Index for the Register Volumes 68-110 (1970-2012)

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Devol, Jerry, 70:70

Devore, Fred, 98:389

De Voto, Bernard, 72:191, 75:263–64

DeVries, Brigid: and the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, 109:443

Dew, Aloma W.: "'Between the Hawk and the Buzzard': Owensboro during Civil War," 77:1–14; book note by, 92:121–22; book reviews by, 84:422–23, 91:204–5; "From Cramps to Consumption: Women's Health in Owensboro, Ky. during Civil War," 74:85–98; and Lee A. Dew, Owensboro: The City on the Yellow Banks, reviewed, 86:376–77

Dew, Lee A.: and Aloma W. Dew, Owensboro: The City on the Yellow Banks, reviewed, 86:376–77; book notes by, 84:341, 86:100, 314; book reviews by, 68:374–76, 81:453–55, 84:98–100, 87:166, 89:313–14; "Henderson, Kentucky, and the Fight for Equitable Freight Rates—1906–1918," 76:34–44; and Richard A. Weiss, In Pursuit of the Dream: History of Kentucky Wesleyan College, reviewed, 91:206–8

Dew, Thomas R.: Review of the Debate, 70:150

D'Ewart, Wesley, 72:191

Dewees, Curtis: George Washington's Kentucky Land, noted, 104:803

DeWeese, J. M., 84:270–71

Dewees Street (Lexington, Ky.): church on, 106:196

Dewey, Frank L.: Thomas Jefferson, Lawyer, reviewed, 86:79–80

Dewey, George, 83:330–31, 94:377, 98:44

Dewey, John, 76:325, 94:244

Dewey, Scott H.: book reviews by, 99:326–28, 439–41, 100:260–62, 101:220–22, 103:606–8, 837–38, 104:183–84, 375–76, 780–81, 105:175–76, 310–12; Don't Breathe the Air: Air Pollution and U.S. Environmental Politics, 1945–1970, reviewed, 100:119–21

Dewey, Thomas E., 76:258, 88:188, 105:464

Dewey Lake (Ky.): dam on, 107:329, 333

Dewhurst, Thomas B., 87:135

DeWitt, ——, 76:145–46, 148

DeWitt, Donald L.: compiler, Guide to Archives and Manuscript Collections in the United States: An Annotated Bibliography, noted, 92:454

DeWitt, William O., 82:385

Dewitt's Colony (Texas), 71:91

DeWolf, James Jr., 73:4

DeWolf, James Sr., 73:4–6, 10, 15

Dexter (horse), 100:490

Deyle, Steven, 92:11

Deyo, Phil, 101:309–10

de Zavala, Lorenzo: Journey to the United States of North America, reviewed, 80:100–102

Dhanda, Michelle C. S.: book review by, 102:124–26

Diamond, Major—, 85:340, 347

Diamond, Sigmund: Compromised Campus: The Collaboration of Universities with the Intelligence Community, 1945–1955, noted, 91:247

Diamond: A Struggle for Environmental Justice in Louisana's Chemical Corridor, by Steve Lerner: reviewed, 103:606–8

Diary, and Life, of William Byrd II of Virginia, 1674–1744, by Kenneth A. Lockridge: reviewed, 86:177–78

Diary of a Confederate Soldier: John S. Jackman of the Orphan Brigade, edited by William C. Davis: noted, 95:461–62; reviewed, 89:402–3

Diary of Edmund Ruffin, vol. 3, A Dream Shattered, June 1863–June 1865, edited by William Kauffman Scarborough: reviewed, 89:101–2

"Diary of Edward O. Guerrant Covering the June 1864 Kentucky Raid of General John Hunt Morgan," edited by Edward O. Guerrant, 85:322–58

Diary of Miss Emma Holmes, 1861–1866, edited by John F. Marszalek: reviewed, 78:280–83

Diaz, Porfirio, 72:78

d'Iberville, Pierre Le Moyne, 69:242, 244–45

Dibrell, George Gibbs, 75:137–38

Dichtl, John R.: book review by, 97:467–68; "'She stalks abroad displaying her splendid trappings': Transplanting Catholicism to Kentucky, 1793–1830," 97:347–73

Dick, Bernard F.: book review by, 105:532–34; ed., Columbia Pictures: Portrait of a Studio, noted, 92:128–29; Radical Innocence: A Critical Study of the Hollywood Ten, reviewed, 87:464–65; The Star-Spangled Screen: The American World War II Film, reviewed, 84:229–31

Dick, Captain ——, 68:93, 118

Dicke, Thomas S.: Franchising in America: The Development of a Business Method, 1840–1980, reviewed, 91:364–65

Dicken-Garcia, Hazel: book reviews by, 81:78–79, 83:67–69, 90:286–87, 92:439–40; To Western Woods: The Breckinridge Family Moves to Kentucky in 1793, reviewed, 90:287–88

Dickens, Charles, 90:41, 101:485; and the Louisville Galt House, 106:60

Dickenson County, W.Va.: community-action agency in, 107:388

Dickerson, Almaron, 71:16, 27

Dickerson, Archer C., 73:235, 74:100

Dickerson, Denis C.: Militant Mediator: Whitney M. Young Jr., reviewed, 97:202–3

Dickerson, Mahlon, 81:186

Dickerson, Susanna, 71:22, 28

Dickey, Betty: illus., 103:383

Dickey, Frank G.: illus., 103:383; letter to Thomas D. Clark, illus., 103:384; Thomas D. Clark commentary on, 103:385–88; Thomas D. Clark letters to, 103:232, 386, 400–403, 426–29, 431–32, 446–47

Dickey, Frank W., 70:212–13

Dickey, James, 96:128–29

Dickey, John Jay, 91:150–75

Dickinson, ——, 89:13

Dickinson, Anna: and Civil War, 102:395

Dickinson, Hoke Smith, 85:321

Dickinson, J. Bates, 69:109, 120, 125

Dickinson, John, 105:256

Dickinson, Martin, 81:120

Dickinson, Samuel, 68:71–78

Dickinson, S. T., 87:417–19

Dickinson, W. Calvin: Kent T. Dollar, and Larry H. Whiteaker, eds. Sister States, Enemy States: The Civil War in Kentucky and Tennessee, 110:234, 439; Kent T. Dollar and Larry H. Whiteaker, eds., Sister States, Enemy States: The Civil War in Kentucky and Tennessee, reviewed, 107:83–84

Dickinson, William C.: and Dean A. Herrin, and Donald R. Kennon, eds., Montgomery C. Meigs and the Building of the Nation's Capital, reviewed, 100:78–80

Dickinson County, Va., 69:287

Dickman Board (1919), 71:143

Dickos, Andrew: Street with No Name: A History of Classic American Film Noir, reviewed, 101:392–93

Dickson, Charles Ellis: "James Monroe's Defense of Kentucky's Interests in the Confederation Congress: An Example of Early North/South Party Alignment," 74:261–80

Dickson, Patrick: book review by, 105:366–67

Dickson, Samuel, 68:267

Dickson, W. Calvin: and Michael E. Birdwell, eds., Rural Life and Culture in the Upper Cumberland, noted, 104:809

Dickson County, Tenn.: during Civil War, 110:463

Dicks River (Ky.), 70:289, 72:225, 231, 233, 73:62–63, 190–91; bridge at, 92:357, 360–61, 362; Presbyterian congregation near, 106:179

Dictator (horse), 100:490–92

Dictionary of Admirals of the U.S. Navy: vol. 1, 1862–1900, by William B. Cogar, noted, 88:491

Dictionary of Afro-American Slavery, edited by Randall M. Miller and John David Smith: reviewed, 88:85–86

Dictionary of American Biography, 71:18, 72:323

Dictionary of North Carolina Biography: vol. 1, A-C, edited by William S. Powell, noted, 78:386–87

Dictionary of Twentieth-Century World Biography, edited by Asa Briggs et al.: noted, 92:346

Dictionary of Virginia Biography, 99:392

Dictionary of War Quotations, edited by Justin Wintle: noted, 88:491

"Did An Oratorical Spark Ignite the Kentucky Explosion?" by Sister Ann Margaret Jarrell, 74:40–50

Diddle, Ed, 109:438

Did Lincoln Own Slaves? and Other Frequently Asked Questions about Abraham Lincoln, by Gerald J. Prokopowicz, 106:440–41

Did Pocahontas Save Captain John Smith? by J. A. Leo Lemay: reviewed, 91:427–29

"Did Southern Colonizationists Oppose Slavery? Kentucky 1816–1850 As A Test Case," by Jeffrey Brooke Allen, 75:92–111

Diehard Rebels: The Confederate Culture of Invincibility, by Jason Phillips: reviewed, 106:103–5

Diem, Ngo Dinh (Vietnam): fall of, 102:322–24; historiography on, 102:327

Diem's Final Failure: Prelude to America's War in Vietnam, by Philip E. Catton: reviewed, 101:549–51

Dien Bien Phu (Vietnam), 95:301, 102:288; compared with Khe Sanh, 102:341; French at, 102:319; historiography of, 102:293; illus., 102:289, 320

Diener, Edward: Reinterpreting American History: A Critical Look at Our Past, reviewed, 74:331–33

Dies, Martin, 84:295, 297

Dietrich, Marlene, 96:280, 98:405, 408, 410–12, 416

Diffley, Kathleen: ed., To Live and Die: Collected Stories of the Civil War, 1861–1876, reviewed, 100:229–30

Digest of Opinions of the Judge Advocate General of the Army (1865), by Joseph Holt, 110:425

Digest of Opinions of the Judge Advocate General of the Army, by Joseph Holt, 97:13

Digging Up the Dead: A History of Notable American Reburials, by Michael Kammen: reviewed, 108:130–32

Diggins, John P.: The Lost Soul of American Politics: Virtue, Self Interest, and the Foundations of Liberalism, reviewed, 83:380–82

Dike, Mrs.—, 82:265

Dilcher, Fred, 86:227

DiLeo, David L.: George Ball, Vietnam, and the Rethinking of Containment, reviewed, 90:217–18

Diliberto, Gioia: A Useful Woman: The Early Life of Jane Addams, reviewed, 98:231–32

Dilke, Charles, 90:44; correspondence with George Keats, 106:54–55

Dillard, Annie, 103:48

Dillard, Florence, 103:48

Dillard, Peggy L.: Lynda Lasswell Crist, and Kenneth H. Williams, eds., Papers of Jefferson Davis. vol. 10, October 1863–August 1864, reviewed, 98:309–10

Dillard, Ryland T., 73:142, 82:227–28, 83:181

Dillards, Mr. ——, 70:172

Dillinger, John, 84:362

Dillinger: The Untold Story, by G. Russell Girardin with William J. Helmer: reviewed, 93:240–42

Dillingham, Harry C.: See Philliber, William W.

Dillon, Frances: The Pilgrims: Their Journeys and Their World, reviewed, 74:339–41

Dillon, Merton L.: book reviews by, 84:216–17, 88:362–63; Slavery Attacked: Southern Slaves and Their Allies, 1619–1865, reviewed, 90:193–94; Ulrich Bonnell Phillips: Historian of the Old South, reviewed, 84:439–40

Dillon, Mr. ——, 68:346

Dillon, Richard H.: North American Indian Wars, reviewed, 82:295–96; Siskiyou Trail: The Hudson's Bay Fur Company Route to California, reviewed, 74:136–38

Dillworth, Mary, 110:520–21

Dillworth, W. H., 110:520–21, 529

Dilworth, Thomas: Dilworth's Spelling Book and Abraham Lincoln's education, 106:486; racial imagery in works of, 106:325–27

Dime Savings Bank (Brooklyn, N.Y.), 92:71

Dimity Convictions: The American Women in the Nineteenth Century, by Barbara Welter: reviewed, 77:229–31

Dimon, Theodore W.: and the Magniadas Lincoln medal, 109:196–98

Diner, Hasia R.: Hungering for America: Italian, Irish, and Jewish Foodways in the Age of Migration, reviewed, 100:96–98

Dinges, Bruce J.: and Shirley A. Leckie, eds., Just and Righteous Cause, A: Benjamin H. Grierson's Civil War Memoir, reviewed, 108:420–22

Dingle View Land Company (Louisville, Ky.): land development by, 107:55

Dingman, Helen, 93:204

Dinnerstein, Leonard: book reviews by, 81:230–32, 84:232–33, 89:227

Dinning, George, 89:355

Dinsmore, John Wirt: and the educational mission of Berea College, 110:41–44

Dinwiddie, Robert, 75:144

Dionysius of Halicarnassus, 108:172

diplomacy: realism of Henry Clay, 107:551–76

Diplomacy on the Indiana-Ohio Frontier, 1783–1791, by Joyce G. Williams and Jill E. Farrelly: reviewed, 76:246–47

diplomatic history: George C. Herring's view of, 102:308–10

Dirck, Brian, 106:460; book review by, 107:448–50; Lincoln article by, 106:300–301; Lincoln Emancipated: The President and the Politics of Race, review essay, 106:456–58; "Lincoln's Kentucky Childhood and Race," 106:307–32; Lincoln the Lawyer, reviewed, 105:301–3

Dirck, Brian R.: Abraham Lincoln and White America, reviewed, 110:599–602; Lincoln and the Constitution, listed, 110:610

"Direct-Action Protests in the Upper South: Kentucky Chapters of the Congress of Equality," by Gerald L. Smith, 109:351–93

Director (horse), 100:490

Dirksen, Everett, 97:70

Disaster in Korea: The Chinese Confront MacArthur, by Roy E. Appleman: noted, 88:243

Disciples of Christ, 69:75, 77, 83, 85:308, 310, 316–19, 91:1, 99:66, 102:13; controversy over evolution, 74:116–17; founding, 102:28–29, 35

"Discourse on the Formation and Development of the American Mind, A," by Robert J. Breckinridge, 72:321, 334

Discovering America, 1700–1875, by Henry Savage Jr.: reviewed, 79:80–82

Discovering Orson Welles, by Jonathan Rosenbaum: reviewed, 105:534–36

Discovery, Settlement, and Present State of Kentucke, by John Filson, 88:374–78, 90:5–6, 94:5, 103:128–30, 107:4

Disease and Distinctiveness in the American South, edited by Todd L. Savitt and James Harvey Young: reviewed, 88:90–91

Dishes and Beverages of the Old South, by Martha McCulloch-Williams: reviewed, 87:167

Disney, Walt, 76:317, 96:126, 100:497

"Dispelling the Myth: Seventeenth-and Eighteenth-Century Indian Life in Kentucky," by A. Gwynn Henderson, 90:1–25

Disraeli, Benjamin, 71:341

"Dissension Among the Do-Gooders: Alice Lloyd and Her Critics in Appalachia," by P. David Searles, 93:180–206

"Dissenting Voice, A: Matthew Lyon on the Conquest of Canada," edited by Donald R. Hickey, 76:45–52

Distant Heritage: The Growth of Free Speech in Early America, by Larry D. Eldridge: reviewed, 92:318–19

Distant Revolutions: 1848 and the Challenge to American Exceptionalism, by Timothy Mason Roberts: reviewed, 107:441–43

Distilled Spirits Industry Advisory Committee, 96:71–72, 75

Distinguished Service Cross, 110:90

District of Columbia, 70:132, 71:139, 72:216, 244; compensated emancipation, 106:583; slavery in, 68:132–46, 106:368, 524, 526, 110:380–81; See alsoWashington, D.C.

District of Kentucky, 69:118, 200

Ditterline, John, 69:263

Dittmer, John: and George C. Wright, and W. Marvin Dulaney, Essays on the American Civil Rights Movement, noted, 91:458–59; Local People: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi, reviewed, 93:367–69

Divide and Dissent: Kentucky Politics, 1930–1963, by John Ed Pearce: reviewed, 86:72–75; Thomas D. Clark report on, 103:351–53

Divided Counsel: The Anglo-American Response to Communist Victory in China, by Edwin W. Martin: reviewed, 85:187–88

Divided Family in Civil War America, The, by Amy Murrell Taylor: reviewed, 104:322–23

Divided Hearts: Britain and the American Civil War, by Richard J. M. Blackett, 107:165; reviewed, 100:80–82

Divided Mind of Protestant America, 1880–1930, by Ferenc Morton Szasz: reviewed, 81:326–28

Divided We Fall: Essays on Confederate Nation-Building, edited by John M. Belohlavek and Lewis N. Wynne: noted, 90:319

"Divided We Fall: State College and the Normal School Movement in Kentucky, 1880–1910," by Terry L. Birdwhistell, 88:431–56

Divine, Robert, 102:290

Divine Agitators: The Delta Ministry and Civil Rights in Mississippi, by Mark Newman: reviewed, 101:553–54

Division and Discord: The Supreme Court under Stone and Vinson, 1941–1953, by Melvin L. Urofsky: reviewed, 95:328–30

Division of Girls' and Women's Sports (Ky.), 109:446

Dix, Dorothea, 70:103, 105

Dix, Dorothy: career of, 90:368–70, 373, 376

Dix, Keith: What's A Coal Miner to Do? The Mechanization of Coal Mining, reviewed, 87:444–45

Dix, Mary Seaton: book reviews by, 99:75–76, 100:78–80; and Lynda Lasswell Crist, eds., The Papers of Jefferson Davis, vol. 5, 1853–1855, reviewed, 84:430–32; and Lynda Lasswell Crist, eds., The Papers of Jefferson Davis, vol. 6, 1856–1860, reviewed, 88:95–96; and Lynda Lasswell Crist, eds., The Papers of Jefferson Davis, vol. 7, 1861, reviewed, 91:221–23

Dix, Morgan, 89:155

Dixie Betrayed: How the South Really Lost the Civil War, by David J. Eicher: reviewed, 104:720–21

Dixiecrats, 104:448, 107:229

Dixie Gardens Drive-in (Covington, Ky.): desegregation of, 109:381–82

Dixie Guards, 77:1

Dixie Highway (Louisville, Ky.), 107:33

Dixieland: musical tradition of, 69:93

Dixie Selden: An American Impressionist From Cincinnati, 1868–1935, by Genetta McLean: reviewed, 100:510–12

Dixie's Forgotten People: The South's Poor Whites, by J. Wayne Flynt: reviewed, 78:368–70

Dixon, Archibald, 69:323, 72:383, 75:7–9, 23, 297, 80:303, 88:268, 106:463; opposition to African American recruitment, 106:592; opposition to secession, 103:670

Dixon, D. O., 73:19

Dixon, E. James: Quest for the Origins of the First Americans, noted, 92:446

Dixon, Henry, 77:248

Dixon, Irma, 110:553

Dixon, J. H., 98:164–65

Dixon, John, 77:248

Dixon, Joseph, 74:77–78, 80–82

Dixon, Ky., 100:193

Dixon, Thomas Jr.: books by, 107:247; Thomas D. Clark commentary on, 103:283–84

Dixon Cave (Edmondson County, Ky.), 68:321, 323–25

Dixon Cave (Edmonson County, Ky.): saltpeter mining in, 77:248–49, 260–62

Dix River (Ky.), 68:93, 114, 120–22, 127, 73:62–63, 190–91; dam on, 100:306–7; illus., 100:306

Dizney, E. F.: and the educational mission of Berea College, 110:43

Doak, Samuel, 80:268–69, 279

Doane, George Washington, 69:52

Doane, Gilbert H.: and James B. Bell, Searching for Your Ancestors: The How and Why of Genealogy, reviewed, 79:201

Dobak, William A., 110:479; Freedom by the Sword: The U.S. Colored Troops, 1862-1867, reviewed, 110:217–19; and Thomas D. Phillips, The Black Regulars, 1866–1898, reviewed, 100:231–32

Dobbins, William, 77:203, 78:116

Dobbs, Charles, 75:51

Dobie, J. Frank, 81:248

Dobrynin, Anatoly, 95:293

Dobson, David: Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607–1785, noted, 93:507

Dobson, George, 97:269

Dobson, Henry, 97:269

Doby, Larry, 82:386

Dobyns, Luther R., 95:56

Dochuk, Darren: From Bible Belt to Sunbelt: Plain-Folk Religion, Grassroots Politics, and the Rise of Evangelical Conservatism, reviewed, 109:126–28

Doctoring the South: Southern Physicians and Everyday Medicine in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, by Steven M. Stowe: reviewed, 102:415–17

Doctors in Gray: The Confederate Medical Service, by H. H. Cunningham: noted, 92:121–22

Documentary History of the Indiana Decade of the Harmony Society, 1814–1824: vol. 1: 1814-1819, compiled and edited by Karl J. R. Arndt, reviewed, 74:65–66; vol. 2: 1820–1824, compiled and edited by Karl J. R. Arndt, reviewed, 77:145–46

Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution: vol. 10, Virginia, edited by John P. Kaminski and Gaspare J. Saladino, reviewed, 91:431; vol. 8, Virginia, edited by John P. Kaminski and Gaspare J. Saladino, reviewed, 88:207–8; vol. 9, Virginia, edited by John P. Kaminski and Gaspare J. Saladino, reviewed, 89:407–8

Documenting American Violence: A Sourcebook, edited by Christopher Waldrep and Michael Bellesiles: reviewed, 104:798–99

Dod, J. Bovee, 74:96

Dodd, Edward A.: Ky. Historical Society, 101:34

Dodd, William E., 68:89, 69:33, 96:291

Dodds, Gordon B.: Hiram Martin Chittenden: His Public Career, reviewed, 72:66–67

Dodge, ——, 88:146

Dodge, Asa L. P., 91:151, 153–53, 158–61, 163, 164, 165

Dodge, Grenville, 74:335

Dodge, John, 69:258–59, 71:134, 136–37, 81:9, 13

Dodge, John Wood: portrait of Henry Clay, 100:474

Dodge, L. Mara: "Whores and Thieves of the Worst Kind": A Study of Women, Crime, and Prisons, 1835-–2000, reviewed, 101:172–73

Dodge, Mrs. William E., 91:163, 172, 174

Dodge, Norman, 91:163

Doern, George Philip, 69:152

Doe Run Settlements, The, by Alice Bondurant Scott: reviewed, 76:60–61

Dog Island, Ky., 97:61, 66, 67, 70, 72, 73, 78, 80

Dogs of War, The: 1861, by Emory M. Thomas: noted, 109:276–77

Dogwood Homes (Louisville, Ky.): residential construction by, 107:77

Doherty, Herbert J. Jr., 71:450

Dohla, Johann Conrad: A Hessian Diary of the American Revolution, reviewed, 89:204–5

Doing Oral History, by Donald A. Ritchie, 104:609, 624–25, 669

Doing the Town: The Rise of Urban Tourism in the United States, 1850–1915, by Catherine Cocks: reviewed, 100:93–94

Dolan, Amy E. Wells: book review by, 109:207–9

Dolin, Eric Jay: Fur, Fortune, and Empire: The Epic History of the Fur Trade in America, reviewed, 109:81–83; Political Waters: The Long, Dirty, Contentious, Incredibly Expensive but Eventually Triumphant History of Boston Harbor–A Unique Environmental Success Story, reviewed, 102:454–56

Doll, Howard D.: ." . . And Oblige Your Friend," 70:57–60

Dollar, Kent T.: book review by, 109:488–90; Larry H. Whiteaker, and W. Calvin Dickinson, eds., Sister States, Enemy States: The Civil War in Kentucky and Tennessee, 110:234, 439; Larry H. Whiteaker and W. Calvin Dickinson, eds., Sister States, Enemy States: The Civil War in Kentucky and Tennessee, reviewed, 107:83–84

Dollar, Susan E.: book review by, 104:141–43

Dollfuss, Engelbert, 84:290

Dollmaker (film), 96:129

Doll-Maker, by Harriette Arnow, 83:124

Domer, Dennis: book review by, 99:185–87

Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the American Episcopal Church, 69:40

Domesticating the West: The Re-creation of the Nineteenth-Century American Middle Class, by Brenda K. Jackson: reviewed, 104:738–39

Domesticity and Dirt: Housewives and Domestic Servants in the United States, 1920–1945, by Phyllis Palmer, reviewed, 89:228–29

Domestic Life and Accident Insurance (Louisville, Ky.), 99:373

Domingos Álvares, African Healing, and the Intellectual History of the Atlantic World, by James H. Sweet: reviewed, 110:97–99

Dominicans: in early Kentucky, 68:253, 262–64

Dominicans (Springfield, Ky.): and slavery, 108:220

Dominion Homes, Inc. (Columbus, Ohio): residential construction in Louisville, Ky., 107:76–77

Dominion of War, The: Empire and Liberty in North America, 1500–2000, by Andrew R. L. Cayton and Fred Anderson, 104:121–25

domino theory: and Dwight D. Eisenower, 102:318–19

Donahoo, John, 81:247, 250

Donahue, Brian: Edwin C. Hagenstein, and Sara M. Gregg, eds., American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture, and the Land, reviewed, 110:105–7

Donald, David Herbert, 86:64, 89:51, 101:424–25, 427–29, 106:333; The Civil War and Reconstruction, 71:334, 345; Lincoln, 106:444–45; Lincoln, reviewed, 94:297–98; Thomas D. Clark letters to, 103:270, 298

Donaldson, Gary A.: book review by, 109:269–71

Donaldson, Gordon: Battle for a Continent. Quebec 1759, reviewed, 72:292–94

Donaldson, J. Lyter, 84:40; political campaigns, 104:517–19

Donaldson, Scott, 72:61

Don Carlos Buell: Most Promising of All, by Stephen D. Engle: reviewed, 98:106–8

Donelson, Colonel ("Jack"), 81:192

Donelson, Emily, 81:176, 183

Donelson, John, 69:252–54, 72:242, 76:320, 80:271; and the map of Transylvania, 73:65–67; treaty line of, 72:226

Doniphan, Alexander W., 72:409, 76:317

Donn, Linda: The Roosevelt Cousins: Growing up Together, 1882–1924, reviewed, 99:419–21

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