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January 3, 2006

Two small Christian colleges assert tentative claims that the wardrobe they own was a former wardrobe of Narnia Author C.S. Lewis. Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA, and Wheaton College outside Chicago, IL, both have a wardrobe which apparently were both owned at one time by C.S. Lewis. The one owned by Westmont College fits the description of the Lion,Witch,Wardrobe story more closely than the one owned by Wheaton (story by Steve Chawkins, L.A. Times ).Texas defeats USC in the Rose Bowl 41-38

January 4-15, 2006

(not necessarily Chronological)They say that African Americans have a much higher children out of wedlock rate, .. they say that when children’s parents stay married, the kids, regardless of color, will do about the same, all things equal. Across the board. Marriage is the Great Equalizer Most important, children who are raised by their married biological parents do better across every measure of economics, social, health, and educational well being than children raised in other family arrangements In fact when comparing families of similar socio-economic status, these black children have similar outcomes as their white counterparts. (by Roland Warren, USA Today).In 1890 80% of black families with children were headed by married couples, according to sociologist Andrew Billingsley. That figure has dropped to 39%.(Roland Warren is the president of the National Fatherhood Initiative).

Most new cars are now equipped with Event Data Recorders (EDRs), like a black box in an airplane, they record data such as speed, braking, use of seatbelts,etc. A lot of new car buyers are unaware that these boxes exist in their car. The question about the legality of it is just starting to come up will it be allowable in court as evidence? No federal laws have been made yet. New computer chips RFID, smaller than a grain of rice and can last up to 100 years, can be injected under the skin of a person’s hand. They are similar to what veterinarians inject into pets for lost pet purposes.

Conservationists sued the Fish Wildlife Service trying to protect the Blue Butterfly. They want the agency to declare the Sand Mt Blue Butterfly an endangered species because it is being destroyed in the only place it is known to live. The Sand Mt. Recreation Area in western Nevada which attracts 50,000 off roaders motorcycles, dune buggys, and ATVs annually. The butterfly depends on a unique shrub, the Kearney Buckwheat, which covers about 1000 of the 4700 acres, and is found nowhere else. Marcus Vick, Virginia Tech QB, was dismissed from the team on Friday after a replay showed that Vick stomped on the left calf of Louisville All American defensive end Elvis G(D?)umervil during the Gator Bowl. No penalty was called. Vick claimed it was accidental and that he apologized but Gumervil says no apology was given. He was also driving with a suspended license, which had been taken away because of reckless driving and marijuana possession earlier.

Pat Robertson says that Ariel Sharon’s illness is deserved because of what he did with Israel, dividing the land and giving some of it to the Palestinians. He said that shouldn’t have been done. He quoted the book of Joel in defense (Story by Alan Cooperman, Seattle Times). (Later, Pat Robertson apologized to the family of Sharon)

Lou Rawls, the gospel /blues singer, died at the age of 72.Story about actress Lindsay Lohan, who came to fame as a child in the re-make of the movie, The Parent Trap. Apparently, she has a freckled face. She was born in New York. Her father, an investment banker, spent four years in prison for a violent crime as well as financial drug problems. She’s only 19 years old, and confessed to having struggled with bulimia. She also starred in the remake of the Herbie movie (Herbie Reloaded).

The Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago burned down. They say it was a landmark church where Gospel Music originated Thomas Dorsey , considered the father of Gospel music, perfected his soul/gospel music there. British aide worker and her parents held hostage for two days by Palestinian militants in the increasingly lawless Gaza Strip were freed unharmed. They are being kept in a safe house in Jerusalem.

Kate Burton and her parents Hugh Helen were kidnapped by a group calling itself the Mujahadeen Bayt al-Maqdes Brigade (Story in The Weekend Australian)Australian woman has become famous for her ability to paint with her breasts. She says she applies the paint to her breasts and leans on to the campus, or applies the paint to the canvas and leans into it with her breasts and signs every painting with her nipple. She says she has to take a shower every time she changes colors.

An Australian woman was killed by a shark in Melbourne Australia, near an island near the city of Brisbane near in Queensland State.Word of the year voted in by the American Dialect Society is truthiness meaning not total truth just feel good truth.Ehud Olmert is the acting Israeli prime minister until March 28 election. Southeast Asia earthquake7.7 that took place several months ago left 3 million homeless, and 12 million square mile area killed 87,000 .. three months ago-(Oct 7/). (AP Zararkhan and En-lai Yeoh and Matthew Pennington contributed to the story).A new Deyoung Museum in San Francisco

January 9, (continued)

Alito portrayed himself as the product of a modest Italian immigrant family that once experienced discrimination. He said his father had trouble getting a job as a schoolteacher because of his ethnic background.

In Dec. 2001 Arnold broke six ribs and was hospitalized for four days after a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles. That happened when a car stopped in front of him and he was unable to change lanes to avoid the vehicle. His ribs were broken when his chest hit the motorcycle windshield. William Buckley writes an article entitled Praiseworthiness about being too sarcastic or cynical or denigrating things that are sacred or semi-sacred. Forms of impiety.

Marcus Vick was arrested on firearms charges misdemeanor three counts allegedly waving a gun at some kids at a McDonalds parking lot. He turned himself in after warrants were issued. Article about the problem of type 2 diabetes in E. Harlem which is due not only to genetics but also to behavior.. Type 1 is due solely to genetic disposition.

Alito confirmation hearings continue Alito began by pitching himself as having made it despite some hardships, although both parents were college educated professionals, albeit his father was a immigrant. To which Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said, "Just as we do not hold the son responsible for the sins of the father, neither can we credit the son for the courage of the father."

Arlen Specter pointed out that formerly anti-choice nominees, Kennedy, O’Connor, Souter, evolved into the Roe-reaffirming authors of Planned Parenthood v Casey. What Specter didn’t say was that none of these three Republican appointed judges crafted a national anti-abortion strategy, as Alito did in the Reagan administration, but boasted of his deep belief that Roe v Wade should be overturned as Alito did in his 1985 job application.

Governor Schwarzenaager does not have the proper endorsement on his drivers license to operate a motorcycle. The police did not ticket him because they arrived after the incident. Instead they referred the findings to the LA. City Attorneys Office which would decide if the Governor should be cited by infraction.

Article about book entitled Million Little Pieces by Frey and endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. Now it appears that it might have been partially fiction, although passed off as a reality story but they cant find evidence of it having actually happened,--no mug shot. (Story by Author Adam Kirsch He Wrote What They Wanted, just like reality TV))

Person who discovered LSD ( Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) Albert Hoffman is 100 years old now lives near the Jura Mts. in Switzerland .. he discovered in 1938 while studying the medicinal uses of a fungus found on wheat other grains at the Sandoz Pharmaceutical Firm. (story by Sam Cage, AP).

Border Patrol agents discovered a 35-foot long tunnel underneath the Mexican-USA border. They only discovered it because the road above it caved in on top of the tunnel. More than a dozen tunnels have been discovered along the southwest border in recent years. IN 2003 they found a tunnel that originated in a private house in Mexico and ended in a parking lot on the U.S. side. Story about Europe and the birthrate decline because they are not having enough children to replace the population they have now. (article entitled Is God Dead in Europe? by James Gannon USA Today)

Massachusetts Attorney General, Thomas Reilly, disclosed this week that he was arrested for public intoxication, more than four decades ago, but was never charged (story by Rafael Lewis, Boston Globe). Reilly shows a strong advantage in the polls leading up to next years Democratic nomination for governor. Reilly said, “You make mistakes and you learn from your mistakes. Its what you do with them and how you handle them. I made this mistake more than 40 years ago, and never made that mistake again.” Reilly said he and five friends were standing outside a bar and drinking beer in Falmouth Cape Cod community. A Police Officer saw them and arrested all six of them, who were held over night but not charged. Reilly says he was not holding a beer at the time but acknowledged that he and his friends were on the wrong side of the law.

Fellow by the name of Lofton, a 23-year-old high school teacher in Harrisburg, PA was found naked outside his home, standing in the snow. When asked why he was naked he said that he was Jesus Christ and that the officer must be God. A scuffle broke out between Lofton and police.

The National Security Agency Internet Site has been placing files on Internet visitors, which can track their Internet surfing activity, despite strict federal rules banning most of them. These files known as cookies disappeared after privacy activist complained and AP made inquiries this week. A Judge has granted Hinckley, the person who shot President Reagan, and who has been in a psychiatric prison ever since then, has granted Hinckley a visit to his parents house in Williamsburg, VA.

Diamond Pet food made in Gaston, SC, --professional chicken, rice, etc. large breed/puppy, etc. cat food, etc.Best Buy Dates: March 1 2007 to June 11, 2007. Several dogs have died from contaminated dog food, with Aflatoxin a by-product of the growth of Aspergillus flavored fungus on corn or sometimes rye grass. Highly toxic, the fungus can cause cancer in the long term. FDA has confirmed that the contaminated dog food, sold in 23 states, has killed nearly 2 dozen dogs and sickened nearly 18 more.

Roughly every three seconds the equivalent of a dump truck load of lava , ten cubic yards, oozes into the crater of Mt. St. Helens. This unremitting pace, going on for fifteen months now, is uncommon, said U.S. Geological Survey Geologist Dave Sherrod. Mt. St. Helens violent May 18, 1980 eruption blasted 3.7 billion cubic yards of lava ashes (story by Peggy Anderson, AP).

Dick Clark returned to TV to mark the New Year. After missing it last year because of a stroke. His voice was still slurred, but he managed to celebrate the new year.

Article about King Kong the movie having some reality in fact where island creatures become larger than usual mention giant lizards and monster mice. Judge Roberts the new Supreme Court Justice is calling for raises for all federal judges and for the rent to be lowered at the federal courts. Minnesota Vikings Coach Tice was given the notification by Vikings Owner Zygy Wilf that his contract would not be renewed immediately after they won their final game of the season. Tice coached for four years and had a 32-32 overall record. Wilf made the announcement by memo which he released to the media who informed the players in the locker room.

Rescuers are trying to help 13 miners who were trapped early Monday by an explosion in Tallmansville in Upshur County, W. Virginia. No indication whether the miners had survived the blast and the falling debris. The trapped miners have about two hours of life support and sensors that monitor air quality. They are trapped about 5800 feet inside the entrance. (CNN News, KSBI TV). [post script concerning Miners they all died except one who is in critical condition] Some of the miners left farewell messages to their relatives. 51 year old mine foreman Martin Toler wrote Tell all that Ill see them on the other side. It wasn’t bad. I just went to sleep. I love you. Jr. It was written on the back of an insurance application his brother had in his pocket. Randall McCloy, age 26, remains in critical condition. (story by Deb Hastings, AP; and Allen Breed, AP)

Obie Trice was shot while traveling north on the Lodge freeway, apparently near Detroit. Trice, age 28, and his girlfriend were traveling at 1:10 a.m. when somebody in another vehicle shot through the back window of their car. The bullet grazed his head. He was not seriously injured. He was treated at Providence Hospital and released. (Story by Jim Lynch, Detroit News).

Kate Burton, the abducted British aide worker, was kidnapped with her parents Hugh, 74, and Win, 55, -had -an emotional tear-filled raging outburst at the terrorists/captors shortly before they were released in a back street alley, delayed their departure. She said their captors were telling them they were being disrespectful despite all the food and blankets they had given Kate and her parents. She told them she felt as if she had been stabbed in the backhaving come there to work with them, to help people. She spent 58 hours as a captive. She speaks Arabic. She was working with a Gaza Human Rights group. Her outburst delayed their freedom because her captors did not want her to look bad in the video. Despite the experience she said she plans to continue to work for the Palestinian people, but does not plan to return to Gaza (New York Times).

The two Mars Rovers are still going having been on the planet for two years and having traveled over seven miles in temperatures sometimes well below zero. They were expected to last only three months. One reason they survived so long is because the 100 mph winds called Dust Devils blew away dust from the solar panels renewing their ability to regenerate themselves. Spirit has traveled over three miles and has sent back over 70,000 images. Opportunity has traveled over four miles and has transmitted 58,000 images.

The Grand Marshall of the Rose Parade was Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. The last time a Supreme Court Justice was a marshal was the last time it rained also. Michel Gauthier Clerc, a penguin researcher, in Arles France says that the penguins walk or waddle has nothing to do with it being clumsy or off balance. He says the penguins walk burns fewer calories than a straight stride forward stride, and for birds that fast for months and live in a frigid climate, every calorie counts. The penguins tuxedo-like feathers has another purpose the black back side is difficult to see from above, camouflaging it from predators or air or land. The white chest obscures it from below protecting it from carnivores and allowing it to sneak up on fish prey.

20 year old pornography actress met a 15 year old boy in California and brought him to a small town in Oklahoma and the mother bought an old school in Roosevelt, OK and converted it into a home. The boy decided to move in with them. The porn star, Genevieve Elise Silva, had lured the boy with marijuana and methemphatamines. She was arrested and charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, rape, and the use of a controlled substance; and transportation with the intent to engage in criminal activity.

Apparently the son of Colts Coach Tony Dungy killed himself by hanging with a belt- James Dungy was found by his girlfriend, Antoinette Anderson, who called 911 . She had gone out for a 10-minute walk and when she came back she found him dead. The roommate was asleep in another room. On Oct 21 he was treated for overdosing on painkillershaving taken 18 pills.

January 3, 2006

Bode Miller, Olympic skier, said on 60 Minutes that he enjoys skiing drunk. He said if you ever tried to ski when you are wasted its not easy. Miller is the defending World Cup champion and a two time silver medal in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Rose Bowl gets the highest rating, 21.7, since 1987 and 50% higher than last years game between USC Oklahoma. The Rose Bowl had its highest rating since the 25. 1 rating in the Penn State victory over Miami in the Fiesta Bowl on January 2, 1987. The president fell asleep during the game but woke up in time for the exciting end and called Texas Coach in the morning.

Sole survivor of the mine explosion McCloy has been transferred to Pittsburgh for hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Randall McCloy Jr. is now at Alleghany General Hospital.

USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux died yesterday at age 91 he led USC to a record eleven USC baseball championships. Is that who I saw in Pasadena? He coached for 45 years and lived in Glendale. Nearly 60 USC players under Dedeaux went on to big league players. His record is 1332 571-11. He had a winning percentage of .699He won five championships in a row from 1970 1974. He also played three seasons for USC and two games at shortstop for the 1935 Brooklyn Dodgers going 1 for 4 with an RBI. A back injury ended his career several years later. He was born in New Orleans birth name Raoul Dedeaux. He also founded Dart Transportation in the 1930s which grew into a million dollar trucking business. (story by Beth Harris Mike Fitzpatrick, AP).

47 year-old boxer Tommy Hearns struck his 13-year-old son and was charged with assault. The teenager had a small cut bruise over one of his eyes . His wife called the police. Michigan law requires police to make an arrest if somebody is injured in a domestic violence case.(story by AP, no writer named)

January 8, 2006

Governor Arnold received 15 stitches in his lip Sunday after he and his 12 year old son were involved in a motorcycle accident. Arnold was driving his 15-year-old son Patrick in a sidecar on his Harley motorcycle when a car backed into the street and knocked them over, said spokeswoman Margita Thompson. The governor was unable to avoid the vehicle in the path and they collided at low speed. They were treated for cuts bruises at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica. Both of them were wearing helmets. Movie theatre owned by Utah Jazz owner, Larry Miller, changed their screening plans and decided not to show the movie, Brokeback Mountain, a gay cowboy western movie.

The Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise, was damaged in a collision with a Japanese whaler which they (the Sunrise) say was intentional. The whaler says the Sunrise caused the collision with them, however. Monday Jan 9, 20066.9 earthquake hits Greece but no deaths or injuries are reported. Carson Palmer, QB for Cincinnati Bengals torn ligaments in the 1st quarter of the playoff game and they lost.

Luciana Mares of fort Sumner New Mexico caught a mouse and threw it into a leaf fire he had made outside. The mouse on fire but not dead, unbeknownst to Luciana, ran back to the house and caused the house to start on fire destroying the house and its contents, although nobody was injured. Samuel Alito told senators Monday that a judge cannot have an agenda and pledged not to bring one to the high court. Parsimonious answers.

Ariel Sharon is being kept in a medically induced coma.130 died in Iraq police recruits and Shiite pilgrims. Suicide bombers infiltrated a line of police recruits in a crowd of Shiite pilgrims on Thursday as insurgents killed 125 civilians Thursday, and five U.S. Soldiers. (AP/USA Today). After the attack in Ramadi, police recruits got back in line to continue the screening process said Marine Capt. Jeffrey Pool, saying apparently they were desperate for a relatively well paying job. Judges wife Martha Ann Baumgardner wife of Samuel Alito left in tears during the confirmation hearing.

Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca, age 48, was released from prison today25 years after he tried to kill John Paul II. His supporters threw red yellow flowers at the car as he was driven out of the prison. He still has a mandatory military requirement to serve. They drove him directly to the military camp. The pope personally pardoned his shooter two years after the attack when he had a private meeting with the shooter in a prison cell in Rome. The same man already murdered somebody else for which he served time.

More than 1000 children are homeless in S. Americas biggest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo.Angeline Jolies father is Jon Voigt, an actor who apparently left her mother and her brother James when she was very young she remembers watching him get an Oscar for the film Coming Home after he had left them . That’s ironic. Poor gal. Now apparently Jolie may have had an affair with Pitt. While he was still married to Aniston.

Two Thai fisherman pled guilty to the murder rape of a British backpacker, Katherine Horton, age 21, a psychology student. Thailand’s prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra called for the men to get the death penalty. The two men, one aged 33, named Bualoi Posit, and the other age 24, Wichai Somkhaoyai, face many years in prison and possibly the death penalty. The body was found by a jet skier in the sea off the island of Koh Samui on January 2.

The two fisherman attacked Ms. Horton as she walked on the beach before dragging her into the bushes where she was raped. Dutch entrepreneur is offering what he hopes will be the newest extreme sport fun burials for 75 Euros people will be buried five feet below ground in a coffin for an hour--. The coffin has an oxygen supply, a panic button, and is linked by webcam to a computer which friends family can watch.

Angela Saraiva, age 20, from Argentina went missing after a New Years party and turned up at her own funeral. Her mother mistakenly identified a body as her daughters when the daughter turned up only 17 hours after she disappeared, she was surprised to find out she had died. She says she loved the whole experience making her realize how much her friends and family loved her and would miss her if she died.

75 year old death row inmate who is legally blind and nearly deaf is asking the Supreme Court to block the execution because of his age and infirmity the court has denied it and so has Gov. Schwaarzenaager-he is scheduled to die on January 17. He committed the crime at age 50and has been on death row since then, pending appeals. The other death row inmate is Leroy Nash, age 90, in Arizona. no execution date has been set yet. Story about the Death Penalty by David Krevets,

January 13, 2006

8th grade student at Milwee Middle School in Seminole County, (FL?) pulled a pellet gun that looked real and threatened to kill himself and took a hostage briefly, then barricade himself in a restroom at which point police approached him and he pointed the gun and was shot. Longwood Florida. He’s brain dead in the hospital. Apparently the parents warned the police before they shot him that the gun was probably not real. (story by Kelli Kennedy)50 year old deacon of a Washington D.C. church was arrested yesterday and charged with the rape murder of a woman in northwest Washington more than two decades ago. They linked the crime to him through DNA evidence. Melvin Jackson Jr. who lives above his church is accused of killing Raymonde Poantiveau, a French citizen, age 57, who was visiting her daughter in Washington D.C. She was found dead December 1, 1983 in her daughters bed, having been stabbed to death. Jackson was a deacon at the Sonship Church Centera small church founded by his mother in a store front next to a convenience store.

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