Index for the Register Volumes 68-110 (1970-2012)

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Jones, Louis, 73:71

Jones, Loyal, 87:53, 55, 96:131; Appalachian Values, reviewed, 93:96–97; and Billy Edd Wheeler, Curing the Cross-Eyed Mule: Appalachian Mountain Humor, noted, 88:371; book review by, 92:108–9; and the Council of the Southern Mountains, 107:346; Faith and Meaning in the Southern Uplands, reviewed, 98:109–10

Jones, Lu Ann: Mama Learned Us to Work: Farm Women in the New South, reviewed, 100:553–54

Jones, Margie: illus., 107:358; testimony to the National Advisory Commission on Rural Poverty, 107:360, 366

Jones, Martha Buford, 110:238–39, 489; diary of, 110:481–82, 486–87, 494–95; exile of family, 110:500–501

Jones, Mary Keturah Taylor: illus., 101:13; Ky. Historical Society, 101:12, 15

Jones, Mr.—, 108:80

Jones, Nathan Wylie, 82:246, 249–52

Jones, Patrick D.: book review by, 103:829–32

Jones, Reinette F.: Library Service to African Americans in Kentucky, reviewed, 99:398–99

Jones, Richard, 84:276

Jones, Robert, 91:274, 281, 296; description of frontier Ky., 107:6

Jones, Robert B.: Tennessee at the Crossroads, reviewed, 76:251–53

Jones, Roy, 84:386

Jones, Sam, 109:21

Jones, Samuel, 79:124–25, 127, 129–30

Jones, Samuel ("Golden Rule"), 76:255

Jones, Terry L.: ed., The Civil War Memoirs of Captain William J. Seymour: Reminiscences of a Louisiana Tiger, reviewed, 90:198–99

Jones, Thomas, 92:144

Jones, Thomas B.: "Henry Clay and Continental Expansion, 1820–1844," 73:241–62; "New Thoughts on an Old Theme," 69:293–318

Jones, Thomas Jesse, 93:161

Jones, Thomas Laurens, 74:306, 307, 309; Ky. Historical Society, 101:12

Jones, T. L., 73:35; eulogy of Henry Clay, 106:541

Jones, Tom, 82:244–46, 99:222

Jones, U. J., 86:6

Jones, Uriah, 102:527

Jones, Virgil Carrington: book review by, 77:231–33; book reviews by, 69:394–95

Jones, W. A.: and civil rights protests in Lexington, Ky., 109:364

Jones, Wallace, 84:57–58, 71, 90:114

Jones, William, 69:263; death of, 108:60

Jones, William E., 70:212, 75:128

Jones, Willis, 110:486

Jonesboro, Ga., 77:178, 94:166

Jonesboro, Ill., 69:270; Lincoln-Douglas debate at, 106:371

Jonesboro, Tenn., 73:84, 124

Jonesborough, Ala., 74:292

Jones County, Miss., 99:360

Jonson, Ben: plays of, 106:57

Joplin, Scott, 76:317

Jordan, David Starr, 85:57

Jordan, Eleanor, 99:273–74, 276, 282

Jordan, Ervin L. Jr.: Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia, reviewed, 94:440–42

Jordan, Hill: and James I. Robertson Jr., and J. H. Segars, eds., The Bell Irvin Wiley Reader, reviewed, 100:83–85

Jordan, J. H., 106:454

Jordan, Jo, 85:332, 335, 347

Jordan, Joe: and the Book Thieves, 103:58; Lexington Herald-Leader, 103:62

Jordan, John: business of, 109:306

Jordan, Mr. ——, 73:402

Jordan, Patrick, 69:207

Jordan, Ryan P.: Slavery and the Meetinghouse: The Quakers and the Abolitionist Dilemma, 1820-1865, reviewed, 105:705–7

Jordan, Terry G.: and Matti Kaups, American Backwoods Frontier: An Ethnic and Ecological Interpretation, reviewed, 88:87–88

Jordan, Vernon Jr., 99:41, 44

Jordan, Winthrop D., 89:340; Tumult and Silence At Second Creek: An Inquiry into a Civil War Slave Conspiracy, reviewed, 91:436–37

Jordan Valley: John S. Rarey at, 108:202

Jorrocks, ——, 69:390

Jortner, Adam: book review by, 106:245–47; The Gods of Prophetstown: The Battle of Tippecanoe and the Holy War for the American Frontier, reviewed, 110:199–201

Joseph, J. W., 96:182

Joseph, Lafayette, 110:178

Joseph E. Davis: Pioneer Patriarch, by Janet Sharp Hermann: reviewed, 90:391–92

Josephine Clay: Pioneer Horsewoman of the Bluegrass, by Henry Clay Simpson Jr.: noted, 103:845

Joseph Jones: Scientist of the Old South, by James O. Breeden: reviewed, 74:130, 131

"Joseph Nash McDowell, M.D." by James Walter Wilson, 68:341–69

"Joseph Rogers Underwood: Nineteenth Century Kentucky Orator," by Nancy L. Priest, 75:286–303

Joseph R. Ray Republican Organization (Louisville, Ky.): voter registration drive, 109:418

Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of Mormonism, by Richard L. Bushman: reviewed, 83:365–66

Josephson, Matthew, 69:181

Joshi, S. T.: Closing Arguments: Clarence Darrow on Religion, Law, and Society, reviewed, 104:757–59

Josiah Nott of Mobile: Southerner, Physician, and Racial Theorist, by Reginald Horsman: reviewed, 86:80–82

Josie Underwood's Civil War Diary, edited by Nancy Disher Baird: reviewed, 107:420–22

Jouett, John ("Jack"), 72:204, 100:477; house of restored, 72:427–29

Jouett, Matthew H., 69:66, 71:332; portrait of James Blythe, 102:15

Jouett, Sally Robards, 72:429

journalism: Edward F. Prichard's interest in, 104:425, 427–28; on frontier Ky., 76:98–111; influence on oral history, 104:390–91; See newspapers

Journal of American History, 101:3, 484; Lincoln articles in, 106:297; and oral history, 104:696–97

Journal of Archibald C. McKinley, edited by Robert L. Humphries: reviewed, 90:200–202

"Journal of a Secesh Lady": The Diary of Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston, 1860–1866, edited by Beth G. Crabtree and James W. Patton: reviewed, 78:280–83

Journal of Mississippi History: article in, 107:191

Journal of Modern History, 85:67

Journal of Social History, 73:206

Journal of Southern History, 98:240, 101:429, 103:208; Thomas D. Clark commentary on, 103:405–6

Journal of the American Medical Association: article about acroosteolysis, 102:165

Journal of the Reverend Jacob Lanius, An Itinerant Preacher of the Missouri Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church from 1831 A. D. to 1851 A. D., edited by Given Brewer: noted, 79:202–3

Journals of Increase Allen Lapham for 1827–1830, The, Samuel W. Thomas and Eugene H. Conner, eds.: reviewed, 73:208, 209

Journals of Josiah Gorgas, 1857-1878, edited by Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins: reviewed, 94:87–88

Journals of Thomas Hubbard Hobbs, The, edited by Faye Acton Axford: reviewed, 75:335–37

Journals of Tommie L. Hubbard, The: Life in Madison County, Kentucky, 1898–1900, edited by Deborah Hubbard Nelson-Campbell: noted, 104:814

Journals of William A. Lindsay: An Ordinary Nineteenth Century Physician's Surgical Cases, edited by Katherine Mandusie McDonnell: reviewed, 88:211–12

Journey in Faith: A History of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), by Lester G. McAllister and William E. Tucker: reviewed, 74:335, 336

Journey of August King (film), 96:130

Journey of Reconciliation, 109:354

Journey Through a Part of the United States of North America in the Years 1844 to 1846, by Albert C. Koch: reviewed, 71:452–54

Journey Through the West: Thomas Rodney's 1803 Journal from Delaware to the Mississippi Territory, edited by Dwight L. Smith and Ray Swick: noted, 96:217–18

Journey to the United States of North America, by Lorenzo de Zavala: reviewed, 80:100–102

Journey toward Justice: Juliette Hampton Morgan and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, by Mary Stanton: reviewed, 105:366–67

Joyce, Jane Wilson: Beyond the Blue Mountains, noted, 91:121

Joyce, John: murder of, 102:358–59

Joyce, Lydia: murder of, 102:358–59

Joyce, Richard: murder of, 102:358–59

Joyce, Richard O., 83:109–11, 115–18, 120–21

Joyce, William: disrupts court, 102:365–66; indictment of, 102:376, 378; lynching of Briar Creek slaves, 102:369–72, 378–79; murder of family members, 102:357–58

"Joyce Family Murders: Justice and Politics in Know-Nothing Louisville," by David L. Baker, 102:357–82, 103:463

Joyes, John, 84:117

Joyland Park (Lexington, Ky.), 95:407, 417

Joyner, Charles: Down by the Riverside: A South Carolina Slave Community, reviewed, 83:153–54

Joyner, Felix: 1963 Democratic gubernatorial primary, 104:584; Breathitt administration, 104:594–95; Edward F. Prichard's evaluation of, 104:598

Joynes, Thomas R., 80:398

J. P. Morgan and Company (N.Y.), 76:292

J. P. R. store (Burkesville, Ky.), 94:397, 418

J. P. Stevens Company (Mass.), 70:144

J. R. Reynolds Tobacco Company, by Nannie M. Tilley: reviewed, 84:226–28

JSTOR, 110:575

Juarez, Benito, 68:171, 72:78, 73:321

Juba, Luce, 97:344

Juchereau, —, 69:242, 245–46

Juchereau, ——, 71:128

Judah, Henry Moses, 73:178, 181

Judah, Theodore, 74:335

Judah P. Benjamin: The Jewish Confederate, by Eli N. Evans: reviewed, 86:292–93

Judd, Paul: and civil rights in Frankfort, Ky., 88:325, 109:377–78

Judgement and Grace in Dixie: Southern Faiths from Faulkner to Elvis, by Charles Reagan Wilson: reviewed, 94:330–31

Judgment at Tokyo: The Japanese War Trials, by Tim Maga: reviewed, 99:427–29

"Judgment of Future Events, The: Kentucky Embraces Abraham Lincoln, its Native Son," by John E. Kleber, 106:471–77

"Judicial Murder of Abner Baker, 1844–1845," by Robert M. Ireland, 88:1–23

Judy's Ferry (Ill.), 108:180

Juergensen, Hans: Major General George Henry Thomas: A Summary in Perspective, noted, 79:302

Juffure, The Gambia (West Africa), 75:246

Juggler: Franklin D. Roosevelt as Wartime Statesman, by Warren F. Kimball: reviewed, 89:424–25

Julian, Charles, 89:242

Julian, Charles H., 98:48, 87, 92, 95

Julian, George W., 71:457, 76:166, 247

Julian, Ira: Frankfort, Ky., 101:16; state capital relocation issue, 104:274

Julian, Jane Briggs, 89:243, 262

Julian, Ky., 100:153

Julia R. Ewan Elementary School (Lexington, Ky.): illus., 101:265; integration of, 101:266

Jung, Moon-Ho: Coolies and Cane: Race, Labor, and Sugar in the Age of Emancipation, reviewed, 104:327–29

Jung, Patrick J.: Black Hawk War of 1832, The, reviewed, 105:491–93

Jung, Theodor, 85:295

Juniper Hill (Frankfort, Ky.): illus., 103:488

Juricek, John T.: Colonial Georgia and the Creeks: Anglo-Indian Diplomacy on the Southern Frontier, 1733-1763, reviewed, 108:119–21

Jury Discrimination: The Supreme Court, Public Opinion, and a Grassroots Fight for Racial Equality in Mississippi, by Christopher Waldrep : reviewed, 108:293–96

Jusserand, J. J.: and Abraham Lincoln, 109:202–3

Just, Charlie: Kentucky Girls' High School State Basketball Tournament, 109:459

Just and Righteous Cause, A: Benjamin H. Grierson's Civil War Memoir, edited by Bruce J. Dinges and Shirley A. Leckie: reviewed, 108:420–22

"Just a Word about the Lost Cause," by Jennie Chinn Morton, 110:235

Justice, Zach, 84:31

Justice Curtis in the Civil War Era: At the Crossroads of American Constitutionalism, by Stuart Streichler: reviewed, 104:146–48

Justice family, 68:227

Justice Louis D. Brandeis: A Bibliography of Writings and Other Materials on the Justice, by Gene Teitelbaum: noted, 86:404

Justice of Shattered Dreams: Samuel Freeman Miller and the Supreme Court during Civil War Era, by Michael A. Ross: reviewed, 103:547–49

Justices and Presidents: A Political History of Appointments to the Supreme Court, by Henry J. Abraham: noted, 84:453–54

Justin Smith Morrill: Father of the Land-Grant Colleges, by Coy F. Cross II: reviewed, 98:122–23

Justus, James H., 104:85; The Achievement of Robert Penn Warren, 81:81–82

Juzan, Pierre, 91:296

J. William Fulbright: Advice and Dissent, by Eugene Brown: noted, 86:101–2

J. Winston Coleman Jr.: A Biographical Sketch with a Review of His Writings, by Virginia Davis: reviewed, 78:69–70

Kaan, William J.: book reviews by, 97:474–75, 98:106–8; "Mahlon D. Manson and the Civil War in Kentucky: The Politics of Martial Glory," 96:221–47

Kaaterskill Falls (N.Y.), 71:314

Kachun, Mitch: Festivals of Freedom: Memory and Meaning in African American Emancipation Celebrations, 1808–1915, reviewed, 102:106–7

Kaelin, Rudy: B. F. Goodrich Plant (Louisville, Ky.), 102:179–80

Kafer, Peter: Charles Brockden Brown's Revolution and the Birth of American Gothic, reviewed, 103:782–83

Kagan, Robert: Dangerous Nation: America's Place in the World from Its Earliest Days to the Dawn of the Twentieth Century, reviewed, 105:282–85

Kahin, George McT.: Intervention: How America Became Involved in Vietnam, noted, 86:201

Kahn, Kathy: Hillbilly Women: Mountain Women Speak of Struggle and Joy in Southern Appalachia, reviewed, 72:173–75

Kaleidoscope of Life: Poems by Paul L. Tarter, edited by Carroll M. Curtis: noted, 90:220–21

Kalisch, Philip A.: book reviews by, 69:181–83, 71:113–14, 216–18, 72:66–67, 189–90, 289–91, 76:262–64

Kallet, Arthur, 84:292

Kallina, Edmund F.: Courthouse Over White House: Chicago in the Presidential Election of 1960, reviewed, 87:88–90

Kalmata, Greece, 72:156

Kaloolah (horse), 100:485

Kaltenbacker, W. S., 79:346

Kaltenborn, H. V., 100:129–30, 104:459

Kaltenbrun, V. A., office of: illus., 103:464

Kaminski, John P., 101:100; ed., Jefferson in Love: The Love Letters Between Thomas Jefferson and Maria Cosway, reviewed, 97:462–64; and Gaspare J. Saladino, eds., The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution, vol. 8, Virginia, reviewed, 88:207–8; Great Virginia Triumvirate, The: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison in the Eyes of Their Contemporaries, reviewed, 108:263–65; vol. 10, Virginia [3], reviewed, 91:431; vol. 9, Virginia, 89:407–8

Kammen, Carol: On Doing Local History: Reflections on What Local Historian Do, Why, and What It Means, reviewed, 85:363–64; and Norma Prendergast, Encyclopedia of Local History, reviewed, 98:334–36

Kammen, Michael: Digging Up the Dead: A History of Notable American Reburials, reviewed, 108:130–32; The Past Before Us: Contemporary Historical Writing in the United States, noted, 81:236

Kammer, Michael, 75:162

Kamoie, Laura Croghan: Irons in the Fire: The Business History of the Tayloe Family and Virginia's Gentry, 1700-1860, reviewed, 105:690–92

Kanawha County, W. Va., 70:152

Kanawha County, W.Va.: juvenile-delinquency program in, 107:377; Robert F. Kennedy's visit to, 107:381–82

Kanawha River, 70:151–52, 71:464, 95:370, 380, 384, 105:669; exploration of, 75:143

Kanawha Valley (W.Va.): during Civil War, 105:660

Kann, Mark E.: book review by, 110:101–3

Kannensohn, Margaret, 99:280

Kansa Indians, 92:165–66

Kansas, 69:367, 72:96, 364, 100:146, 106:454; during Civil War, 110:459; federal government actions in, 105:462; Ky. immigrants in, 110:306; slavery struggle in, 110:309, 381

Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway, 70:349

Kansas City, Mo., 70:348–49, 71:321, 99:363; Burritt Hamilton Fee and John G. Fee in, 105:636

Kansas City, Pittsburg and Gulf Railroad, 70:349

Kansas City Monarchs, 99:113

Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854), 69:365, 71:457, 73:419, 93:258, 395, 101:409, 106:371, 447, 463, 508, 512, 514, 568, 572, 107:148–49, 171

Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kan.), 73:213

Kantner, Dee: and the National Basketball Association, 109:463

Kantor, Sybil Gordon: Alfred H. Barr Jr. and the Intellectual Origins of the Museum of Modern Art, reviewed, 100:240–42

Kaplan, E. Ann, 98:409

Kaplan, Fred: Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer, reviewed, 107:112–16

Kaplan, Janice, 109:441, 451

Kaplan, Lawrence S.: The United States and NATO: The Formative Years, reviewed, 83:287–88

Kappes, Judith Bradford: and tobacco farming, 108:334–35

Karachi, India, 100:181

Karamali, Hamet, 71:440–42

Karamali, Yusef, 71:440–42

Karl, Frederick R.: William Faulkner: American Writer, reviewed, 88:484–85

Karl and Harty: songs of, 93:305, 306

Karr, A., 85:234

Karr, Harrison, 87:6–7

Karr, Mary Jane, 87:6, 9–10

Kaskaskia, Ill., 68:58, 70:238, 71:74, 132, 136, 72:73, 81:3, 12–13, 92:155; George Rogers Clark's campaign against, 106:347

Kaskaskia Indians, 81:7, 83:228

Kaskell, Caesar: and General Orders, No. 11, 103:633–34, 110:181; illus., 110:182

Kasper, Eric T.: To Secure the Liberty of the People: James Madison's Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court's Interpretation, reviewed, 108:265–67

Kasserine Pass (Tunisia): during World War II, 110:71

Kastle, Joseph, 76:58

Kastner, Jim: book notes by, 102:279–80

Katharine the Great, by David Halberstam, 104:552

Katz, Michael: and the issue of poverty, 107:304

Katz, William Loren: Black Women of the Old West, noted, 94:219–20

Katzenbach, Nicholas DeB, 95:288, 298

Katznelson, Ira, 107:367–68

Kauffman, H. Clay, 79:152, 98:188, 192

Kauffman, Isaac: Civil War service of, 110:171

Kaufman, Burton I.: The Korean War: Challenges in Crisis, Credibility, and Command, reviewed, 85:280–81

Kaufman, Paul, 107:396

Kaufman, Scott: Rosalynn Carter: Equal Partner in the White House, reviewed, 106:146–49

Kaufman and Leiber (Louisville, Ky.): clothing firm of, 110:176

Kaufman-Straus (Louisville, Ky.): civil rights protests at, 109:371, 373

Kaups, Matti: and Terry G. Jordan, American Backwoods Frontier: An Ethnic and Ecological Interpretation, reviewed, 88:87–88

Kaut family, 68:222

Kavanaugh, Charles: antislavery stance, 102:24

Kavanaugh, Charles J., 107:77

Kavanaugh, George W., 93:401

Kay, Marvin L. Michael: and Lorin Lee Cary, Slavery in North Carolina, 1748-1775, reviewed, 94:72–73

Kay, W. James: Freedmen's Bureau in Jackson Purchase, 110:511, 525–26

Kayatin, Will: book review by, 105:564–65

Kaye, Danny, 96:277

Kaye, Eli, 84:65–66

Kazal, Russell A.: Becoming Old Stock: The Paradox of German-American Identity, reviewed, 103:806–12

Kazee, Erin R.: and James M. Gifford, Jesse Stuart: An Extraordinary Life, noted, 107:629

Kazin, Michael: Godly Hero, A: The Life of William Jennings Bryan, reviewed, 104:345–46

Kean, Melissa: book review by, 105:764–65

Keane, John: Tom Paine: A Political Life, reviewed, 93:474–76

Kearney, Stephen W., 69:7–8, 10, 72:409; Mexican War campaigns of, 106:33

Kearsage, 88:45, 47–48, 51–54, 61–67, 74, 77

Keating, Edward, 92:189

Keating, Kenneth: and Robert F. Kennedy's senate campaign, 107:382–83

Keating, L. Clark: Audubon, 77:298–300; Audubon: The Kentucky Years, reviewed, 75:145

Keating, Ryan: book review by, 108:274–76

Keaton, Billy, 89:27

Keaton, Dorsey, 90:106–7

Keats, Fanny: correspondence with George Keats, 106:51, 53; inheritance of, 106:50

Keats, George: arrival in Louisville, Ky., 106:47–48; businesses in Louisville, Ky., 106:52–55; death of, 106:64; estate of, 106:64–65; family of, 106:44, 50; financial collapse of, 106:63–64; grave of, 106:67; historiography of, 106:43–44; home of, 106:55–57, 67; home of, illus., 106:56; intellectual life of, 106:57–60; investments of, 106:45–49; and John Keats's finances, 106:50–52; Ky. Historical Society, 101:8; legacy in Louisville, 106:67; life in Louisville, Ky., 106:43–68; Louisville neighbors of, 106:58–60; relationship with John James Audubon, 106:44–49; and slavery, 106:55–57, 59; social status of, 106:55

Keats, Georgiana Augusts (Wylie): arrival in Louisville, Ky., 106:47–48; family of, 106:50; grave of, 106:67; illus., 106:54; marriage of, 106:44; marriage to John Jeffrey, 106:65

Keats, Isabel: death of, 106:67; grave of, illus., 106:68

Keats, John, 106:57, 63; character of George Keats, 106:52; death of, 106:50; finances of and George Keats, 106:50–52; Hampstead edition of works, 106:67; illus., 106:51; letters of, 106:44, 46; letters of published, 106:66; manuscripts of, 106:43, 65–67; political views of, 106:56; works of in America, 106:58

Keats, Tom, 106:44; death of, 106:50

Keats Street (Louisville, Ky.), 106:43

Keck, John A., 84:406–7

Kedrowski, Karen M.: and Marilyn Stine Sarow, Cancer Activism: Gender, Media, and Public Policy, reviewed, 106:151–53

Keeble, Sampson W., 110:551

Keedy, Allen, 91:190

Keefe, Susan: ed., Appalachian Mental Health, reviewed, 87:443–44

Keefer, Louis, 105:434

Keegan, John, 89:365, 99:127, 133–34, 137–38; Six Armies in Normandy, reviewed, 81:458–60

Keel, James F.: country store of, 70:57–60

Keelboat Age on Western Waters,The, by Leland D. Baldwin, 71:117

Keeling, Larry, 90:142

Keen, Joseph A., 69:135

Keen, Mr. ——, 73:189, 406, 407, 411

Keen, Quentin Begley: book reviews by, 70:154–56, 339–41, 72:67–69, 173–75, 73:213, 331–33, 421, 74:243, 329–31, 76:60–61, 154–55, 77:153–55, 78:366–68

Keene, Jennifer D.: book reviews by, 100:100–101, 541–43, 101:371–73, 102:437–39, 104:746–48; Doughboys, the Great War, and the Remaking of America, reviewed, 100:102–3

Keene, Thomas, 78:31

Keeneland Association (Lexington, Ky.), 99:256

Keeneland Changing Exhibits Gallery: Ky. History Center, 101:43

Keeneland Race Track (Lexington, Ky.), 95:407

Keeneland's Ted Bassett: My Life, by James E. "Ted" Bassett III and Bill Mooney: noted, 107:632

Keener, Orrin: illus., 107:358

Keeney family, 68:223

Keenon, Ben, Frankfort, Ky., 103:478

Keenon, Umberto, 88:152

Keetley, Dawn: and John Pettegrew, eds., Public Women, Public Worlds: A Documentary History of American Feminism, vol. 1, Beginnings to 1900, noted, 96:117–18

Keeton, Betsy, 89:13

Keeton, Isaac, 89:3

Keeton, Margariet Cull, 89:3

Kefauver, Estes, 76:177; and organized crime, 98:344, 349, 361

Kehoe, Robert A., University of Cincinnati: investigation of acroosteolysis, 102:162

Kehrberg, Kevin: book review by, 110:193–95

Keiler, Leo F.: Paducah, Ky., 102:202

Keillor, Garrison, 97:134

Keimer, Samuel, 105:262

Keire, Mara J.: For Business and Pleasure: Red-Light Districts and the Regulation of Vice in the United States, 1890-1933, reviewed, 108:157–59

Keiser, Christopher, 72:330–31

Keith, Jeanette: book review by, 103:774–76; Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight: Race, Class, and Power in the Rural South during the First World War, reviewed, 102:578–80

Keith, John M. Jr.: "The Early Manufacturing and Selling of the Shakers at South Union, Kentucky," 70:187–99

Kekewepellathe (Shawnee chief): and the Treaty of Fort Finney, 106:348

Kelburne, Charles Lawrence, 69:115

Kellar, James H., 69:386

Kelleher-Schafer, Judith: Becoming Free, Remaining Free: Manumission and Enslavement in New Orleans, 1846–1862, reviewed, 101:516–18

Keller, Charles E., 99:106

Keller, David: land development by, 107:60

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