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New York City Fire Dept’s new Muslim Chaplain abruptly resigned after making comments concerning his doubts about the 911 attacks being solely the work of al Quaeda hijackers—noting that he heard professionals say that fire could not make a tower fall apart like the World Trade Center towers did—indicating he believed there was a conspiracy going on, which requried collaboration from within. Fire commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta told reporters an hour before Imam Intikab Habib was to be officially sworn in . Imam was from Saudi Arabia—where many of the 911 hijackers were from. He apparently realized himself that his views were contrary to what would be expected from a New York Fire Dept chaplain.

October 1, 2005

Roy Romer got a one year contract extension—some were against him. But not enough. Missouri Southern Football Coach,k age 46, died of heart attack in Joplin Missouri. Passengers at Philippine airport saw a rat in the plbane as they boarded—they took everbody off, searched the plane for 13 hours.. never found it.. grandsons of WWII leaders, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin debated the merits of the Yelta Conference----60 years after the decisive summit which drew borders for the countries following the war. Grandsons—now elderly themselves laughed often during their first meeting ever. .. “my grandfather had the highest regard for your grandfather as a war time leader ,”

British author and politician Winston S. Churchill told Yvetny Dzhugashvili, Stalin’s grandson..a retired colonel and military historian--. .. the Yalta Conference took place as Stalin’s Army was poised for the final attack on Berlin after occupying Poland.

Stalin had the largest army with 12 million soldiers, 300 divisions. Eisenhowers 4 million men and 85 divisions were still west of the Rhine at the time. The three grandsons met at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. Churchills grandson agreed that Russia got most from the agreement. “Possession is 9/10 of the law. Marshal Stalin possesed half of Europe at the time of the meeting and there was nothing Churchhill or Roosevelt could do about that” Stalin’s grandson said the divisions made at Yelta were fair because of the sacrifices by the soviet union in beating Germany. Russia’s loss of troops was in the millions. He added that there were also some good things that happened at Yalta—the united Nations was formed. Article by Toby Sterling.

Article about gun control in the dominican Republic—it’s legal to carry them although they are supposed to be concealed, albeit many carry them openly anyways. But people are getting killed and stray bullets are killing people, including children—at least 25 children have been killed by stray bullets since January. 1719 homicides in the first eight months of the year, 75 % by guns.

To get a gun legally in the Dominican you have to under go a drug test, background check, and a psychological evaluation and train at a shooting gallery for a day. One example of a stray bullet doing harm is the case of Tania in a town 50 miles south of Santa Domingo—the bullet hit her in the temple and exited her right eye, severing her optic nerves and leaving her blind. 22 killed and 50 wounded in Bali explosiions—the blast hit simultaneously in tourist areas.—a month before the president had warned of possible attacks.

Two Americans were wounded. One explosion took place in two packed sea food restaurants in Jimbaran Beach— and in a bustling downtown shopping center . The attacks took place nearly three years to the day that bombings in Kuta killed 202 people. Astronomers who claimed to have discovered the 10th planet have another intriguing announcement. They have also discovered the planet’s moon in the Kuiper belt-, disc of icy bodies beyond Neptune. The moon is 150 miles wide, 60 times fainter than Xena which is what the planet has been nicknamed.

October 1, 2005

U.S. Millionaire and scientist Gregory Olsen is on the Russian spacecraft going to the International Space Station. Olsen is the 60 year old founder of an infra-red camera maker based in Princeton NJ.

He reportedly paid 20 million for a seat on the the expedition 12 flight. Olsen is the third non-astronaut to finish the orbiting station. California businessman Dennis Tito took a trip for 20 million in 2001 and S. African Mark Shuttleworth followed a year later. Russia is now saying they expect the U.S. to make payments or some sort of Capitol investment in exchange for future U.S. participation on Russian flights.

The Law passed in 2000 penalizes countries that sell unconventinoal weapons and missile technology to Iran. Russia is helping Iran build an 800 million dollar Nuclear Power plant. . The U.S. Senate has agreed to amend the measure and lift the ban on NASA’s soyuz seats until 2012, but the House has not yet acted on it. USC”s win over Arizona State was their 26th consecutive victory. Arizona State led 21-3 at halftime. 97 degrees there. No. 15 Alabama beat No. 5 Florida 31-3. OJ Simpson signed autographs at a Horror Movie Convention in Northridge CA. Angels have won 13 of their last fifteen games—they are one game behind the Yankees for the second best record—Padres won their division with a record of 81-80, the lowest winning percentage in a non-strike year.

William Bennet former educaiton secretary made some comments on his radio talk show –that if he aborted all the black male babies the crime rate would go down—he said he was being facetious, but the comment does seem inappropriate.. Bennet was the author of the Book of Virtues. He was criticized for his penchant for gambling and is a “preferred customer” in Atlantic City and Vegas.

Gov. Schwaarzenaager vetoed the gay marriage bill and he also supports parental notification for underage abortions. He praised the Minuteman. He dumped state reclamation board members who offended developers and has tried to point an industry lobbyist to a key environmental post. He supports stem cell research. Half of his appointees have been Republicans , ¼ democrat, others independent. Proposition 73 would ban abortions for minors unless parents were notified.

He also supports the vocatiional education—they say this stems from his youth in Austria—a two tiered system that prepares some for college and others for trades. Schwarzenaager was on the trade track—he sold wood at a construction materials company at GRAZ before making it in body building.

The boat that capsized in New York on Lake St. George—killing several elderly passengers did not have the required number of crew members on board—there should have been one more. Most of the passengers were from Trenton, Michigan. Ethan Allen was the name of the boat. –killed 20.. The only crew member aboard was Capt Richard Perris. AP writer Candace Choi contributed to this story ..

Judge ruled Monday that a roman Catholic priest who hung himself in December almost certainly killed two people in a funeral home three years ago. Judge Eric Lundell. Determination re. Rev Ryan Erickson who committed suicide after being questioneed by police.. Funeral home director found out that the priest was sexually abusing somebody and providing minors with alcohol. St. Croi County D.A. Eric Johnson ….hearing a deacon testified that he confided that he shot to death funeral home director Dan O’Connel , age 39, and employee James Ellison , age 22. Deacon Russel Lundgren. Erickson, age 31, was found hanging from a fire escape at St. Marys Church on December 19. Story by Robert Imrie, VZW news.
Trenton Mi is 25 miles south of Detroit—the pick of George Bus for Supreme Court is Harriet Ellen Miers *I,.e myers).. was Bush’s personal lawyer in Texas and his satff secretary in Washington-who controls very piece of paper that crosses Bush’s desk. First woman hired by her law firm in 1972. First woan preisdent .first woman president of Dallas Bar Assoc 1985. FirstWoman president of Texas State Bar 1992. 1st Woman president of her law firm 1996. She went to Southern Methodust Univ. –got her BA and law degree from there. She was co-managing partner of 400 lawyer of Locke , Little, and Sapp. ..Liddlel, Sapp, not married. .. story by Nancy Benac VZW News—she’s never been a judge.. joins ruth Ginsburg if accepted. During Bush’s first term ofas governor in Texas, Alberto Gonzalez,, Miers introduced Alberto Gonazles to Bush.. .Gonzalez used information turned up by Miers to excuse Bush from Jury duty—a civic test which would have forced Bush to disclose his 1976 arrest for drunk driving in Maine. The inciden twas not divulged until the waning days of his term .. campaign.. 200 campiagn.. Conservators are concerned about Miers noting that Southerm Methodistucs are notoriously pro-abortion. Trying to rebut cronyism White House staff introduced .. statistics showing that 10 of the 13 10 of 34 not 13 . of the justices confrimed since 1933 had worked for the president that picked them. Story by Richemann; and Ap Writer Ron Fournier contributed.. VZW news.

Delays lawyers are trying to get the charge of conspiring to violate campaign finance laws thrown out because a statute enforcing that law didn’t take effect until 2003, a year after the alleged acts. Subsequently District Attorney Ronny Earle re-convened a new grand jury and had them endict Delay again ---on money laundering charges. Which carries a penalty of up to life in prison, A conspiracy conviction up to 20 years. Delay is 58 years old. AP writer Susanne Gamboa and _______ Lester Wash D.C. as well as Kelly Shandon in Austin Contributed to this report. Tigers are dismissing Alan Trammel .. offering him a position of special assistant to the GM. Tigers ended the season losing 29 of its final 35 games. Trammels record as manager of the Tigers was 186 wins and 300 losses. He hired Kirk Gibson, Lance Parrish, and a few other ex-tigers to be on the coaching staff. In 2003 they went 43-119, setting an American league record for losses—and coming within one loss of the major league record set by the xpansion 1962 Mets. Story by Jason Beck MLB.Com.

Nine people were charged with bilking the Red Cross of about $25,000.. suspects were contract workers at a National Red Cross Call Center in bakersfield, Said U.S. Attorney McGregor W. Scott. Five people allegedly picked up checks they were not entitled to. Frankling Graham, son of Billy Graham, said hurricne Katrina could lead to a spiritual rebirth of a sinful New Orleans. Graham said he does not believe the storm was a punishment by God for what he says is the city’s ties to Satanic worship and sexual perversion. “I’m not saying that God is using the storm as a judgment.” But that the city’s Mardi Gras revelry and ties to and voodoo were contrary to Christian beliefs. He said New Orleans has strong ties to the gay and lesbian movement .. “There’s been Satanic worship, there’s been sexual perversion. God is going to use that storm to bring revival. God has a plan. God has a purpose” He said, “The good news is that God loves sinners.” He’s been busy with the group he founded called His Samaritans Purse” .. They’ve been distrubuting 200 trailer homes. And they’ve been criticized for distrubuting Christian material to childeren including a stuffed lamb that plays “Jesus loves You” along with Christian tracts.

13 foot python snake tried to swallow a 6 foot alligator in Everglades National Park. It explodedd from the mid-section. The Burmse Python—after an 8 billion restoration project in the Eveglades the python threatens the restoration--. Said Frank Mazzotti Univ of Floriday wildlife professor. Python be blew up. Python was found with the alligators hindquarters protruding fromits midsection. Its stomach still surrounded the alligators head, shoulders and forelimbs. Story by Denise Kiole Kalette VZW news.

Anther wildfire erupted along the 60 freeway .

October 6, 2005

Anniversary of Orville Wright’s first airplane—this year—100th anniversary in Ohio. Another question that arises from the Amanda Steele case –is if I was intent on harrassing her or hurting her, why would I go out of my way to make myself known—my name, my address, etc. Next hearing date is Friday Oct 14 3 pm—is the time of the next hearing. Hilton Hotel is asking Katrina evacuees to leave—so they can honor reservations. Woman kicked off airplane because of a t-shirt that said “F..k Bush” and Cheney and Rice--. Lorrie Heasley , of Woodland Wash, says she plans to file a suit against the airlines—which took place at the Reno airport. Heasley is a 32 year old lumber saleswoman. She agreed to wear a sweatshirt over the t-shirt—but when it slipped off she was ordered to wear the shirt inside out or leave. They chose to leave.

85 year old alzheimers patient who wandered away from her home was found raped and shot an hour after she was reported missing [SAD STORY OF THE YEAR?].. she had surgery and is recovering—she did not remember the attack. Before dawn her daughter helped her get dressed . The daughter went to another room for a while and when she returned the mother was gone. A deputy patrolling outside a nearby jail found the mother lying on the sidewalk fully clothed but with a broken leg and gun shot wound to her pelvic area.Hospital examination showed evidence of a sexual assasult.

As many as 400 songbirds were killed in one night, after they flew into wires holding up a television tower. They were killed on the night of Sept 13-14 at the WMTV tower--.. 172 dead birds found around the base. Crows and cats took another 200 . VZW NEWS. Information from Wisconsin State Journal, no author listed.

Whitehouse employee suspected of being a spy. When Joseph Estrada was president of the Philippines—he came to the White House to Visit President Bush. While here they used lures of small amounts of money and appeals to ethnic loyalty to recruit Leandro (?) Aragoncillo. He was a half million dolalrs in debt.

Michael Eisner has stepped down as CEO from Disney and also resigned from the board, saying he has severed all ties to Disney. He will not serve as a consultant. Eisner had been president for 21 years.

October 8, 2005

Kansas Supreme Court on Friday ousted a trial court county judge for viewing pornography on the internet in his office. Saline County District Court Judge George Robertson, age 56, had been on the bench for ten years. County computer technician discovered it and reported it. Robertson said he was an elder in his church and used the pornography as a diversion over the nine month .. Story by John Milburn. VZW News. FBI examined computers in VP Dick Cheney’s office in their investigation of the Philippin-American who worked in the whitehouse who may have given classified material to the Phillippined govt. Eric (?) Aragoncillo, age 46, of New Jersey is currently confined in jail.

Adam Schiff, current representative for Pasadena . is a former federal prosecutor who ran a FBI Spy case. From May to August 15 of this year—Aragoncillo downloaded 101 classified documents .. of which 37 were classified as secret. … .. story by Mark Sherman, VZW News.

Angels won 11-7 in New York!. Chone Figgins hit a tie breaking single and made a good defensive play while Garret Anderson had 4 hits and 5 rbi’s to lead them to the win in the Bronx. WhiteSox beat Red Sox sweeping the series—winner of Yankees Angels willl play the white sox. Washington Monument was evacuated today because of a bomb threat—after they searched the premises and nothing was found—the monument was re-opened. Landslides and flooding exacerbated by Hurricane Stan killed 277 people across the region—of Central America0—with Guatemla bearing the brunt of it. Also a strong earthquake shuddered through Guatemala and El Salvador on Friday. The quake measured 5.8.

Boy George arrested on drug charges in New York City—after he called the police around 3 a.m. to report a burglary they found cocaine by his computer. He claims it was not his cocaine. His real name is George O’Dowd. Said Detective Kevin Czartoryski.In 1986 he was convicted of possession of heroin in England. Two of his friends overdosed in that incident. This led to the disintegration of his group, “The Culture Club” .

Registered sex offender who fashioned a loin cloth from a piece of rope and a piece of lawn furniture was arrested near a high school when he asked four girls for a ride to the mall or a motel, police said. Ray James Bailey, age 33, from Washington was wearing only the rope when he shocked a … woman , appearing in her backyard. Before he left, Bailey, who appeared to be covered in feces ran away with a leopard print piece of vinyl from a lawnchair. About an hour later four Medford High School gals waiting in a car were approached by Bailey who was now wearing jeans but still covered in the fecal matter.

Authorities announced plans to open a multimillion dollar sexual theme park near London’s Picadilly Circus. The London Academy of Sex & Relationships will not be a sleazy sex museum but an educational multi-media attraction that will teach visitors to become better lovers. It’s just around the corner from Soho—London’s red light district.

Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota—at the openining of the Minnesota Wild’s Hockey Season—was supposed to say “It’s time to drop the puck, let’s play hockey” Instead the F-word came out of his mouth instead. He apologized later saying it was a slip of the tongue
Church is having kids swallow live gold fish as a way of teaching them to defeat fear. Paula Keaton an employee at Pet Depot who sold the goldfish considers it cruelty to animals and said they wouldn’t have sold them if they knew the Church, First Assembly of God in Alabama, was going to use them in such a manner.

Coyotes in Massachussets are becoming aggressive –a few reports of attacks on humans. School history teacher took the shirt off his back to catch a baby as a woman with triplets gave birth in a stairwell. Lonitta Lewis , age 30, was on her way to a doctors appointment on Monday when she felt the first birth pain .

She cried out for help but was largely ignored until Biko Eisen Martin took notice. He was a teacher on a break from Berkely High, ran to a nearby café, called for an ambulance and returned in time with his tshirt to catch a 3 pound baby gal. The other two girls were delivered by Caesarean Section.

Distributing pornography and possession of pornography is illegal in India (good for them!), When a neighbor complained that somebody was watching a porno movie too loudly the police came and arrested them. They could serve as long as three months in prison. Story by Neelesh-Nisra VZW Strange News.

Jeffrey Katenberger, found some samples of the Flu of 1918 in tissue samples in a warehouse where human preserves are kept dating back to the Civil War. From tissue samples of soldiers he was able to extract the flu of 1918 which could help combat the potential bird flu pandemic—if it ever becomes an actuality. The flu of 1918 also began with birds.
Not long ago Paula Paine seemed to be on top of the world . She was the toast of the Houston social scene. She was beautiful and brilliant, a former model. She had worked for three years at the White House. Her husband Jeff was a successful businessman. She was starting a family with three children. But she wasn’t happy. She was addicted to shoplifting. It’s not uncommon, they say, --pointing to the case of Wynona Ryder as well as Jennifer Wilbanks—who had been arrested three times for shoplifting. They say psychiatrists are finding evidence that shoplifting can be truly a compulsive, self-destructive behavior. _____ Grant A psychiatrist at the University of Minessota said “The brains of kleptomaniacs are different than normal people” showing two pictures to Prime Time News. The nerve track fibers in the front of the brain were not as dense in the brains of kleptomaniacs as they were in the brains of normal people. The front of the brain is what tells us essentially not to do things. Grant and other psychiatrists say that shoplifters are essentially self-medicating when they steal. Grant says “When we learn more about the biology of shoplifting addiciton it will become more accepted as an actual illness.” National Society for Shoplifting Prevention Website.
The Asian earthquake has topped 700 in deaths so far.

Contest to create a workable unmanned vehicle is starting in Primm and ending in Primm—(California?) –2 million dolllar reward. Last year—none of the vehicles made it over the 140 mile course—the farthest anyone of them went was seven miles. Remote control is not allowed. The vehicle must be able to navigate using GPS, computer data, camera and sensors.

Two hours before the race begins they will be handed a CD Rom that gives the coordinates for the exact route the vehicle is to take. They will leave the starting gate at staggered times. A chase car will follow each one. And a Judge can stop any of them if they go too far astray.

Hurricane Katrina initially knocked out 2.8 million phone lines, 1600 cell phone towers. More than 24,000 cable TV connections. Bible Society launched a version that can be read in SMS—i.e. cell phone text messaging. They used the International Contemporary English Version of the Bible from which to translate

Shanise K. age 9, stabbed Queen Washington age 11 in the chest with a kitchen knife, on Memorial Day after the two youngsters fought over a rubber ball in Brooklyn New York.l The girls mothers were best friends. France gets more alligator skins from the U.S. than any other country. 300 children inUkraine were found sick and some of them hospitalized after having drank Kefir, a popular drink made of fermented milk. Four of the kids are in critical condition.

[Missing October 9 through November 17, 2005]


November 18, 2005

Mahinda Rajapaks , former movie star and prime minister, landed biggest role by winning Sri Lanka’s presidential election (story by People’s Daily Online). Tropical storm Gamma—going up Central American Caribeean coast—the 25th named storm in the Atlantic hurricane season—may hit S. Florida next week.

Authorities captured one of two prisoners that escaped from the Iowa State penitentiary earlier this week. Near a prisoner in southern Illinois . Martin Shane Moon age 34 was arrested in Chester Illinois after prison officials at the Menard State prison noticed him sleeping in a stolen car near the prison at 3 a.m. he had been convicted to life in prison in 2000 after being convicted of murdering his roomate 10 yhears earlier. . He escaped from the prison after using an improvised grappling device to scale a 30 foot wall. Story by Christine Mathis (Chester , in the Southern). Police in Pennsylvania say the found an arsenal of ammunition in the home of the teenager, Ludwig, who killed his girlfriends parents, (UPI NEWS) in Lititz PA.

Great Lake Officials said they were stunned when the EPA put a roadblock on the 20 million previously designated for improvements, President Bush called the great lakes a “national treasure” –and experts had previously recommended 20 million .. but EPA administrator Stephen Johnson said the restoration wont get funding until an analysis of existing programs is undertaken, Detroit Free Press reported Friday.
Times Top 100 Novel list

#1—Adventure of Augie Marks

#2---All the Kings Men

American Pastoral by Philip Roth

American Tragedy by Theodore Dreisser

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