Indentured Servants and the Atlantic Slave Trade Worksheet Indentured Servants and the Atlantic Slave Trade

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Indentured Servants and the Atlantic Slave Trade Worksheet

Indentured Servants and the Atlantic Slave Tradeslaves

In lesson 2, you visited Hippocampus and examined the Origins of Slavery in the Americas. Now, complete this worksheet on Indentured Servants and the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Directions: While viewing the presentation US History I Lesson 7 Colonial Life -American Society Takes Shape = 1650-1763 – Origins of Slavery (Pages 1-15), answer the questions below.

Submit your completed work to the dropbox.

1. How many centuries did the Atlantic slave trade last? How many years is it?

2. How was slavery alike and different in Africa and the Western Hemisphere?

3. Of the 50 million Africans taken, how many arrived in the North America, in South American/West Indies?

4. How did the indigenous people in the New World affect the slave trade?

5. What conditions did Africans face during the “Middle Passage” or middle voyage”?

6. What two crops required large labor forces?

7. Explain how indentured servants affected the growth of slavery.

8. List and explain three reasons why the Native Americans in Virginia were viewed as unreliable as a work force.

9. What are three reasons why Virginia planters turned to indentured servants for a labor supply?

10. What conditions in England enticed people to become indentured servants?

11. What were some major problems the planters faced in Virginia by using indentured servants?

12. How did Bacon’s Rebellion affect the labor supply in colonial Virginia?

13. When did slaves first arrive in Virginia?

14. What was the purpose of the slave codes? How did the slave codes impact the colony?

15. What impact did Parliament’s dismissing the Royal African Company’s monopoly have on the slave trade and the “Old Dominion”?

16. List 4 European countries involved in the Atlantic slave trade.

17. Why did both large and small planters support slavery?

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