Index for the Register Volumes 68-110 (1970-2012)

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Theoharis, Athan C.: book reviews by, 81:337–38, 84:101–2, 85:389–90, 87:464–65; and John Stuart Cox, The Boss: J. Edgar Hoover and the Great American Inquisition, reviewed, 87:462–63

Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Kentucky, The (Lexington, Ky.), 69:58

There Goes My Everything: White Southerners in the Age of Civil Rights, 1945-1975, by Jason Sokol: reviewed, 106:142–44

Thermopylae, Greece, 72:148

Theses and Dissertations on Virginia History: A Bibliography, compiled by Richard B. Duncan: noted, 85:100–101

Thespian Society (Lexington, Ky.), 76:268–71

They Came to Locust Grove: The Saga of the Clark and Croghan Families Who Influenced the Growth of Kentucky and Our Nation, by Melzie Wilson: noted, 104:803

They Can't Take That Away from Me: The Odyssey of an American POW, by Ralph M. Rentz: reviewed, 101:189–92

They Cleared the Lane: The NBA's Black Pioneers, by Ron Thomas: reviewed, 100:267–68

They Love a Man in the Country: Saints and Sinners in the South, by Billy Bowles and Remer Tyson: reviewed, 88:488–89

"They May Say What They Please: Daniel Boone and the Evidence," by John Mack Faragher, 88:373–93

They're Off! Horse Racing at Saratoga, by Edward Hotaling: reviewed, 94:77–78

"They Satisfy": The Cigarette in American Life, by Robert Sobel: reviewed, 77:319

They Say in Harlan County: An Oral History, by Alessandro Portelli: reviewed, 108:383–84

Thieneman, Robert J.: subdivision development by, 107:72

Thierman, Sue, 68:275

Thieu, Nguyen Van: government of, 102:348

Thing of the Spirit: The Life of E. Urner Goodman, by Nelson R. Block: noted, 99:92

Think Big, by Mary Carmel Browning: reviewed, 69:174–75

Thinking Back: The Perils of Writing History, by C. Vann Woodward, 99:95; reviewed, 84:424–25, 103:331–32

Third Alabama: at the battle of Chancellorsville, 92:405

Third Armored Division, 96:287

Third Artillery, 69:14

Third Baptist Church (Terre Haute, Ind.), 98:253

Third Battalion, Eighth Marine Regiment, 110:161

Third Brigade, Second Division, VIII Army Corps, 94:389

Third Congressional District (Ky.), 109:329

Third Dragoons of the U.S. Army: Mexican War, 105:576–77

Third Infantry Division: during World War II, 110:69, 71–77, 79–81, 84, 89–90

Third Kentucky Infantry Regiment, 72:300, 97:175

Third Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, 98:46

Third Marine Division, 110:137

Third Street (Lexington, Ky.): church on, 106:229

Third Street (Louisville, Ky.), 106:61, 109:301, 309

Third Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, 98:74, 77

13 Days to Glory: The Siege of the Alamo, by Lon Tinkle: noted, 94:453

Thirteenth Amendment (1865), 69:282, 70:301, 71:29, 229, 72:111, 75:219, 76:211–12, 215, 80:169, 304–7, 84:346, 86:64, 91:406, 93:402, 98:158, 99:273, 101:108, 106:305, 511, 107:545, 109:295, 110:237, 239–40, 433, 476, 533, 539, 541; and Abraham Lincoln, 106:599–603; and George W. Smith, 103:662; Henry Watterson and ratification of, 105:393; and Ky., 106:378, 470; passage in Congress, 106:533; ratification in Ky., 109:68; ratification of, 106:464; reaction to in Ky., 110:396–98, 509

Thirteenth Kentucky Cavalry, 77:290

Thirteenth Kentucky Infantry, 69:117, 71:183, 431

Thirteenth Street (Louisville, Ky.), 107:42

Thirteenth Virginia Regiment, 69:49

Thirteen Women Strong: The Making of a Team, by Robert K. Wallace: noted, 107:629

Thirtieth Tennessee, 74:73, 78–80

Thirty-eighth Illinois, 73:309

Thirty-eighth Infantry Division: Camp Shelby, Miss., 105:424; National Guard units, 105:423

Thirty-fourth Kentucky Mounted Infantry: Jews in, 110:172

Thirty-fourth Massachusetts, 74:142

Thirty-Nine Articles, 69:78

Thirty-ninth Indiana, 69:342, 347

Thirty-second Indiana, 69:341, 344, 347–48, 352

Thirty-second Indiana Infantry: Jews in, 110:171

Thirty-seventh "Buckeye" Infantry Division: during World War II, 92:288–89, 296–97, 301, 303

Thirty-seventh Congress, 106:299

Thirty-seventh Mississippi Regiment, 70:178

Thirty-sixth Division: during World War II, 110:74

Thirty Years After: An Artist's Memoir of the Civil War, by Edwin Forbes: noted, 92:122–23

"This Day in History: August 15, 1945," by Frank F. Mathias, 93:337–39

This Great Battlefield of Shiloh: Memory and the Establishment of a Civil War National Military Park, by Timothy B. Smith: reviewed, 104:150–52

This Is Kentucky, by Robert A. Powell: reviewed, 74:128–29

This is the Way it Wus, by James Harold Smith: noted, 80:251

This Land, This South: An Environmental History, by Albert E. Cowdrey: reviewed, 82:292–94

This Little Light of Mine: The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer, by Kay Mills: reviewed, 91:451–53

This Place We Call Home: A History of Clark County, Indiana, by Carl E. Kramer: reviewed, 107:88–89

This Remote Part of the World: Regional Formation in Lower Cape Fear, North Carolina, 1725–1775, by Bradford J. Wood: reviewed, 103:552–54

This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War, by Drew Gilpin Faust: reviewed, 106:263–65

This Sacred Trust: American Nationalism, 1798-1898, by Paul C. Nagel, 106:568

This Terrible Sound, by Peter Cozzens: reviewed, 92:95–97

Thistleton (Frankfort, Ky.), 104:412; illus., 103:481

This Violent Empire: The Birth of an American National Identity, by Carroll Smith-Rosenberg: reviewed, 107:586–89

Thixton, Lillie I., 97:298

Thomas, A. Eugene, 71:239

Thomas, Auden: book review by, 102:445–46

Thomas, B. Archer M., 71:14, 16

Thomas, Benjamin F., 94:414–15

Thomas, Claude, 72:347

Thomas, Danford, 74:35

Thomas, Dylan, 75:263

Thomas, Edison H.: John Hunt Morgan and His Raiders, noted, 84:103; John Hunt Morgan and His Raiders, reviewed, 74:232, 233; "Milton H. Smith Talks About the Goebel Affair," 78:322–42

Thomas, Elisha, 69:233

Thomas, Elmer (Okla.), 76:117

Thomas, Emory M., 101:444; Bold Dragoon: The Life of J. E. B. Stuart, reviewed, 85:183–84; book review by, 80:466–68; The Confederate Nation, 1861–1865, reviewed, 78:373–75; Dogs of War, The: 1861, noted, 109:276–77; Robert E. Lee: A Biography, reviewed, 94:187–89; Thomas D. Clark letter to, 103:445–46; Travels to Hallowed Ground: A Historian's Journey to the American Civil War, reviewed, 86:84–85

Thomas, George H., 69:29, 123, 70:64, 200, 202, 206–7, 72:386, 74:288, 350, 76:8–9, 85:38, 93:275, 96:222, 225–26, 233–34, 236–41, 246, 318, 320–22, 331, 334, 339–40, 342, 344, 97:174, 101:438, 453, 110:456

Thomas, George M., 93:410, 416, 98:168

Thomas, Gordon: and Max Morgan-Witts, The Day the Bubble Burst: A Social History of the Wall Street Crash of 1929, reviewed, 78:380–81

Thomas, Hardin, 71:192; Log House, 71:193

Thomas, Henry: CORE, 104:234

Thomas, Herbert A. Jr.: "Victims of Circumstance: Negroes in a Southern Town, 1865–1880," 71:253–71

Thomas, H. K., 68:192

Thomas, Isaiah, 68:61

Thomas, Jack, 71:192

Thomas, James C.: book reviews by, 74:250–53, 75:323–24, 79:66–68, 200–201

Thomas, James Jr., 71:395

Thomas, Jameson, 98:423

Thomas, Jean, 90:98, 98:387

Thomas, Jerry Bruce: An Appalachian New Deal: West Virginia in the Great Depression, reviewed, 97:228–30

Thomas, Joab L.: and Donald R. Noble, eds., The Rising South, vol. 1, Changes and Issues, reviewed, 75:164–65

Thomas, John, 88:147, 110:508

Thomas, John B. Jr.: "Kentuckians in Texas: Captain Burr H. Duval's Company at Goliad," 81:237–53

Thomas, John L.: ed., Abraham Lincoln and the American Political Tradition, reviewed, 85:181–83

Thomas, John W. E.: political career of, 110:538–39

Thomas, J. Parnell, 84:296

Thomas, Lorenzo, 69:119–20, 72:376, 386, 76:7, 85:34

Thomas, Mary Elizabeth: ed., "Henry Clay Replies to a Labor Recruiter From Trinidad," 77:263–65

Thomas, Mary Martha: ed., Stepping Out of the Shadows: Alabama Women, 1819–1990, noted, 93:252–53; The New Woman in Alabama: Social Reforms and Suffrage, 1890–1920, reviewed, 91:450–51

Thomas, Mehitable Gerrard, 71:192

Thomas, Mr.—: slave of, 109:323

Thomas, Norman, 78:150, 84:288, 92:195

Thomas, Philemon, 77:77

Thomas, Prentice: and Charles Eubanks, 109:334–37

Thomas, R., 110:522

Thomas, R. C. P., 68:216, 218–19

Thomas, Ron: They Cleared the Lane: The NBA's Black Pioneers, reviewed, 100:267–68

Thomas, Samuel B., 84:141

Thomas, Samuel W.: archeology at Locust Grove (Louisville, Ky.), 97:339–46; Barry Bingham: A Man of His Word, reviewed, 93:88–89; book review by, 85:268–70; Cave Hill Cemetery: A Pictorial Guide and Its History, reviewed, 84:311–12; Dawn Comes to the Mountains, noted, 81:234; Eugene H. Conner, and Harold Meloy, "A History of Mammoth Cave, Emphasizing Tourist Development and Medical Experimentation Under Dr. John Croghan," 68:319–40; and Eugene H. Conner, eds., The Journals of Increase Allen Lapham for 1827–1830, reviewed, 73:208–9; Letters to the Editor, 68:265–68; "The Oneida Albums: Photography, Oral Tradition, and the Appalachian Experience," 80:432–43; Views of Louisville Since 1766, reviewed, 70:338–39

Thomas, Sarah, 74:35

Thomas, Thomas E., 68:304, 308

Thomas, Vaso: book review by, 103:806–12

Thomas, Warren, 110:514

Thomas, W. I., 71:113

Thomas, William, 70:153–54; bail hearing in Louisville lynching case, 102:379; Louisville jailer, 102:364, 371

Thomas, William G.: Lawyering for the Railroad: Business, Law, and Power in the New South, reviewed, 98:325–26

Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History (Frankfort, Ky.): Jefferson Davis symposium at, 107:142, 147

Thomas D. Clark of Kentucky: An Uncommon Life in the Commonwealth, by John E. Kleber: reviewed, 101:319–21

Thomas D. Clark Research Library (Ky. Historical Society): collections, 101:43; illus., 101:40, 42

Thomas E. Dewey, 1937–1947: A Study in Political Leadership, by Barry K. Beyer: reviewed, 79:198–200

Thomas family, 68:264

Thomas Hunt Morgan: Pioneer of Genetics, by Ian Shine and Sylvia Wrobel: reviewed, 76:57–59

"Thomas Jefferson, Criminal Code Reform, and the Founding of the Kentucky Penitentiary at Frankfort," by Paul Knepper, 91:129–49

Thomas Jefferson, Lawyer, by Frank L. Dewey: reviewed, 86:79–80

Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy, by Annette Gordon-Reed: reviewed, 95:438–41

Thomas Jefferson and the New Nation: A Biography, by Merrill D. Peterson: reviewed, 69:91–93

Thomas Jefferson: Reputation and Legacy, by Francis D. Cogliano: reviewed, 105:292–93

Thomas Jefferson's Library, A Catalog with the Entries in His Own Order, edited by James Gilreath and Douglas L. Wilson: reviewed, 92:73–79

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, by William L. Beiswanger, Peter J. Hatch, Lucia Stanton, and Susan R. Stein: reviewed, 100:217–18

"Thomas Lincoln, 'A Man Who Didn't Drink An' Cuss None'," Mrs. Thomas D. Winstead, 71:189–93

Thomas Merton's Art of Denial: The Evolution of a Radical Humanist, by David D. Cooper: reviewed, 88:336–37

Thomas Merton's Gethsemani: Landscapes of Paradise: noted, 103:846

Thomas Morris Chester, Black Civil War Correspondent, edited by Richard J. M. Blackett, 107:165

Thomas Morris Chester, Black Civil War Correspondent: His Dispatches from the Virginia Front, edited by R. J. M. Blackett: reviewed, 89:102–3

Thomas' Station, Ky., 68:108

Thomas Taggart: Public Servant, Political Boss, 1756–1929, by James Philip Fadely: reviewed, 95:208–9

Thomasville, Ga.: Fort Benning branch POW camp at, 105:446

Thompkins, Christopher, 88:249

Thompson, A. F., 100:296; murder of, 100:293

Thompson, Albert P., 69:22, 99:343, 344

Thompson, Antonio: book review by, 103:821–23; German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass: Housing German Prisoners of War in Kentucky, 1942-1946, reviewed, 106:237–38; Men in German Uniform: POWs in America during World War II, reviewed, 108:439–40; "Winning the War Behind the Lines: Colonel George M. Chescheir and the Axis POWs at Fort Benning, Georgia," 105:417–60

Thompson, Breckie, 82:263

Thompson, Buddy: Madam Belle Brezing, reviewed, 84:211–12

Thompson, C. Hagon ("Jazzbo"), 82:64, 69

Thompson, Charles D. Jr.: Spirits of Just Men: Mountaineers, Liquor Bosses, and Lawmen in the Moonshine Capital of the World, noted, 109:277

Thompson, Charles W., 77:13–14

Thompson, Charlie, 70:92

Thompson, ("Charlie"), 88:60

Thompson, Charlton H., 76:300

Thompson, Clark W.: and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, 110:138–39, 162

Thompson, Edwin Porter: article by, 101:20; Ky. Historical Society collections, 101:16; portrayal of Simon Girty in A Young People's History of Kentucky, 102:527–28

Thompson, Egbert, 74:175–76

Thompson, Elizabeth Lee: Reconstruction of Southern Debtors, The: Bankruptcy after the Civil War, reviewed, 103:574–76

Thompson, E. P., 104:102

Thompson, Francis H.: book notes by, 83:387, 86:201; book reviews by, 80:477–78, 83:87–88, 88:480–81

Thompson, George, 69:363, 72:331–32, 79:209, 89:9

Thompson, J. A.: book reviews by, 78:183–84, 82:206–7, 83:71–72, 375–76, 85:97–98, 388–89, 87:83–84, 184–85, 89:233–34

Thompson, Jacob, 76:167

Thompson, James, 80:402, 88:146; survey of, 102:542

Thompson, J. Bond, 110:516

Thompson, John, 77:203

Thompson, John B., 73:361

Thompson, John C., 97:270, 285

Thompson, John Leslie, 94:269–71

Thompson, John P., 77:1

Thompson, Joseph M., 72:265

Thompson, Kathleen: and Hilary Mac Austin, eds., Children of the Depression, reviewed, 100:406–7

Thompson, Kelly Jr., 99:217

Thompson, Ken D.: Beyond the Double Night, noted, 95:462

Thompson, Lawrence S., 103:204; book notes by, 78:386–87, 79:203; The History and Confession of the Young Felon Edward W. Hawkins, noted, 78:386; The New Sabin: Books Described by Joseph Sabin and His Successors, Now Described Again on the Basis of Examination of Originals and Fully Indexed by Title, Subject, Joint Authors, and Institutions and Agencies, reviewed, 73:433; and Thomas D. Clark, and J Wintson Coleman Jr., eds., Kentucky: A Pictorial History, reviewed, 70:156–58

Thompson, Lyle, 90:153–54

Thompson, Manlius V., 81:364–65

Thompson, Milton D.: book note by, 87:469–70; book review by, 69:399

Thompson, M. Jeff, 70:254, 259–60, 262–63, 273

Thompson, Peter, 100:30

Thompson, Philip, 72:304, 95:239

Thompson, Phil Jr., 81:153

Thompson, Polly, 82:263

Thompson, Richard: book review by, 78:88–90

Thompson, Robert Polk, 69:37

Thompson, Ruth Ann, 77:14

Thompson, Stith, 71:203

Thompson, Tommy R.: "The Image of Appalachian Kentucky in American Popular Magazines," 91:176–202

Thompson, V. Elaine: book review by, 99:315–17

Thompson, Virgil, 84:175

Thompson, William H.: Transportation in Iowa: A Historical Summary, noted, 88:493–94

Thompson, William Tappen, 71:323

Thompson, W. R., 98:176

Thomson, Alistair: Oral History Reader, 104:689

Thomson, Charles, 74:263

Thomson, David, 84:127–28, 140

Thomson, George, 76:151

Thomson, Jim, 102:353

Thorn, Frost, 71:90

Thorne, Edwin, 100:487

Thorne, Tanis C.: book review by, 106:77–79

Thornton, ——, 77:174

Thornton, Edward S., 110:529

Thornton, George, 70:220

Thornton, Judge ——, 74:298

Thornton, Robert A., 104:59–60, 63–64

Thornton family, 69:268

Thoroughbred Record, 77:284, 100:482

thoroughbreds: Henry Clay's breeding and racing of, 100:473–96; See alsonames of individual horses

Thorpe, Charles: Oppenheimer: The Tragic Intellect, reviewed, 105:756–57

Thorpe, Earl E.: The Old South: A Pyschohistory, reviewed, 71:121–23

Thorpe, Jim, 97:403, 417, 423, 428, 429

Thorpe, Thomas Bangs, 71:323

Thorpe, Willard: Princeton University, 104:425

Those Terrible Carpetbaggers: A Reinterpretation, by Richard Nelson Current: reviewed, 87:74–76

Thousand-Year Flood, The: The Ohio-Mississippi Disaster of 1937, by David Welky: reviewed, 110:223–26

Thouvenel, Edoward A., 68:375

"Thread of Evidence: Shaker Textiles at South Union, Kentucky," by Jonathan Jeffrey and Donna Parker, 94:33–58

Thread That Runs So True, The, by Jesse Stuart, 75:284; noted, 104:813–14

319th Combat Engineers Battalion, 96:279, 283

394th Infantry Regiment: and Charles P. Roland, 101:82, 88

326th Engineer Battalion: Normandy invasion, 102:51

Three Forks Investment Company (Beattyville, Ky.), 95:388

Three Kentucky Artists: Hart, Price, Troye, by J. Winston Coleman Jr.: reviewed, 73:322–24

Three Kentucky Presidents, The, by Holman Hamilton, 106:446; listed, 102:151; reviewed, 77:49–51

Three Kentucky Tragedies, by Richard Taylor: noted, 90:220

Three Links (Ky.): road crossing, 68:130

Three Prong Valley (Greenup County, Ky.), 68:223

Three Years in the Army of the Cumberland, by James A. Connelly, edited by Paul M. Angle: noted, 95:218

Three Years with Quantrill: A True Story Told By His Scout John McCorkle, by O. S. Barton: noted, 91:122

Threlkeld, Miss—: and high school girls' basketball, 109:167–68

"'Threshold to the Future': The Kentucky History Center," by Thomas D. Clark, 94:174–75

Throckmorton, Julia Churchill, 68:7

Throckmorton, Major ——, 68:7

Throckmorton, Nim, 76:151

Throgmorton, ——, 68:340

Throop, John W., 77:206

Through Mobility We Conquer: The Mechanization of U.S. Cavalry, by George F. Hofmann: reviewed, 105:146

Thruston, Buckner, 90:135

Thruston, Charles W., 68:74

Thruston, John, 68:72, 267

Thruston, John M., 71:16–17

Thum, William: supports Louisville bond referendum, 104:272–73; supports state capital relocation to Louisville, 104:270–71

Thum, W. W., 68:5–6, 8

Thunder Gods: The Kamikaze Pilots Tell Their Story, by Hatsuho Naito: reviewed, 88:111–12

Thunder Road (film), 96:128

Thurber, Timothy N.: book reviews by, 100:255–57, 104:361–62

Thurman, Kelly: book review by, 83:141–42; "Bradley Kincaid: Music from the Mountains in the 1920s," 80:170–82; "Fontaine Fox: Kentucky's Foremost Cartoonist," 77:112–28

Thurmond, Elisha, 77:205

Thurmond, John L., 71:238

Thurmond, Strom, 69:97, 85:159, 104:448

Thursby, Jacqueline S.: Funeral Festivals in America: Rituals for the Living, reviewed, 104:800

Thurston, John, 83:228

Thwaites, Reuben Gold, 92:158; travel narratives, 103:19

Thweatt, Peterson, 79:223

Thwing, Charles Franklin, 85:52

Tiabian, Ann, 86:127–28, 137

Tiabian, Pete, 86:127–28

Tibbatts, John W., 75:15

Tibbett, Lawrence, 97:35

Tibbotts, John W., 72:160–61

Tichi, Cecelia: Civic Passions: Seven Who Launched Progressive America (and What They Teach Us), reviewed, 109:112–15

Ticonderoga County (N.Y.), 69:367

Tidal Wave: How Women Changed America at Century's End, by Sara M. Evans: reviewed, 101:212–14

Tidwell, John Edgar: and Cheryl R. Ragar, eds., Montage of a Dream: The Art and Life of Langston Hughes, reviewed, 105:343–44

Tidwell, Mary Louise Lea: Luke Lea of Tennessee, reviewed, 93:112–13

Tierney, Dominic: FDR and the Spanish Civil War: Neutrality and Commitment in the Struggle That Divided America, reviewed, 105:542–43

Ties That Bind: The Story of an Afro-Cherokee Family in Slavery and Freedom, by Tiva Miles: reviewed, 104:138–39

Tiffin, Ohio, 73:303, 405, 408

Tilden, Samuel J., 73:380, 79:38, 93:296; election of 1868, 110:562

Tilford, Earl H. Jr.: book review by, 103:603–4

Tilford, Henry, 84:398

Tilford, John, 88:403, 423, 424, 425

Tilghman, Lloyd, 70:269, 74:73, 75:80, 79:18, 99:342–43, 350–51

Tiller, Carter: bail hearing in Louisville lynching case, 102:378

Tiller, John, 107:388

Tilley, Nannie M.: The R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, reviewed, 84:226–28

Tillich, Paul: influence on Edward F. Prichard, 104:427

Tillman, Benjamin, 96:361

Tillman, Charles, 93:289

Tillson, Albert H. Jr.: Gentry and Common Folk: Political Culture on a Virginia Frontier, 1740–1789, reviewed, 91:215–16

Tilton, Theodore, 90:184

Timber Culture Act (1873), 81:255

Timberlake, C. L.: "The Early Struggle for Education of the Blacks in the Commonwealth of Kentucky," 71:225–52

Timberwolf Division, 96:278–81, 288–90

Time magazine, 94:263, 95:296, 105:254, 107:256; on A. B. Chandler, 79:228, 232, 235, 237; reporting on Harlan County, Ky., 107:479; on University of Louisville, 81:66, 70; and the War on Poverty in Breathitt County, Ky., 107:409

"Time of Enthusiasm: The Response of Kentucky to the Call for Troops in the Mexican War," by Damon R. Eubank, 90:323–44

Time of Man: A Novel, by Elizabeth Madox Roberts: noted, 81:340

Time on Target: The World War II Memoir of William R. Buster, edited by Jeffrey S. Suchanek and William J. Marshall: reviewed, 98:298–99

Times, The (London, England), 73:288

Times of India, 82:44, 50, 55

Tim McCoy Remembers the West: An Autobiography, by Tim McCoy with Ronald McCoy: reviewed, 77:67–69

Timmons, Elias, 100:136

Tindall, George B., 75:164, 76:169, 90:50; "Mythology: A New Frontier in Southern History," 110:576

Tinian: and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, 110:137

Tinkle, Lon, 71:25; 13 Days to Glory: The Siege of the Alamo, noted, 94:453

Tin Pan Alley (New York City), 93:304, 98:390

Tinsley, James Robinson: book review by, 68:90

Tinsley, T. Herbert, Gallatin County, Ky., 104:516

Tippecanoe (Ind.): battle of, 75:237, 92:131, 105:201

Tippecanoe and Trinkets Too: The Material Culture of American Presidential Campaigns, 1828–1984, by Roger A. Fischer: reviewed, 87:447–48

Tipton, Mrs. ——, 85:336

Tipton, Stanley: illus., 107:358

Tiptonville, Tenn., 77:29, 110, 96:262

Tisch, Lawrence, 100:314

Tisdale, James, 110:517

Tise, Larry E., 101:101; ed., Benjamin Franklin and Women, 105:250; Proslavery: A History of the Defense of Slavery in America, 1701–1840, reviewed, 86:285–88

Tishomingo (Chickasaw chief), 92:159

Tishomingo County, Miss., 72:269

Tithe, William, 69:117

Titon, Jeff Todd: book review by, 105:180–83

Titsworth, —, 110:520

Titus, Alfred W., 98:6

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