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Timeline tells what went wrong at FEMA—on Saturday, August 27 at 830 pm. Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center, personally called th governors of Mississippi and Louisiana 35 hours before the storm hit.. , as well as the Mayor of New Orleans—to make sure they understood the severity of the situation. FEMA warned about the storm surge the next day.

President Bush listened in on a FEMA conference call at which Mayfield warned about the storm surge of more than 20 feet of water rolling over the levee. FEMA director Michael Brown assured Bush they were ready for the storm. “FEMA is not going to hesitate at all in this storm” Brown said. “We are not going to sit back and make this a bureaucratic process. We are going to move fast, quickly, and do whatever it takes to help the victims.”

Farm Aid Conference begins in Chicago today—they say that Farm Aid gave away less than 28% of their revenues
September 19, 2005

76 year old man sat alone in his attic with a dwindling supply of water—no food—for 18 days in new Orleans. .. no way out—surrounded by foul flood waters--..temperature high—in the attic—they found him sitting in a chair in the kitchen of his house—partially dressed –trying to stay cool—after 16 days he was able to descend, as the flood waters receded.

The house remained in several feet of water. Martin’s family left before the storm, but he stayed to attend church. He took a nap after church and woke up to find his house was full of water. He only had time to get some water and get up to his attic which he described as feeling like an oven , day after day of 90 degree heat. While they were putting him in the chopper he asked if they could stop at Taco Bell to get something to eat. Story by AP writers Rose Hanson in Baton Rouge, and Cain Burdeau in New Orleans.

Tony Blair complained that the Murdoch operated BBC has had too much anti-American innuendo in its coverage of Katrina, with most coverage of slow or late efforts in disaster relief. Clinton (Bill) was the moderator for a conference in England—where the topic arose. Re. the cemeteries in New Orleans—at least one coffin was displaced by the flood waters—found on railroad tracks near the Greenwood Cemetary , but in general there has not been a problem with the cemeteries.

Boxer—last name Johnson—referee stopped the fight in the 11th round---he walked off—but then he collapsed—is in the hospital in critical condition,

Most people don’t ever recover financially from a disaster said Anat Kendal, director of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Federal Reserve has to make a decision about increasing the interest rates. they normally would—but now the Katrina disaster adds a new factor to the equation.. many economists are betting they will lift an important short-term benchmark by ¼ percentage point to 3.75%.. be the 11th such increase since the Fed began to tighten credit in 2004. commercial banks would be expected to increase prime lending by a corresponding amount to 6.75%.. if the Fed pushes the rate up again—borrowing costs would reach its highest level in four years.

Brandeis University Economics Professor Stephen Cecchetti says, “This is very tough for the Fed, There’s also the compassion issue. You run the risk of looking very callous by raising rates. Other analysts say the prospects of a downturn are more of a risk.Economist Kathleen Camilli says, ‘I think the greater risk is that higher energy prices will cause consumers to pull back, slowing overall economic growth.” She is on the side of those who think the Fed will leave rates unchanged at the meeting. “New Orleans healthcare facilities have been “shattered” to an extent unmatched in U.S. history, and the residents face grave challenges in returning to the city, “ the Vice president of the National Hospital Accreditation Organization said Sunday ___________Cappiello, ..

Emergency officials said 4300 people have sought mental health counseling and 14 have been hospitalized for psychiatric needs in the Katrina area. Some 40 recovering heroin addicts have enrolled in Methadone clinic. Mental health systems of Houston in Harris County.. were already stretched to serve more than 125, 000 patients. Getting an appointment can take three months.

Psychiatric beds in hospitals have been cut by more than 50% in recent years. Texas ranks 48th in per capita spending on mental health. At New Orleans arena—where people stayed for a few days when the floods came—people were tying plastic bags to their feet to slosh through the puddles of urine. Story about a group called the “Abstract 16” who got out of a group home for mentally ill or recovering drug addicts—they stuck together and medicated themselves along the way…

Former governor George Ryan won accolades for clearing the state’s Death Row… scandal that destroyed his popularity—making him unelectable in 2002 has now brought him to a critical confrontation. .. after billing out big money state contracts and leases to political insiders—the 71 year old politician is scheduled to go on trial on Monday for raqueteering, conspiracy, mail fraud, lying to the FBI, and tax fraud. Scott Fawell, governor Ryan’s former campaign manager and chief of staff is already serving a six year sentence, and is penciled in as the government’s lead off witness. Ryan served two four year terms as secretary of state, and was elected governor in 1998. He retired after just one term.

Bonds hit another homer—now nine behind Babe Ruth—fifty behind Hank Aaron. Since being re-activated Bonds is 5 for 16, with 2 homers, 3 rbi’s, three runs scored, one double, three walks, three strikeouts…Bonds played for the Pirates from 1986 to 1992… 13 games left in the regular season. . Giants trail Padres by 5 ½ games.Can Bonds hit 9 homers in 13 games? .. UCLA beat #21 ranked Oklahoma 41-24. U of M beat East Mich 55-0. .. Newark New Jersey---doing a test on mice—at a lab—injected them with bubonic plague—and now –three of these mice are unaccounted for. The Bubonic plague—also known as the Black Death, is what killed ¼ of Europe’s population. Risk of transmission is low—even if the mice did get out. Raises questions about—testing—federal funding for testing of this sort.

September 20-21, 2005

Article about the danger of Avian flue. On ABC news. Saying if. An epidemic broke out , or pandemic, nobody would be ready for it, including the USA---there’s one anti-biotic, and one vaccine.. doses are low ..availablility is low.. in terms of a pandemic.. if the “tipping point” is reached—meaning transmission through humans begins—it could become very serious—right now it is transmitted by birds. ., and has killed a few 100. .. .. once it gets transmitted it can kill a person in a few days—it goes straight to the lungs. Train that derailed in Chicago—was going 60 mph over the speed limit—it should have only been going 10 mph—it was going 70 mph.
87 year old Marion Indiana wheel-chair bound woman was viciously attacked by dogs at her daughters home… the daughter stated that wild dogs entered the home and attacked the mother.. prosecutors say the daughter lied and the daughter and her husband are set to go on trial today—if convicted they could get 6 to 20 years in prison. Linda Kitchen said she was working in the backyard of her home when she heard a commotion—she said she found her mother Julia Beck being attacked by two dogs. Police concluded that it was the Kitchens own dogs that mauled the woman. Insurance adjustors are now making decisions about which homes they will pay for.. a lot of insurance.. people with insurance that covers hurricanes but not floods—and these people are arguing that the flood was part of the hurricane—they were wind-driven waters. A’s won, Yankees won, angels had day off

A way to get your law degree without going to law school—it’s called being a “law reader”—such as working for a judge or prosecutor—and you’re allowed to take the bar exam if you have been a law reader. California, Vermont, Virginia, & Washington allow law readers to take the bar exame after three or four years in apprenticeships registered with the state . New York, Maine ^& Wyoming let non-law school graduates take th e bar exam if they have a combination of office, study, & law school experience. Only one law reader passed the Virginia bar of nine attempts. You don’t need a bachelors degree to take the bar exam. Washington is the only state where law readers pass the bar at a higher rate than traditional students.

A’s won, Angels won, Yankees won. Researcvhers at Berkely have found a way to acoustically, essentially spy on people on computers—by listening to the clicks and the clacks of the keyboard—it can be as accurate as 96% --Zhuang—the author of the experiment. .. in the end—after improvements it could accurately predict 96% of characters and 80% of words
Rosh Hashana literally translates as “head of the year” --.. celebration of creation of the world. Observed on the first day of the Hebrow Month of Tishrei, which usually falls in September or October, ..marks the beginning of a ten day period of prayer. Ten days are referred to as Yamim Noraim or “The days of Awe” , or the High Holidays, , Selichot--? Means “forgiveness’_ pentitenial prayers recited by Jews prior to the onset of the high holidays, .. prepares for ten days of reflection and self-examination. Tashlica? Usually performed on first day of Rosh Hashana after afternoon service—the symbolic casting away of transgressions, usually performed near a body of water asking for forgivness and throwing bread into a body of water ( or sometimes rocks). Why dip an apple into honey on Rosh Hashana? Sweet apples dipped into sweet honey equals a sweet year.Numerous seeds of the pomegranates which just happen to reach ripeness at this time of year symbolize our good deeds.

What is Yom Kippur? Day of Atonement. Leviticus 23.27. What is Kol Nidre? Services on yom kiupper begin with Kol Nidre—the opening prayer and also the name of the evening service—an Aramaic declaration that nullfies all the vows and promises one makes to God or him or herself—an acknowledgment of the weakness of human resolution. Yizkor? –a service that recalls loved ones that have died and is recited on Yom Kippur.

Article by Rabbi Jonathon Kraus—entitled the “Lowdown on Ritual and Worship”. It says “We ask for forgiveness and repent almost exclusively in the first person plural, this emphasis on we vs. I reflects Judaisms emphasis on community. “Richard Sherman, a clinical and consulting psychologist in Tarzana is president of the L.A. Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition went to Louisiana as a Red Cross volunteer. Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles Vol 20, No. 30, Sept 16-22-, 2005.

September 22, 2005

Judge Roberts—is approved for Supreme Court. .. Jet Blue made an emergency landing yesterday—.. passengers were able to watch their own landing—because they have TV on their flights. . small earthquake in L.A. today-4.7. ..rocket carrying military research satellite blastoff Thursday, dazzling spectators from California to Arizona with a rainbow of colors as it streaked across the sky.

Minotaur rocket carrying.. at 724 pm. from Vandenberg Air Force base, said Major Todd Fleming. Research & development arm of the Pentagon. 920 pound payload.. will stay in orbit for a year—gathering information about the earth’s environment at low orbit. After blastoff the rocket made from decommissioned 1st and 2nd stages of a Minuteman II missle .. over the Pacific.. “never seen anything like it “ said Ken Baker who was driving along PCH from El Segundo to Manhattan beach.. “saw the rocket streaking against the night sky…”

Man from Rialto Ca- allegedly intentionally ran down pedestrians on the sidewalk in Las Vegas. ..
New Orleans floods again. 24 people killed on a bus carrying Nursing home evacuees—caught fire in a traffic jam. Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center said “People are going to die around Beaumont, Port Arthur Texas, and Lake Charles Louisiana—with a possible 20 foot storm surge. ..

Some say Hurricane Rita could cause gasoline prices to go up to 4 dollars per gallon. About 90% of Galveston’s 58000 residents have evacuated. AP article be, Tim Whitmire, Contribution by Brett Martell.

Rosenberg—elected new president of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), taking the place of Melissa Gilbert, who decided not to run for a third term. Rosenberg beat Morgan Fairchild and Robert Conrad. The other major entertainment union is the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists.Angels have a seven game winning streak going with a few games to go. They look bound to win the AL west. Detroit lost its 8th straight game.

How do they decide on naming formations on Mars—the union decided that large craters would be named after deceased scientiests.. * authors who wrote about Mars such as H.G. Wells and … small craters-after towns with pop with fewer than 100,000 people. .. large valleys named for Mars in non-English languages. Small valleys named after rivers, nothing smaller than 330 feet would get an official name unless it had exceptional scientific interest, Internaaional Astronomical Union Said.

September 24, 2005

Romero, CHP Officer, married father of five children—stopped at red light on his motorcyle—saw a car approaching behind him at a fast speed—he had time to put on his flashing lights and warn the car to slow down but the car ran him over—if he had time to put on his signals why didn’t he use that time to jump out of the way. CHP officer. .. ? driver of car may have been drunk..Romero was pronounced dead at the USC medical center. 20 years as a motorcyle officer for the CHP. .
Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys will personally call any person who donates $100 or more to the Katrina recovery fund—via his website

September 25, 2005

MicrosoftTeaming up with Palm Inc. to make a new smart phone,windows based version of the Trio—offered thru Verizon. . USC wins 45-14 over Oregon. Leinart threw for 315 yards and 3 touchdowns. Record crowd of 59000 in Oregon. Digital Camera jammers—trying to stop people from using camphones. Wisconsin beat U of M. Couple from Ireland visiting the United States were among those who were hit by the driver in Las vegas. Aidan Nolan & his wife, Rachel Burke age 24, were walking down the strip holding hands, when the driver hit both of them. They are both hospitalized. The wife suffered fractures to both hands . Nolan, age 30, dislocated right shoulder, broken bone in his left arm, and fractured knee. They had only been married three weeks. Article by Christina Almeida for VZW News.

Cases of reported corporal punishment is up in New York Public schools—doubling from the year before—many of the allegations involve faculty and staff pushing, shoving, and grabbing arms. One of the complaints involves a student who was put outside to “cool off” in December for ten minutes without a jacket. Another involved a Teacher who allegedly tackled a student who reached for a pencil on the floor. And several cases of a student’s mouth being taped shut. New York’s Education Dept had different responses to the various allegations involving teachers, substitute teachers, bus drivers, teacher aides, etc. .. some of them were given a counseling session, some suspended, one fired. Article by Michael Gormley VZW.

Northwest Airplane flight from U.S. to Tokyo was delayed for 43 hours—due to a lack of a flight crew. Passengers were kept on the plane for a total of nine hours over a 24 hour period.

In southwest Louisiana—water so rough it capsized recue boats. Kathleen Blanco, governor of Louisiana, said as many as 250 people were rescured but there may be over 1000 who need help. The hardest hit parish.. was in addition to Vermillion, Cameron, and Calcasieu parish said Louisiana National Guard spokesman Maj Ed Bush.

September 26, 2005

Rally against the war in iraq on Saturday brought out 100’s of 1000’s in Washington D.C. but the the rally for the war on Sunday brought out only a few 100. .. approval for the war has been declining steadily. Earthquake of magnitude 7 hits northern Peru.

Getty Museum is being accused of knowingly purchasing stolen Italian art work. Getty Museum curator Mirian True has been charged by Italian authorities of conspiring to traffic looted Italian antiquities. The Getty acknowledges they purchased stolen Italian art but said they did not do so knowingly. Trial is proceeding in Rome.

Reports of violent crime in the United States are at the lowest level since the government began maintaining statistics 32 years ago. Story about the power and presence of Samsung corporation in S. Korea. One of every two S. Koreans uses a Samsung phone. Samsung has 2500 PH.D’s on its payroll. Samsung posted a profit of about 10 billion last year. They have also been accused of bribing politicians, but also hiring former politicians as advisors. The average pay at Samsung is more than $70,000 more than triple korea’s per capital income. They do chemicals, electronics, TV picture tubes, etc. etc. insurance, finance, credit cards, securiies, communications, . The chairman of Samsung is Lee Kun Hee..with an estimated fortune of 4 billlion dollars.

Willful blindness” is one aspect of determining negligence. Article about the woman who had HIV –had two children—refused to have either of them tested for HIV, and also breastfed them—claiming she does not believe HIV causes AIDS. Suddenly her daughter died. Woman’s last name is Maggiore.

Cindy Sheehan was arrested in Washington D.C. for a sitdown protest by the White house without a permit.

Edward Hale age 64 goes by the name Papa Pilgrim—who lives in Alaska—has been charged with sexual assault and incest—he has a wife and 15 children--. He’s on the run. 30 felony counts including 10 sexual counts , 8 counts of incest, 3 counts of assault.

Fired employee in New York walked into a nail polish factory Monday and shot the co-owners and the manager in the head before killing himself. All three shot by Victor Piazza survived the shootings—although one is in critical condition. Piazza was fired by Verla International after being arrested in 2004 on charges he had child pornography on his company computer. He was sentenced to ten years probation. Factory co-owner Mario Maffei , age 57, and Robert Roth, age 65, were in stable condition. JoAnn Obrien age 49, was in critical condition.
Angels need two more wins to clinch the division!. Feng Shui –the practice of using space and placement of furniture etc. has its roots in Taoism some say—it is practiced in China but not endorsed by the government—now opponents are raising an outcry because a government run university is teaching it.

Big debt relief package is being planned in Congress—along with a few other countries (i.e. “big eight”) to cancel the debt of some of the most poverty=stricken nations . Treasurey Secreatry John Snow said “The plan is an extraordinary opportunity as well as an enormous challenge.” It could win approval within a week from various world banks and IMF Board, and would forgive an estimated $40 billion dollars in debt, most of them African countries. Eighteen in all. Group of economic powers are offering to pay the debt. It would push the amount of debt cancellation to more than $55 billion. Article by Jeanninne Avirsa. Verizon News,. Cindy Sheehan met with Sen John McCain who is also a Vietnam Vet, story by Jennifer Talhelm
September 27, 2005

Mother of the missing Holloway girl in Aruba contends the Dutch boy in Aruba (Vandersloot) is lying--. And said that she is going to go to the Netherlands to keep the story alive. Dutch boy is going to the university there now

Lady who was accused o fhaivng sex with teenage boys who wanted to be a “cool mom” in Denver—is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. She was out driving in an SUV with a 14 year old driver—the driver crashed—rolled over the van—injuring the mother and her two childen—who are all now in serious condition in the hospital. 41 year old Sylvia Johnson. Lindy England is sentenced to three years in prison for her involvement in the abuse of Iraq prisoners-of-war

September 28, 2005

Tom Delay has been indicted on a conspiracy charge for illegally funnelling corporate cash to Repoublicans in 2002. Delay says he is a victim of partisan vendetta by the democratic District Attorney in Austin, Ronny Earle. Delay said, “My defense in this case will not be technical or legalistic . It will be categorical and absolute.” “Mr. Earle & his staff know it, and I will prove it.” Earle denied political motivation saying in Austin 12 of the 15 cases he has prosecuted have been against Democrats. In 1994 a case prosecuted by Earle against Kay Bailey Hutchinson was tossed out of court on the first day of trial. If convicted Delay could face upt to two years in prison and a fine of $10,000.

Global warming seems to be affecting Alaska more than other places in the world. .. temperatures have risen 3.6 to 5.4 degrees farenheit over the past five decades in Alaska, compared to only 1 degree in the rest of the world over the last century. Man who used his car to mow down two dozen people in two incidents in mid-town Manhattan three years ago killing one pedestrian during a crime rampage pled guilty to murder Wednesday.

Ronald Popavich, age 42, was involved in a hit-and-run, , then returned a few days later on February 14 and did the same thing—this time he was caught. Several persons were injured in the first rampage, including one who later died. A few days later Popavich injured seven others. He also pled guilty last year to killing his neighbor, Lisa Gutkin, age 40, after she rebuffed his sexual advances. Popavich shot her six times. Feb 10, 2002. In another crime during the same period he shot and wounded a New York Cab driver on February 13. Museum originally planned to be included at the World Trade Center site—has now been abandoned. Plans for the International Freedom Museum has been dropped due to protests , mostly by families of the victims of 911.

San Diego Padres clinch the NL west title. Article about California Teachers Association (CTA), and Gov. Schwaarzenaager’s attempt to defeat the influence and power they have held for so long. . The power CTA has held to quash bills that they don’t like. They used 21 million dollars to fight against Proposition 38 which would have allowed citizens the choice of a private school with a school voucher, and the proposition was defeated.

Article about how they grade restaurants in Los Angeles—C is the lowest grade---meaning it could be closed down if it gets a little bit worse. Scott Peck , author of The Road Less Travelled died at age 69 in Connecticut. Angels lost to A’s. Quicksand doesn’t actually swallow a prson up this article says—but can envelope you up to waist deep. They say the best way to get out is to get water into the sand near your feet. But don’t wiggle, that makes it worse

September 29, 2005

Boys found starving in New Jersey—are set to receive 12. 5 million for ..the abuse they suffered because social services did notew hop properly investigate.. 19 year old boy was found weighing only 45 pounds.. Bruce Jackson—appeared to be 7 years old .. when police found him rummaging through a neighibors trash can in Collingswood.. October 2003..three of his younger adoptive brothers were similarly underweight. .. the adoptive parents withheld food while the boys survived on gypsum wallboard and uncooked pancake batter. The reporter (Miller) who was being held in prison until her source was revealed has been released with permission from her source to answer any questions about him and to identify him .. the source turned out to be vice-president Dick Cheney’s chief-of-staff Lewis “scooter” Libby—who gave her assurances that she could reveal the contents of their conversation.

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