Index for the Register Volumes 68-110 (1970-2012)

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Hewlett, John W., 97:288

Heyburn, Henry R., 74:143; voter registration drive in Louisville, Ky., 109:411

Heyburn, John G. II: Jefferson County school desegregation, 105:28–29

Heyman, Neil M.: Daily Life During World War I, reviewed, 101:179–81

Heyn, Ernest V.: Fire of Genius: Inventors of the Past Century, reviewed, 75:340–41

Heywood, John H., 84:117, 130

Hiatt, Lucy F.: and Noble W. Hiatt, The Silversmiths of Kentucky, 70:249

Hibbard, Frederick C.: Jefferson Davis monument, 101:400

Hibbard, John, 88:17

Hibbs, Dixie: Bardstown: Hospitality, History, and Bourbon, reviewed, 100:507–8; Nelson County, Kentucky: A Pictorial History, noted, 88:369

Hickam, Homer H. Jr.: Torpedo Junction: U-Boat War off America's East Coast, 1942, noted, 88:119–20

Hickel, Walter, 83:60

Hicken, Victor: book review by, 78:181–83

Hickey, Donald R.: Don't Give Up the Ship! Myths of the War of 1812, reviewed, 105:110–11; ed., "A Dissenting Voice: Matthew Lyon on the Conquest of Canada," 76:45–52; The War of 1812: A Forgotten Conflict, reviewed, 88:468–69

Hickey, Gerald Cannon: Shattered World: Adaptation and Survival Among Vietnam's Highland Peoples During the Vietnam War, noted, 91:463–64

Hickey, Simon, Lexington, Ky.: relationship with Fr. John Thayer, 101:286, 294

Hickman (Ky.) Courier, 71:46, 75:20, 25–27; on price stabilization of cotton, 84:148–49

Hickman, ——, 68:276

Hickman, Harrison, 99:223

Hickman, Ky., 70:255–56, 262, 264, 270, 73:23, 29, 74:306, 93:260, 99:341, 347; African Americans in, 110:512–14, 522; yellow fever in, 74:304–5

Hickman, Sarah Kinman: and tobacco farming, 108:336, 340

Hickman, Thomas, 110:19

Hickman, Timothy A.: book review by, 101:185–87

Hickman, William, 84:242, 88:129, 142, 146; migration to Ky., 110:19

Hickman County, Ky., 73:24, 78:343, 349, 357, 98:261, 272, 278, 99:341; African Americans in, 110:507–8, 512; Freedmen's Bureau in, 110:517; and the Jackson Purchase, 110:504; and public school reform, 109:56; whipping issue in, 100:8, 15, 22–25

Hickman Creek (Ky.), 68:127, 233, 72:228, 340, 108:177

Hickok, Lorena, 90:85; letter to Henry Hopkins on eastern Ky., 1933, 78:55–63

Hicks, Claudia: Kentucky Girls' High School State Basketball Tournament, 109:462–63

Hicks, David, 69:251–52

Hicks, George L.: Experimental Americans: Celo and Utopian Community in the Twentieth Century, reviewed, 99:324–25

Hicks, Granville: Robert Penn Warren letter to, 104:91

Hicks, Jack, 79:236

Hicks, John D.: The Populist Revolt, 73:201, 326

Hicks, Terry, 80:23, 26–27, 51–52

Hicks, Wanda, 80:23, 26–27, 51–52, 60

Hickson, Nathaniel, 88:147

Hidden Histories of Women in the New South, edited by Virginia Bernhard and others: reviewed, 93:238–40

Hidden History: Exploring Our Secret Past, by Daniel J. Boorstin: reviewed, 86:173–74

Hidden Illness in the Whtie House, by Kenneth R. Crispell and Carlos F. Gomez: reviewed, 88:106–7

Hieatt, C. C.: land development by, 107:55, 58, 60, 67

Hiep, Dang Vu, 95:294

Higbee, John, 87:109, 88:422

Higgenbotham, D. W., 93:452

Higginbotham, Aloysius Leon, 99:41–42

Higginbotham, Don: The War of American Independence, 74:65

Higginbotham, Evelyn Brooks: Righteous Discontent: The Women's Movement in the Black Baptist Church, 1880–1920, reviewed, 92:332–34

Higgins, John F.: Ky. Regiment, biographical sketch of, 105:597–98

Higginson, Charles, 69:63

Higginson, George Jr.: death of, 102:66–67

Higginson, Wentworth, 70:155

Higgs, Robert J.: Laurel & Thorn: The Athlete in American Literature, reviewed, 82:105–7

Higgs, Robert T.: and Ambrose N. Manning, and Jim Wayne Miller, eds., Appalachia Inside Out: A Sequel to Voices from the Hills, reviewed, 93:466–67

Higgs, Vivian: Kentucky Girls' High School State Basketball Tournament, 109:457

High, Ellesa Clay: Past Titan Rock: Journeys into an Appalachian Valley, reviewed, 83:143–44

Higham, Robin: 100 Years of Air Power and Aviation, reviewed, 101:531–34; ed., Civil Wars in the Twentieth Century, reviewed, 71:199–202

Highbaugh, LeRoy Jr.: subdivision development by, 107:72

Highbaugh, LeRoy Sr.: subdivision development by, 107:72

High Bridge Camp Meeting, 109:21

Higher Duty, A: Desertion Among Georgia Troops during Civil War, by Mark A. Weitz: reviewed, 98:120–22

Higher Realism of Woodrow Wilson and Other Essays, The, by Arthur S. Link: reviewed, 70:68–69

Highland: colony of (Lincoln County, Ky.), 75:232

Highland Addition (Louisville, Ky.), 107:53

Highlander Folk School (Monteagle, Tenn.), 96:131; influence of cold war on, 104:218–19

Highlander: No Ordinary School, 1932–1962, by John M. Glen: reviewed, 86:395–96

Highland Park (Louisville, Ky.): development of, 107:52, 55

Highlands (Louisville, Ky.): development of, 107:34

Highlights in the Early History of Montgomery County, Virginia, by Lula Porterfield Givens: reviewed, 75:328–29

High Mountain Rising: Appalachia in Time and Place, edited by Richard A. Straw and H. Tyler Blethen: reviewed, 102:592–93

Highsplint, Ky., 75:149, 97:191, 107:471, 480; Cloverfork Museum at, 107:474–75, 496–97, 501–4, 506, 508–9; coal mine at, 107:495–96, 500, 502–3; pictorial of, 107:497; reunion at, 107:497; strike at mine in, 107:495

High Street (Lexington, Ky.): church on, 106:217

"'High Water and Hell So Far': A Paducahan Remembers the 1937 Ohio River Valley Flood": edited by John E. L. Robertson, 102:183–206

Highways Into History, by Alice Fleming: reviewed, 70:71–72

Hilberger, Wiegand, 95:163

Hild, Matthew: Greenbackers, Knights of Labor & Populists: Farmer-Labor Insurgency in the Late-Nineteenth-Century South, reviewed, 105:505–7

Hilde, Libra R.: book review by, 108:141–43

Hildebrand, ____, 69:258

Hill, ——, 68:276

Hill, Adam, 110:388

Hill, Annabella P.: Mrs. Hill's Southern Practical Cookery and Receipt Book, noted, 94:110–11

Hill, A. P., 74:233, 97:398, 101:455, 108:56

Hill, Benjamin H., 79:226

Hill, Benjamin Jefferson, 74:294–95

Hill, Bob, 87:405

Hill, Carl McClellan, 99:20

Hill, Carol A.: and Duane De Paepe, "Saltpeter Mining in Kentucky Caves," 77:247–62

Hill, Clement, 70:78

Hill, George Channing: portrayal of Daniel Boone in Daniel Boone: The Pioneer of Kentucky, 102:517

Hill, George Washington, 100:326

Hill, James Andrew: Ky. Historical Society, 101:25

Hill, James B., 82:62

Hill, Jerry: Kentucky Weather, noted, 104:806

Hill, John Paul: book reviews by, 105:178–80, 737–39

Hill, Lance: Deacons for Defense and Justice, The: Armed Resistance and the Civil Rights Movement, reviewed, 102:272–73

Hill, Mrs. Clement: death of, 108:226; debt of, 108:221; slaves of, 108:220

Hill, Sam E., 68:281

Hill, Samuel S., 71:108, 414; ed., New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, The, vol. 1, Religion, reviewed, 105:176–78; Encyclopedia of Religion in the South, reviewed, 83:359–61; The South and the North in American Religion, reviewed, 80:233–35

Hill, Thomas, 68:253

Hill, Walter, 108:240

Hill, West T. Jr.: The Theatre in Early Kentucky, 1790–1820, reviewed, 70:66–68; The Theatre in Early Kentucky: 1790–1820, 76:268

Hill, William, 102:19

hillbilly: origin of stereotype, 103:529

Hillbillyland: What the Movies Did to the Mountains and What the Mountains Did to the Movies, by J. W. Williamson: reviewed, 93:498–500

Hillbilly Women: Mountain Women Speak of Struggle and Joy in Southern Appalachia, by Kathy Kahn: reviewed, 72:173–75

Hillerich & Bradsby (Louisville, Ky.), 99:37, 391

Hilliard, Calvin, 78:348

Hilliard, Ernest, 78:348, 352, 356

Hilliard, Henry W., 73:33–34, 37–38, 49; eulogy of Henry Clay, 106:540, 544–45, 557

Hilliard, Sam Bowers: Atlas of Antebellum Southern Agriculture, reviewed, 84:81–82; book review by, 93:92–93

Hilliard Lyons Center (Louisville, Ky.), 106:67

Hillis, Danny, 96:380

Hillman, Daniel, 79:328

Hillman, Sidney, 73:158, 161, 104:486–88

Hillquit, Morrris, 96:366

Hills, Effie, 88:32

Hills, Lucy Lincoln, 68:235

Hillsboro, Ky., 69:116, 87:149–51

Hills-Evans feud, 73:332

Hills of Strife (film), 96:124

Hill Street (Lexington, Ky.): church on, 106:196, 217

Hill Street (Louisville, Ky.), 107:33

Hillyer, Elisha: and the Underground Railroad, 109:322

Hillyer, Robert, 75:271, 279

Hillyer, William S., 74:183

Hilton family, 68:224

Himler Coal Company (Himlerville, Ky.), 97:200

Himlerville, Ky., 97:191, 200

Himmelfarb, Gertrude: The New History and the Old: Critical Essays and Reappraisals, reviewed, 86:285–86

Himmelstein, Jerome L.: book review by, 105:378–80

Hind, Richard, 95:127

Hindman, Ky., 93:183–84, 189, 99:32, 107:308; Edward F. Prichard's speech in, 104:591

Hindman, Thomas C., 69:343–44, 346, 76:333, 79:125, 103:537

Hindman Settlement School (Knott County, Ky.), 85:244, 253–54, 257, 93:180, 183–85, 192–93, 195, 197–98, 201, 204, 97:113–14

Hinds, Charles F., 73:395; book reviews by, 69:173–74, 73:79, 80, 426–28, 75:244–45, 77:129–31; Ky. Historical Society, 101:2, 32–33, 44

Hine, Darlene Clark, 109:433; book review by, 84:319–20; The State of Afro-American History, reviewed, 85:77–79

Hine, Robert V.: Community on the American Frontier: Separate But Not Alone, reviewed, 80:229–30

Hines, ——, 68:219

Hines, Avis, 86:51

Hines, Clara Wright (Nahm), 97:31

Hines, Cornelia (Duncan), 97:27

Hines, C. W. Sr., 85:130

Hines, Duncan, 91:61; article about, 97:27–41

Hines, Edward Ludlow, 97:27

Hines, Florence (Chaffin), 97:29

Hines, Henry B., 98:265

Hines, Porter, 97:27

Hines, Thomas Henry: arrest of, 108:104; and Confederate conspiracies in the North, 108:14, 94–107

Hines-Park Foods, Inc. (N.Y.), 97:39

Hinitt, F. W., 72:346

Hinkle, E. D., 84:304–5

Hinkle, M. M., 70:98

Hinkston Creek (Ky.), 94:15, 19

Hinson, Old Jack, 110:459

Hinter, John T., 104:532

Hinton, Arthur, 110:507–8

Hinton, Evan, 72:237

Hinton, John T.: political campaign of, 108:369, 372

Hinton, Joseph, 69:200, 206

Hinton, Thomas, 69:200

Hinton, William, 74:176

Hiram Martin Chittenden: His Public Career, by Gordon B. Dodds: reviewed, 72:66–67

Hires, G. C., 71:305

Hiroshima, Japan, 96:290, 100:167

Hirsch, Herman, 110:169

Hirsch, Jerrold: Portrait of America: A Cultural History of the Federal Writers' Project, reviewed, 101:536–38

Hirsch, Walt, 84:54, 63–65, 67

Hirschfeld, Thomas, 98:357–58, 360, 363

Hirsh, H. N., 104:432

Hise, Elijah, 93:393

His Fighting Blood (film), 96:124

Hispaniola: trade with, 107:562

His Promised Land: The Autobiography of John P. Parker, Former Slave and Conductor in the Underground Railroad, edited by Stuart Seely Sprague: reviewed, 95:191–93

His Soul Goes Marching On: Responses to John Brown and the Harpers Ferry Raid, edited by Paul Finkelman: reviewed, 93:352–55

"Historian Humbly Declines to Have A Nice Day: Thoughts on the Role of the Historian in Contemporary Society," by Michael C. C. Adams, 92:400–410

Historian's Guide to Computing, by Daniel I. Greenstein: noted, 93:382

Historian's Handbook: A Descriptive Guide to Reference Works, by Helen J. Poulton: reviewed, 70:233–35

Historian's Lincoln: Pseudohistory, Psychohistory, and History, edited by Gabor S. Boritt: reviewed, 87:455–57

Historical Army Register, by Francis B. Heitman, 82:283–84

Historical Dictionary of Reconstruction, by Hans L. Trefousse: reviewed, 90:199–200

Historical Journals: A Handbook for Writers and Reviewers, by Dale R. Steiner: noted, 81:112

"Historical Lawsuits of the Eighteenth Century—Locating 'The Stamping Ground,'" by Neal Hammon, 69:197–215

historical memory: historiography of, 110:575–84

historical preservation: Thomas D. Clark essay on, 103:143–58

Historical Sketches of Kentucky, by Lewis Collins, 70:17, 71:464

"Historical Studies in Kentucky," by H. L. Meredith, 69:87–89

Historical Times Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Civil War, edited by Patricia L. Faust: reviewed, 85:270–71

Historic Architecture of Bourbon County, Kentucky, by Walter E. Langsam and William Gus Johnson: reviewed, 84:310–11

Historic Families of Kentucky, by Thomas Marshall Green, 70:113

Historic Highway Marker Program, 70:61

Historic Images of Frankfort, by Nicky Hughes and Russell Hatter: noted, 104:806

Historic Kentucky, by J. Winston Coleman Jr., 73:100, 74:129

Historic Maps of Kentucky, by Thomas D. Clark, 91:388–89; reviewed, 78:157–58

"Historic Marshall-Brown Controversy and the Impact upon The Filson Club, 1885–1891, The" by Stuart Seely Sprague, 70:108–20

Historic Missouri: A Pictorial Narrative, compiled by The State Historical Society of Missouri: reviewed, 76:316–18

Historic New Orleans Collection and Louisiana Historical Association: Charting Louisiana: Selected Talks from the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Conference DVD, reviewed, 104:141–43

Historic Preservation in Small Towns: A Manual of Practice, by Arthur P. Ziegler Jr. and Walter C. Kidney: reviewed, 79:200–201

Historic Tredegar (Richmond, Va.), 107:145

historiography: of African Americans, 109:283–94; of early American republic, 104:95–126; of Ky., 80:65–88, 97:83–112, 105:87–92, 109:287–88, 291–92; of South, 80:119–50

History, Education, and the Schools, by William J. Reese: reviewed, 105:555–56

History and Adventures of the Cuban Expedition: publication of, 105:587

History and Confession of the Young Felon Edward W. Hawkins, edited by Lawrence S. Thompson: noted, 78:386

History as High Adventure, by Walter Prescott Webb: reviewed by Thomas D. Clark, 103:328–29

History Graduate Student Association, University of Ky.: Bluegrass Symposium, call for papers, 104:385–86

History News Service, 104:110

History of Afro-American Literature: vol. 1, The Long Beginning, 1746–1895, by Blyden Jackson, reviewed, 88:337–38

History of American Higher Education, A, by John R. Thelin: reviewed, 102:230–32

History of Anderson County, A, by Lewis W. McKee and Lydia K. Bond: reviewed, 74:240–43

History of Black Americans: From the Compromise of 1850 to the End of the Civil War, by Philip S. Foner: reviewed, 82:406–8

History of Blacks in Kentucky, A: by Marion B. Lucas and George C. Wright, 109:290–91; review essay, 91:65–75

History of Bourbon County, 1785–1865, by H. E. Everman: reviewed, 77:61–63

History of Campbellsville University, 1906–2006, by J. Chester Badgett: noted, 104:808

History of Carbondale, Illinois, A, by John W. D. Wright: reviewed, 76:175–77

History of Citizens Bank and Trust Company of Paducah, Kentucky, by John E. L. Robertson: noted, 88:370

History of Danville and Boyle County, Kentucky, 1774–1992, by Richard C. Brown: reviewed, 90:284–85

History of Daviess County, 1863, by Richard B. Mason, 69:4

History of Early Jeffersontown and Southeastern Jefferson County, Kentucky, by Robert C. Jobson: reviewed, 78:67–68

History of Eastern Kentucky University, A: The School of Opportunity, by William E. Ellis: reviewed, 104:285–87

History of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and its Surroundings, A, by Samuel Haycraft: reviewed, 75:155–57

History of Environmental Politics Since 1945, A, by Samuel P. Hays: reviewed, 99:326–28

History of Georgetown College, by Robert Snyder: reviewed, 78:268–69

History of Georgia, A, edited by Kenneth Coleman: reviewed, 76:318–20

History of Green County, Kentucky, 1793–1993, by Kate Powell Evans: noted, 92:236

History of Kentucky, by Lewis and Richard H. Collins: noted, 78:194

History of Kentucky, by Thomas D. Clark, 103:201–2, 208; correspondence about, 103:211–14

History of Kentucky, The, by Humphrey Marshall, 70:72–74, 114, 120

History of Kentucky Courthouses, by Elisabeth Headley Garr: reviewed, 70:334–36

History of Laurel County, by Thomas D. Clark: reviewed, 89:203–4

History of Lexington, Kentucky, by George W. Ranck: reviewed, 69:183–85

History of Lexington, Kentucky, Its Early Annals and Recent Progress, by George W. Ranck: noted, 88:238

"History of Mammoth Cave, Emphasizing Tourist Development and Medical Experimentation under Dr. John Croghan," by Samuel W. Thomas, Eugene H. Conner and Harold Meloy, 68:319–40

History of Middle Tennessee; or Life and Times of Gen. James Robertson, by A. W. Putnam: reviewed, 70:237–39

History of Missouri, A: vol. 6, 1953 to 2003, by Lawrence H. Larsen, noted, 102:279

History of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, 1792–1918, by Carl B. Boyd: noted, 83:169–70

History of Muhlenberg County, 97:289

History of Navigation on the Missouri River, 72:66–67

History of Nicholas County, by Joan Weissinger Conley: reviewed, 75:153–55

History of Ohio County, Kentucky, by McDowell A. Fogle: reviewed, 68:272–73

History of Owen County, Kentucky: "Sweet Owen," by Mariam Sidebottom Houchens: reviewed, 76:154–55

History of Owensboro and Daviess County, Kentucky, A, by Hugh O. Potter: reviewed, 73:416–17

History of Pharmacy, by Edward Kremers and George Urdang, 91:24

History of Philosophy in America, by Elizabeth Flower and Murray G. Murphy: reviewed, 77:155–56

History of Pioneer Lexington, by Charles R. Staples: reviewed, 72:276–78

History of Scott County As Told by Selected Buildings, by Ann Bolton Bevins: reviewed, 80:224–25

History of Southern Literature, edited by Louis D. Rubin Jr.: et al., reviewed, 84:317–19

History of the 3rd, 7th, 8th, and 12th Kentucky C.S.A., by Henry George: reviewed, 69:392–93

History of the 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry U.S.: The Boys Who Feared No Noise!, A, by Joseph Reinhart: reviewed, 100:61–62

History of the Administration of John Adams, A, by John Wood, 76:98

History of the American Rice Industry, 1685–1985, by Henry C. Dethloff, reviewed, 87:166

History of the Anti-Separate Coach Movement in Kentucky, 98:243, 255–56

History of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, by John F. Stover: noted, 86:100

History of the Christian Church in the West, by Barton W. Stone, 85:321

History of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, A, by Mann Butler, 73:84

History of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, by Mann Butler: reviewed, 68:180–84

History of the Conquest of Mexico, by William Hickling Prescott, 69:182

History of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, by Robert Davidson, 69:218

History of the Daniel Boone National Forest, A, 1770–1970, by Robert F. Collins: reviewed, 75:243–44

History of the Disciples of Christ, by W. E. Garrison and A. T. De Groot, 74:335

History of the Hemp Industry in Kentucky, by James F. Hopkins: noted, 97:236

History of the Indiana Historical Society, by Lana Ruegamer: noted, 80:116

History of the Kentucky Baptists, A, by J. H. Spencer, 110:31

History of the Lexington Cemetery, by Burton Milward: reviewed, 89:85–86

History of the National Woman Suffrage Association, 72:362

History of the Ohio Falls Cities and Their Enemies: treatment of George Keats, 106:43

History of the Old South, A: The Emergence of A Reluctant Nation, by Clement Eaton: reviewed, 74:230, 231

History of the Presbyterian Church in the State of Kentucky, by Robert Davidson, 69:218

History of the Princeton, Kentucky, First Baptist Church, 1850–2000, by Sam Steger: noted, 99:91–92

History of the Profession of Architecture in Kentucky, by C. Julian Oberwarth, with additional material and editing by William B. Scott Jr., noted, 87:469–70

History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America, by Henry Wilson, 71:115

History of the South, A, by Charles P. Roland with Francis Butler Simkins, 107:164

History of the South, vol. 11, The New South, 1945-1980, by Numan V. Bartley: reviewed, 94:328–30

History of the United States, by Edward Channing, 69:31

History of the United States, by George Bancroft, 69:182

History of the Virginia Baptists, by Robert B. Semple, 110:28–29

History Teaches Us to Hope: Reflections on the Civil War and Southern History, by Charles P. Roland, edited by John David Smith, 107:165; reviewed, 106:113–14

Hitchcock, Amos Linden, 98:182

Hitchcock, Edward, 79:311, 97:378

Hitchcock, Gilbert M., 95:35

Hitchcocks, Capt. ——, 80:207

Hitchinson, Jerome, 109:409–10

Hite, Abraham, 97:139, 141; plan of Louisville, Ky., 107:44

Hite, Abraham Jr., 72:237

Hite, Isaac, 70:277–78, 282–83, 287–91, 72:227–28, 237–38, 241, 396, 78:297, 301, 305–7, 311, 97:139, 149

Hite, Joseph, 72:238

Hite, Jost, 97:138

Hitler, Adolf, 92:409, 100:154–55, 160, 105:440; rise of eugenics, 102:219

Hitler and Spain: The Nazi Role in the Spanish Civil War, by Robert H. Whealey: reviewed, 88:367–68

Hitler Diaries: Fakes That Fooled the World, by Charles Hamilton: reviewed, 90:218–19

Hitler of History, by John Lukacs, 96:373; reviewed, 96:211–12

Hitler's Soldiers in the Sunshine State: German POWs in Florida, by Robert D. Billinger Jr., 105:419

Hitler: The Path to Power, by Charles Bracelen Flood: reviewed, 88:235–36

Hitt, John: and the Braden case, 104:224

Hix family, 68:226

Hixson, Walter L., 81:77; book reviews by, 90:314–16, 94:335–36; George F. Kennan: Cold War Iconoclast, reviewed, 89:115–16; "The 1938 Kentucky Senate Election: Alben W. Barkley, 'Happy' Chandler, and the New Deal," 80:309–29

Hizer, Trenton: book review by, 104:174–75

H. L. Green's (Lexington, Ky.): civil rights protests at, 109:364, 366

HMS Dreadnought, 88:67

Hoadley, John F.: Origins of American Political Parties, 1789–1803, reviewed, 85:176–77

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