100; battle of Buena Vista, 106:38–40; illus., 106:28; during Mexican War, 106:29, 31, 34

Santa Catarina, Mexico: during Mexican War, 106:34

Santa Fe, Mexico: during Mexican War, 106:33

Santa Fe Railroad, 70:349

Santa Fe Trail, 70:72

Santayana, George, 101:237

Santelli, Robert: and Mari-Lynn Evans, and Holly George-Warren, eds., Appalachians, The: America's First and Last Frontier, noted, 104:811

Santiago, Cuba, 94:381, 382, 383–84, 386, 387; during Spanish-American War, 104:49

Santo Domingo, 70:89

Santo Domingue, 70:26

Saône Valley (France): during World War II, 110:80

Saralvo, Mexico: during Mexican War, 106:22

Saranac, N.Y., 72:356

Sarantakes, Nicholas Evan: book review by, 93:247–48

Sarashon, David: Party of Reform: Democrats in the Progressive Era, reviewed, 88:105–6

Saratoga: Turning Point of America's Revolutionary War, by Richard M. Ketchum: reviewed, 96:198–99

Sargeant, John: and the Panama Congress, 107:558–60

Sargent, Winthrop, 86:341

Sarow, Marilyn Stine: and Karen M. Kedrowski, Cancer Activism: Gender, Media, and Public Policy, reviewed, 106:151–53

Sartain, George F.: Louisiana Regiment, 105:602

Sartrain, Lee: and Kevern Verney, eds., Long Is the Way and Hard: One Hundred Years of the NAACP, reviewed, 108:435–37

Sassafras, Ky., 97:191

Sassoon, Siegfried, 96:25

Sastilla, 69:20

Satan's Back Yard, by Sam J. Slate: reviewed, 72:407–8

"Satan's Ferryman," 69:256

Satler, —, 110:332

Satterfield, James, 80:400

Sattler, Richard A.: and Jay Miller, and Colin G. Calloway, comps., Writings in Indian History, 1985-1990, noted, 94:222–23

Saturday Evening Post, 91:199; on Alben W. Barkley, 76:120; article about Melungeons, 102:220

Satz, Ronald N.: American Indian Policy in the Jacksonian Era, reviewed, 74:344–45; Tennessee's Indian Peoples: From White Contact to Removal, 1540–1840, reviewed, 79:183–85

Saucebox (horse), 100:485

Sauer, Ted, 99:222, 240–42

Sauer's Extracts, 100:319

Saul, Norman E.: book review by, 100:402–4

Sault Sainte Marie Mission (Mich.), 69:244

Saunders, Charles, 72:294

Saunders, Frances Wright: Ellen Axson Wilson: First Lady Between Two Worlds, reviewed, 84:91–93

Saunders, Herbert: Civil War letters of, 69:17–29

Saunders, James, 72:239

Saunders, James Robert: and Monica Renae Saunders, Black Winning Jockeys in the Kentucky Derby, reviewed, 101:112–13

Saunders, Jane, 89:156

Saunders, John, 69:250

Saunders, Laura, 98:175

Saunders, Lewis, 88:406

Saunders, Monica Renae: and James Robert Saunders, Black Winning Jockeys in the Kentucky Derby, reviewed, 101:112–13

Saunders, R. Frank Jr.: and Walter J. Fraser, and Jon L. Wakelyn, eds., The Web of Southern Social Relations: Women, Family, and Education, reviewed, 84:319–20

Saunders, Robert, 69:202–3, 208–9, 211–12, 100:475

Saunders, Rowena, 98:174

Savage, Henry Jr.: Discovering America, 1700–1875, reviewed, 79:80–82

Savage, James: book review by, 108:293–96

Savage, John, 92:144

Savage, Sean J.: book review by, 93:244–45; Roosevelt: The Party Leader, 1932–1945, reviewed, 90:210–11

Savage Conflict, A: The Decisive Role of Guerrillas in the American Civil War, by Daniel E. Sutherland: reviewed, 107:119–20

Savannah (Ga.) Daily News Herald, 79:225

Savannah, Ga., 69:29, 70:26, 37–38, 174, 75:135, 95:7; black branch library in, 93:161; during Civil War, 108:110; defense of, 101:447

Savannah, Ky., 72:340

Savannah River, 70:39

Savannah River (Ga.), 75:138

Saving Monticello: The Levy Family's Epic Quest to Rescue the House That Jefferson Built, by Marc Leepson: reviewed, 100:75–77

Saving Private Ryan (film), 100:138

Savitt, Todd L.: and James Harvey Young, eds., Disease and Distinctiveness in the American South, reviewed, 88:90–91; Medicine and Slavery: The Diseases and Health Care of Blacks in Antebellum Virginia, reviewed, 78:76–78; Race & Medicine in Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century America, reviewed, 105:516–17; and Ronald L. Numbers, eds., Science and Medicine in the Old South, reviewed, 88:472–73

Savory Memories, edited by L. Elisabeth Beattie: reviewed, 96:418–19

Sawrey, Robert D.: Dubious Victory: The Reconstruction Debate in Ohio, noted, 91:126–27

Sawyer, ——, 91:170

Sawyer, Charles, 76:127

Sawyer, John, 106:364

Sawyier, Paul, 72:202, 99:362, 103:477; etching of covered bridge, 103:475; painting of, illus., 103:476

Saxon, Edward, 79:228

Saxton, ——, 87:101

Sayers, J. Crockett, 98:171

Sayler's Creek (Va.), 70:65

Sayles, John, 96:132

Sayre, B. B., 70:126

Sayre, Burwell B., 97:162–63, 167, 184, 102:307; Ky. Regiment, biographical sketch of, 105:594–95

Sayre, Laura: and Sean Clark, eds., Fields of Learning: The Student Farm Movement in North America, noted, 110:229

Sayre Female Institute (Lexington, Ky.): high school girls' basketball at, 109:153–54, 158–60, 166, 168, 171, 184

Sayre School (Lexington, Ky.): illus., 102:307

Sayre's Institute for Boys (Frankfort, Ky.): founding of, 105:595

Sayward, Amy L., and Margaret Vandiver, eds.: Tennessee's New Abolitionists: The Fight to End the Death Penalty in the Volunteer State, reviewed, 109:136–38

Scaffold Cane Community School (Scaffold Cane, Ky.), 110:55; and Berea College, 110:49–50, 52

Scaggins, Henry, 69:248

Scaggs, Deirdre A.: book review by, 105:300–301; and Thomas D. Clark memorial issue, 103:6; Women in Lexington, noted, 104:806–7

Scalawag in Alabama Politics, 1865–1881, by Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins: noted, 90:221–22

Scales, Junius Irving: and Richard Nickson, Cause at Heart: A Former Communist Remembers, reviewed, 85:389–90

Scalf, Henry P.: book review by, 74:243–44, 75:147–48

Scandals and Scoundrels: Seven Cases that Shook the Academy, by Ron Robin: reviewed, 103:614–15

Scanlon, Jennings B., 86:257

Scanning the Skies: A History of Tornado Forecasting, by Marlene Bradford: reviewed, 99:444–46

Scapegoats: A Defense of Kimmel and Short at Pearl Harbor, by Edward L. Beach: reviewed, 94:325–26

Scarborough, William K., 74:321; book reviews by, 81:223–24, 82:298–99; ed., The Diary of Edmund Ruffin, vol. 3, A Dream Shattered, June 1863–June 1865, reviewed, 89:101–2

Scarlett Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Southern Women in the Civil War Era, by Laura F. Edwards: reviewed, 99:82–84

Scarlett's Sisters: Young Women in the Old South, by Anya Jabour: reviewed, 106:262–63

Scars to Prove It: The Civil War Soldier and American Fiction, by Craig A. Warren: reviewed, 107:282–84

Scent, Karen: illus., 109:61

Scent, William: illus., 109:61

Scent, William E., 104:570; 1963 Democratic gubernatorial primary, 104:581; and public school reform, 109:59–60

Schaefer, Otto, 69:152

Schaff, Philip, 72:325

Schaffer, Ronald: Wings of Judgment: American Bombing in World War II, reviewed, 84:337–38

Schaller, Mary W.: Deliver Us From Evil: A Southern Belle in Europe at the Outbreak of World War I, noted, 109:276

Scharff, Nathan: Civil War service of, 110:171

Scharnhorst, Gary: ed., Mark Twain: The Complete Interviews, reviewed, 105:502–3; with Jack Bales, The Lost Life of Horatio Alger Jr., reviewed, 84:435–36

Schatz, Thomas, 98:425

Schauberger, Mrs. Henry Etta, 73:416

Schechter Poultry Corp. v. U.S. (1935), 90:363

Scheer, Teva J.: Governor Lady: The Life and Times of Nellie Tayloe Ross, reviewed, 104:755–57

Scheiber, Laura L.: and Mark D. Mitchell, Across a Great Divide: Continuity and Change in Native North American Societies, 1400-1900, reviewed, 108:257–59

Scheick, William J.: The Half-Blood: A Cultural Symbol in 19th-Century American Fiction, reviewed, 79:88–89

Schell, Frank, 73:319

Schemers & Dreamers: Filibustering in Mexico, 1848–1921, by Joseph A Stout Jr.: reviewed, 100:221–25

Schenck v. U.S. (1919), 98:197

Schenectady, N.Y., 72:209

Schenk, Charles, 80:425, 429

Schenk, Paul, 75:230

Schenkkan, Robert, 92:259–60, 262, 264

Schenley Distillers Corp.: in Louisville, Ky., 96:61–62, 65–67, 69, 74–77, 79, 82–83, 85–87

Scherman, Harry, 79:52

Schiff, Stacy, 105:261; Great Improvisation, A: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America, review essay, 105:247, 270–73

Schiffer, Michael Brian, 105:261; Draw Down the Lightning: Benjamin Franklin and Electrical Technology in the Age of Enlightenment, review essay, 105:247, 267–70

Schildt, John W.: Jackson and the Preachers, noted, 82:110; Roads from Gettysburg, noted, 81:113–14

Schiltz, Friedrich W., 100:159

Schine Theaters (New York, N.Y.): desegregation negotiations with, 109:368, 385

Schlamp, Marianna: and high school girls' basketball, 109:180, 186

Schleifer, James T.: book review by, 79:285–89; The Making of Tocqueville's Democracy in America, reviewed, 79:279–81

Schlemmer, Fred, 97:75

Schlereth, Thomas J.: US 40: A Roadscape of the American Experience, noted, 84:341; Victorian America: Transformations in Everyday Life, 1876–1915, noted, 90:320

Schlesinger, Andrew: Veritas: Harvard College and the American Experience, reviewed, 103:780–81

Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr., 82:20, 92:410, 102:325; The Cycles of American History, reviewed, 85:265–67; evaluation of Edward F. Prichard, 104:395, 602

Schlesinger, Arthur M. Sr., 80:141, 92:245, 254

Schlink, F. J., 84:290, 292

Schlup, Leonard: "Adlai E. Stevenson's Campaign Visits to Kentucky in 1892," 75:112–20; "Senator J. C. W. Beckham and the Fight for Ratification of the League of Nations," 95:29–55; "William Lindsay and the 1896 Party Crisis," 76:22–33

Schlutius, A. G.: and high school girls' basketball, 109:181–83, 186

Schlutius, Mrs. A. G.: and high school girls' basketball, 109:183

Schmelzer, Janet: book review by, 93:344–45

Schmidt, Fred A., 94:415

Schmidt, Hans: Maverick Marine: General Smedley D. Butler and the Contradictions of American Military History, noted, 86:200–201

Schmidt, Johnny, 100:156–57

Schmidt, Martin F.: Kentucky Illustrated: The First Hundred Years, reviewed, 91:330–31

Schmidt, Raymond: Shaping College Football: The Transformation of an American Sport, 1919-1930, reviewed, 105:739–40

Schmidt, Theodore, 69:348

Schmidt, William E., 85:109

Schmied, Kenneth: election of, 109:429

Schmitt, Edward R.: "Appalachian Thread in the Antipoverty Politics of Robert F. Kennedy, The," 107:305–6, 371–400; book review by, 106:149–51; President of the Other America: Robert Kennedy and the Politics of Poverty, reviewed, 107:462–64

Schmitzer, Jeanne Cannella: "CCC Camp 510: Black Participation in the Creation of Mammoth Cave National Park," 93:446–64; "Reaching Out to the Mountains: The Pack Horse Library of Eastern Kentucky," 95:57–77

Schnabel, Louise Catherine: and high school girls' basketball, 109:176–77, 186

Schnable, Hans, 87:32

Schneider, Carl J.: and Dorothy Schneider, American Women in the Progressive Era, 1900–1920, noted, 92:237–38; and Dorothy Schneider, Into the Breach: American Women Overseas in World War I, reviewed, 90:309

Schneider, Dorothy: and Carl J. Schneider, American Women in the Progressive Era, 1900–1920, noted, 92:237–38; and Carl J. Schneider, Into the Breach: American Women Overseas in World War I, reviewed, 90:309

Schneider, Joe: Combs administration, 104:577

Schneider, Mark Robert: "We Return Fighting": The Civil Rights Movement in the Jazz Age, reviewed, 100:239–40

Schneider, Richard: illus., 107:358

Schneiders, Robert Kelley: book review by, 110:223–26

Schnellenberger, Howard, 99:238, 387

Schnitzelburg (Louisville, Ky.): development of, 107:52

Schober, Heinz, 100:153

Schoberg, Charles B.: espionage case against, 98:179–204

Schocket, Andrew M.: book review by, 107:431–32; Founding Corporate Power in Early National Philadelphia, reviewed, 105:295–97

Schoeffling, Michael, 98:382

Schoen, Brian: Fragile Fabric of Union, The: Cotton, Federal Politics, and the Global Origins of the Civil War, reviewed, 107:600–602

Schoenbachler, Matthew G., 97:87–88; book notes by, 91:125, 462–63, 92:447–48; book reviews by, 92:209–11, 93:102–3, 478–80, 101:489–90, 104:309–11; Murder and Madness: The Myth of the Kentucky Tragedy, reviewed, 107:578–81

Schoene, Miss—: and high school girls' basketball, 109:170

Schoenstedt, Walter, 100:159–60

Schoepflin, Griffin: and high school girls' basketball, 109:184, 186

Schoepperle, Karl, 95:153–54, 159

Schofield, John, 78:36

Schofield, John M.: Federal occupation of Mo., 110:348

Schofield, John McAllister, 69:103, 105, 118

Scholtz, Herman, 93:429

Schomaekers, Guenter: The American Civil War, reviewed, 78:285–87

School and Society, 91:186

School Days, by Eric Sloane: reviewed, 72:64–66

Schoolfield, Jo, 85:341

Schooling the Freed People: Teaching, Learning, and the Struggle for Black Freedom, 1861-1876, by Ronald E. Butchart: reviewed, 109:106–8

Schoolmaster's Assistant, by Thomas Dilworth: illus., 106:327

School Review, 91:187

Schoonover, Thomas D.: Mexican Lobby: Matias Romero in Washington, 1861–1867, noted, 85:196

Schott, Thomas E.: Alexander H. Stephens of Georgia: A Biography, reviewed, 87:71–73

Schratz, Paul R.: Submarine Commander: A Story of World War II and Korea, reviewed, 87:185–86

Schrecker, Ellen W.: No Ivory Tower: McCarthyism and the Universities, reviewed, 85:188–90

Schrier, Arnold: and Joyce Story, A Russian Looks at America: The Journey of Aleksandr Borisovich Lakier in 1857, reviewed, 79:285–89

Schroeder, John H.: Mr. Polk's War: American Opposition and Dissent, 1846–1848, reviewed, 72:182–83

Schroeder, Judy, 83:45

Schroeder-Lein, Glenna R.: Confederate Hospitals on the Move: Samuel H. Stout and the Army of Tennessee, reviewed, 92:325–26; Lincoln and Medicine, listed, 110:610

Schullery, Paul: and Lee Whittlesey, Myth and History in the Creation of Yellowstone National Park, reviewed, 102:429–31

Schulman, Robert: John Sherman Cooper, Global Kentuckian, reviewed, 75:326–28

Schultz, Charles: illus., 100:134

Schultz, Christian, 94:9

Schultz, Mark: Rural Face of White Supremacy, The: Beyond Jim Crow, reviewed, 103:587–89

Schultz, Theodore: and Confederate conspiracies in the North, 108:103

Schultze, Quentin J.: Christianity and the Mass Media in America: Toward a Democratic Accommodation, reviewed, 102:131–33

Schulz, Constance B.: book reviews by, 82:291–92, 85:74–76, 88:91–93, 460–61; and Elizabeth Hayes Turner, eds., Clio's Southern Sisters: Interviews with Leaders of the Southern Association for Women Historians, reviewed, 102:586–88; "Pondering Mr. Jefferson's Documentary Legacy: An Essay Review," 92:73–79

Schumann-Heink, Ernestine, 78:36

Schurz, Carl, 73:272

Schuyler, George Samuel, 99:144–46

Schwaab, Eugene L.: and Jacqueline Bull, editors, Travels in the Old South—1783–1860. Selected from Periodicals of the Times, reviewed, 72:297–99

Schwab, Mattie, 97:410

Schwalm, Leslie A.: Emancipation's Diaspora: Race and Reconstruction in the Upper Midwest, reviewed, 108:287–89

Schwartz, Bernard: and Stephan Lesher, Inside the Warren Court, 1953–1969, reviewed, 82:312–13

Schwartz, Gerald: ed., A Woman Doctor's Civil War: Esther Hill Hawks' Diary, reviewed, 83:368–70

Schwartz, I. J.: Kentucky, reviewed, 90:286–87

Schwartz, James N.: Conflict on the Michigan Frontier: Yankee and Borderland Cultures, 1815-1840, reviewed, 108:125–27

Schwartz, Marie Jenkins: Birthing a Slave: Motherhood and Medicine in the Antebellum South, reviewed, 104:315–16; book review by, 108:394–96

Schwartz, Thomas F.: and John H. Rhodehamel, The Last Best Hope of Earth: Abraham Lincoln and the Promise of America, reviewed, 92:84–85

Schwarz, Michael, 101:234; book review by, 101:134–35

Schwarz, Philip J.: book reviews by, 84:439–40, 90:193–94; Twice Condemned: Slaves and the Criminal Laws of Virginia, 1705–1865, reviewed, 87:446–47

Schwarzkopf, Norman, 110:90

Schweik, Susan M.: Ugly Laws, The: Disability in Public, reviewed, 108:428–30

Schweninger, Loren, 101:98; Black Property Owners in the South, 1790-1915, reviewed, 89:306–7; and John Hope Franklin, Runaway Slaves: Rebels on the Plantation, reviewed, 98:114–17; The Southern Debate Over Slavery, vol. 1, Petitions to Southern Legislatures, 1778–1864, reviewed, 100:529–31

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