"In Truth of Columbus discovery" Yong Jun, Gong

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“In Truth of Columbus discovery”

Yong Jun, Gong

The reading “Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress” tells the story of Columbus regarding his discovery. Is Columbus can deserve as a good hero? I would say ‘No’ to this question for some reasons.

To begin with, most of people think that Columbus is enough to take such honor for him because he found some lands during his voyage. Even though Columbus discovered lands for human between 1492 through 1504, there was a huge event which made Columbus a totally different person by forcing holocaust policy to be followed. Unfortunately, most of aboriginal people have been killed by Europeans, sold them with money and sent them to Europe, turned to slave, hunted people who are against Columbus policy and suicide with their own family. I cannot believe how Columbus turned to a brutal conqueror at that time. As a result, the population of aboriginal people has been decreased to less than 100 from 250,000 before European invaded into their continent.

Moreover, to illustrate an example of the event which Columbus committed, I would like to mention about Korea faced on the Japanese colonial period. Because of Japan was growing up so quickly and needed more resources, transportation, land and etc compare to America or Europe, they first invaded Taiwan and Korea was next. Most of Korean have been tortured, become slaves, raped and killed by Japanese for 35 years. This event is similar to Indians and Koreans whom had huge impact on their life horribly which cannot be washed off rest of their lives.

To sum it up, no one can deny that due to the discovery of America by Columbus, Europeans made American as a main stage for them and also United States of America has been made. Even though some Asian’s and Viking are already found the island of America, European could not notice of America. Because of Columbus discovery, it is clear that an outlook on the world by Europeans have been totally changed.

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