In The Woods

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Confederate Soldiers

In The Woods

21 July 1996

It was a night scene in a wooded area on the edge of a large clearing; a massing of Confederate troops had taken place in the woods. The trees were plentiful, but still far enough apart, so as not to hinder the troops in making their formation. The branches of the trees were thin and black with no leaves on them, so that the troops could be seen from the clearing nearby. There were three regiments of troops in their separate formations, wearing modern butternut colored Confederate Uniforms.

The men were young, and appeared to be clean-cut Christian soldiers, and there was some king of a glorious glow about them! These soldiers bore rifles and stood at a parade rest position, their commander, a short man with white hair, either premature white or else a older man, paced back and forth before them, at times walking almost sideways while bearing a sword. Unlike the troops under his command, he wore a gray Confederate Uniform with a cavalry hat pinned up on the right side, with a red plumb {reminiscent of J.E.B. Stuart}.

Their ranks extended some distance back into the woods! The entire scenario was taking place sometime before dawn, and it was still dark, yet the bright moonlight or some other light made it possible to see them from a distance. The troops were totally silent and relaxed, yet at the same time, alert and ready for action. These formations seemed to be prepared to come out of those woods, at a moments notice! Their officers were passing orders to their troops in a low tone of voice, and naturally they were quite attentive and observant.
The dream seems to signify some type of action, which would take place! Their officers stood out from the other troops, but only inasmuch as they wore gold strips down the outside of their trousers, the strips being sized according to their rank. Also their kepis were trimmed on top with gold braid, as was the lower sleeves of Senior Officers, and they wore Historic Confederate Rank Markings on their collars.

The woods were spread out in a kind of half moon circle around the clearing! But oddly enough, while the clearing was large, it was also flat, as if it had at some time been manicured, but since had overgrown. There were no vehicles spotted, but the officers did wear Cavalry Boots, and had a number of saddled horses, which could be seen.

Deo Vindice

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