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Anger grows about the African American kid, Martin Lee Anderson, age 14, who was killed at the boot camp . He was kicked and punched by two guards at the camp--and it was caught on video tape. He ended up dying. They say the initial autopsy indicates blood disorder but now there is an outcry for another independent autopsy(story byBrent Kallestad, Andrea Fonta AP)

Fabian Nunez compared California's levy situation to that of Katrina in response to Bush's refusal to declare California a disaster area, but Bush said he will fast track the corps of engineer response to it.

April 21, 2006

Oregon man went to a hospital claiming of a headache--and was found to have 12 nails in his skull from a suicide attempt. They removed all the nails and the man survived with no lasting effects. (this was one year ago--and the hospital is just releasing the information now ). He was high on methemphetamines when he fired the nails up to 2 inches in length into his head, one by one with a nail gun.

Indiana University student was flying a small plane through the fog when the plane crashed. All five were graduate students at the Indiana University school of music. THe pilot was Georgina JOshi. All of them were in their mid-20's.

Sailboat race going around the world--plans to dock in New York City in early May but needs a deep place to dock-. Their boats are sixteen feet deep. The place they want to dock is six feet dock. The owners of the area are spending 2.4 million dollars dredging it--with hopes of having it ready. From 7 a.m. to 7 pm. daily they are dredging.

Charlie Sheen has been issued a restraining order against his wife Denise Richards. Apparently they are still married but living separately. She says he has threatened to kill her and that he is a compulsive gambler, that he visits prostitutes, and views pornography on the internet.

April 23, 2006

Carl LEvin, Michigan senator, says he would like to see a windfall profit tax on the gasoline companies. But to get Bush to approve such a tax would be difficult because he is so closely allied to the oil companies. Bush visited former president Gerald Ford at Rancho Mirage. Bush apparently owns a mountain top luxury hotel not far from Ford's house.

April 24, 2006

The Hill Top Hostel used to be the India House, hear the song playing. the talking. Bill Clinton is from HOpe Arkansas--the one fund that he cooperates with, post presidency, His billionaire friend Mr. Burkle, made his fortune in the Supermarket Businesss, asked Clinton to promote his funds and find causes in which to invest.

At the Chimpanzee sanctuary Pacugama , Sierra Leone--a group of chimps attacked and killed a driver and seriously injured two American and one Canadian visitor. Police said the chimps suddenly turned and attacked the people. Now they are playing that Big Chill song. Twelve Year Old Boy in Prince George County was charged yesterday with killing his mother and brother. He bludgeoned to death his mother, Katrina Denice Powe, age 31, and younger brother, Mystery Hillian, age 9. They say he hit them with “The Club” --used to secure a car steering wheel to prevent theft.

Artest suspended for game two of the NBA playoffs, after he elbowed somebody-ruled aggressive and intentional The NFL draft is this coming Saturday & Sunday. Crocodile Rock. Five Kansas boys were charged with Threats with Incitement to Riot and Criminal Threat--carrying up to 23 months in jail,

Bush has ordered an investigation into whether the price of gasoline has been illegally manipulated. James Baker is coming back to Washington DC to help Bush Jr. with the Iraq situation--Baker is remembered for his role with Bush Sr. and the Persian Gulf War. At that time he had said that attacking Hussein in Baghdad would be a serious mistake and apparently still feels that way although he has not directly criticized Bush Jr.
April 25, 2006

Reformed Bible College in Grand Rapids, MI is changing its name to Kuyper College--named after Abraham Kuyper.
April 29, 2006

Steve Howe, former Dodger baseball pitcher, and on the 1981 Dodgers championship team, died in a car crash in Coachella, CA. His car rolled over.

Annual day of prayer (Thursday)--created by proclamation of the continental congress in 1795. Then in 1952 Congress established a National Day of Prayer. And in 1988 Reagan permanently set aside a Day of Prayer as the 1st Thursday of every May. Rev. John Capellaro of St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church says “prayer is the act and art of listening to the sacred divine or God” He says “I think prayer is not speaking but listening. Prayer can be life giving where we become better people” [Do you agree with that? ]

Thor Heyerdahl's grandson, Olav, age 28, is on the Kon Tiki II --to repeat the famed adventurer's journey, along with 5 shipmates. Thor crossed the Pacific on the raft in 1937.
The largest single provider of military chaplains are the Southern Baptists--with 451 chaplains. There's 2860 active duty military chaplains. Southern Baptist make up 1 of 40.

Time's Top 25 Most Influential Evangelicals includes:

David Barton, Douglas Coe, Charles Colson, Luis Cortes, James Dobson, Stuart Epperson, Michael Gerson (a writer for Bush ) , Billy & Franklin Graham, Ted Haggard, Bill Hybells, T.D. Jakes, Diane Knippers, Jim & Beverly LaHaye (Beverly is the founder of Concerned Women for America--one of Washington's most influential anti-abortion and anti-gay organizations). LaHayes book Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days, published in 1995 was what got him noticed. This book plus its sequels have sold more than 42 million copies. Richard Land (with the Southern Baptist) .

Brian Mclaren (the goal of Brian Mclaren is to deconstruct traditional churchculture yet remain true to scripture. A typical emergent church services is likely to included digital imagery and open dialogue. More liberal than other evangelicals) Joyce Meyer (Missouri) (offers a gospel of prosperity that promises God rewards tithing with blessings. She takes in 8 million dollars per month--lives in a 2 million dollar home and owns a 10 million dollar jet). Richard Neuhaus ( a conservative Catholic priest) . Mark Noll (Scandal of the Evangelical Mind). J.I. Packard (exec editor of Christianity Today). Rick Santorum (senate's 3rd ranking Republican--Catholic but the “darling of evangelicals” ) J. Sekulow--Washington Based Center for American Law & Justice--has argued many Supreme Court Cases on behalf of faith-based causes--including a case for allowing Bible Study in public schools.

He was raised Jewish but converted to Christianity in college--now calls himself a Messianic Jew.) Stephen Strang-- publishing house, age 54, former journalist- they published Mansfields books. Ralph Winter (frontier mission fellowship--founder of WIlliam Carey University?) And of course Rick Warren. HOward and Roberta Ahmanson--wealthy conservative Republican couple (Irvine CA). One time associated with the Chalcedon Foundation --which advocates Christian reconstructionism--which is anti gay and law and order.

Senate Republicans are proposing a $100 rebate for tax payers for gasoline, except for those with a AGI of $146, 000. Faith based cruise with company called Globus--sing worship songs while travelling. Reach out to others at various stops along the way.

Kobe Bryant helped the Lakers win against the __ with two last second shots--one in regular time, the second in over time. Chris Couch--hung in there to win the Zurich Classic Golf Tournament in New Orleans.

Economist John Kenneth Galbraith died at age 97. Galbraith was Canadian -born therefore could not run for president but some said he was a perfect choice. One of his favorite sayings was “in life you should comfort the afflicted but you should also afflict the comfortable, especially when they are comfortably, happily, wrong” They also quote J.S. Mill “I never meant to say that the conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that conservatives are generally stupid.”

The judge, High court justice Peter Smith,

who presided over the Da Vinci book--in his ruling inserted his own secret code (using the Da Vinci code --or Fibonacci Sequence, a mathetical sequence discussed in the book using italics--somebody finally figured it out.)
By deleting a gene called PTEN in certain parts of the brain, scientists created mice that exhibited behaviors similar to people with autism said researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. When they deleted the gene from the front of the brain--areas of the hippocampus --=which handles structed memory and other functions, the mice became over sensitive to stimuli and exhibited deficits in social interaction. ALso physical abnormalities in their brain were observed.

Representative Patrick Kennedy crashed his car near the capitol at First & C St. on Thursday, Police said he appeared intoxicated but he says he did not have any alcohol . Patrick Kennedy is the son of Senator Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. . Patrick is a democrat representative for Rhode Island. (Laurie Kellman, AP)

Postal employee Gregory Mewbon, age 37, in Brooklyn was arrested on his delivery route after firefighters discovered 100's of undelivered letters smoldering in his Brooklyn Apartment (story by Joe McGurk, NY Post)
8-year-old Long Island girl's walker was stolen from her driveway--Brianna Martin's $3000 walker was taken from the driveway of their Brentwood, Long Island house. The manufacturer has volunteered to give them a new walker at no cost. (story by Devin Smith, NY Post).

A fellow who burglarized an apartment last week in New York came back to the apartment claiming to be a good samaritan returning stolen property. When the lady let him in he sexually attacked the woman. With a knife he ordered her to perform sex acts on him. ( Story by Joe McGurk and Mark Bulliet)

Six men who were involved in the Big Dig project in Boston were arrested on Friday, accused of falsifying records--to hide the inferior quality of concrete delivered to the massive highway project. The company was paid $105 million for 135,000 truckloads of concrete. At least 5000 loads did not meat specifications.

Workers renovating a house in Budapest Hungary found an old barrel of rum and drank from it--thinking it tasted uniquely good only to find at the bottom of the barrel a dead body, a pickled corpse, a naked man. The body of the man had been shipped back from Jamaica twenty years ago by his wife to avoid the cost and paperwork of an official return.

Patricia Roberts of Lithonia Georgia said her son , twenty-two year old private was killed in Iraq, so she is now raising her own grandson. She asked Rumsfeld if the government could provide any help after his speech to a crowd there.

a fin shaped Mass of rock about 300 feet tall now--is growing four to five feet per day at Mt. St. Helens, jetting up through the top of the crater.

Almost 4000 mothers in Manilla Philippines set a record for the most mothers breastfeeding at the same place at the same time.
Undated-(early May or late Spring) Kobe Bryant's wife had another baby girl who they named Gianna Maria OnoreBryant born at 2 am in Orange County. Three hours later Shaquille O'Neal and his wife Shaunnie had another baby girl, Merah Sanaa ONeal--born in Florida. It's the 3rd girl for the ONeals, in addition to the three boys they already have.

James Miller went to Faith Baptist Bible College in Iowa and served as a minister for five years before becoming an LAPD police officer. David Blaine, age 33, the Houdini-like magician plans to spend a week in a sphere filled with water at the Lincoln Center in New York at the end of which he will attempt to hold his breath longer than the world record of 8:58 while simultaneously escaping from handcuffs and 150 pounds of chains.

THe U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Anna Nicole Smith has the right to fight for half of her billionaire husband's fortune. All nine Supreme Court justices sided with former Playboy Centerfold Smith. She was married to Marshall for fourteen months--one of the wealthiest men in Texas. He was 89 years old when he married the topless dancer, age twenty-something. His assets were valued at 1.6 billion at the time of his death.

The head of the CIA, Goss Porter, is stepping down. He apparently had some conflicts with Negroponte, and didn't make many friends. It appeared to be a resignation under pressure, but maybe he planned to go anyways. Bush has not yet named a successor.

2nd autopsy of the Martin Lee Anderson boy at the California Juvenile camp indicates the boy died of suffocation as well as inhalation of ammonia. Apparently the guards covered his mouth and also held ammonia near his mouth to help him regain consciousness but actually contributed to his death said Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Vernard Adams (Hillsborough COunty Medical Examiner) who conducted the 2nd autopsy. The original autopsy by Charles Siebert claimed the boy died from an unknown genetic problem--internal bleeding due to sickle cell trait. But this caused so much uproar a 2nd
The outdoor electronic signs above freeways and at major intersections began to say “ Stephen Harper [the prime minister]eats babies” --somebody hacked in and the engineers don't know how and were not able to immediately correct the problem.

An Armenian passenger plane crashed in Russia off the Black Sea coast, killing 112.

St. Louis, MO: A high school driver education teacher, Samson Shelton, age 26, has been arrested after what authorities believe to be an attempted murder of a female student, Ashley Reeves, age 17. She was left lying in the woods for more than 30 hours. Her neck was broken. She could not move. She was covered with insect bites. They initially thought she was dead but she was still alive. Samson moonlighted as a pro wrestler and country line dancer (story by Jim Shur, AP )

27% of LAUSD students were absent on Monday due to the ”Day Without Immigrants Protest” . The absences could cost the district more than 2.1 million dollars in funding, double the amount lost due to walkouts in late March (Story by Naush Boghossian)

Fellow by the name of Willingham in Texas was found guilty of killing his three daughters by arson. They had so-called experts testify that all the indicators were present showing it was most likely an intentionally set fire. He was found guilty and executed on February 17, 2004. The Innocence Project which works to get people off death row if there is any indication of a bad trial. They paid new experts to look at the evidence and found that there was no evidence of arson and that the prosecution's witnesses were completely wrong. Another fellow who spent 17 years in prison also had the evidence in his case re-examined and was subsequently exonerated and released from prison.

Barry Bonds hit home run #712 in San Diego--sending a 97 mph fastball on to the roof of the concession stand behind the center field fence. He needs two more to tie Babe Ruth, three to overtake. Laker lost . Kobe Bryant was ejected from the game for arguing with the referee. Earlier, another player for the Suns, Bell, was ejected for a flagrant foul against Kobe Bryant.

Massive warehouse fire in Brooklyn, NY--suspected arson. Praying for Flo and her family in Washington. Flo Bode. Stop at Nancy Venema Groom-Texas.
May 3, 2006

Zacharias Moussaoui was given life in prison by the jury . Father of Tiger Woods, Earl, died at his home today at age 74. Earl Woods was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 1998. He was treated with radiation but it returned in 2004 and spread throughout his body.

A California judge may declare that those students who did not pass the California Exit Exam should graduate anyways. He says he is inclined to say that the exam discriminates against those who are impovershed. Steve Vaught walked across the USA from Oceanside to New York to try to lose weight. He has a website entitled “Fat Man Walking” and says he lost 100 pounds along the way. It took him a year to make the journey. He weighed 410 pounds at the time he started and said he was suffering from depression due to an accident in which he killed two elderly pedestrians while driving.
Friday, May 5, 2006

Problem of farmers growing poppies in Afghanistan continues to be an issue --American troops have been eradicating the poppy farms and even paying the poppy farmers to grow other crops. They've eradicated over 9000 acres in the past six weeks. Poppy sap is used to make opium. The Taliban and drug traffickers also make it difficult for the farmers to grow other crops. Even though the Taliban banned poppy crops in 2000 it was not for idealistic reasons--U.S. Officials say it was aimed at driving up the opium price while currying favor with the west.

The Mt. Soledad Cross in San Diego is once again the subject of controversy--the court has now ordered that it be taken down off of public property within 90 days or they will be subject to a $5000 per day fine.
Richard Dreyfuss, the actor, speaks out about what he calls “shaped news”--that which we get from the major media corporations and the impressions it shapes in our minds--he calls it “shaped news” and he also laments the fact that they don't teach Civics in the United States anymore. He says it is a sign of neurosis and suicidal for the USA. He is also active in a campaign to impeach George Bush.





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