Index for the Register Volumes 68-110 (1970-2012)

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Freedom for Women: Forging the Women's Liberation Movement, 1953-1970, by Carol Giardina: reviewed, 108:305–8

Freedom from Want: American Liberalism and the Idea of the Consumer, by Kathleen G. Donohue: reviewed, 103:812–16

Freedom Just Around the Corner: A New American History, 1585–1828, by Walter A. McDougall, 104:120–21, 123

Freedom on the Border: An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky, by Catherine Fosl and Tracy E. K'Meyer: reviewed, 107:266–67

Freedom on the Border: An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky, by Tracy E. K'Meyer and Catherine Fosl, 109:357

Freedom Rides, 99:41, 109:353, 380–81

Freedom's Coming: Religious Culture and the Shaping of the South from the Civil War through the Civil Rights Era, by Paul Harvey: reviewed, 104:161–63

Freedom's Lawmakers: A Directory of Black Officeholders During Reconstruction, by Eric Foner: noted, 91:461–62

Freedom's Shore: Tunis Campbell and the Georgia Freedmen, by Russell Duncan: reviewed, 85:272–73

Freedoms We Lost, The: Consent and Resistance in Revolutionary America, by Barbara Clark Smith: reviewed, 109:473–75

Free Frank: A Black Pioneer on the Antebellum Frontier, by Juliet E. K. Walker: reviewed, 82:177–79

Free Hearts and Free Homes: Gender and American Antislavery Politics, by Michael Pierson: reviewed, 102:101–4

Freehling, William W., 101:411, 441, 106:378, 110:254, 261; book review by, 99:178–79; Road to Disunion, The: vol. 1, Secessionists at Bay, 1776–1854, 101:410, 427; Road to Disunion, The: vol. 1, Secessionists at Bay, 1776–1854, reviewed, 89:307–8; Road to Disunion, The: vol. 2, Secessionists Triumphant, 1854-1861, reviewed, 105:495–97

Freehling, William W. and Craig Simpson, eds.,: Showdown in Virginia: The 1861 Convention and the Fate of the Union, reviewed, 109:242–44

Freeing Charles: The Struggle to Free a Slave on the Eve of the Civil War, by Scott Christianson: reviewed, 107:597–99

Freeman, Alice, 89:71

Freeman, Anne Hobson: The Style of a Law Firm: Eight Gentlemen from Virginia, noted, 88:493

Freeman, Douglas Southall, 73:318, 75:248, 100:274; explanation of Confederate defeat, 102:391

Freeman, J. H., 87:8

Freeman, Jo: At Berkeley in the '60s: The Education of an Activist, 1961–1965, reviewed, 102:147–48; book reviews by, 103:835–36, 104:194–96, 324–25, 105:373–74

Freeman, Joanne B., 104:116–17; Affairs of Honor: National Politics in the New Republic, reviewed, 100:71–73

Freeman, Louise, 89:272

Freeman, Orville, 107:345; and the War on Poverty, 107:393

Freeman Field (Seymour, Ind.), 102:44–45

Freeman Lake (Elizabethtown, Ky.), 71:192–93

Freeman's Branch (Ky.), 68:110

Freeman's Grocery (Paducah, Ky.): illus., 102:195

Freemasonry: expansion in Ky., 68:53–59

Freemasons, 97:366; and Charles S. Todd, 105:196; in Lexington, Ky., 106:191, 220; in Louisville, Ky., 109:310; member in Louisiana Regiment, 105:602; members in Ky. Regiment, 105:572, 579, 582, 583; members in Mexican War, 105:586

Free Men in an Age of Servitude: Three Generations of a Black Family, by Lee H. Warner: noted, 91:367–68

Freemont, Francis, 89:296

Freeport, La.: Ky. Regiment at, 105:600

Free School (Louisville, Ky.): See Saint Aloysius College

Freese, Barbara: Coal: A Human History, noted, 103:847

Freese and Norris Steamboat Company (Boyd County, Ky.), 72:250

Free Soilers, The: Third Party Politics, 1848–1854, by Frederick J. Blue: reviewed, 71:456–58

Free-Soil Party, 71:457, 80:281, 110:369

Free South (Newport, Ky.), 69:338

Free Speech, "The People's Darling Privilege": Struggles for Freedom of Expression in American History, by Michael Kent Curtis: reviewed, 99:187–88

Free-Speech Movement: Thomas D. Clark commentary on, 103:246–47

Free Speech Movement: Reflections on Berkeley in the 1960s, The, edited by Robert Cohen and Reginald E. Zelnik: reviewed, 100:568–70

Free Trade Convention (1832), 70:180

Free University (Berlin, Germany), 70:333

Free West, 69:179

Free Will Baptist Church, 94:293–94

Freidel, Frank: Franklin D. Roosevelt: Launching the New Deal, reviewed, 72:412–13

Frelinghuysen, Theodore, 68:17

Fremont, Francis P., 98:74, 158–62, 104:57; and Preston Brown, 104:50–52, 55–56

Frémont, Jessica Benton: and Abraham Lincoln, 106:578–79

Frémont, John C., 69:1–2, 8, 10, 373, 70:254, 256, 259–69, 73:19, 21–24, 75, 75:208, 77:3, 80:282, 285, 287, 289–91, 293, 98:74, 105:243, 106:396, 108:190; illus., 106:576; memoirs of, 72:415; in Missouri, 106:371, 437–38, 575–79; and slavery, 105:73

Fremont, Ohio: during the War of 1812, 105:207

French, Heather R., 97:325

French, Jackie: and Brenda Hughes, 109:448–50

French, Judge ——, 89:13

French, Morgan, 86:232, 234, 239, 253, 254, 257, 263, 265, 268–69

French, Richard, 88:262

French, Sam, 72:410

French, Valerie, 91:66

French, William, 97:269

French and Indian War (1756-63), 69:286, 70:241, 278, 280, 71:220, 447, 72:59–60, 292–93, 73:87, 75:144, 78:299, 84:242, 90:24, 226, 94:28, 100:331, 107:38; and Daniel Boone, 102:477–78, 492

French Colonial style: New Orleans, La., 103:502

French Conspiracy, 106:358

French families: Melungeon ancestry, 102:210

French First Army: during World War II, 110:80

French Imprint on the Heart of America, by Mary Elizabeth Wood: reviewed, 77:63–65

French National Center of Scientific Research (France), 68:147

French Revolution, 71:365, 72:143, 309, 73:340, 82:119, 101:411, 105:270; John Adams's opinion of, 101:283

Frenchtown, Ohio, 69:190, 105:207; defeat of James Winchester at, 104:8, 12–13; map of during War of 1812, 105:209; during the War of 1812, 105:208–9

French West Indes, 70:42

Freneau, Philip, 82:116, 124

Frequa, John G., 74:180

Freud, Sigmund, 70:68, 71:122

Frey, Sylvania R.: Water from the Rock: Black Resistance in a Revolutionary Age, reviewed, 90:192–93

Friar, ——, 88:131

Frick, Ford, 82:360

Fridy, Will, 74:58

Frie, J. M., 85:231

Fried, Albert: John Brown's Body: Notes and Reflections on His America and Mine, reviewed, 77:148–49

Fried, Richard M.: Man Everybody Knew, The: Bruce Barton and the Making of Modern America, reviewed, 104:180–82

Friedan, Betty G., 99:232

Friedberger, Mark: Farm Families and Change in Twentieth-Century America, reviewed, 87:87–88

Friedenberg, Robert V.: Theodore Roosevelt and the Rhetoric of Militant Decency, noted, 90:222

Friedheim (Lyon County, Ky.): colony of, 75:226–27

Friedman, Jean E., 86:214, 90:74

Friedman, Lawrence M.: Crime and Punishment in American History, reviewed, 92:441–42

Friedman, Leon: and William F. Levantrosser, eds., Cold War Patriot and Statesman: Richard M. Nixon, noted, 93:384

Friedman, Rachelle E.: book review by, 97:209–11

Friedman, Renee: See Harrison Goodall

Friedman, Walter A.: Birth of a Salesman: The Transformation of Selling in America, reviewed, 102:251–53

Friend, Craig Thompson, 97:85, 105:213, 106:193; book notes by, 89:434, 91:460–61, 92:120, 93:508, 94:216–17, 452–53, 95:459, 96:217–18, 97:236; book reviews by, 92:200–201, 415–17, 95:95–96, 309–10, 96:195–96, 97:464–67, 100:520–22; ed., The Buzzel About Kentuck: Settling the Promised Land, reviewed, 98:297–98; "'Fond Illusions' and Environmental Transformations Along the Maysville-Lexington Road," 94:4–32; and Lorri Glover, eds., Southern Manhood: Perspectives on Masculinity in the Old South, reviewed, 102:237–40

Friend, Craig Thompson, ed.: Southern Masculinity: Perspectives on Manhood in the South since Reconstruction, reviewed, 108:424–26

Friend, Jesse: antislavery of, 106:349

Friend of Animals: The Story of Henry Bergh, by Mildred Mastin Pace: noted, 94:114

Frier, Robert: and unification of Baptists in Ky., 110:15

Frings, Marie-Louise: Henry Clay's American System und die sektionale Kontroverse in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika 1815–1829, reviewed, 79:267–69

Frisbee, Mr. —: Cynthiana, Ky., 108:36

Frisby, Derek: essay by, 110:567

Frisby, Leander E., 98:55, 82

Frisch, Frank, 82:371

Frisch, Michael H., 104:693, 107:64

Fritsch, Al: and Kristin Johannsen, Ecotourism in Appalachia: Marketing the Mountains, listed, 102:152

Fritz, Karen E.: Voices in the Storm: Confederate Rhetoric, 1861–1865, reviewed, 98:321–22

Fritz, Stephen G.: Frontsoldaten: The German Soldier in World War II, reviewed, 94:197–98

Fritzon, John Edgar, 93:66–67, 69

Frnka, Henry, 88:167

Froehlich, Hans, 75:224

Frog Pond Church (Louisville, Ky.), 109:312

From Abbeville to Zebulon: Early Postcard Views of Georgia, edited by Gary L. Doster: noted, 90:223

From Abolition to Rights for All: The Making of a Reform Community in the Nineteenth Century, by John T. Cumbler: reviewed, 105:719–20

From a Far Country: Camisards and Huguenots in the Atlantic World, by Catharine Randall: reviewed, 107:585–86

From All Points: America's Immigrant West, 1870s–1952, by Elliott Robert Barkan: reviewed, 105:510–12

Froman, Hiram M.: and tobacco farming, 108:340–41

From Ashby to Andersonville: The Civil War Diary and Rememberances of George A. Hitchcock, Private, Company A, 21st Massachusetts Regiment, August 1862–January 1865, edited by Ronald G. Watson: noted, 97:239–40

"From Beckham to McCreary: The Progressive Record of Kentucky Governors," by Nicholas C. Burckel, 76:285–306

From Bible Belt to Sunbelt: Plain-Folk Religion, Grassroots Politics, and the Rise of Evangelical Conservatism, by Darren Dochuk: reviewed, 109:126–28

From Bondage to Belonging: The Worcester Slave Narratives, edited by B. Eugene McCarthy and Thomas L. Doughton: reviewed, 106:258–60

From Camp Meeting to Church: A History of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Kentucky, by Richard L. Harrison Jr.: reviewed, 92:311–13

From Catherine Beecher to Martha Stewart: A Culture of Domestic Advice, by Sarah A. Leavitt: reviewed, 100:393–94

"From Cramps to Consumption: Women's Health in Owensboro, Ky. during Civil War," by Aloma Williams Dew, 74:85–93

From Darkness to Light: The Story of Negro Progress, 99:63

From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life, by Jacques Barzun, 101:479, 481

From Gentlemen to Townsmen: The Gentry of Baltimore County, Maryland, 1660–1776, by Charles G. Steffen: reviewed, 92:85–88

From George Wallace to Newt Gingrich: Race in the Conservative Counterrevolution, 1963–1994, by Dan T. Carter: reviewed, 95:213–14

From Here to Eternity, by James Jones, 100:134, 137

"From Intolerance to Moderation: The Evolution of Abraham Lincoln's Racial Views," by Paul David Nelson, 72:1–9

From Jamestown to Jefferson: The Evolution of Religious Freedom in Virginia, edited by Paul Rasor and Richard E. Bond: reviewed, 110:197–99

From Margin to Mainstream: American Women and Politics Since 1960, by Susan M. Hartmann: reviewed, 89:229–30

From Meetinghouse to Megachurch: A Material and Cultural History, by Anne C. Loveland and Otis B. Wheeler: reviewed, 101:556–58

From Memory to History: Using Oral Sources in Local Historical Rsearch, by Barbara Allen and Lynwood Montell: reviewed, 80:452–53

From Mountain to Metropolis: Appalachian Migrants in American Cities, edited by Kathryn M. Borman and Phillip J. Obermiller: noted, 92:445–46

"From Mules to Motors: The Street Railway System in Lexington, Kentucky, 1882–1938," by James Duane Bolin, 87:118–43

From My Cold, Dead Hands: Charlton Heston and American Politics, by Emilie Raymond: reviewed, 104:377–78

From New Day to New Deal: American Farm Policy from Hoover to Roosevelt, 1928–1933, by David E. Hamilton: reviewed, 90:413–15

From Pearl Harbor to V-J Day: The American Armed Forces in World War II, by D. Clayton James and Anne Sharp Wells: reviewed, 94:92–94

From People's War to People's Rule: Insurgency, Intervention, and the Lessons of Vietnam, by Timothy Lomperis: reviewed, 95:114–15

From Pioneering to Perservering: Family Farming in Indiana to 1880, by Paul Salstrom: reviewed, 106:242–43

From Rebellion to Revolution: Afro-American Slave Revolts in the Making of the Modern World, by Eugene D. Genovese: reviewed, 80:106–7

From Roosevelt to Truman: Potsdam, Hiroshima, and the Cold War, by Wilson D. Miscamble: reviewed, 105:158–61

From Saint-Domingue to New Orleans: Migrations and Influences, by Nathalie Dessens: reviewed, 105:480–82

From Sandlots to the Super Bowl: The National Football League, 1920–1967, by Craig R. Coenen: reviewed, 104:209–10

From Settlement to Statehood: A Pictorial History of Tennessee to 1796, by James C. Kelly: reviewed, 76:320–22

From That Terrible Field: Civil War Letters of James M. Williams, Twenty-First Alabama Infantry Volunteers, edited by John Kent Folmar: reviewed, 81:95–97

From the Boardroom to the War Room: America's Corporate Liberals and FDR's Preparedness Program, by Richard E. Holl: reviewed, 103:592–94

From the Fort to the Future: Educating the Children of Kentucky, edited by Edwina Ann Doyle: et al., reviewed, 86:282–83

From the Fresh Water Navy: 1861–64, edited by John D. Milligan: reviewed, 69:394–95

"From the Jefferson Seminary to the Louisville Free School: Change and Continuity in Western Education, 1813–1840," by David Post, 86:103–18

From Torpedoes to Aviation: Washington Irving Chambers and Technological Innovation in the New Navy, 1876-1913, by Stephen K. Stein: reviewed, 105:504–5

From Welfare to Workfare: The Unintended Consequences of Liberal Reform, 1945–1965, by Jennifer Mittelstadt: reviewed, 103:598–600

From Working Girl to Working Mother: The Female Labor Force in the United States, 1820–1980, by Lynn Y. Weiner: reviewed, 83:366–67

Froncek, Thomas: ed., Voices from the Wilderness: The Frontiersman's Own Story, reviewed, 72:413–15

Fronk, Wayne, 98:63

frontier: frontier thesis, 92:234–66, 103:20–21, 106:338; in Ky. significance of, 91:298–323; Thomas D. Clark on, 103:11–22, 125–42; See Kentucky frontier

Frontier America: The Story of the Westward Movement, by Thomas D. Clark, 103:125, 202, 208; correspondence about, 103:223–24

Frontier in American Culture: Essays by Richard White and Patricia Nelson Limerick, edited by James R. Grossman: reviewed, 93:343–44

Frontier Indiana, by Andrew R. L. Cayton: reviewed, 95:95–96

"Frontier Journalism in Kentucky: Joseph Montfort Street and the Western World, 1806–1809," by Ronald Rayman, 76:98–111

Frontier Kentucky, by Otis K. Rice: noted, 93:123; reviewed, 74:323–25

Frontier Medicine: From the Atlantic to the Pacific, 1492-1941, by David Dary: reviewed, 106:240–42

Frontier Nursing Service, 76:236, 81:289–90, 296, 299–300, 302, 90:84, 101:4; and Mary Breckinridge, 76:179–91, 82:257–75, 101:63, 69–72, 70–71; oral history project, 81:289, 302, 104:632, 643, 651

Frontier Nursing Service Oral History Project: An Annotated Guide, compiled and edited by Susan E. Allen and Terry L. Birdwhistell: noted, 86:310

Frontier Regulars: The United States Army and the Indian, 1866–1891, by Robert M. Utley: reviewed, 72:295–97

Frontier Republic: Ideology and Politics in the Ohio Country, 1780–1825, by Andrew R. L. Cayton: reviewed, 85:364–65

Frontier School of Midwifery (Hyden, Ky.), 82:275

Frontiers in Conflict: The Old Southwest, 1795–1830, by Thomas D. Clark and John D. W. Guice: reviewed, 88:210–11

Frontiersman: Daniel Boone and the Making of America, by Meredith Mason Brown: reviewed, 107:263–64

Front Line of Freedom: African Americans and the Forging of the Underground Railroad in the Ohio Valley, by Keith P. Griffler: reviewed, 102:94–95

Frontsoldaten: The German Soldier in World War II, by Stephen G. Fritz: reviewed, 94:197–98

Frost, Cleveland Cady, 94:234, 239, 240

Frost, Edith Elizabeth, 94:234

Frost, Eleanor Marsh, 83:241, 244, 264; and Appalachian reform, 94:225–46

Frost, John H.: during Civil War, 109:70

Frost, Josiah, 73:185, 187, 292, 307, 309–10, 312, 408

Frost, Louise, 94:230

Frost, Maria (Goodell), 94:234

Frost, Robert, 75:274, 97:122

Frost, Stanley, 94:236–37

Frost, William G., 71:239, 80:151; and Berea College, 83:241–66, 89:66, 69, 72, 80, 91:180–81, 93:183–84, 94:225, 230–39, 246, 96:123, 105:656; and the educational mission of Berea College, 110:37–42, 44–46; retirement of, 110:50

Froude, James Anthony, 69:145

Frozen Creek Presbyterian Church (Breathitt County), 91:168

Fry, ——, 68:276

Fry, Cary H.: Second Kentucky Infantry, 106:10

Fry, Gladys-Marie: Stitched from the Soul: Slave Quilts from the Ante-Bellum South, noted, 89:332–33

Fry, James B., 72:373–74

Fry, Joseph A.: book reviews by, 100:80–82, 105:282–85

Fry, Speed S., 70:201–3, 205, 71:183–84, 72:33, 74:281, 288, 75:220, 85:34, 36, 38, 39, 87:429, 96:232–33

Fryant, John, 70:70

Fryd, Vivien Green: book reviews by, 100:386–89

Frymire, Richard L., 72:201, 203, 105:2

F Street (Washington, D.C.), 110:405

Fueglein, J. A., 78:145–46, 152

Fugate, George, 99:124

Fugate, Tom: book note by, 96:115

Fugitives: and Robert Penn Warren, 104:78, 81, 91

Fugitive Slave Act (1850), 68:145, 294–95, 69:329, 72:96, 85:4, 15, 109:317, 110:282, 309

Fugitive Slaves and the Underground Railroad in the Kentucky Borderland, by J. Blaine Hudson: review essay, 101:93–108

Fukuoka camp, Philippines, 86:263–64

Fulbright, James William, 99:17

Fulbright: A Biography, by Randall Bennett Woods: reviewed, 94:339–41

Fulbright award, 96:292, 305

Fulford, Fred, 109:420

Fuller, A. James: Chaplain to the Confederacy: Basil Manly and Baptist Life in the Old South, reviewed, 99:312–13

Fuller, J. F. C.: Grant and Lee: A Study in Personality and Generalship, noted, 82:208–9

Fuller, Leola Kemper: and tobacco farming, 108:337, 343

Fuller, Margaret, 106:63

Fuller, Melville W., 70:128

Fuller, Myron L., 75:151

Fuller, Paul E., 97:94; book note by, 90:429–30; book reviews by, 83:282–83, 85:363–64, 96:88–90; Laura Clay and the Woman's Rights Movement, 74:234–35; Laura Clay and the Women's Rights Movement, noted, 91:241; and Melba Porter Hay, "Kentucky Ratifies the Nineteenth Amendment," 93:1–3; "Suffragist Vanquished: Laura Clay and the Nineteenth Amendment," 93:4–24; tribute to, 93:86–87

Fuller, Peggy Joyce Kistler, 93:87

Fuller, Tommy, 83:136

Fuller, Wayne E.: Morality and the Mail in Nineteenth-Century America, reviewed, 101:525–26

Fuller-Seeley, Kathryn H.: book review by, 105:330–32

Fullerton, Carrie, 77:114

Fullerton, Elizabeth, 95:62–63

Fulton, C. W., 86:29

Fulton, John: Jefferson County school desegregation plan, 105:20–24

Fulton, Ky., 74:306; during 1937 flood, 102:196; yellow fever in, 74:305

Fulton, Robert, 72:81, 90:60, 62

Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills Strike of 1914–1915, by Gary M. Fink: noted, 92:345–46

Fulton County, Ky., 73:24, 99:341, 354, 359; African Americans in, 110:517, 521–22; during Civil War, 77:108–11; Freedmen's Bureau in, 110:517; and the Jackson Purchase, 110:504; and the Ky. Bend, 77:25–29; and public school reform, 109:56; school desegregation in, 109:361

"Fundamentalist-Moderate Schism over Evolution in the 1920s, The," by William E. Ellis, 74:112–13

Funeral Festivals in America: Rituals for the Living, by Jacqueline S. Thursby: reviewed, 104:800

Funich, Bessie, 86:128

Funich, Tony, 86:134

Funk, A. E., Jr.: and Edward F. Prichard ballot-stuffing case, 104:529, 534, 538

Funk, Arville L.: ed., "The Doolittle Raid of Sgt. George E. Larkin Jr., 1942," 83:108–22; A Hoosier Regiment in Dixie, reviewed, 77:212–14; The Morgan Raid in Indiana and Ohio (1863), reviewed, 77:212–14; A Sketchbook of Indiana History, reviewed, 68:185–86

Funk, J. T., 87:419–20

Funkhauser, William D., 88:178, 429

Funkhouser, William D., 68:147

Fuqua, James H., 83:25, 27, 88:443–44

Fuqua, T. H., 89:279

Fur, Fortune, and Empire: The Epic History of the Fur Trade in America, by Eric Jay Dolin : reviewed, 109:81–83

Furay, Conal, 83:303

Furbush, William H.: political career of, 110:536

Furia, Philip, The Poets of Tin Pan Alley: A History of America's Great Lyricists: reviewed, 90:204–6

Furlong, Patrick J.: book reviews by, 76:324–26, 81:332–33, 87:468

Furlough, Ellen: book review by, 102:134–36

Furman, Lucy, 93:201, 204

Furnace of Affliction, The: Prisons & Religion in Antebellum America, by Jennifer Graber: reviewed, 109:215–17

Furneaux, Rupert: The Pictorial History of the American Revolution, reviewed, 72:75–77

Furner, Mary O.: Advocacy & Objectivity: A Crisis in the Professionalization of American Social Science, 1865–1905, reviewed, 74:66–68

Furniture Makers of Indiana, by Betty Lawson Walters: reviewed, 70:346–48

Furrier's Union: communists in, 84:289

Fussell, Paul: Wartime: Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War, reviewed, 88:231–32

Futhey, Carol A.: book review by, 83:272–73

Future South: A Historical Perspective for the Twenty-first Century, edited by Joe P. Dunn and Howard L. Preston: reviewed, 90:316–17

Fyfe, Jennie: and African Americans in the Jackson Purchase, 110:513–14, 521, 530–31

Fyfe, J. J., 98:74

Fyffe, Edward P., 72:25


Gabbard, Fletcher, 83:136

Gabbard, Gene, 83:136–37

Gable, Clark, 98:407, 423

Gable, Robert: 1995 gubernatorial primary, 102:74

Gabler, Neal: Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination, reviewed, 105:532–34

Gabriel, Joseph M.: book review by, 107:86–88

Gabriel, Ralph H., 72:320–21

Gabriel's Rebellion (1800), 75:248, 106:359; effect on antislavery cause, 102:33

Gabriel's Rebellion: The Virginia Slave Conspiracies of 1800 and 1802, by Douglas R. Egerton: reviewed, 92:88–89

Gaddis, John, 102:300

Gadsden, Ala.: segregation in, 109:400

Gaffney, Dennis: Teachers United: The Rise of New York State United Teachers, reviewed, 105:564–65

Gage, Ky., 96:165

Gage, Thomas, 91:311

Gagnon, Paul, 92:405

Gaines, Edmund, 75:197, 90:324

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