In this exercise, you will look at a sample dbq, investigate the documents, build an outline that responds to the question, and evaluate a sample response

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P2 | APUSH | Ms. Wiley | NE vs. Chesapeake DBQ Exercise, D___ Name:

Instructions: In this exercise, you will look at a sample DBQ, investigate the documents, build an outline that responds to the question, and evaluate a sample response. Read the DBQ instructions carefully (see APUSH Survival Guide pages 15-18) and follow those guidelines as you investigate the documents on the New England and Chesapeake region colonies.

DBQ Prompt: Although New England and the Chesapeake regions were both settled largely by people of English origin, by 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies. Why did this difference in development occur?


  1. Read and analyze the prompt. Circle any dates and key terms.

  2. Briefly describe what you already know about the prompt (revisit outlines):

  3. Analyze each document; mark them up and use them as springboards (see page 15 in Survival Guide).

  4. Analyze the relationships between documents (see page 15 in Survival Guide):

  5. Briefly describe the historical context (see page 15 in Survival Guide):

  6. Record your thesis statement (see page 15 in Survival Guide):

  1. Briefly outline your body paragraphs below. What is the overarching topic of each? Which documents would be used and how would they support or relate your larger argument? (continue on next page)

  1. Describe what you would do to satisfy your synthesis requirement. Where would you place your synthesis requirement?

  1. Read the attached sample response. Using the DBQ Scoring Guide (see page 17 of the Survival Guide), grade the essay. Explain your score and what improvements, if any, need to be made to the essay.

Directory: cms -> lib010 -> PA01916442 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 2100
2100 -> Soc ∙ Ms. Wiley ∙ Culture Resources & Analysis, d name
2100 -> Edge fall Quarter 2003
2100 -> Actively read both secondary sources and respond to corresponding prompts
2100 -> At the turn of the century, the United States pursued a more vigorous and aggressive foreign policy than it had in the past, securing the country a place as a new world power. During this period, U. S
2100 -> In Aaron Huey’s Ted Talk he made mention of the word "genocide" when describing the formation and expansion of the U. S. at the expense of its indigenous people
2100 -> Document Number Document Name
2100 -> Case, the experiment helped to persuade the U. S
2100 -> John Ross Major Ridge
2100 -> The way Columbus's story used to be told
2100 -> Charles C. Mann, August 2011 Trade is an economic activity, but its greatest impact may be biological. Charles C. Mann on stowaway earthworms, far-flung potatoes and the world made by Columbus

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