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Plane From St. Louis to Kirksville MO crashed on Oct 19, 2004—killing 11 of the 13 aboard most of them medical staff—on their way to a conference. They have now determined that the crash was due to crew error—fatigue and unprofessional behavior in the cockpit—being too casual and social as they were descending –their descent was too quick and they hit trees prior to the runway.

Bush visits the NSA today—National Security Agency to give them a pep talk.

January 25, 2006---

A Scorpion lived for 15 months without air or water inside the plastic mold of a dinosaur fossil. IT was cracked open by a researcher—and the scorpion came scrambling out. Don Deblieux, a paleontologist for the Utah Geological Survey, said he was sawing open the plastic mold when the scorpion wriggled from a crack in a sandstone block. Scorpions are capable of surviving for months without feeding or moving in sleep period known as diapause said Richard Baumann, a Brigham Young biologist.
Providence RI : Richard Hatch—who won $1 million on the Survivor show—was found guilty of failing to pay taxes on his winnings. Story by Ray Henry (AP). He could receive 13 years in prison. He was also convicted of evading taxes on $327,000 he earned as co-host of a Boston Radio show and $28,000 in rent on property he owned. The sole survivor of the Sago mine explosion emerged from his coma Wednesday but still cannot speak. He is able to respond to simple commands and follow movements with his eyes. He is also able to chew.

Seven children from one family died Wednesday when a tractor-trailer rear-ended with their vehicle sandwiching it between the truck and a school bus. The car exploded upon impact. The driver was a fifteen-year-old gal—underage for driving, but she did have a driving permit and was doing nothing wrong at the time. Said Mike Burroughs of the Florida Highway Patrol. The kids ranged in age from 21 months to fifteen years old. There were no adults in the car. 15 year old Nichole Mann was at the wheel said Tina Mann, her aunt.

Isaiah Thomas is being sued for sexual harassment by a former Knicks executive—a 43-year-old girl, Brown Sanders, a former Northwestern Basketball star, who was terminated from her position. Tiger Woods made a land deal for 38 million off the Atlantic Ocean-- . He grew up in southern California. New study by FDA questions whether soy based food is more healthy than red meat. They found that neither soy nor the component isoflavone had anything to do with preventing breast, uterine, or prostrate cancer.

Columbia man accidentally shot his nephew to death while trying to cure his hiccups. He had pointed his revolver at his nephew to scare him when the gun accidentally went off. After shooting the 21-year-old university student David Galvan in the neck his uncle, Rafael Vargas, age 35, horrified by what he had done shot himself.

Convicted Killer Christopher Duncan, age 21, has been arrested in connection with the murder of American artist, Margaret Muller, who was stabbed in 2003 while jogging in Victoria Park. (Ananova News) Says he was already given life in prison for a previous murder, but doesn’t say why he was out and about committing another murder.

Religious groups are calling for an art exhibition showing naked women posing among fruit vegetables to be banned. Carla Bobadilla’s exhibit is made up of giant series of nudes amongst fruits vegetables in Chile. Some of them are explicit.

January 26, 2006

Hostage situation at a bank near Fresno CA ended without any deaths—some escaped, some were let go, and the final one was grabbed by sheriff’s deputies, without incident or gunfire.

Authorities said they discovered more than two tons of marijuana in a cross-border tunnel that began near the Tijuana airport and ended inside a warehouse on the USA side. IT had a cement floor and lights mounted on one side of the wall with a pulley system.

Kuala Lumpur—southern Malaysia—experts have been appointed to try to track down a giant beast—bigfoot like beast---which was allegedly spotted two or three times recently.

World News Tonight Correspondence Bob Woodruff and his cameraman Doug Vogt were seriously injured when their convoy was hit by an explosive in Taji, Iraq today. Both were hospitalized and are in stable condition.

January 27, 2006

Michelle Kwan—the ice skater—is getting another chance at the Winter Olympics. She has 5 World Championships and 9 U.S. Championships but no gold medal yet. She has won a silver (1998)and a bronze (2002) / . .. She’s 25 years old now. The last person to get a medical bye on to the Olympic Team was Nancy Kerrigan who bumped 13-year-old Kwan back in 1994. 7.7 earthquake hit Indonesia—around Bali—causing fears of tsunami, but a tsunami did not form.

January 28, 2006.

Hurricane Katrina refugees—rivals of gangs have been arrested for several murders in Houston—the gangs carried their turf battle to Houston. Andrew Rose and Lloyd Hollman both of Colorado –allegedly approached a local food contractor to discuss how they could inflate the number of meals served by FEMA workers in exchange for kickbacks.

Golfer John Daley is playing in Torrey Pines in San Diego—his wife just started a prison sentence for federal charges of conspiracy for her involvement in what authorities said was a drug illegal gambling operation. Her parents also received prison time. Yesterday was the anniversary of the Spaceship Challenger explosion. The Humuhumunukunukuapuaa fish in Hawaii has been dethroned as the state fish.

Mayor of Rancho Mirage California-admits he lied on his resume, Alan Seman claimed he had degrees from Northwestern University and New York University—as it turns out he was at Northwestern for a week in an army training program during WWII. And later he took a few retailing courses at NYU in 1946-47. He’s 81 years old. Nearly 11,000 Filipino children brushed their teeth—in an attempt to break a record for a simultaneous “brush off” and raise awareness about the problem of tooth decay.

The town of Washington, PA changed its name to Steeler PA for a month—a town of 15,000 people—a temporary change to show their support for the Steelers in the Superbowl. Britain’s Lewis Pugh reached sports “Holy Grail” becoming the first person to complete a long distance swim in the world’s five oceans—swimming from Bondi Beach in Sydney Australian—for six hours.
January 29, 2006

Leprosy Sunday. James Hansen—employee of NASA’s Goddard space studies—says the Bush Administration has tried to silence him ever since he spoke in favor of emission controls. In 1988 he warned publicly about the danger of long-term effects of emission pollution—in his speech at the University of Iowa he also mentioned that he would vote for John Kerry. ‘

Society for the Protection of Animals called for the president of China, Hu Jin Tao, to put an end to the cruel slaughter of dogs. UP to 10 million dogs are slaughtered every year—many of the killed slowly purportedly to enhance the meat’s flavor. Saddam Hussein trial resumed on Sunday—new chief judge—Raoul Abdel-Rahman evicted Hussein from the courtroom—after he yelled “Down with traitors, down with America” . One of the defense attorneys was evicted as well which caused the rest of the defense attorneys to leave in support of him. So the judge assigned new defense attorneys. Story in Yahoo News.

Augustine Volcano erupted again 40,000 feet into the air.

An off duty New York police officer was at a White Castle in the Bronx at 5 am—Eric Hernandez age 24—was assaulted in the restaurant –he chased the assailants into the parking lot with his gun drawn and captured one of them. He had his gun drawn and the assailant on the ground when police showed u p and thought that Hernandez was the assailant—and shot Hernandez. They shot him three times—he is now in the hospital in critical condition (story by Verina Dobnik, AP).

Roger Federer won his 7th Grand Slam Title (story by Paul Alexander, AP). He broke down in tears –after being awarded the trophy by Rod Laver, the former tennis great.

President Lady Bush are attending the alfalfa club dinner –the black tie event where people give humorous speeches.

New brain scan technology may be able to test for truthfulness like a polygraph. Robert Shapiro, the attorney, is endorsing the use of “fMRI’s” –which has not been used in court- nor perfected yet, although Shapiro says he would use it “tomorrow” if it were allowed. The name of the company is CEPHOS, Corp, founded by Steven Laken.Hamas radicals—won this weeks Palestinian legislative elections—a shocking surprise to the world. This group has a very low to non-existent priority about making peace with Israel.

January 29 through February 5, 2006

As of Jan 21, 2006 9282 of 16,548 injuries in Iraq were caused by IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). At least 894 of the 2242 deaths in Iraq have been from IEDs. For twenty-six years Joyce Urch of Coventry England was blind---from a diseasein 1979, --suddenly she had a heart attack not long agoshe had surgery and when she recovered she could see again.

Lake Forest, CA police say a man picking up his son for a supervised court visit was shot point blank twice by the boys 81 year old great grandmother. Alex Reyes was shot in the hip amp; head and died. The grandmother Jean Ellen Allen was arrested for murder.

Rather than switching to hydrogen as the replacement for fossil fuels, which would mean a trillion dollar upheaval, the writers of this article recommend switching to ethanol, which would only require minor retrofitting to todays cars and gas stations. A combination of 15% gasoline with 85% ethanol is called E85. Building a car that is E85 ready only adds about $250 to the cost, and some cars already can handle it. IN Brazil of the cars can already run on ethanol or gasoline. Right nowthere are 170,000 service stations in the U.S.Aonly 587 sell E85. The only publicly traded pure play ethanol maker Pacific Ethanol of Fresno plans to build five plants in California and has raised a total of $111 million including $85 million from Bill Gates.Brazil is already using 40% ethanol.

Ted Turner, the news magnate, says the USA is 10 years behind Brazil. Cellulosic Ethanol comes from corn stalks, grasses, tree bark, and various fibers that humans cant digestrefuting the argument that it will deplete our food source(although this is not fully ready yet)so some countries do deplete food sources such as sugar cane (in Brazil) for the purpose of fuel. (Story in FortuneMagazine. Com by Adam Lashinsky and Nelson Schwartz).

Baby Jessica who was rescued from a backyard well nearly 18 years ago was married in a private ceremony. She married Daniel Morales, age 32 .

Story about Tom Cruise and his training in Scientology says he spent a lot of time training in Gilman Springs near Hemet. He became close friends with Miscaviagethe highest-ranking person in Scientology. The church of Scientology has over 10 million members worldwide. Paula Mendea was arrested for killing her three small childrenshe left a note at the scene of the triple murder. Apparently she was depressed because her husband wanted a divorce.

Tiger Woods won the Buick Open.

Pistons are 37-5.In order for Pope John Paul II to become a saint he has to have performed two miracles. One is required to be considered, a second to be declared a saint. They say they have found possibly one miraclethe cure of a nun from Parkinsons Disease in France.U.S. Journalist Jill Carroll appeared weeping and veiled in a new videotape by Al-jazeera (Story by Paul Garwood, AP).

U.S. Military released a few women last Thursday in response to the demands of the kidnappers that the U.S. release all women captives.Jill Carroll is a freelance reporter for the Christian Science Monitor. She was seized on January 7 by the previously unknown Revenge Brigade. 72 mineworkers who were trapped in a Canada mine were brought to safety after being underground for 24 hours due to a fire.

Exxon Mobil recorded record profits the highest of any company ever with a total of 36.1 billion.

When Mike Holmgrens wife signed up for a medical mission to Africa she wasnt even thinking he might be in the Superbowl. So while his Seattle Seahawks are playing on Sunday she'll be in the Congo doing a medical mission. She started out as a medical missionary. Her daughter Caya is going with her.

Person opened fire at a Santa Barbara Post Office on Sunday night around 915 pm. not far from the University of California Santa Barbarathe shooter was believed to be a former postal employee.Ralphs Grocery store pled not guilty to charges that it illegally rehired 100s of locked out employees during a 139-day grocery strike two years ago. Story by Cortney Fielding, L.A. Daily News.

They say that Ralphs used false names and social security numbers to issue checks. If convicted, Ralphs and its parent company, Krogers, could face more than $100 million in fines.About 82,000 people are living on the streets of Los Angeles.

Documentary film called Margot about a young Pentecostal preacher/kid who started preaching at age 5. His parents took him on the circuit and he confessed that it was to make money. He said he stopped preaching around age 14 but returned to it later in lifethen decided to expose himself as a fraud, saying he did not believe what he preachedit was all for money (story by Hillary Rhodes, L.A. Daily News).

Rocky Delgadillo, Los Angeles City Attorney, is being criticized for outsourcing to legal counsel despite having 500 in-house attorneys. He spent $32 million on outside counsel. Critics are asking what the in-house attorneys are doing. ? Delgadillo defends the practice saying the citys liability payoffs have dropped due to outside counsel.

LAUSD students have to pass a year of high school geometry and algebra to graduatea higher requirement than beforehaving gone into effect in 2003. In the fall of 2004 48, 000 students took beginning Algebra, 44% failed. 17% finished with Ds. 29,000 got Ds or Fsthose who repeated in the classnearly 75% flunked again. Although LAUSD changed its policies statewide legislators made algebra a state requirement for 2004. Cal State Northridgethe largest supplier of new teachers to the LAUSD35% of the potential teachers earned Ds or Fs in math last year (story by Mitchell Landsberg, LA. Times).

January 31 2006.

Ben Bernanke was confirmed as the new federal reserve chairman. A woman who killed seven people at the Goleta post office near Santa Barbara is the latest in a string of shootings by US Postal workers.

In August 1986 postal worker Patrick Sherrill shot and killed fourteen fellow employees in Oklahoma. In November 1991, Thomas Mcilvaine killed four supervisors at a Michigan PO. In 1993 another postal worker killed 1 and wounded two others before killing himself at a Dearborn MI PO.The confirmation of Samuel Alito has gone through. He was sworn in as the 110th Supreme Court justice.

Clark Foam, an icon among surfers, suddenly closed its Orange County operation after producing an estimated 90% of the blanks used to craft custom made boards around the world. Clark produced about 250,000 blanks annually. The market for foam remains strong because surfboards are like tennis balls, eventually they wear out and feel dead. A high performance shortboard used every day may have to be replaced after four to six months.

Washington D.C. police officer killed herself in a 911 communications center. Francesca Barnes, age 43, is the third D.C. officer to die in recent weeks. A few weeks ago, Lt Keith Perry died of a heart attack, and four days prior to that Robert Schnoover was found in his car in Rock Creek Park apparently had killed himself.

Andrea Yates, the woman accused of drowning her children in the swimming pool left prisonfor a state mental hospital . She will have a retrial.Message from Lydia Laurens at UTLA. I just got a hole-in-one and now an Eagle. Half-ton bull named ;Little Birdie; jumped into the stands at a bullfight in Mexico Cityinjuring several people before it was killed.

NATO has withdrawn from the Pakistan earthquake siteafter having ;met their goals; winterizing the people. They flew 3778 tons of tents, blankets, stoves, amp; food, 168 flights. They treated almost 5000 patients and conducted 159 major surgical operations, while mobile medical teams treated an additional 3000 (plus) in remote villages. The NATO mission included British, Italian, Dutch, Chezch, Spanish, French, German, Poland, amp; Lithuanian forces.Thursday February 2, 2006.Saddam Hussein trial delayed again after Hussein refused to appear for the trial. The judge so evicted three other defendants for disorderly behavior.

Groundhog Day was yesterday. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. Bill Deeley opened the box in Punxsutawney, PAon Feb 1 or 2 (Wednesday?). (story by Dan Nephin, AP). This means there will be six more weeks of winter. The Germans believed that if a hibernating animal casts a shadow on February 2, the Christian day called Candelmas, winter will last another six weeks.
Februrary 3, 2006

THE LAUSD all-city band performed in Superbowl XI as well as Superbowl XVII. The jazz pianist son of late Italian dictator Benito MussoliniRamano Mussolini was 17 years old when his fascist father was strung up outside a gas station by Italians in April 1945.The Ferry that went down in the Red Sea had 1400 passengersat least 300 have been rescued, 103 dead bodies recoveredthe rest are still missing. The Ferry sank 40 miles off the coast of Egypt near the town of Safaga.

Six churches in Alabama were burned by arson. Three burned down the other three suffered damage. Of the six, five were all-white churches.

Now they are saying that the ferry that sank in the Red Seasank due to a fire in one of the vehicles they were transporting. The ship was listing to the side for more than two hours, but the main office never received a distress signal although another ship said they did hear a distress signal five minutes before it sank. The passengers said the crew tried to downplay the event telling them not to put on life jacketsso as to not cause panic. At least 73 were killed in a stampede in a stadium in Manila, Philippines as people were waiting to get into a game show (story by Nancy Jakarta, Pasig City) at the Philsport Arenamore than 30,000 were waiting, some for several days in hopes of winning a prize.

Story about Michigan doing investigations of school employees. Now they are doing mandatory checks for school employees to see if they have a criminal background. Margaret Trimer-Hartley spokeswoman for Michigan Education Assoc, says her office has been inundated by school employees who say they have not committed any of the crimes that their criminal check says they have.

Tina Van Sickle, a middle school teacher and varsity cheerleading coach says she has never even gotten a speeding ticket but the letter her superintendent received said she had seven misdemeanors and one felony for breaking-and-entering. The school district can conduct their own criminal checkif the search produces no matches as was the case with Van Sickle then the employees innocence has been proven. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan says some false positives have occurred due to stolen social security numbers or same name matches. (story by Marisa Schultz, Detroit News)

18 year old suspect in the hatchet attacks at the Massachussetts gay bar was captured Saturday after a gun fightJacob Robida killed an Arkansas police officer after a traffic stop, as well as the woman in the car with him, as police closed in. Robida died after being in critical condition. Robida was a high school dropout whose friends said glorified Nazism. After the attack on the gay bar Robida picked up Jennifer Bailey at her Charleston, W VA homethey were driving through N. Arkansas when Officer Jim Sell pulled them over for a traffic infraction Robida shot and killed Sell. He drove onward hit a spike strip blowing his tireshe continued to drive with two flat tires into Norfolk VAwhere he smashed into a few cars trying to avoid the police, then he got into another shootout with police and shot and killed the woman in the car with him.

A man considered a mastermind of the USS Cole bombing that killed 17 sailors in a Yemeni port in 2000 was among 23 people who escaped from a Yemen prison last week.They dug a 140-yard long tunnel. Jamal al-Badawi was among those who escaped. He was sentenced to death in 2004.Riot at a maximum security prison (containing five jails that houses about 4000 inmates)) in Castaic CA forty miles northwest of Los Angeles left one inmate dead and more than 100 injured including 20 hospitalized with serious injuries (Andrew Dalton, AP). About 2000 inmates were involved in the riot that lasted about an hour at the North County Correctional Facility.

Islamic RadicalsSyrians in Damascus set fire to the Danish embassy as protests over the caricature of Mohammad the founder of Islama cartoon depicting Mohammad with a turban resembling a bombfirst appeared in a Danish Daily Newspaper, then in a Norwegian Christian Newspaper, then to Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy, Jordan, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, New Zeeland, Norway amp; Poland.Arab countries are now boycotting Danish goods and may do so with other countries as well.

Derrick Brodie, age 42, of Asbury Park NJ was arrested for allegedly sending 100s of anthrax hoax letters as well as a threat of WMD.Story about a 21 year old man by the name of Elio Carrion played high school basketball and had perfect attendance at Montclair High School in 2002 , worked for the nurses office who said he was a "conscientious young man." He joined the Air Force after he graduated. He was a U.S. Air Force Security Officer recently returned from service in Iraq. He is listed in good condition; at a hospital in Colton. Carrion and another man were in a blue Corvette which according to the police reached speeds of up to 100 mph. They were chased by the officer who told Carrion to get down on the ground and then allegedly told Carrion to stand up. As Carrion stood up the officer fired. Apparently much of it was captured on videotape. story by Michelle Keller, Mitchell Landsberg, amp; Ashley Powers, amp; Susanna Rosenblatt, and John Spano (also Lance Pugmire amp; Matt Lait )

Joaquin Phoenix, the 31-year-old actor, was in a car wreck on Laurel Canyon on Thursday overturning his car, claiming the brakes failed. The first person to respond was a Director by the name of Werner Herzog. Phoenix was not injured.LAPD officer Steve Garcia who shot Teenager Devin Brown after Brown started backing the car up towards the officer claimed he shot in self-defense, but others say if it was in self-defense how could the officer have shot Brown from the side? The incident occurred on February 6 (story by Richard Winton and Rong Gong Lin II, L.A. Times) .

Lawsuit concerning name of Anaheim Angels v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim still has not been settled.Movie called Burning Spear about the missionary in Ecuadort. True story about 5 American missionaries who were killed in 1956 by an indigenous tribe in Ecuador. The kids of some of the missionaries later went back to the tribe and befriended them and Christianized them. This is the movie they showed at the Crystal Cathedral. Now it has become controversial because the lead actor, Chad Allen, is openly homosexual and advocates the gay lifestyle. Some Christian groups are objecting to it. The film was made by Every Tribe Entertainment, an evangelical film making company. Kevin Bauder, president of Central Baptist Seminary in Minneapolis says that What they have done is not mistake, it is a calculated strategy

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