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March 8, 2006

They say China executes between 5000 and 12000 people every year.Three college students arrested in regards to church arson. One of them allegedly admitted to being involved. Ben Mosely, Russel Debusk, both 19 at Birmingham Southern College and Matthew Lee … age 20 a transfer student to University of Alabama, Birmingham. These three had been arrested in regards to the arson in Alabama.

Kirby Puckett was engaged to be married when he died unexpectedly. The wedding was planned, the invitations were ready to be sent. IT was going to be his second marriage.

March 9, 2006

They are now able to forecast the next sunspot cycle with 98% accuracy. They are predicting the next sun spot cycle, called Cycle 24, will begin late 2007 or early 08. The sunspot cycles can cause a disruption in satellites and even the electrical grid. A power outage in Quebec on March 13, 1989 was a blackout for nine hours due to the sunspots. (Google News)
Christopher Reeves wife Dana died at age 44 of lung cancer .

Academy Awards more than 15000 applied online for a lottery for the 622 free assigned seats. Microsoft has introduced a new search tool to help people get more relevant results for the search as they seek to compete with Yahoo and Google for search engine profits. Currently, they are 3rd behind Yahoo & Google. Tom Delay won his 12th Republican Nomination for the 22nd Congressional District in Texas.

March 8, 2006

Nine-year old Chinese girl has become China’s 10th human bird flu fatality. Divers in the South Pacific –about 900 miles South of Easter Island found a new animal . They say it looks like a lobster with furry blonde hair. French researchers have given it a new family and a new genus named Kiwa Hirsuta.

Polyamory is an alternative to polygamy—“relational living” like polygamy but with multiple partners—not one married to several wives but more like swinging with a fancy name.

Interesting article about Flight 93 that went down in Shanksville, PA. The article questions whether the guy Beamer who was on the cell phone with his wife said “Let’s Roll” or “Roll it” –i.e. a stewardess cart—with which they were going to smash in the pilots cabin door. Question also whether cell phone use was even possible above 8000 feet. Phone didn’t get through until they were lower.

Bigger question whether the plane crashed due to passenger uprising or actually shot down by military aircraft—given there was debris from the plane over 2 miles from the crash site—unlikely if it simply crashed. Near Indian Lake –a person found part of a plane seat—a burning plane seat was found on top of a cabin. Pieces of seat, small chunks of plastic, etc. This would not be in accord with a passenger uprising causing a crash—which would not leave material scattered all over. This writer is wondering if the Air Force in fact shot it down but the White House don’t want to acknowledge it for some reason. They want to make the American passengers heroes (Story BY Ted Rall, Yahoo).

New book entitled Game of Shadows scheduled for publication on March 27 documents alleged steroid use by Barry Bonds (Derrick Goold St. Louis Post Dispatch)

87% of people who died from lung cancer were smokers or former smokers. 13% are not. The wife of Christopher Reeves, Dana, was not a former smoker.

In the Enron Trial former CFO, Andrew Fastow, admitted to “cooking the books” (The Age, Google News)
Nine people were found asphyxiated in sealed cars –a group suicide in Japan. Charcoal burners were still smoking in the car with sealed windows when the bodies were found. Authorities think the six met over the Internet. More than 32,000 persons commit suicide in Japan in 2004. Gov. Schwaarzeneggar has decided to parole James Tramel, age 38, who was convicted of killing a homeless person in 1986 in Santa Barbara. Schwaarzenegger rejected parole a year ago, but the parole board has recommended him for release. If Schwaarzenegger does not review the case, Tramel will be released according to the recommendation. While in Prison Tramel became an ordained Episcopalian Priest. Tramel was a 17 year-old high school student at the time of the murder. He was sentenced to 15 years to life. Lance Armstrong helped comfort 13-year-old Will Reeve, son of the late Dana & Christopher Reeve. In the last 18 months he has lost his father, mother, and grandmother.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is being closed down, or will be closed down if the pop singer does not pay his employees and get his unemployment insurance back up to date. If it is closed the zoo will be taken over by the state. Katherine (or Catherine) Schulman, the producer of “Crash” says she is “flat broke” despite the success of the movie. She has had a series of legal battles with film people and most recently had to declare bankruptcy. Her father was a laser surgery professor at Yale.

The revolving satellite, Cassini, circulating around Saturn has detected signs of water on one of Saturn’s moons. IT appears to be a “geyser-like eruption” –ice particles and water vapor. It is the first time scientists have found evidence of water in liquid form so close to the surface on another body beyond earth.

An American who was among 4 Christian activists in Iraq taken hostage was found dead. The FBI verified the body found was that of Tom Fox, 54, of Fairbrook, VA

A NASA spacecraft successfully slipped into orbit around Mars. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter emerged from the planet’s shadow and signaled to the JPL in Pasadena that it had been successful (Alicia Chang, AP) .

George Bush says that in order to “win the war on terror we have to strengthen our friendships and relationships with moderates in the Middle East” Dubai services more military ships than any other country, and also shares useful information about terrorists. They also helped shut down a global black market nuclear network run by Pakistani nuclear scientist, says the White House Administration. Human rights critics say that UAE uses flogging as punishment for adultery or drug abuse.

IN the John Gotti trial, the jury came to another deadlock—hence his second deadlocked trial. There will be a third trial.

NASDAQ tried to purchase the London Stock exchange for 4.2 billion but London turned them down.

Around Traverse City, Michigan they say there’s been a decline in Moose population from about 1100 four years ago to about 450 now. There’s also been a decline in the Beaver population due to changing forest cover. In addition a tick infestation also made animals easier prey for wolves, along with a Parvo Virus outbreak. With less Moose for prey, the wolves are attacking each other as they go into territories not their own. Wolves are grouped by loyalty. They live together, hunt together, and protect each other.

USA beat South Africa 17-0 in the World Baseball Championship (WBC) in Scottsdale, AZ. Now they advance to the next round in Anaheim on Sunday, versus Japan.

President Bush said he was shocked and saddened to hear

that his former domestic policy advisor had been arrested on charges of theft by deception, by obtaining phony refunds at department stores. Allen, 45, was arrested Thursday in Maryland for claiming more than $5000 worth of refunds for merchandise he did not buy. He’s been under investigation for thefts at more than 25 Target and Hecht Stores.

The last of the F-14 Fighter Tomcats made their last flight. A squadron returned home from their final deployment in Iraq on Friday. The F 14’s had been glamorized in the 1986 movie “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise. They arrived in style at the Oceana Naval Air Station. The Tomcat will be replaced by the FA-18 Super Hornet. The F-14’s entered service in the early 1970’s.

March 11, 2006

Milosevic Slibodan, former Yugoslavian leader, was found dead. Also known as the “Butcher of the Balkans” he was awaiting trial for war crimes and was found dead in his jail cell, age 64. They say he died of natural causes but family members and others are demanding an “independent autopsy”. He was accused of waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing against non-Serbs. He was also facing genocide charges in Bosnia for allegedly overseeing the slaughter of 8000 Muslims.

March 9, 2006

The Dubai Companies scheduled to take over US ports have decided on their own volition that it would divest itself of all operations (Edward Chen, LA Times)

March 11, 2006

Son of a former OC assistant sheriff and two others were sentenced to jail for a videotaped sexual assault of an unconscious girl Gregory Haidl, age 20, son of former OC assistant Sheriff Don Haidl, and co-defendents Kyle Naichreiner, and Keith Spann(?), age 21,

The victim made herself watch the video so she could testify accurately. It happened on July 2002. Gary Silverstein had the lease on the WTC only a few months before it was destroyed. He has a 99 year lease which costs him 10 million dollars per month. He got over 4 billion in insurance following the terrorist attack, which may not be enough to rebuild in total. (Amy Westfeldt, AP)

The group that grades SAT scores, Pearson, made errors on a group of 4000 tests –which would not have been caught if a student had not requested a hand score—which costs $50. Then they realized they had erred on 4000 tests. April 9 is the Scissors, Rock, Paper contest at the Luxor Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Over 300 compete in the finals after having advanced from local contests around the country.

New show about polygamy starts tonight, called “Big Love”. A group against it “Tapestry Against Polygamy” says they see a lot of abuse within polygamous marriages, and don’t think it should be glorified. The producers spent time with Rulon Allred, a polygamist sect in Utah before putting the show together.

March 23-24, 2006.

David Lagrand is running for Michigan senator. He graduated from Calvin in 1988, and a law degree from University of Chicago in 1992. Worked at Warner, Norcross, Judd. For eight years was assistant Kent County Prosecutor. He opened the Wealthy St. Bakery at 610 Wealthy St in 2002 which now employs 25 people. He received numerous awards and national recognition. Born in Grand Rapids, MI on August 13, 1966. He has a wife, Melissa, and four children: John, Isaac, Helen, and Julia.

Bankruptcy judge Geraldine Mund, has cleared the way for Robert Blake's attorney to seek a new trial in regard to the wrongful death lawsuit that resulted in a judgment of $30,000,000 against him. The actor does not have enough to pay his back income taxes, said his attorney, let alone the 30 million dollar civil judgment.

Gunmen in Baghdad killed at least 15 Shiite pilgrims and wounded dozens of others.. LSU beat Duke in the March tournament, knocking out the top seed. Here's a flight to DC for $426. Booked a flight for $210 on NW airlines to DC from LAX.

Canadian hostage Singh Sooden marked his 33rd birthday in Baghdad after a daring morning rescue. He had been held hostage for.. ._________________he celebrated with a cake with a maple leaf on it--the symbol of his homeland Canada.

Popular charismatic minister was found shot to death in his Tennessee parsonage. The minister's wife, Mary WInkler, age 32, was charged and confessed to murder of her husband, a 31-year-old preacher, in the town of Selmer, TN.

The kids were at the house when the father was shot. Brianna, age 1, Mary Alice, 6, and Patricia, 8. 4th Street Church of Christ. He was a 3rd generation minister. His wife was a substitute teacher at an elementary school . They married in 1996 (story by Melissa Nelson, AP; Beth Rucker, McMInnville, TN; Woody Baird, AP; )

New study shows that people who get only six to seven hours of sleep per night have a lower death rate than those who get eight hours of sleep. Today, there was a protest about the potential legislation that may make it a felony for immigrants to be in the US illegally. Protests & walkouts in Los Angeles including Washington High. Black students jumped Hispanic students at Washington High.

In Phoenix, 10,000 demonstrators marched to the office of Senator John Kyl. Kyl was the co-sponsor of the bill that would give illegal immigrants up to five years to leave the country. Around 500 students at Huntington Park High walked out with Mexican flags, police cruisers behind them.

Personal bankruptcies increased by 30% last year, with many people urgently filing for bankruptcy before the deadline marking new legislation which makes it more difficult to declare personal bankruptcy in regard to credit card debt.

New Mars Probe has sent back its' first pictures of Mars, capturing objects as small as 25 feet across, but as soon as it gets into its mapping orbit it will be able to take pictures of objects as small as three feet across. One of the worlds oldest creatures, a giant tortoise believed to be about 250 years old, has died in the Calcutta Zoo where it spent more than half of its life. Addwita was the name of the turtle which means “the one and only” in local Bengalese language. Zoo officials say he was a gift for Lord Robert Clive of the East India COmpany who was instrumental in establishing British colonial rule in India.

As of June 30 Federal law requires school systems to prove that 100% of the teachers show competency in the subjects they teach to earn a new federal designation of “highly qualified.” Because of the national teacher shortage, school systems are struggling to find teachers and often have to offer positions to unlicensed teachers in the hardest-to-fill subject areas.

A former Woburn police officer in Cambridge MA was convicted of breaking into a female acquaintances house and raping her Paul Meany , age 44, broke into a 23 year old lady's apartment . The UCLA Bruins win 73-71 over Gonzaga in the NCAA basketball tournament. UCLA has not been in the Elite 8 since 1997. They play Memphis on Saturday. UCLA

Fire at a New Jersey horse farm killed two dozen horses, including 12 foals less than a month old.

March 19, 2006

Article about liability of allowing Iran to have nuclear capability. Some say it would be just like it was when Soviet Union, China, India, & Pakistan and other countries wanted nuclear capability. The initial response of the USA was negative but they eventually did accrue nuclear capability, simply defying the USA. Some say if Iran gets nuclear capability then Egypt & Saudi will want it too. The Bush administration says that allowing Iran to have nuclear capability would be near madness, especially since -_________Mahmoud _________ jaad became Iran's president. Israel, most experts think, does have nuclear capability but they have not admitted it yet.

11th seeded George Mason University beat 5th seeded UNC . George Mason also upset MSU earlier. NCAA had been criticized for allowing George Mason into the tournament.

Women with one breast larger than another may have a larger risk of developing breast cancer. Researchers now say that breast assymetry can be used as an independent factor in predicting breast cancer (Google Cuba had reached the championship game of an International Baseball competition 37 consecutive times. They've been in four championship Olympic games, 20 World Cups, and 12 inter-continental cups. Now they play Japan on Monday

March 20, 2006

Japan beats Cuba in World Championship Baseball

The Mousaai case--testimony by Samit, an FBI agent who said that his superiors ignored his warnings about Moousaii. He repeatedly warned them of a hijack attack and wanted to get more information about Moousaii and subpoena to get into his computer but was declined by the FBI.. Georgetown has two players from L.A. -Brandon Bouman and Ashanti Cook who played on the Westchester High team which won city & state championships in 2002. Connecticut's best player is junior point guard Marcus Williams who played for three seasons at Crenshaw High. Kenton Paulino plays for Texas--graduate of Fremont High. Washington which faces Conn on Friday has Bobby Jones who went to Dominguez and Poly High. Jamaal Boykin plays for Duke--came from Fairfax High.
Former Lynwood Mayor, Paul Richards II, was ordered Monday to serve nearly 16 years behind bars. Richards, a 50 year old former attorney was convicted in November of steering city contracts to a front organization that he secretly owned. Richards had been in office for 17 years, finally ousted by the Lynwood City Council on a 2002 recall election, amid allegations of corruption and cronyism. Richards sister, Paula Camilo Harris, of Altadena was sentenced to 16 years--as an accomplice. Last year a jury found former South Gate Mayor, Albert Robles, guilty of soliciting more than 1.8 million in bribes. In Carson, two former mayors and once city council member, were handed prison terms ranging from home detention to nearly six years in prison for a series of bribery schemes that cost the city more than 12 million. And in Compton former Mayor Omar Bradley was sentenced to three years in prison for misappropriating public funds.

Abdual Rahman has been charged with rejecting Islam and converting to Christianity, a crime under Afghanistan's Islamic laws. His trial started last week. He confessed to becoming a Christian 16 years ago. If convicted he could be executed but the court is saying he is mentally unfit to stand trial and if so he will not be prosecuted. The government is apparently looking for a way out of this matter because of the public protest it is causing around the world.

Students of the Tech Pan-Am flight school in Arizona helped train Hani Hanjour, in addition to Moousaui who was in jail on Sept 11. Margaret Chevrett, manager of the Jet Tech school , notified the FAA but they dismissed her concern. Hanjour is believed to have flown the jet liner into the Pentagon.

March 25, 2006

Country Singer Buck Owens died, Bakersfield CA. Seal hunting season begins in Canada--could kill up to 325, 000 seal pups. More than 500,000 marched in Los Angeles in protest to the potential federal legislation making it a felony to be an illegal immigrant. There's an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the USA. (story by Bob Jabolon and Kim Nguyen, AP).

UCLA beat Memphis 50-45--March Madness, advancing to the Final Four. LSU beat Texas 70-60 so they are also in the Final Four. UCLA plays LSU next Saturday. Bruins have 11 National Titles more than any other school, ten of them under John Wooden. This is their 16th Final Four appearance tying NC for the most ever. The Final Four games will be held in Indianapolis. John Thompson III is the coach of Georgetown. His father, former Georgetown coach was broadcasting across the court.

A gunman fatally shot six people at a private house party in Seattle before committing suicide in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The gunman left the party at 7 am and returned carrying a shot gun and a semi-automatic handgun which he began firing almost execution style without warning.

Starbucks coffee cups will soon be emblazoned with a saying by Rick Warren: “You are made by God and for God and until you understand that life will never make sense”

George Mason plays Florida on Saturday. Mason hadn't even won an NCAA final four game until this year--when they beat both MSU and NC this year, and now UConn, --they've beat the last two national champions.

European aircraft maker Airbus said that 32 people were hurt in a practice emergency evacuation. Despite the injuries Airbus claims the test was a success.

about Microsoft Windows --or Vista--backed up now to January of 2007. Microsoft attempts to make all new versions of windows compatible with old versions--therefore it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Apple does not try to make new versions compatible with previous versions. Estimated 26,000 students from LAUSD participated in rallies on Monday.

Students from Van Nuys, Santigao, Sylmar, Birmingham, and Taft--as many as 2000 combined from these schools and others gathered at the Van Nuys government center. The Miss Asia contest is April 29 at Glendale's Alex Theatre.

Caspar Weinberger passed away.

They've released some of the 911 dispatch recordings from the Sept 11 attack. Some of the advice from the dispatch operators was erroneous because they were not getting feedback from the fire department. In one of the towers--those below the 92nd floor were told to wait for the fire fighters even though the chief had given an unequivocal order to evacuate. Some of those who waited may have been able to get out if they had started moving right away. Those above the 92nd floor were trapped because the stairway had collapsed.

Representative Cynthia McKinney from Georgia was physically mistreated by one of the security guards at the capitol building as she entered. She sidestepped the metal detector which congress is allowed to do but they are supposed to have an ID card (which she didn't). She says, however, that at some point there should be facial recognition --and they didn't recognize her--she says they are discriminating against her because she's black.

Jill Carroll was coerced to make an anti-American video the day before she was released by terrorists.

March 28, 2006

Caspar Weinberger. Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission under Richard Nixon. Later Director of Office of Management and Budget. Secretary of the HEW under President Ford until 1975 when he left Washington for his native California. Later he returned as Defense Secretary for President Reagan in 1981.

New Brittney Spears monument with her naked having just given birth in a crouch -like position-=-on display in an art museum in Brooklyn.

Surgeons operated on a two-month old Pakistan girl Tuesday to remove two fetuses that had grown inside her while she was still in her mother's womb . Basically its a case of triplets but two of the siblings grew inside the other.

Coach John Wooden eats at VIPS in Encino every day. He is 95 years old. Kareem played on three of UCLA's Championship teams--'67, '68, and '69.

The mega church or “giga church” in Houston run by Pastor Osteen takes in a $ million per week in offerings. Cost the church $95 million to turn the Compaq Center into a church.

Sheriff Deputy shot in Long Beach--originally thought to be an accident by her own gun--now they think it was homicide.

Journalist Jill Carroll was released from captivity by her kidnappers in Iraq. Retired FBI agent was indicted on murder charges on Thursday for allegedly taking bribes from a mobster to provide inside information that led to the underworld slayings of four people in Brooklyn. Lindley Devecchio, age 65, was arrested

(story by Tom Hays, AP).

A ferry sank off the coast of Bahrain killing at least 44 passengers. McCloy , the one surviving miner from the West Virginia mine explosion had an interview with Matt Lauer, NBC. He lost 30 pounds of muscle, his vision is impaired, his balance is skewed. Just putting his shoes on is a basic daily trial. He can't remember what month it is.

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