Index for the Register Volumes 68-110 (1970-2012)

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Only One Man Died; The Medical Aspects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by Eldon G. Chuinard: noted, 79:399

On Shares: Ed Brown's Story, by Ed Brown and Jane Maguire: reviewed, 75:165–67

On Slavery's Border: Missouri's Small Slaveholding Households, 1815-1865, by Diane Mutti-Burke: reviewed, 109:228–30

Ontario, Canada: and George A. Ellsworth, 108:9, 17

On the Altar of Freedom: A Black Soldier's Civil War Letters from the Front, edited by Virginia Matzke Adams: reviewed, 90:300–301

On the Banks of Monks Pond: The Thomas Merton/Jonathan Greene Correspondence with Essays and Notes, edited by Jonathan Greene: listed, 102:152

"On the Moral Influence of Redemption in the Formation of Character," by Edward Winthrop, 69:63

On the Prairie of Palo Alto: Historical Archaeology of the U.S.–Mexican War Battlefield, by Charles M. Haecker and Jeffrey G. Mauck: noted, 96:114–15

On the Right Track: Some Historic Cincinnati Railroads, by John H. White: reviewed, 102:573–75

On the Road to Total War: The American Civil War and the German Wars of Unification, 1861–1871, edited by Stig Forster and Jorg Nãgler: noted, 95:459–60

Ontiveros, Suzanne Robitaille: The Dynamic Constitution: A Historical Bibliography, noted, 86:199–200

On Troublesome Creek by James Still, 97:113

On Turner's Trail: 100 Years of Writing Western History, by Wilbur R. Jacobs: reviewed, 93:245–47

Onuf, Nicholas, and Peter S. Onuf: Nations, Markets, and War: Modern History and the American Civil War, reviewed, 104:716–18

Onuf, Peter S., 92:74; Andrew J. O'Shaughnessy, Leonard J. Sadosky, and Peter Nicolaisen, eds., Old World, New World: America and Europe in the Age of Jefferson, reviewed, 107:591–93; book review by, 108:127–29; ed., Jeffersonian Legacies, reviewed, 91:432–33

"On War and History: Charles P. Roland Discusses An American Iliad," edited by James Russell Harris, 89:362–76

Oorang Indians, 97:422, 423

Opeland, Keg, 90:180

Open Door: USS Kentucky shipboard publication, 88:58, 61

Opera House (Somerset, Ky.), 93:140

Operation Dragoon: during World War II, 110:79

Operation Enduring Freedom: and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, 110:157

Operation Iraqi Freedom: and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, 110:157

Operation Neptune, 102:49–51

Operation Northwind: during World War II, 110:80

Operation Shingle: during World War II, 110:74

Operation Torch: during World War II, 110:71

Opie, John: evaluation of David Rice, 106:167, 184

Opotheohole (Cherokee chief), 91:273

Oppenheimer, J. J., 81:75

Oppenheimer: The Tragic Intellect, by Charles Thorpe: reviewed, 105:756–57

Opportunity, 103:702

"Opportunity to Meet 'Every Kind of Person', An: A Kentuckian Views Army Life during World War II," by Nancy D. Baird, 101:297–318

Opposition Party: election of 1860, 106:412–13; in Ky., 106:410

oral history, 99:1–4, 148–52; and American culture, 104:630–31; and Forrest C. Pogue, 104:627, 675–84; George C. Herring's use of, 102:294; and heritage tourism, 104:638–39; and the image of Appalachia, 81:287–302; influence of partisanship on, 104:641–42; and institutional review boards, 104:671–73; and the Internet, 104:632, 670; in Kentucky, 104:389–94, 612–13, 620–21, 623–25, 628–29, 633–35, 689; and L&N workers, 82:60–71; and the law, 104:651–55, 663–64; method and theory, 104:685–98; and national security, 104:639–41; and the nightly news, 104:668–69; roundtable discussions of significant issues, 104:609–73; and technology, 104:629–30, 655–59; wrong narrative issue, 104:666

Oral History and the Law, by John A. Neuenschwander, 104:651

Oral History: An Interdisciplinary Anthology: by David K. Dunaway and Willa K. Baum, 104:689

Oral History Association, 104:609, 618–20, 628, 643, 645; early history, 104:619–20; evaluation guidelines of, 104:621, 625–26; and Forrest C. Pogue, 104:627, 676; and institutional review boards, 104:672; in Kentucky, 104:623–24; professionalization of, 104:390

Oral History Association Newsletter, 104:664

Oral History in the Mid-Atlantic Region, meetings of, 104:627

"Oral History Method and Theory Today—A Review Essay and Commentary," by Tracy E. K'Meyer, 104:685–98

Oral History Review, 104:645

Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, Okla.), 69:177

"Oral Traditions Behind Some Kentucky Mountain Place Names," by Harry M. Caudill, 78:197–207

Orange, N.J., 110:555

Orange Bowl (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.), 88:168

Orange County (N.C.), 69:219

Orange Presbytery of North Carolina: and James Blythe, 102:21

Orbach, William W.: book review by, 77:151–53

Orcutt, ——, 92:397

Ord, E. O. C., 83:321

Ordeal by Fire: The Civil War and Reconstruction, by James M. McPherson: reviewed, 81:321–22

Ordeal of Elizabeth Vaughan: A Wartime Diary of the Philippines, edited by Carol M. Petillo: reviewed, 84:447–48

Ordered Love: Sex Roles and Sexuality in Victorian Utopias—the Shakers, the Mormons, and the Oneida Community, by Louis J. Kern: reviewed, 80:331–34

Order of Railroad Telegraphers, 98:286

Order of the American Knights: and Confederate conspiracy, 110:428–31

Order of the Star Spangled Banner, 69:154

Order of United Americans, 69:153, 156

Ordway, Frederick I. III: and Wernher von Braun, The Rockets' Red Glare, reviewed, 75:65–66

O'Rear, Edward C., 75:35–36, 41, 76:182, 299, 312

Oregon, 72:344, 99:40, 268, 106:370; acquisition of, 107:551; boundary issue, 107:563–64; migration of Mormons to, 105:235, 242

Oregon, Ky., 72:224

Oregon Trail (US 30), 70:72

O'Reilly, Francis Augustin: The Fredericksburg Campaign: Winter War on the Rappahannock, reviewed, 100:531–33

O'Reilly, Noel D.: et al., Civil War Maps: A Graphic Index to the Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, noted, 86:200

"Organdie and Mull": by Mary Carson Breckinridge, 101:67–68

Organization of American Historians (OAH), 71:120

organized crime (syndicate, mafia): creation of Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce, 98:344, 349; in Newport, 98:343–65

Organized Crime and American Power: A History, by Michael Woodiwiss: reviewed, 100:245–47

Organizing America: Wealth, Power, and the Origins of Corporate Capitalism, by Charles Perrow: reviewed, 101:513–15

Oriard, Michael: book reviews by, 99:194–95, 100:121–22; Bowled Over: Big-Time College Football from the Sixties to the BCS Era, reviewed, 107:464–66; Reading Football: How the Popular Press Created an American Spectacle, reviewed, 92:98–99

Original Intentions: On the Making and Ratification of the United States Constitution, by M. E. Bradford: reviewed, 92:207–9

original-intent theory: and the meaning of the Civil War, 102:397–99

Origin and Development of Scholarly Historical Periodicals, by Margaret F. Steig: reviewed, 85:193–94

Origin and History of All the Pharmacopoeial Vegetable Drugs, Chemicals, and Preparations, by John Uri Lloyd, 91:41

Origins of American Political Parties, 1789–1803, by John F. Hoadley: reviewed, 85:176–77

Origins of Proslavery Christianity, The: White and Black Evangelicals in Colonial and Antebellum Virginia, by Charles F. Irons: reviewed, 106:247–48

"Origins of Proslavery Thought in Kentucky, 1792–1799," by Jeffrey Brooke Allen, 77:75–90

Origins of the Dred Scott Case: Jacksonian Jurisprudence in the Supreme Court, 1837–1857, by Austin Allen: reviewed, 104:714–16

Origins of the New South, by C. Vann Woodward: reviewed by Thomas D. Clark, 103:330–31

Orihel, Michelle: book reviews by, 104:304–5, 105:486–88

Oriole Drive (Louisville, Ky.), 107:61

Orlando Brown House (Frankfort, Ky.), 103:475

Ormsby, Stephen, 90:334, 342; during Mexican War, 106:27

Ornig, Joseph R.: My Last Chance to be a Boy: Theodore Roosevelt's South American Expedition of 1913–1914, noted, 96:218–19

O'Rourke, James R.: and Ann Bolton Bevins, "That Troublesome Parish": St. Francis/St. Pius Church of White Sulphur, Kentucky, noted, 85:283–84

Orozco, Jose Clemente, 72:79

Orphan Brigade, 74:126, 80:388, 88:281, 283, 284, 286, 96:27–28, 110:166, 453; and John W. Green, 109:71; life and letters of Captain Edward Ford Spears, 94:134–73; reunion of, 107:213–14

Orphan Brigade: The Kentucky Confederates Who Couldn't Go Home, by William C. Davis: reviewed, 79:68–70

Orpheus (packet), 72:331

Orr, Alexander Dalrymple, 71:369

Orr, Brooke: book review by, 107:610–12

Orr, Douglas M. Jr.: and James W. Clay, and Alfred W. Stuart, eds., North Carolina Atlas: Portrait Of A Changing Southern State, reviewed, 75:76–77

Orr, Samuel, 110:516

Orrahood, M. David, 71:224, 73:416

Orrahood, Susie, 69:273

Ortega, Antonio García, 105:611

Orvell, Miles: The Real Thing: Imitation and Authenticity in American Culture, 1880–1940, reviewed, 88:223–24

Osage Indians, 92:165, 95:227–28

Osborne, John L., 97:136

Osborne, William, 98:72

Osborne reaper, 90:109

Osborn v. Bank of the United States (1824), 94:358

Osburn, Katherine M. B.: book review by, 108:431–33

Osburn, Obediah, 69:134

Oscar, Anna Chatham, 96:157

Oscar, Ky., 96:165

Oscar Micheaux, The Great and Only: The Life of America's First Black Filmmaker, by Patrick McGilligan: reviewed, 106:132–33

Oscar W. Underwood: A Political Biography, by Evans C. Johnson: reviewed, 80:247–50

Osceola, Ind., 94:287

Oseth, John M.: Regulating U.S. Intelligence Operations: A Study in Definition of the National Interest, reviewed, 84:232–33

Osgood, Samuel: estimate of George Keats, 106:57–58

OSHA: See Occupational Safety and Health Administration

O'Shaughnessy, Andrew J.: Leonard J. Sadosky, Peter Nicolaisen, and Peter S. Onuf, eds., Old World, New World: America and Europe in the Age of Jefferson, reviewed, 107:591–93

O'Shea, Stephen: Back to the Front: An Accidental Historian Walks the Trenches of World War I, reviewed, 96:102–5

Oshinsky, David M.: Polio: An American Story, reviewed, 103:600–601

Oshiro, James, 96:270

Osofsky, Gilbert, 89:347

Ossian, Lisa L.: Forgotten Generation, The: American Children and World War II, reviewed, 109:499–500

Osterweis, Rollin G.: The Myth of the Lost Cause, 110:578

Osthaus, Carl R.: book review by, 109:237–38; Partisans of the Southern Press: Editorial Spokesmen of the Nineteenth Century, reviewed, 93:347–48

Ostrander, Rick: The Life of Prayer in a World of Science: Protestants, Prayer, and American Culture, 1870–1930, reviewed, 99:189–90

Ostrowski, John, 82:384

O'Sullivan, Chris: book review by, 105:545–46

O'Sullivan, Mary, 96:354

Osur, Alan M.: Blacks in the Army Air Force During World War II, reviewed, 76:253–54

Oswald, John W., 83:38–39, 99:48–49, 103:6; letter to Thomas D. Clark, 103:423; Thomas D. Clark commentary on, 103:421–44; Thomas D. Clark letters to, 103:246, 422–23, 426

Oswego, N.Y., 110:429

Otey, Bishop ——, 69:61

Other America, The: Poverty in the United States, by Michael Harrington, 107:302, 377, 379

Other Nuremberg: The Untold Story of the Tokyo War Crimes Trials, by Arnold C. Brackman: reviewed, 86:94–95

Other Side, The, 72:410

Otis, Elwell S., 83:332–35, 338, 343, 346

Otis, H. G., 83:335

Otis, Joseph: and the secession crisis in Ky., 110:287–89

Oto Indians, 92:164–66

O'Toole, James M.: Passing for White: Race, Religion, and the Healy Family, 1820–1920, reviewed, 100:535–36

Otsego County, N.Y.: antipoverty programs for, 107:384

Ott, Katherine: Fevered Lives: Tuberculosis in American Culture since 1870, noted, 95:119

Ott, Victoria E.: book review by, 104:724–25, 110:597–99; Confederate Daughters: Coming of Age during Civil War, reviewed, 106:107–8

Ottawa Indians, 91:253

Otte, W. Clark, 84:375, 386

Ottenheimer, Jacob, 75:232

Ottenheimer, Martin: and Richard Feinberg, The Cultural Analysis of Kinship: The Legacy of David M. Schneider, reviewed, 99:434–35

Ottens, Sharon: Kentucky Girls' High School State Basketball Tournament, 109:462

Otter, Melville Wortham, 89:140, 143

Otter Creek (Ky.), 68:116, 71:466, 72:240, 107:19

Otter Creek Hill (Ky.): U.S. Marine Corps Reserve training at, 110:154

Ottis, Sherrie Greene: Silent Heroes: Downed Airmen and the French Underground, reviewed, 99:425–27

Ottley, J. W., 94:402

Otto, John Solomon: Southern Agriculture during Civil War Era, 1860-1880, 110:468; Southern Agriculture during Civil War Era, 1860–1880, reviewed, 93:233–34

Otto, Louis Guillaume, 74:274

Otto, Wolfgang, 95:163

Ottoman Empire, 72:143

Ouabache River (Ill.), 69:241, 248

Ould, Robert, 86:363, 91:279

Our American Cousin, 106:604

Our Appalachia: An Oral History, edited by Laurel Shackelford and Bill Weinberg: noted, 87:194

Our Changing White House, edited by Wendell Garrett: reviewed, 94:100–101

Our Common Affairs: Texts from Women in the Old South, edited by Joan E. Cashin: reviewed, 95:317–18

"Our Country–Its Peril–Its Deliverance," by Robert J. Breckinridge, 69:370

Our Homes (Methodist magazine), 99:58, 61, 64, 67

Our Kentucky: A Study of the Bluegrass State, edited by James C. Klotter: reviewed, 91:77–79

Our Lady of La Trappe: Trappist migration to Ky., 68:261

Our Lincoln: New Perspectives on Lincoln and His World, by Eric Foner: review essay, 106:441, 458–60

Our Restless Earth: The Geologic Region of Tennessee, by Edward T. Luther: reviewed, 78:94

Our Search for Excellence: A Memory Book of Athletics and Student Athletes at St. Xavier High School, by Henry C. Mayer: noted, 86:404–5

Ourselves Alone: Women's Emigration from Ireland, 1885–1920, by Janet A. Nolan: reviewed, 88:479–80

Our South: Geographic Fantasy and the Rise of National Literature, by Jennifer Rae Greeson: reviewed, 109:239–42

Our Town, 94:412–13; noted, 94:343–44

Our War Too: American Women Against the Axis, by Margaret Paton-Walsh: reviewed, 100:557–59

Our Willie: A Folklore Story of the Gunpowder Creek and Hills, Boone County, Kentucky, by John Uri Lloyd, 91:44–47

Outer Bluegrass region (Ky.): See Bluegrass region (Ky.)

Outgrowing Democracy: A History of the United States in the Twentieth Century, by John Lukacs: noted, 83:90

Out in Front: Preparing the Way for JFK and LBJ, by Jeb Byrne: noted, 107:636

Outland, Robert B. III: Tapping the Pines: The Naval Stores Industry in the American South, reviewed, 103:584–85

Outlaw Josey Wales (1976), 110:462

Outlaws of Cave-in Rock: Historical Accounts of the Famous Highwaymen and River Pirates who operated in Pioneer Days upon the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and over the old Natchez Trace, by Otto A. Rothert, 94:343–44

Outline of the History of the Church in the State of Kentucky, An, by Robert H. Bishop, 69:217

Outline of the History of the Church in the State of Kentucky, by Robert H. Bishop: illus., 106:178

Outlook: on Appalachia, 91:178, 186; on lynching, 84:272, 275

Out of Kentucky Kitchens, by Marion Flexner: noted, 88:238

Out of Their Mouths, by William English Walling and Samuel Gompers, 96:370

Out of the Jungle: Jimmy Hoffa and the Remaking of the American Working Class, by Thaddeus Russell: reviewed, 99:429–31

Out of Time and Tide: The Evolution of Education in Kentucky, by C. W. Hackensmith: reviewed, 69:395–97

Outrageous Life of Henry Faulkner: Portrait of an Appalachian Artist, by Charles House: reviewed, 86:378–79

Outside America: Race, Ethnicity, and the Role of the American West in National Belonging, by Dan Moos: reviewed, 104:330–31

Ouzts, Clay: book review by, 93:489–90

Overbeck, Katherine B., 86:135

Overflowing of Friendship, The: Love Between Men and the Creation of the American Republic, by Richard Godbeer: reviewed, 108:121–23

Over Here: The First World War and American Society, by David M. Kennedy: reviewed, 80:243–45

Overland Campaign: and Robert E. Lee, 101:455

Overreached on All Sides: The Freedmen's Bureau Administrators in Texas, 1865–1868, by William L. Richter: reviewed, 91:225–27

Overstreet, Beckham, 84:371

Overstreet, Walt: and Brenda Hughes, 109:444

Overton, Clough, 68:124

Overton, Dabney, 81:197

Overton, James, 80:198

Overton, J. F., 75:80

Overton, John: Daniel Boone's surveys for, 102:549, 551

Overton, Samuel R., 72:147

Overton, Waller, 80:198

Ovington, Mary White, 96:351, 358, 361–63, 365, 367, 373–74

Owen (Ky.) News, 71:48

Owen, Arnold M. ("Mickey"), 99:111

Owen, Captain ——, 71:136, 81:12

Owen, David Dale, 72:306, 80:409, 413–14

Owen, John H., 88:146

Owen, Mary, 106:474

Owen, Mickey, 82:368

Owen, Richard, 69:351, 97:275, 278, 284

Owen, Thomas L., 97:93, 99:391, 102:160

Owen, Wilfred, 96:8, 9

"Owenboro's Original Proprietor," by Hugh O. Potter, 69:1–16

Owen County, Ind., 69:30

Owen County, Ky., 69:117, 71:347, 107:400; courthouses in, 70:336; Federal occupation of, 110:334; George A. Ellsworth in, 108:108; and public school reform, 109:56

Owen MacDonald & Company (Bowling Green, Ky.), 92:49

Owens, —, 69:286

Owens, Bob, 103:477

Owens, Darryl: Louisville–Jefferson County school desegregation suit, 105:6

Owens, David Dale, 74:160

Owens, George, 89:25

Owens, Harry P.: Steamboats and the Cotton Economy: River Trade in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta, reviewed, 89:313–14

Owens, James, 98:63

Owens, Kenneth, 72:425

Owens, Leslie, 91:68

Owens, L. Rogers: and Joel James Shuman, eds., Wendell Berry and Religion: Heaven's Earthly Life, reviewed, 107:423–25

Owens, Owen, 88:146

Owens, Patricia Ann: book review by, 110:107–9

Owens, Robert M.: book review by, 106:84–85; Mr. Jefferson's Hammer: William Henry Harrison and the Origins of American Indian Policy, reviewed, 106:86–87

Owens, Thomas, 87:101

Owens, W. C.: political campaign of, 108:368

Owens, William A.: Eye-Deep in Hell: A Memoir of the Liberation of the Philippines, 1944–1945, reviewed, 87:459–61

Owens, William Clayborne, 89:297; illus., 100:9; and whipping issue, 100:9

Owensboro (Ky.) Inquirer: on living in Texas, 97:185

Owensboro (Ky.) Messenger, 96:38, 249–68

Owensboro (Ky.) Monitor, 71:33–35, 74:87, 90, 92, 94, 77:4, 6, 8–11

Owensboro (Ky.) Tri-Weekly Messenger, 72:17

Owensboro, Ky., 68:289, 69:7, 89–90, 174–75, 181, 71:38, 58, 72:125, 127, 341, 353–54, 384, 75:81, 93:55, 95:396, 97:184, 98:248–49, 255, 99:10, 100:143, 146–47, 102:44, 109:380, 388, 391; during Civil War, 77:1–14, 110:173; and freight rates, 76:35, 37, 39–40; high school girls' basketball in, 109:163, 169, 171, 179, 181, 185–86; and James Weir, 72:10–19; Jews in, 110:170, 177; member of Ky. Regiment from, 105:596; original proprietor of, 69:1–16; Rossboro proposed name for, 69:3–4; U.S. Marine Corps Reserve company in, 110:136, 141, 152, 163

Owensboro and Nashville Railroad, 72:13

Owensboro Deposit Bank (Owensboro, Ky.), 72:12

Owensboro Guard: during Civil War, 77:2

Owensboro High School (Owensboro, Ky.): high school girls' basketball at, 109:163, 169, 171, 179, 181, 185–86; Kentucky Girls' High School State Basketball Tournament, 109:457–58, 462–63

Owensboro: The City on the Yellow Banks, by Lee A. Dew and Aloma W. Dew: reviewed, 86:376–77

Owensboro Wheel Company (Owensboro, Ky.), 72:13

Owensboro Women's Coalition, 99:255

Owen's Island (Paducah, Ky.): during 1937 flood, 102:186–87; illus., 102:187

Owens Saltpeter Cave (Rockcastle County, Ky.), 87:101

Owenton, Ky., 95:419

Owings, Elihu, 85:322

Owings, John Cocky, 89:9

Owings, Mary, 85:334

Owings, Robert Smith, 81:251

Owings, Sam, 85:333–34, 342

Owings, Thomas D.: accusation of Charles S. Todd, 105:225–26

Owings, Thom. I., 85:333

Owings, Tom, 89:9

Owingsville, Ky., 72:340

Ownby, Ted: book reviews by, 88:103–4, 100:398–99; ed., Role of Ideas in the Civil Rights South, The, reviewed, 101:206–8; Subduing Satan: Religion, Recreation, and Manhood in the Rural South, 1865–1920, reviewed, 89:218–19

Owsley, Frank L., 68:171–72

Owsley, Frank Lawrence, 69:173, 80:145, 86:59, 89:192, 193, 103:272, 104:87; correspondence with Robert Penn Warren, 104:92

Owsley, M. H., 93:414, 415

Owsley, William, 69:325, 71:332, 73:331, 365, 81:344, 82:226, 228, 230, 233, 83:185, 85:199, 95:238; and the Abner Baker case, 88:4, 6–11, 13–21, 264, 266, 270, 272; career of, 105:235; illus., 105:237; letter from Brigham Young, 105:229, 236–43; and Mexican War, 106:10–11; portrait, 101:23; response to Mexican War, 90:323–44

Owsley County, Kentucky, and the Perpetuation of Poveerty, by John R. Burch Jr.: reviewed, 106:73–75

Owsley County, Ky., 72:251, 94:272, 95:64; antipoverty politics of, 107:384–85; education in, 91:151; and the Middle Ky. River Area Development Council, 107:405–6; War on Poverty in, 107:402–3, 415–17

Oxford, Ala.: 74:294-295, 107:415–17

Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States, edited by Kermit L. Hall and others: noted, 91:460

Oxford Diction of American Legal Quotations, by Fred R. Shapiro: noted, 91:459–60

Oxford History of the United States Series: and George Herring, 102:287

Oxford University: and Arthur Larson, 105:469–70; Felix Frankfurter at, 104:460; Robert Penn Warren at, 104:91

Oxmoor (Louisville, Ky.), 97:341, 344

Oyo River, 69:241

Ozark Mountains: terrain of, 69:239–40


P-38 Lightning, 100:191

P-47 Thunderbolt: construction of during World War II, 100:167–94; illus., 100:179, 187

Pace, D. Gene: book review by, 85:179–80

Pace, Mildred Mastin: Friend of Animals: The Story of Henry Bergh, noted, 94:114

Pace, Stephen: and POW laborers, 105:430

Pach, Chester J. Jr.: Arming the Free World: The Origins of the United States Military Assistance Program, 1945–1950, reviewed, 90:314–16

Pacheco, Josephine F.: Pearl, The: A Failed Slave Escape on the Potomac, reviewed, 103:558–59

Pacheo, Ferdie: Tales from the 5th St. Gym: Ali, the Dundees, and Miami's Golden Age of Boxing, noted, 107:636–37

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