Index for the Register Volumes 68-110 (1970-2012)

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Durrill, Wayne K.: book reviews by, 89:104–6, 91:225–27

Dusee, Samuel, 86:316, 328

Dusinberre, William: Strategies for Survival: Recollections of Bondage in Antebellum Virginia, reviewed, 107:439–41

Dutch Colonial style: in Louisville, Ky., 107:63

"Dutch Mill Village in Glasgow: A Research Note," by Keith A. Sculle, 91:51–62

Dutil, Robert: and Garlin M. Conner, 110:83

Dutt, Subimal, 82:47

Duval, Burr H.: company of at Goliad, 81:237–53

Duval, John Crittenden, 81:238–39, 242–45, 248, 250–52

DuVal, Kathleen: book review by, 100:514–16; Native Ground, The: Indians and Colonists in the Heart of the Continent, reviewed, 104:297–98

Duval, Thomas H., 81:248

Duval, William H., 81:239

Duval, William Pope, 73:365, 81:238–39

Duvall, Alvin, 69:109, 93:396–97, 400–401

Duvall, Annie, 88:35

Duvall, Burr H., 71:11

Duvall, Edward: and tobacco farming, 108:335

Duvall, Ella Protsman: ancestors of, 108:338; and tobacco farming, 108:334–35, 337–39

Duvall, Genola Gullion: and tobacco farming, 108:335–36, 339–42

Duvall, Jeffery A.: "Knowing about the Tobacco: Women, Burley, and Farming in the Central Ohio River Valley," 108:317–46

Duvall, P. S.: lithograph of, 106:202

Duvall, Wanda Morgan: ethnic background of, 108:343; and tobacco farming, 108:336–37, 343–45

Duveneck, Frank, 71:332

Duverger, Maurice, 99:260–61, 263

Dwight, Timothy, 79:318, 92:248; and revivalism, 106:189

Dwyer, Doris D.: A Century of City-Building: Three Generations of the Kilgour Family in Cincinnati, noted, 83:171

D. X. Murphy & Bro. (Louisville, Ky.): and subdivision planning, 107:65

Dye, Nancy Schrom: book review by, 77:229–31; "The Louisville Woolen Mills Strike of 1887: A Case Study of Working Women, the Knights of Labor, and Union Organization in the New South," 82:136–50

Dyer, John, 93:277

Dyer, John Andrew, 94:267

Dyer, Maggie Sowder, 94:267

Dyer, Sanford, 86:224

Dyer, Thomas G.: Theodore Roosevelt and the Idea of Race, 79:394–96

Dyess, William E.: Bataan Death March: A Survivor's Account, noted, 101:232–33

Dying President: Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1944–1945, by Robert H. Ferrell: reviewed, 96:209–11

Dykshorn, Jan: book review by, 78:189–90

Dykstra, Robert R.: Bright Radical Star: Black Freedom and White Supremacy on the Hawkeye Frontier, noted, 92:345

Dynamic Constitution: A Historical Bibliography, edited by Suzanne Robitaille Ontiveros: noted, 86:199–200

Dynamite Fiend, The: The Chilling Tale of a Confederate Spy, Con Artist, and Mass Murderer, by Ann Larabee : reviewed, 104:165–67

Dyson, John P.: book review by, 93:216–18; "The Naming of Paducah," 92:149–74


Eades, Harvey: and Shaker textiles at South Union, Ky., 94:36, 38, 51–57

Eades, Harvey L., 70:191

Eady, George M., 100:298

Eagle, Ill., 69:261

Eagle Creek (Ky.), 69:112

Eagle Pass (Louisville, Ky.), 107:61

Eagle Powder Mills (Lexington, Ky.), 87:109

Eagles, Charles W.: Jonathan Daniels and Race Relations: The Evolution of a Southern Liberal, reviewed, 82:102–4; The Mind of the South: Fifty Years Later, noted, 91:462–63; Price of Defiance, The: James Meredith and the Integration of Ole Miss, reviewed, 107:293–94

Eaklor, Vicki L.: book reviews by, 88:224–26, 102:424–26

Earle, Ben P., 74:87

Earle, Carville: Geographical Inquiry and American Historical Problems, noted, 91:460–61

Earle, Ezias, 72:11

Earlham College (Richmond, Ind.), 72:423

Earlington, Ky., 75:228

Earlington High School (Earlington, Ky.): girls' basketball at, 109:184

Earl K. Long: The Saga of Uncle Earl and Louisiana Politics, by Michael L. Kurtz and Morgan D. Peoples: reviewed, 89:116–17

Earls, Elias, 83:225

Early, Jacob, 106:329

Early, J. L., 93:37

Early, Joseph E. Jr.: Texas Baptist Power Struggle, A: The Hayden Controversy, noted, 103:846–47

Early, Jubal A., 85:207, 87:415, 101:428; explanation of Confederate defeat, 102:391; memoirs of, 102:389

Early American Almanacs. The Colonial Weekday Bible, by Marion Barber Stowell: reviewed, 76:321–23

Early American Republic: historiography of, 104:95–126

Early Architecture of Charleston, edited by Albert Simons and Samuel Lapham Jr.: noted, 89:236–37

Early Architecture of Madison, Indiana, by John T. Wendle and Robert M. Taylor Jr.: reviewed, 85:268–70

Early Church of God (Richmond, Ky.), 109:382

"Early Civil War in Southern Kentucky as Experienced by Confederate Sympathizers," edited by Kenneth R. Johnson, 68:176–79

Early Coal Mining on the Tradewater River: From Heath Mountain to Anvil Rock (1836–1867), by George B. Simpson: reviewed, 86:169–70

Early Days in Danville, by Calvin Morgan Fackler: noted, 83:170

Early Detection: Women, Cancer, and Awareness Campaigns in the Twentieth-Century United States, by Kirsten E. Gardner: reviewed, 105:144–45

"Early Educational Channels of Bourbon County," by H. E. Everman, 73:136–49

Early Frankfort and Franklin County, by Willard Rouse Jillson, 72:307

"Early Heroes of Kentucky," by Robert V. Remini, 90:225–35

"Early Kentuckians and the New Nation: The Samuel McDowell Family Letters," edited by Lynne Hollingsworth, Kenneth H. Williams, and James Russell Harris, 100:329–48

Early Kentucky Land Records, 1773–1780, by Neal O. Hammon: reviewed, 92:80–81

"Early Manufacturing and Selling of the Shakers at South Union, Kentucky, The," by John M. Keith Jr., 70:187–99

Early Maps of the Southeast, by William R. Cummings, 73:88

Early Modern Virginia: Reconsidering the Old Dominion, edited by Douglas Bradburn and John C. Coombs: reviewed, 110:196–97

"Early Roads Into Kentucky," by Neal O. Hammon, 68:91–131

"Early Struggle for Education of the Blacks in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, The," by C. L. Timberlake, 71:225–52

Earnest Men: Republicans of the Civil War Senate, by Allan G. Bogue: reviewed, 81:221–22

Earp, Wyatt, 68:272, 71:325

East Alabama Male College (Auburn, Ala.), 68:199

East Bernstadt, Ky.: and public school reform, 109:56

East End (Louisville, Ky.): land development in, 107:60

Eastern Cherokees—A Census of the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia in 1851, The, compiled by David W. Siler: reviewed, 71:317–18

Eastern Colored Branch (Louisville Free Public Library), 93:162–64, 170–71, 173

eastern Kentucky: See Appalachia

"Eastern Kentucky and the History of Our Commonwealth" (Boone Day Address), by Harry M. Caudill, 77:285–93

Eastern Kentucky: A Pictorial History, by Stuart Sprague: reviewed, 85:70–71

Eastern Kentucky Asylum of the Insane (Lexington, Ky.), 98:47

Eastern Kentucky Industrial Organization (EKIO): formation of, 107:331

Eastern Kentucky Railway, 68:226, 70:50, 55

Eastern Kentucky Regional Planning Commission (EKRPC): and Program 60: 1960-1970, A Decade of Action for Progress in Eastern Kentucky, 107:335–36

Eastern Kentucky State College (Richmond, Ky.): and civil rights protests in Richmond, Ky., 109:382, 385; visit of Lyndon B. Johnson to, 109:386; See alsoEastern Kentucky University (Richmond, Ky.)

Eastern Kentucky State Normal School (Richmond, Ky.), 74:16

Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond, Ky.), 69:90, 70:75, 71:222, 330, 73:336, 88:165, 93:138, 96:298, 304, 105:84, 110:46; Kentucky Girls' High School State Basketball Tournament at, 109:457; oral history at, 104:629, 634; transition to university status, 105:86

Eastern Kentucky University: Then and Now, by Charles C. Hay III and Charles D. Whitlock: noted, 91:121–22

Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, Mich.), 71:115

Eastern Normal School (Richmond, Ky.), 88:447, 452, 455

Eastern Orthodox Christians, 72:143

Eastern Realty Company (Louisville, Ky.): land development by, 107:54–55

Eastern State Hospital (Lexington, Ky.), 100:321–22; religious ministry at, 70:94–107

Eastern State Teachers College (Richmond, Ky.), 76:294

Eastern Tennessee & Georgia Railroad, 69:339

East Fork (Metcalfe County, Ky.), 98:389

East Frankfort Junior Optimist Band, 69:273

East Germany: and the Appalachian coal supply, 107:325

Eastin, Augustine, 110:12; and unification of Baptists in Ky., 110:17; and unitarianism, 110:25

Eastin, George, 72:26–27

East Lake (Canada), 108:17

Eastland, James O.: Internal Security Committee, 104:223

East Lansing, Mich., 69:179

Eastman, George, 85:223

Eastman, Max, 72:350

Eastman, Zebina, 69:179

Eastman Kodak, 99:223

Easton, Jane: and Robert Easton, Love and War: Pearl Harbor Through V-J Day, reviewed, 90:417–18

Eastover Mining Company (Harlan County, Ky.), 75:148, 107:499–500

East Plymouth, Conn., 69:38

Eastport (Confederate boat), 73:21

Eastport, Miss., 74:185, 288

East St. Louis, Ill., 70:18; NAACP in, 109:363

East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad, 97:249

East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad, 70:165, 72:29, 97:249

East Texas State University (Commerce, Texas), 69:278

Eastwood, Susan G., 108:331

Eating, Drinking, and Visiting in the South: An Informal History, by Joe Gray Taylor: reviewed, 81:313–14

Eaton, ——, 88:131

Eaton, Amos, 79:320

Eaton, Clement, 68:275, 69:73, 71:345, 450, 85:19, 89:196; and the Book Thieves, 103:58; description of J. Winston Coleman Jr., 103:703; evaluation of J. Winston Coleman's Slavery Times in Kentucky, 103:693, 718; A History of the Old South: The Emergence of a Reluctant Nation, reviewed, 74:320, 321; illus., 103:345, 387, 719; Jefferson Davis, reviewed, 77:53–55; reception honoring, illus., 103:391; Thomas D. Clark commentary on, 103:325–26; Thomas D. Clark letters to, 103:209–11, 217, 425; Thomas D. Clark's memoir of, 80:140–50

Eaton, George, 88:147

Eaton, Hezekiah, 79:320–21

Eaton, Isabel, 85:119

Eaton, John, 81:169–70, 173, 181, 186, 96:38

Eaton, Margaret, 80:209

Eaton, Mary Elizabeth, 80:142

Eaton, Peggy O'Neale (Mrs. John), 81:173, 186, 82:20, 85:11

Eaton, William, 71:440–41

Eaton, W. V., 76:300

Eatonton, Ga.: during Civil War, 110:485

Eaves, Charles, 97:296, 298

Ebbets Field (N.Y.), 96:276

Ebeling, Erwin, 100:159

Eberhardt, Charles C., 105:435, 444

Eberle, Dr. ——, 68:182

Eberman, John R., 85:233

Eberstadt, Ferdinand, 104:489, 496

Eberstalt and Forrestal: A National Security Partnership, 1909–1949, by Jeffrey M. Dorwart: noted, 91:126

Ebert, James R.: A Life in a Year: The American Infantryman in Vietnam, 1965-1972, noted, 94:457–58

Ebert Prize, 91:41

Eble, M. J., 78:146, 152

Eblen, Amos H., 70:75

Ebony magazine: Lincoln article in, 106:299, 304

Eby, Byron, 97:438

Eby, Cecil: Comrades and Commissars: The Lincoln Battalion in the Spanish Civil War, reviewed, 105:543–45

Echo Company, Fourth Tank Battalion (Fort Knox, Ky.), 110:163

Echols, Dave, 96:277

Echo River: in Mammoth Cave, 68:334, 339

Echo River (Mammoth Cave, Ky.), 71:285–86

Eckdahl, Andrew, 109:357

Eckelberry, R. H., 81:67

Eckenrode, H. J.: and Bryan Conrad, James Longstreet: Lee's War Horse, noted, 84:454

Eckert, Allan W.: A Sorrow in Our Heart: The Life of Tecumseh, reviewed, 91:429–30

Eckert, Ralph Lowell: John Brown Gordon: Soldier, Southerner, American, reviewed, 88:217–19

Eckert Packing Company (Henderson, Ky.), 84:152

Eckhardt, Celia Morris: Fanny Wright: Rebel in America, reviewed, 83:154–55

Eclectic Institute (Lexington, Ky.), 69:50

Economic Cold War: America's Embargo Against China and the Sino-Soviet Alliance, 1949–1963, by Shu Guang Zhang: reviewed, 100:563–64

Economic Diplomacy of the Suez Crisis, by Diane B. Kunz: reviewed, 91:111–12

Economic Opportunity Act (1964), 107:303, 357, 381–82, 386

Economic Stabilization Law (1942), 104:491

Ecotourism in Appalachia: Marketing the Mountains, by Al Fritsch and Kristin Johannsen: listed, 102:152

Ecton, George French: political career of, 110:539

Eddie Rickenbacker: An American Hero in the Twentieth Century, by W. David Lewis: reviewed, 103:590–92

Edds, Margaret: Finding Sara: A Daughter's Journey, noted, 107:632–33

Eddy, Mary Baker, 94:393

Eddyville, Ky., 69:246, 256, 267, 269, 70:194, 71:77–78, 74:7–8, 76:45, 88:183, 90:180, 99:140, 224–25; commercial growth of, 77:201, 206; and the county seat issue, 78:115–16, 118–19, 121; politics in, 79:326–32; relocation of, 88:183–204; visited by Heinrich Lemcke, 75:226–27

Eddyville penitentiary (Eddyville, Ky.), 75:227, 84:272

Edelen, T. L., 70:82, 98:95, 97

Edelman, Peter: and antipoverty politics of Robert F. Kennedy, 107:387–88

Edelson, S. Max: Plantation Enterprise in Colonial South Carolina, reviewed, 105:287–88

Edelstein, Tilden G.: book review by, 85:174–76

Eden, Anthony: Forrest C. Pogue interview of, 104:682

Edenton, N.C., 70:31

Edgar, Walter, 76:195

Edgefield, Tenn., 73:402

Edgefield Junction, Tenn., 73:306

Edge of the Sword: The Ordeal of Carpetbagger Marshall H. Twitchell in the Civil War and Reconstruction, by Ted Tunnell: reviewed, 99:418–19

Edgerson's Station, Va., 92:139

Edgerton, J. Howard, 68:212–13

Edgewood, the Story of a Family and Their House, by James Wooldridge Powell: noted, 78:193

Edgewood Farm (Versailles, Ky.), 110:486

Edison, Thomas A.: and George A. Ellsworth, 108:11, 54

Edith Kermit Roosevelt: Portrait of a First Lady, by Sylvia Jukes Morris: reviewed, 79:396–98

Editorial Wild Oats: Edward Ward Carmack and Tennessee Politics, by William R. Majors: reviewed, 83:161–62

Editors Make War: Southern Newspapers in the Secession Crisis, by Donald E. Reynolds: reviewed, 69:278–79

Edmiston, Mary, 76:272

Edmonds, James C.: and Zack C. Waters, Small but Spartan Band, A: The Florida Brigade in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, reviewed, 108:417–19

Edmonds, Martin, 71:200

Edmonds, R. David: Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership, noted, 83:90

Edmonds, Richard H., 68:372

Edmonson, John, 69:117

Edmonson County, Ky., 70:299; 1956 senatorial campaign in, 104:562; Democratic Party in, 104:452

Edmonton, Ky., 98:385, 390, 396–400; country store in, 70:57–60

Edmonton Presbyterian Church (Edmonton, Ky.), 98:399

Edmund Ruffin and the Crisis of Slavery in the Old South: The Failure of Agricultural Reform, by William M. Mathew: reviewed, 87:450–51

Edmunds, R. David: "Heron Who Waits at the Speleawee-Thepee: The Ohio River and the Shawnee World," 91:249–59

Edmunds, William H., 99:352–53, 355

Educated Horse, The (1854), by Denton Offutt, 108:192, 207; new edition of, 108:198; publication of, 108:187–89; serialization of, 108:208

Educating Black Doctors: A History of Meharry Medical College, by James Summerville: reviewed, 82:411–12

education, 103:365–66; African American criticisms of Berea College, 83:237–66; in Appalachia, 91:181–87, 195, 197, 260, 93:180–206; and the campaign against illiteracy, 74:10–29; college education for women, 101:52–59, 61–62; common school system in Ky., 82:214–34; crusade against illiteracy, 82:151–69; Dwight David Eisenhower's policy for, 105:466; federal aid to, 96:35–37, 39–43; history of change in Ky., 83:173–201, 237–66; issues in Ned Breathitt administration, 104:595–96; and the Jackson Academy, 91:150–75; in Kentucky and Edward F. Prichard, 104:397, 601; in Ky., Thomas D. Clark, commentary on, 103:167–84, 366–69; and Ky. lotteries, 87:406, 418; and Mary Beck, 77:15–24; in mountains, 81:293–95; normal school movement in Ky., 88:431–56; origins of public education in Ky., 86:103–18; public school reform, 109:27–62; reform, 83:19–35; Rufus B. Atwood and Kentucky State College, 88:318–34; school integration in Fayette County, Ky., 101:243–74; and the Sisters of the Visitation, 74:30–39; tuition costs, 77:189–93; at the University of Ky., 93:307–32; at the University of Louisville, 81:59–76; and women at Berea College, 89:61–84; women in late nineteenth century Kentucky, 105:394–97; See alsoBerea College

Education, Arts and Humanities Cabinet, 99:278–79

Education Amendment Public Law (1972): and Title IX, 109:440, 443, 446, 459–60, 463

Education of Abraham Lincoln, The, by William H. Armstrong, reviewed, 73:425–26

Education of a Public Man, The: My Life and Politics, by Hubert H. Humphrey: reviewed, 75:167–69

Education of Blacks in the South, 1860–1935, by James D. Anderson: reviewed, 88:98–100

Education of John Dewey, The, by Jay Martin: reviewed, 101:170–71

Education of Ronald Reagan, The: The General Electric Years and the Untold Story of His Conversion to Conservatism, by Thomas W. Evans: reviewed, 105:376–78

Education of the Southern Belle: Higher Education and Student Socialization in the Antebellum South, by Christie Anne Farnham: reviewed, 92:322–24

Edward, Mary, 108:245

Edwards, Amos, 72:340

Edwards, Bob: "Kentucky in the Nation's History," 97:123–35

Edwards, Colonel—, 68:122, 127

Edwards, Don: and civil rights protests in Richmond, Ky., 109:351, 384

Edwards, Don C., 98:99

Edwards, George T., 70:169, 172; illus., 100:11; on whipping issue, 100:14

Edwards, Hayden, 71:3

Edwards, Hettie, 70:169

Edwards, John, 70:332, 71:384–86; visit to eastern Ky., 107:398

Edwards, Jonathan, 106:168

Edwards, Korie L.: book review by, 104:371–73

Edwards, Laura F.: People and their Peace, The: Legal Culture and the Transformation of Inequality in the Post-Revolutionary South, reviewed, 106:250–52; Scarlett Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Southern Women in the Civil War Era, reviewed, 99:82–84

Edwards, Lee: Goldwater: The Man Who Made a Revolution, reviewed, 94:204–6; Missionary for Freedom: The Life and Times of Walter Judd, reviewed, 89:327–29

Edwards, Lillie Johnson: book review by, 104:136–38

Edwards, Ninian, 75:186, 77:203

Edwards, Ninian W., 69:191, 194, 196; and Abraham Lincoln, 106:490

Edwards, Richard A.: "Pioneer Catholics in Kentucky," 68:252–64

Edwards, Thomas, 80:172

Edwards, William, 71:314

Edwardsville, Ill., 69:257–58

Eelman, Bruce W.: book review by, 104:313–14

Effluent America: Cities, Industries, Energy and the Environment, by Martin V. Melosi: reviewed, 99:441–42

Efford, Alison Clark: book review by, 110:607–9

Egan, Hugh: book review by, 105:694–96

Egan, Pierce, 77:280

Egbert, Ercell Jane, 69:36

Egert, Ercell Jane: Western Kentucky University, 105:79, 83

Egerton, Douglas R.: book reviews by, 90:295–96, 91:89–90, 433–35, 94:311–12, 107:597–99; Gabriel's Rebellion: The Virginia Slave Conspiracies of 1800 and 1802, reviewed, 92:88–89

Egerton, John: book review by, 80:363–64; Generations: An American Family, reviewed, 82:389–90; Shades of Gray: Dispatches from the Modern South, reviewed, 91:117; Speak Now Against the Day: The Generation Before the Civil Rights Movement in the South, reviewed, 93:500–501

Ehle, John, 96:130

Ehrat, George, 75:230

Eicher, David J.: The Civil War in Books: An Analytical Bibliography, noted, 95:116; Dixie Betrayed: How the South Really Lost the Civil War, reviewed, 104:720–21

Eicke, Theodore, 95:140

Eid, Leroy V.: book note by, 86:313–14; "'Their Rules of War': The Validity of James Smith's Summary of Indian Woodland War," 86:4–23

Eighmy, John Lee: Churches in Cultural Captivity: A History of the Social Attitudes of Southern Baptists, reviewed, 71:108–9

1812: War with America, by Jon Latimer: reviewed, 106:87–88

1816: America Rising, by C. Edward Skeen: reviewed, 101:340–41

1866: The Critical Year Revisited, by Patrick W. Riddleberger: reviewed, 78:377–78

1877: America's Year of Living Violently, by Michael A. Bellesiles: reviewed, 108:291–93

Eighteenth Amendment, 78:249, 92:181, 183, 189, 192, 195, 198, 94:263, 96:65

Eighteenth Balloon Company: in World War I, 99:136

"Eighteenth Century 'Autobiographies' of Daniel Boone, The," by Michael A. Lofaro, 76:85–97

Eighteenth-Century Houses of Williamsburg: A Study of Architecture and Building in the Colonial Capital of Virginia, by Marcus Whiffen: reviewed, 83:144–46

Eighteenth Indiana Battery, 70:154

Eighteenth Kentucky Infantry (USA): Jews in, 110:170

Eighteenth Michigan: during Civil War, 110:336

Eighteenth Tennessee Regiment, 70:170

Eighth Indiana Cavalry, 70:154

Eighth Iowa Cavalry, 74:292, 294–95

Eighth Kentucky, 71:178–80, 427–28, 433

Eighth Missouri, 70:270

Eighth Regiment, Kentucky Infantry, 71:88

Eighth Regiment Indiana Infantry, 72:265

Eighth Street (Louisville, Ky.), 109:310–11

Eighth Texas Cavalry, CSA, 108:87

Eighth United States Infantry, 69:3

Eighty-second Airborne Division, 100:132; reunion, 102:39

Eighty-Second Infantry Division, 99:134

Eighty-sixth Division, 100:135

Einhorn, David: and slavery, 110:171

Eiseman, Alberta: Rebels and Reformers: The Lives of Four Jewish Americans, reviewed, 75:256–57

Eisenach, Eldon J.: The Lost Promise of Progressivism, reviewed, 93:361–62

Eisenhower, Dwight D., 70:131, 133

Eisenhower, Dwight David, 73:213, 214, 395, 75:191, 344, 76:130, 80:132, 82:30–31, 33, 38, 40, 44, 46, 55, 57, 84:196, 301, 397, 409, 92:24, 95:148, 99:126, 139, 104:521, 561, 681, 107:322; 1952 presidential race, 104:93; A. B. "Happy" Chandler's support for, 104:560; administration of and Appalachian poverty, 107:317, 374; defense strategy of, 110:156–57; and the domino theory, 102:318–19; Forrest C. Pogue oral history interview, 104:676; illus., 105:463; and Modern Republicanism, 105:461–74; and oil imports, 107:324; political philosophy of, 105:462–65; position on Vietnam, 102:293, 319–20, 326; and school desegregation, 101:244, 105:8, 109:399; and the Supreme Command, 104:677–79

Eisenhower, John S. D.: Allies: Pearl Harbor to D-Day, noted, 81:234; So Far From God: The U.S. War with Mexico, 1846–1848, reviewed, 88:343–44

Eisenhower, Mamie: illus., 105:463

Eisenhower, Milton S: The President Is Calling, reviewed, 73:213–15

Eisenhower: A Centennial Life, by Michael R. Beschloss: reviewed, 89:425–26

Eisenhower and Landrum-Griffin: A Study in Labor-Management Politics, by R. Alton Lee: reviewed, 88:485–87

Eisenhower and the Anti-Communist Crusade, by Jeff Broadwater: reviewed, 91:113–14

Eisenhower and the Missile Gap, by Peter J. Roman: reviewed, 94:335–36

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