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Judge Alito supports unitary executive theory meaning the president is given power much more than normal.45 year old man who spent more than half of his life in prison will be released after DNA evidence provided significant doubt about his guilt. Hillsborough County State Attorneys Office said it would support a defense motion to vacate Alan Crotzers 1982 convictions and 130 year prison sentence after carefully weighing all available evidence significant doubt exists as to [Crotzers] guilt

In 1968 Helicopter Pilot Hugh Thompson flew into the thick of what he thought was a fierce battle going on only to find out that a massacre was going on woman, children, and elderly men at the hands of U.S. Soldiers. Horrified he landed his helicopter between his soldiers and civilians and ordered his men to fire upon any Americans who continued shooting, called for backup, and rescued victims, digging through corpses to rescue one child. A Year later the public found out about it and it became infamous as the My Lai massacre, exposed by Journalist Seymour Hirsch. But Thompson who died last week of cancer at age 62 received no honors. He was made a pariah. When he walked into officers club people left. He got threatening phone calls. Dead animals were left on his porch. When he was called to give closed congressional testimony a senior lawmaker said that if anybody deserved to be court martialed it was him.

Ultimately only one officer, Army Lt, William Calley, was convicted, spending three hours under house arrest before Nixon pardoned him. In 1998 after a book and CBS 60 Minutes told of Thompson’s courage, the Pentagon was shamed into giving him and his crew the Soldiers Medal, the highest medal for bravery not involving conflict with the enemy. (Yahoo Opinion article from USA Today, no author named).

January 14, 2006

American air strike on what they thought was al-Zawahiri turned out to be due to false information and Pakistanis say only children and women were killed. The Augustine Volcano in Alaska erupted three times this week (story by Jeanette Lee) in Homer Alaska snow mixed with ash fell on communities south of Anchorage. It had not erupted in twenty years. By Saturday it had erupted at least eight times.

Insurance salesman Edward Schiller from Framingham, MA (?) was found shot in the back, in his car dead in the village of Newton which for two years has been voted the safest city in the USA. The chief trial judge Rizgar Anin in the Saddam Hussein trial has submitted a letter of resignation indicating he does not want to continue as the chief trial judge but would remain on as a tribunal judge. He’s the only judge who has been named and who has appeared on video. Two of Hussein’s defense attorneys have been killed.

NASA Stardust probe , landing in the Utah desert, parachutes deployed properly , as well as the location beacon, unlike the Genesis spacecraft which smashed into the Utah desert in Sept 2004. It actually collected seven years of stardust. Writer (Cynthia Tucker) of article re black thug culture being more of a danger to black America than lingering institutional racism says the ubiquitous droopy pant look drew its inspiration from jail procedures where men are stripped of their belts upon arrest (Cynthia Tucker, page editor of Atlantic Journal Constitution).

In terms of getting some of these 2,000,000 documents uncovered in Iraq translated Peter Hoekstra of Michigan asked for 40 of the documents and Negroponte could not provide them. They are supposed to be downloadable with a serial number of key terms, but only 50,000 of them have been translated now they are talking about releasing them all to the public for vetting. The ones that have been translated are on a forensic computer that can rapidly separate wheat from chaff in terms of searching for key words the current drawback is that the computer forensics field is dominated by a law enforcement mindset which means the approach to the digital media is still very linear One officials says that as much as we overestimated WMDs it appears we underestimated Saddam Hussein’s support for trans-regional terrorists.

A lot of these documents contain strong evidence that there were terrorist ties to Saddam Hussein. Throughout the 1980s during the eight year Iran-Iraq War Hussein cast himself as a holy warrior in his public rhetoric to counter the claims from Iran that he was an infidel his posturing continued during and after the first Gulf War in 1990-91. Hussein famously ordered Allahu Akbar (meaning God is Great) added to the Iraqi flag. Internally he launched the 5th campaign which according to leading Hussein scholar Amatzeia Baram included the imposition of Sharia, Islamic law. According to Baram the Iraqi president initiated laws forbidding the public consumption of alcohol and issued orders for enhanced studying of the Koran at all educational levels, including Baath party branches (story by Stephen Hayes, senior writer at the Weekly Standard).
January 15-21, 2006

The ruler of Kuwait died today. Amir Sheikh Jabbr al-ahmad al-sabah, and the new ruler was crowned almost immediately. The sheikh had ruled for 28 years. The next in line is the crown prince Sheikh Saad al-Abdullah al-Sabah. Story by Abeer Allam, Google News. Main writer was Michael Slackman. Article in the British Weekly Science Journal Nature says that global warming has wiped out 2/3 of the species of unique frogs that inhabit the cloud forest of Central America.

Now they say that al-Zarquawi was supposed to be at that home in Pakistan but skipped dinner, sending aides instead. They say perhaps 11 of the dead may have been extremists. Sen. John McCain defended the strike while apologizing for collateral damage.

Walter Cronkite lives in Pasadena CA and he retired in March 1981 says he regrets stepping down on his 65th birthday regretted it every day since then. And says we should pull out of Iraq. .. Venus Serena Williams both playing in Australian Open Venus is already out lost in the first round. To Tsvetana Prionkova while Serena struggled to stay alive with a win over Li Na from China.

First woman president in Liberia being sworn in today First Lady Laura Bush will be there. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a Harvard educated economist is being sword in as Liberia’s new president (Monday). Liberia’s poverty rate is 85% and illiteracy is 80%. And in Chile---they elected their first woman president Michelle Bachelet as president (socialist). Chilean voters made history Sunday. January 16, 2006 President Bush visited the National Archives to view the Emancipation Proclamation..

The trial of Andrea Yates who was convicted of drowning her five children was recently reversed, because a prosecutor said right before she allegedly killed them she watched an episode of Law Order in which a woman drowned her children in the bathtub. The prosecutor mentioned this to the jury, but as it turns out, no such episode ever aired. Dietz, the prosecutor, admits he was mistaken. The appeals court said this testimony could have affected the judgment of the jury. (story by Yahoo, no writer named).

Excellent article entitled Death From Above opinion article about use of unmanned weapons drones or drone planes shooting missiles long distances several times by U.S. killed innocent civilians and did not eliminate the intended target for example 40 cruise missiles at a restaurant in Baghdad- killing only a few families not Hussein, and most recently an attempt to kill Zawahiri, which failed (although may have gotten some of his assistants). .. prior to that eight days earlier there was another failed attempt. More than 3200 people are missing from Katrina unaccounted for nearly five months later.

Story by Nicholas Von Hofman entitled Monetary Zombies saying that 2005 is the first year since the great depression that Americans have spent more money than they earned. He says something like this happened in Japan about 15 years ago when banks had lent trillions to companies unable to repay their debts or even keep up on the interest. The size of these bad loans would have put Japan into bankruptcy except for an arrangement that worked out with all interested parties to freeze everything. The banks agreed not to demand the money they were owed by the companies and the Japanese government pretended that the banks were still solvent. As a result the Japanese companies prevented from regaining strength due to the cathartic benefits of bankruptcy floated in a chilly world of zombie companies and financial institutions on life support. Companies had just enough cash to keep going but not enough capitol to expand and develop. He said that if individuals and families continue to spend more than they make millions more may end up in the land of the living dead. We are seeing early signs of zombie syndrome he contends.

One survivor of the Hungary Plane crash he managed to use his cell phone to call his wife and walk through knee-deep snow to safety. He was in satisfactory condition after suffering head injuries and burns. Martin Farkas called his wife Farkasova.

The arrest clearance rate means the percentage of cases for which police arrest an identified suspect for homicides nationwide the arrest clearance rate has dropped about 60% compared with 90% fifty years ago. A murderer has 40% chance of avoiding arrest today. Clearance rate for forcible rape is 42%, for robbery 26%, 13% for burglary and motor vehicle theft. In Boston the homicide clearance rate was at 28% in 2004. The total annual arrests have jumped from 3.3. million in 1960 nationwide to 14 million in 2004. The U.S. imprisons more of its citizens than any other country in the world. (article by Scott Christiansen)

Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans said that God is mad at America and that the hurricanes are evidence of that; He also says we are in Iraq under false pretenses. He is angry at the African Americans for not taking care of themselves, and promises that New Orleans will be a chocolate city majority African American that’s the way God wants it to be, cant have it no other way (sic).

Clarence Ray Allen was executed at San Quentin last night. Lakers beat Miami Heat 100-92.Shaq and Kobe embraced each other, saying bygones are bygones. Workers building a boat ramp at Indiana’s Charleston state Park have uncovered the remains of a 4000 year old kitchen which American Indian tribes may have used in preparation of their winter food supply.

Angela Keathley age 26 pled guilty to disorderly conduct and obstruction of a police officer in a November 6 fight when she was caught in a bathroom stall and accusations were that she was having sex with another female cheerleader in the stallthe other cheerleader, Victoria Thomas, denies the accusations. She had pled not guilty to giving a false name, battery, and unlawful display of a license.

January 20 2006

Two more miners trapped fire in the mine 100 miles away from the Sago Mine. Fire broke out. No word yet whether alive or dead (they were found dead).

Movie entitled Son of Man promoted as the first black Jesus movie portrays Christ as a modern revolutionary, trying to overturn the notion of Jesus Christ being European with fair hair and blue eyes. Director Mark Dornford-May said we wanted to look at the Gospels as if they were written by spin doctors, and strip that away and look at the truth. The truth is that Christ was born in an occupied state and preached equality at a time when that was not very acceptable . Dornford-May says he subscribes to Christ’s teachings without necessarily believing he is the son of God. (story in Reuters, no writer named).

January 21, 2006

Bin Laden issued a new warning of a possible new attack. The New Horizons spaceship to Pluto blasted off on a ten-year trip to Pluto traveling at 36, 000 mph. Stardust space capsule returns to earth carrying 7 years of space dust collected throughout the universe.

A group angered by US Supreme Court decision that sided with a Connecticut city that wanted to seize homes for economic development is trying to seize one of Justice David Souters homes to turn it into an Inn called Lost Liberty Hotel. They submitted enough petition signatures only 25 were needed to bring it before voters in March .. and are rallying for more support in Souters home town of Weare, New Hampshire this weekend. Organizer Logan Clements is from Los Angeles.

New weight loss drug called Alli , over the counter is supposed to block the absorption of fat intake, which will be passed off instead in ones stools. This one will do about half as much as its prescription drug sister. Chris Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. rapper was shot and killed on March 9, 1997 after a party at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. His family sued civil lawsuit contending the killing was connected to former LAPD officers David Mack and Rafael Perez. They lost the civil Law suit but it subsequently became clear that officer Steven Katz had a transcript of some remarks indicating that Mack Perez were linked to the killing, so the judge has ordered a 1.1 million dollar payment to the family of Notorious B.I.G. and there is going to be a retrial.

A northern Bottle-nosed Whale swam up the Thames River tried to beach itself. They tried to save it , put it on a cargo boat and headed towards the ocean when suddenly it had massive convulsions and died. Black-teenagers get a much larger hit from smoking cigarettes than whites--. Black smokers take in 30% more nicotine per cigarette and take more time to rid their body of the absorption said Dr. Nora Volkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Black teens were left with more Cotonine which is produced when the body breaks down nicotine.

The whale that was lost in the River Thames died yesterday. 20 foot long northern Bottle nose lifted on to a barge, toward the North Seawhale struggled with the effects of being out of the water.Juliana Barbasa about a school in Fresno that is canceling a elective philosophy class re Intelligent Design due to legal pressure parents sued .. the class was being taught by a ministers wife. Frazier Mountain High.

Augustine Volcano erupted again on Tuesday morning sending an ash plume 8 miles into the air.

[Sickest Story of the Year] Frankfurt Germany story by Bernhard Winkler Reuters Newsabout the man who cut off his penis and tried to eat it with another fellow. The fellow who allowed him to die and then tried to eat him his name is Armin Meiwes, 44, sentenced in January 2004 to 81/2 for manslaughter but the German court of appeals said the judges had been too lenient and ordered a retrial. Meiwes admitted to killing Berlin based computer specialist Bernhard Juergen Berndes, 43, but was spared a murder conviction and a possible life sentence because the victim had demanded to be eaten. Meiwes, the accused, told the court that he severed Berndes penis at his request and that both had tried to eat it without success. Brandes steadily lost more blood and eventually lost consciousness at which point Meiwes decided to pray I didn’t know whether I should pray to the devil or to God believing his victim to be dead he plunged the knife into Berndes neck, only realizing when he reviewed the video tape later that Berndes was still faintly breathing.

Psychiatrists found that Meiwes was deeply disturbed but not insane. Meiwes told the court last week that he had earlier released four other potential victims who had changed their minds at the last minute and he initially drove Berndes home after the victim appeared to lose his nerve, (but apparently changed his mind). Meiwes had been in contact with over 400 people who claimed they wanted to be slaughtered but most of them were not prepared to go through with it.

Indian man who was believed dead caused panic when he returned causing villagers to believe he had come back as a ghost in New Dehli. The children screamed ghost ghost and locked their doors when Raju Reghuvansi returned from jail to his village of Mandla in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. Even his own brothers fled when he appeared. Now villagers and family members have ostracized him and have demanded that he prove he is not a ghost.

The New Horizons probe was due to take off in an unmanned Atlas Five space rocket . The vehicle will be flung into space on top of an Atlas Five Space rocket propelled by 3 million pounds of thrust reaching top speed of 36,000 mph.Feb 2007 it will pull the gravity pull of Jupiter to pick up speed and slingshot itself towards Pluto. The entire spacecraft operates on natural decay of 24 pounds of plutonium pellets. A launch disaster could scatter deadly plutonium across Florida. Pluto was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh an astronomer in Arizona named after the Roman god of the underworld by Venetia Berneya British girl living in Oxford who got her grandfather to call scientists and suggest the name. In just a brief 1/20 of a second people make a judgment about an Internet site.

The New York Jets hired Eric Mangini, age 34, as head coach making him the youngest in the NFL. The two Thai fishermen who pled guilty to killing Katherine Horton the British woman on vacation have been sentenced to death despite the mother of Horton saying she would rather not have them put to death. Katherine was on her cell phone talking to her mother when they attacked. The last thing her mother heard was a scream.

The couple who put a finger in a bowl of chili and tried to extort Wendys---Ana Ayala and her husband Jaime Plascensia were sentenced to nine years in jail. Last time New York City Resident Alan Poster saw his corvette it was blue forty years later he’s a little more gray and his car is silver. The 1968 Corvette was stolen from him in January 1969. It was stolen from him at a parking garage.

Candace Dickinson was fined $355 dollars for driving in the carpool lane alone but she argued that since she was pregnant there were two passengers in the car. The judge denied her argument.

Mayor Ray Nagin apologized for making the comment that New Orleans would be chocolate once again. Pray for nixmary the girl who was beaten to death. .. in New York. Mayor Newsmonof San Francisco says that the cable car operators are pocketing the $5 fares he’s ridden the cars with sunglasses and hat and noticed that some of them do not issue receipts. The operators gripmen earn $26 per hour. Mayor noted that the cable cars were running $4 million in the red.

Army interrogator officer Louis Welschhofer Jr. was found guilty of negligent homicide when he put a sleeping bag over an Iraqi Generals head and allowed him to suffocate. Attorneys for Welschofer said that he believed that the general had information that would break the back of the whole insurgency but prosecutors said that Welschofer treated Major General Abed Ahmed Mowhoush worse than you would treat a dog. He could be sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison and dishonorably discharged.

Miss Oklahoma won the Miss America contest in Las Vegas. Entertainment correspondent Isaac Mizrahi at the 63rd annual Golden Globes an E! correspondent wondered if he was being playfully outrageous or just plain offensive as he groped Scarlett Johannsens breast, looked down Terry Hatchers dress, and asked Eva Longoria about her pubic hair. The gay fashion designer didn’t mean to offend anybody said network CEO Ted Harbert.(story by Solvej Sehou, AP).

January 22, 2006

Andy Roddick was defeated at the Australian Open. Reno Nevada Two kids who survived alleged five-year imprisonment. Carson city Sheriff Ken Furlong says a sixteen-year-old gal weighed about 40 pounds and her eleven-year-old brother weighed about 30 pounds –after having been locked in a bathroom whenever the parents went out and sometimes all night long—they were extremely emaciated. The grandmother, mother, and the mother’s boyfriend were jailed on suspicion of child abuse. . (Story by Martin Griffith, AP).

The victim of a hit-and-run incident in Aliso Viejo was in a medically induced coma—in critical condition, but they were optimistic that he would make it. After yelling at a silver BMW in a parking lot in Aliso Viejo he was run over. The cars owner Morteza Bakhtiari, age 26, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder with bail set at 1 million dollars.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Corp. –Disney is considering buying out Apple’s Pixar motion pictures . (and in fact they did). IN 1986 Steve Jobs heard that his friend, George Lucas , was trying to sell his computer graphics operation. When Jobs visited Lucas Film he was amazed at the high-resolution images he saw on the computer screens. He bought the company for 10 Million . They say this was the savviest investment of his career---which led to him becoming a billionaire.

Article entitled “How Playboy can Score in India” about—how Playboy is trying to get their magazine into India—a very anti-pornography country—even soft-core pornography is frowned upon or illegal. Playboy plans to sell their magazine as a sport and culture magazine, not nudity, but they note that other parts of the body have become eroticized—such as the hand, armpit, back and neck.
January 24, 2006

Actor Chris Penn , brother of Shawn Penn, was found dead in a condominium at a beach in Santa Monica—40 years old. . Chris Penn has been in Mulholland Falls, Rumble fish, All the Right Moves, Footloose, and Rush Hour, and Reservoir Dogs. His late father Leo Penn directed TV shows. His mother Eileen Ryan is an actress whose credits include “I am Sam” , Magnolia, and Parenthood.

Wyoming Ranch with no connection to the University of Pittsburgh has given the school a 4700-acre parcel of land “littered with dinosaur fossils”. The university plans to maintain the land valued at 7 million dollars for students and researchers in geology. Allen Cook of Wyoming said he was getting ready to sell part of it but decided to donate it instead.

Kanye West with a crown of thorns on top of his head poses as Jesus Christ in the upcoming cover of Rolling Stones magazine. West, says he’s “addicted to pornography” –he remembers first seeing his father’s Playboy Magazine when he was five years old.

Pamela Anderson requested the governor of Kentucky , Ernie Fletcher, take down the statute of Col. Sanders from KFC, at the Capitol Bldg. Saying she thinks that Sanders is a symbol of cruelty to chickens. Fletcher contends, however, that Sanders is a Kentucky icon and that his success story has been an inspiration to many.

Daycare Center in Germantown Maryland an eight-year-old boy shot a seven-year-old girl in the arm, hitting her but not killing her. The boy’s father is a convicted felon with a long list of convictions..the boy had bragged that he had access to guns. .1/3 or more of U.S. households keep a loaded gun in their home. .Alberto Gonzalez U.S. Attorney General spoke at Georgetown University yesterday, making an argument for the use of eavesdropping.

Many of the students stood up and turned their backs to him, Somebody held up a sign that said, “For those who would sacrifice liberty for security—they deserve neither”—a quote from Benjamin Franklin. The northern Bottlenose Whale in London died of dehydration—because it was without food for several days--.. These whales obtain water from their food—which is mostly squid at the bottom of the ocean. It couldn’t feed in the North Sea or Thames River—meaning it was without water.

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