Inca, Aztec, Mayan Culture Project

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Inca, Aztec, Mayan Culture Project
This project asks you to take an in depth look at the three ancient cultures we have recently learned about: the Inca, the Aztec and the Maya. You will have to do research on a several aspects of these civilization’s cultures to better understand their everyday lives. To complete this project you will have to create a poster within groups. Your poster will be graded on the content you find on your civilization as well as artistic creativity, neatness, grammar/ spelling and the how professionally you present your information. Your poster has to include the following topics:
1. Achievements/ Innovations
In this section you will talk about the major advances in technology and/ or major achievements in your culture. What is this society known for? What did they create that was new for their time?

  • For each achievement/ innovation explain how it helped their society

  • You must include visual representation within this section.

2. Art
Each of these cultures had their own artistic style. Whether it was in the form of jewelry, masks, paintings, a type of pictorial writing, or a combination of them all, art is an important part of any culture. In this section you must:

  • Give examples of the type of art is found in your society.

  • You must also include visual examples of your culture’s art.

3. History
In this section you will take a look at your cultures history. From their creation to their downfall, understanding the chronology of a culture’s major events helps us understand that culture. In this section you must:

  • Draw up a timeline that includes your cultures major events and dates

  • After each important date you must briefly (in a sentence or two) talk about why this date was important to your culture.

4. Religion
Religion is an important part of any culture and religion especially played a big role in all three cultures we discussed. In this section you will talk about your culture’s religion. You can include (but are not limited to):

5. Decline
Sadly these three cultures we studied are no longer the empires they once were. In this section you will talk about how your cultures empire ended. How did it happen? Did anyone help contribute to their downfall? In this section you must:

  • Explain how your culture’s empire ended.

  • You must include important dates, people’s names and events that led to the ending of your culture

  • You must also include visual representations


Below is an example of one way you can set up your poster.






  • Point

  • Point

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Group Members


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