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April 1, 2006

George Mason lost to Florida 73-58.

Eminem who just remarried his first wife, Kim Mather, only three months ago is getting divorced again. Marshall Bruce Mathers III is Eminem's real name. E-mail to TT1 about the Gezons. U.S Researchers say they have found the missing evolutionary link between fish and land animals, a fossil found on Ellesmere Island in Arctic Canada has the skull, neck, ribs and limbs of a four-legged animal, and the primitive jaw, skin, and fins of a fish. This newly discovered species Tiktaalik Roseae blurs the boundary between fish and land living animal both in terms of its anatomy and its way of life. Biologist Neil Shubin of the University of Chicago says the animal is both fish and tetrapod. At the ends of the fins they found wrists and bones that supported fingers. Shubin says the creature had fins with which it could do “push ups”--on land it moved like a seal.

Julia Ruth Stevens, 88 year old daughter of Babe Ruth is still alive and lives in Sun city Arizona. She says she hears her dad's name mentioned daily as Barry Bonds closes in on the Babe's home run mark. Bonds only needs seven home runs to pass Babe Ruth. She's legally blind. She was adopted by Babe Ruth after he married her mother Claire when she was 12 years old.

Two levy's broke on Tuesday near Merced, CA--flooding a trailer park and threatening farmland i n Sacramento. A British person , Karl Bushby, and an American person, Demetry Kieffer of Anchorage, walked together across the Baring Straits to reach the Chukotka province on Friday--it took them fifteen days to walk 56 miles from Alaska to Russia. Bushby was doing it as part of a round-the -world walk that began in 1988 that began in the southern tip of South America. Since the beginning of his journey was on November 1, 1988, he's walked 17000 miles.

April 2-3, 2006 On Christmas Day, December 25, 1989 Charles Taylor attacked Liberia. On Wednesday (April _) Taylor was arrested and is now in jail ---for war criminals suspected of involvement in Sierra Leone's brutal decade-long Civil War which Taylor is accused of starting and supporting. At the time he was taken out of power in 2003 more than 300,000 people had died in conflicts which he had ignited. His forces and allies had looted Liberia and Sierra Leone and some of their neighbors. From Sierra Leone he is suspected of having taken 100 million dollars between 1997-2003.

Charles Taylor studied at Bentley College in MA--returned to Liberia in 1980 and became part of the new army there under Samuel Doe. Taylor worked himself into the government purchasing division and stole another million dollars. He returned to the USA and was put in jail but he escaped in 1985 by sawing through the bars and returned to Africa. Taylor preyed on young men --whose trust he gained--men who had no means to make it in the world--who couldn't start their own lives until their fathers and uncles died and passed on wealth. They fought for Taylor. He got them to kill their parents and family members and seduced them with methemphetamines and marijuana to keep their killing instincts intact. He created an aura around of him of a man allied to powerful forces says a historian, Ellis. He also managed to convince Jessie Jackson, Jimmy Carter, and Pat Robertson, that he was, at heart, a good Baptist Christian. Charles Taylor called for the case to be withdrawn when he appeared before the court in Sierra Leone.

Attention to the nuclear capability in Iran--nuclear missle--claiming it is the fastest underwater missle.

Storms & tornadoes near Nashville TN killed at least 14 people. The teenage pregnancy rate in the USA is three to ten times higher than that found in other industrialized nations. Tulip Time in Mt. Vernon WA (Skagit Valley) This year's festival runs through April 30.

Story about Larry Charles Albert who defrauded store owners and shops around the Washington State area and Oregon. He would go to cemeteries and take names and birth dates off tombstones--use those names and birth dates to create fake identities. He would go to banks and open an account and deposit $100--then ask for new checks. He would go around town cashing bad checks for the next day or so and then skip town. He finally got caught.

It seems plain that much of what drives a nation's unease over illegal immigrants has little to do with economics or national security. As columnist ______ Thomas put it recently, “Americans fear “invasion without assimilation” influx of people who retain their native languages and customs and thus threaten our unique national identity.

Martin Luther King was killed on April 4, 1968.

A motorist opened fire on a group of Hell's Angels motorcyclists on I-95 in West Haven CN killing one and injuring another on Sunday.

Large military plane crashed near Dover, Delaware.

Florida defeated UCLA 73-57. Golfer Tom Lehman was shot at near the Masters Tournament--not hurt--the man was arrested later.

Friday, April 7, 2006

The woman's coach, Magie Dixon, of the Army Basketball Team collapsed and died. She was a North Hollywood native. She played college basketball and tried out for the Sparks but was cut. She led the Army to their first NCAA tournament but they lost to Tennessee 102-54. She was out having tea with a friend yesterday --wasn't feeling good, collapsed and taken to hospital in Critical condition where she died (Story by Michael Hill, ABC News)

April 8, 2006

Two New York police officers were found guilty of being hitmen off duty. Louis Eppolito age 57 and Steven Caracappa, age 54, were living in retirement in neighboring homes in Las Vegas when a sting operation exposed them. They were found to have been being paid by the Luchese family, a Mafia family for at least four years in the 1980's.

In Oakland, CA --huge block of ice fell from the sky crashed down in a public park leaving a three foot hole in the ground. The firefighters pulled ice from the hole. The source of the ice is not known. Some wonder if it fell off an airplane--like from the wheel well or vertical stabilizer.

April 9, 2006.

Black players make up less than 10% of major league rosters in 2006 compared with 27% in 1975. Houston Astros in the 2005 World Series didn't have a single black player. It was the first all-white World Series roster since the 1953 Yankees. I wrote on the envelope- “There is nothing worthless inside” Over Cottonwood Creek at 541 pm --Shasta County sign. Two girls waved at me from a yellow pickup truck as we approached Anderson CA , which is south of Redding. I gave them the peace sign.

Democratic party leaders in Vermont on Saturday passed a motion asking congress to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against President Bush. In an elementary school cafeteria some 100 state party officials agreed to make the request to the U.S. House of Representatives. Katy Holmes, wife of Tom Cruise, plans to have a silent birth. Scientologists believe that you need to be as quiet as possible during the birth of a baby.

April 10, 2006

Dover C-5 Crash--17 people survived (story by Jenny Maher, Elizabeth Redden, Joel Rogalski, Drew Volturo; Deleware State News). The plane crashed on a farm field near Kitts Hummock Road. All 17 passengers including 13 active and reserve military persons survived.

The star of the championship basketball game between UCLA and Florida was Joaquin Noah, son of Yannick and Cecilia.

Iran tested a super modern flying boat on Tuesday.

Tom Delay has announced he is retiring from the House of Representatives.
Fire gutted the first floor of a condominium in Colombus Ohio owned by the aunt of Maurice Clarrett, Kathy Thomas, and where Maurice and his girlfriend were staying for the night.” Nobody was injured, and the cause of the fire is not known.

Dead bodies are still being found around New Orleans--nice more bodies in the month of March. Article about fast food restaurants using call centers for the drive-thru order takers--McDonalds is testing it--with a call center outside of Los Angeles--which handles orders for Mcdonalds all over the USA. You could be in Michigan and talking to somebody in Los Angeles without even knowing it.

April 11, 2006

LAUSD says that in 2002 more than 7000 teachers were working with emergency permits, now fewer than 500 hold emergency permits. There's 34, 610 teachers in the LAUSD. Iran says they have successfully enriched uranium to create a potential nuclear bomb. Death of Deshaun Holton , Detroit rapper known as Proof, who was killed on 8 mile road. He was a friend of Eminem (story by Zharmer Hardimon Google/Houston Chronicle).

The home of George Bush Sr. & Jr in Midland TX--they are trying to set it aside as a historical landmark--where the Bush family lived for a while. 1412 W. Ohio Ave. 1400 square feet, 3 bedrooms, no garage. The problem they say is that the Bush family was not of humble origins. Prescott, the grandfather was a U.S. Senator from Conn. and the family tree included an original partner of financier J.P. Morgan. They say the family home in Kennebunkport Maine may be more symbolic of the origins of the Bush family. The sr. Bush moved to Texas after the war to try to make money in oil. At that time their 3 year old daughter, Robin, died of leukemia.

April 12, 2006

April (Easter Break, Washington)

Testimony about Flight 93--the plane that went down in Pennsylvania, the cockpit recording was heard by the jury at the Mousaii trial.

Skilling testified in the Enron case, denying claims of having done anything intentionally fraudulent. Prime Minister of Thailand is leaving for a while to take a rest--not officially resigning but it appears to be. Thaksin Shinawatra.

The families of the Lacrosse students at Duke University who were accused by a stripper of rape have hired a lawyer to represent them as a group--the same lawyer who represented Bill Clinton when he was accused of improprieties at the White House.

www.myspace. continues to be one of the hottest webspaces on the internet.

April 13, 2006

Mousaai testified in court today--admitting he was part of the 911 plot, that he wanted to fly into the White House , that he had not pity for the victims and that he would like to see 911 happen every day. (Matthew Barakat and Michael Sniffen, AP),

The Iraqis are changing their names--they get persecuted because of their names--which are associated with religious affiliations--identifying or associating them with Sunni or Shiite. So they try to change their names to non-sectarian names. They weren't able to easily change their names under Saddam Hussein but now they can do so within a month.

Two more retired US generals have called for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to resign. That makes six in total calling for Rumsfeld to step down.

April 14, Good Friday, 2006

Tax returns show Arnold brought in about 17 million in 2004 including a million from interest alone. 4.2 million dollars came from his Oak Productions--the clearing house for his movies. He gave 460,000 to charity including more than a 1000 shares of Starbucks Coffee to two private schools in Los Angeles. HE paid his household employees $390,000, the taxes for those employees added up to $110,000.

In 2002 he had an income of 24 million including 18 million in wages. That was the year he filmed Terminator 3. Tiger Woods apologized for using the term “spaz” in regards to his own putting. Outside the USA the term is used negatively to describe those effected by spastic paralysis a form of cerebral palsy.

A black bear in Benton TN attacked a six year old girl killing her and mauled her mother and two-year old brother--only the second documented attack by a black bear on a human in modern Tennessee history. The girl Elora Petrasek was with mother Susan Cenkus, age 45 and younger brother Luke Cenkus. The mother and the boy are expected to recover.

82 year old woman Mayvis Coyle was given a citation by LA police in Sunland CA for crossing the boulevard too slowly --a $114 citation. Now people are calling and writing from around the country and around the world complaining about it and some of them have offered to pay the ticket. (Daily News).

President Bush will be in California on April 22, at a Palm Springs Country Club.

Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor of Los Angeles, handed out a 43 page plan how to restructure the LAUSD--one of the components would be to break the district in to 80 mini-districts and limiting schools to 500 each. IT would also decentralize the downtown bureaucracy and would extend the school day to 5 pm.

On a summer night, 2003, Anthony Warren of Hyde Park MA near Boston fired three shots up into the air to scare two women who were arguing on the first floor. ONe bullet severed the spine of Kai, age 3, who was sitting outside on her families 3rd story porch. Kai Laigh Harriote (story by Jonathan Saltzman, Boston Globe).

Yesterday or today it was in court--and Kai testified--crying through her testimony but saying she forgives Anthony Warren. She is paralyzed. Warren apologized.

April 15, 2006.

Great fire in Holland MI. around Oct 8-9 1871, the same time as the great Chicago Fire in Illinois as well as the Peshtigo Fire in Wisconsin, prompting some to wonder if they were related and if a comet had something to do with it.. (the Biela Comet?) but nothing to support such a hypothesis (Wikipedia).

Tornado went through Iowa City causing 12 million in damage. University of Iowa got six million in damage.

Oregon man, Robert Griener, from McMinnville wrapped a chain around the legs of a fallen horse and dragged the animal across a field, causing it to bleed and suffer pain and ultimately had to be put to sleep--he was sentenced to four days in jail plus 200 hours of community service, but the prosecutor is going to make a motion for more time.

Jake Eakin and Evan Savoie were two twelve-year-old friends --charged with 1st degree murder in the killing of a playmate three years ago in a central Washington town. They attacked Craig Sorger with a basketball size rock and a buck knife, stabbing him 34 times. The defense lawyers want to argue that the boy Savoie did not have enough time to commit the slaying, wash and hide his clothes and then 3/4 of a mile home within an hour. The other boy Eakin testified against Savoie. Eakin pled guilty and has already been sentenced to 14 years in prison. The defense was planning on going so far as to suggest the victim's mother, Lisa, might have killed the son. But the Judge, Ken Jorgenson, will not allow that to be admitted as a possibility unless they have credible evidence.

Tom Cruise shares a home in Los Angeles with his younger sister Cass and her three children, He also has another sister, Marion, and a third sister, Lee Ann. He was born Tom Cruise Mapother IV in Syracuse NY. He grew up in near poverty in a Catholic family with an abusive father. He went to 15 different schools in 12 years and had a hard time reading--he was dyslexic. His mother and father divorced when he was 12, and ten years later his father died in 1984.

In 1978 Cruise's mother got married again to a plastics salesman. Tom was 16 at the time. They moved to New Jersey. Cruise went to a Catholic seminary (a high school ”seminary”?) in Cincinatti Ohio for a whole, then in high school he hurt his leg in wrestling so he tried acting. he decided he loved acting and moved to Manhattan after he graduated from High School--where he waited tables ( or was a waiters assistant) , hauled trash, was a building superintendent, etc. while trying to make it in acting. He got a role in the movie “Taps” which was semi-successful. The worldwide gross of Cruises films is over 5.6 billion dollars. He's received two Academy Award nominations.

His first marriage was to Mimi Rogers in 1987. That lasted less than a year. Later he married Nicole Kidman on Christmas Eve, 1990, and they adopted two children. They divorced in 2001.

April 17 or 18? ( return from Spring Break/Holy Week)

(Gross Me Out!) Tom Cruise says he is going to eat the placentia after his wife delivers.

Brad & Angelina may be getting married in Namibia. Brad has a brother by the name of Doug. They arrested somebody in the Halloway case--a new person.
7.7 earthquake hit eastern Russia--not a very populated area--minor injuries, unknown extent of damage.
April 18? 19?

Purcell, Oklahoma--Kevin Ray Underwood, age 26 will be charged with kidnapping, killing a girl (Jamie Rose Bolin), storing her body in a container with the ultimate intent to eat the body. The girl lived with her father in the same apartment building as the alleged killer. She was last seen on Wednesday at the library, 30 miles south of Oklahoma City. The child's father remained under sedation. Jamie's grandmother said that the father's whole life revolved around the child. (Story by Purcell Oklahoma, Hamilton Spectator).

Several people were stranded on the Roosevelt Tram in New York City--which experienced power problems--and were in the car for six hours. The main generator and the backup generators both failed. Attempts to manually crank the cars also failed. (Story by Richard Perry, Anthony Ramirez, and Sara Garland, NY Times)

Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes had a baby girl named Suri which Cruise claims means “princess” in Hebrew and in Persian means “red rose” although subsequently scholars have questioned if that is accurate. Holmes had previously been engaged to actor Chris Klein.

This years Coachella Music Festival is on April 29-30. Federal jury found former Nobel Prize nominee and former governor of Illinois, George Ryan, guilty of eighteen charges of rackateering, mail fraud, false statements to the FBI, and income tax violations. Ryan, age 72, was governor from 1999 to 2003 and also previously served two terms as Secretary of State. He is remembered also for cancelling the death penalty sentences of all Illinois prisoners on death row as his last act before he resigned from being governor.

Los Angeles is considering spending 40 million dollars for a new elephant exhibit at the Los Angeles zoo.

At a news concerence Sen. George Runner from Antelope Valley and assemblyman Keith Richman from Northridge put forth a plan to split the LAUSD into districts of no more than 50,000 each by 2010. They say their plan is the opposite of the mayor's plan--whereas they want to decentralize while the mayor wants to centralize. Schoolboard member David Tokofsky said there are so many plans out there they are giving the word “plan” a bad name. He says what matters is the classroom teacher and the quality of the teacher and how much support you give the teacher.

Mayor Villaraigosa gave his “State of the City” Speech.

Transit Workers Union that went on Strike in New York City just before Christmas was fined 7 million dollars by the court. Judge Theodore Jones, of the Brooklyn Supreme Court (?) issued the decision. The union leader, Toussaint, also was sentenced to ten days in jail. The strike cost an estimated 1 billion dollars in lost revenue.

Witnesses testified on behalf of Mousawaii--apparently they were trying to get lenience for Mousawaii--trying to save him from the death sentence which would be worse for him, at least psychologically. He wants to die --he wants to be a martyr.

Bush's senior advisor, Karl Rove, has resigned as well as his spokesperson, Scott McLellan, although Rove may be changing roles rather than totally resigning. McLellan is only 38 years old. (Story by Patricia Wilson, Caren Bohan, and Steve Holland )

Woman in Los Angeles hospitalized for bubonic plague. This apparently is not contagious unless it “morphs” into pneumonic plague, which is contagious. Bubonic plague or the “black death” is what killed an estimated 25 million in Europe between 1346 and 1351 (L.A. Daily News).

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Barry Bonds hit his first home of the season against Denver. Article about former gov Jerry Brown who is now a mayor. He ran for president twice and lost twice. Now he's going to run for district attorney of California. Transfer from the Jerry BRown Article --he supports abortion rights. he said ”paddling on one side of the canoe and then the other keeps the boat going forward” a euphemism for his non-partisan politics.

Story about prison overcrowding in California. The California prison population is over 170,000. The population of the prison has increased x7 since 1980, but legislature refuses to change sentencing laws that would reduce some of the prison population such as sentences for drug violations. He says most of the state's 33 prisons are at twice their intended capacity.

In Alaska, five middle school students were arrested and could face charges of 1st degree conspiracy to commit murder. They had planned to disable the power and phone at their school before murdering fellow students. This is the second arrest this week of students planning a rampage. Five Kansas teenagers were arrested earlier this week after an alleged plot was uncovered to kill students at their school. Ammunition and weapons were also found in that case. They had planned to do it on the 7th anniversary of the Columbine Massacre.

Mayor Ray Nagin is in an election race against his Lt. Gov Landrieu. They will face each other as final contenders in the New Orleans mayoral race.

Former President Ford expressed disdain towards a group of retired generals who spoke out against Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Illegal immigrants arrested at a Houston based company that makes pallets as well as their subsidiaries around the country, along with the managers who hired them.

Study shows that people living in high equality countries are more satisfied with their sexual lives. Austrians are at the top of hte list, followed by Canadians and Swedes. The lowest ranking countries were Japan, Taiwan, and China. In the middle was Morocco, Turkey, and the Philippines.

Edward Laumann , professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago, says “If you are dating at the age of 40+ you have relatively better satisfaction possibilities than those who are married. “

April 23, 2006
76 year old man by the name of Philip Winikoff claiming to be a doctor went door to door offering free breast exams in Miami. One woman became suspicious when the man asked her to remove all her clothes and began conducting a purported genital exam without donning rubber gloves. The woman phoned the sheriff's office and he was arrested in another woman's apartment in the same neighborhood shortly later.

84 year old JOsephine Crawford won the 10 million dollar jackpot on the slot machine in Atlantic City. The retired waitress knew she won something at the nickel slot but couldn't believe it when the attendant told her she had won over 10 million dollars. She lives with her daughter and drives a 2006 Honda Civic, and says she has no plans to buy a new car or house, but says she's always wanted to see Italy. she says, “somehow I'll spend it...” and that maybe she'll go to Vegas. And she says she might share it with her family.

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