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Another person, Shaheen, limped to a park north of the French Quarter where a National Guard helicopter was dropping off water. He was desperate for a tetanus shot, having stepped on a rusty can the night before and his left foot was bleeding, and his diabetes medicine was running low.

He had turned down a ride on a rescue helicopter because they wouldn’t let him take his dog, Dixie Lee. The roof was gone from his house and the lack of medicine was leaving him weak. A lot of people are still being rescued. 52-year-old Cornelius Victor waded through sludge to board an amphibious vehicle that rescued him and twenty four others from a rotting schoolhouse where they had been trapped.

Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law Professor, writes an article entitled “Telling the Truth About Chief Justice William Renquist” saying ‘Chief Renquist set back liberty, equality, and human rights perhaps more than any other American judge of this generation.” Renquist bragged about being first in his class at Stanford Law School , a great law school today, but in the late 40’s and early 50’s it discriminated against Jews and other minorities both in the admission of students and also in the selection of faculty.

Dershowitz says that Renquist not only benefited in his class ranking from this discrimination , he was also part of that bigotry when he was nominated to be an associate justice in 1971.. and learned from several sources who had known him as a student that he had outraged Jewish students by goose-stepping and heil hitlering in front of a dorm that housed the few Jewish students. He was also infamous for racist and anti-semitic jokes.

Dershowitz repeats the story about the case of school segregation in which Renquist concluded Plessey was right and should be affirmed .. meaning that there should not be integration.

But when he was questioned in 1971 and 1986 about it , Renquist placed the blame of the memo on the Justice Jackson, now deceased, under whom Renquist was working at the time. But Justice Jackson voted in Brown along with a unanimous court to strike down school segregation.Dershowitz claims that Renquist obstructed the voting rights of African Americans and Latinos at a polling site in Phoenix. And He bought a home in Vermont that included a restricted covenant that barred sale of the property to any member of the Hebrew race.

Dershowitz says Renquists career was ‘regressive.”

Politicians are still criticizing the federal response to Katrina and say that despite the money alloted for relief—after the public outcry declines distribution will go back to pork barrel style ..

September 5, 2005

Red tape is holding back Aaron Broussard said that… officials with the FEMA.. turned back three trailer trucks of water, ordered the coast guard not to provide diesel fuel and cut emergency power lines. . later Broussard said on NBC”s Meet the Press. .. FEMA spokesperson Natalie Rule said Monday she had not had a chance to research what happened at Jefferson parish but that unsolicited resources and donations have been hard to manage. Long lines of volunteers are being stopped along the freeway into New Orleans. Anybody who self-responded was not being put to work. Military was worried about having more people in the city. They wanted to limit it to the professionals said Kevin Southerland, a captain with Orange Fire Dept in Orange County, CA. .. a member of fourteen member water team sent to New Orleans at FEMA’a request. Even skilled volunteers with the best intentions can be more trouble than help if they arrive needing fuel, shelter, and food. Beth Sharer CEO of Washington County Memorial Hospital in Salem said she was frustrated with a federal plan to create forty new emergency medical centers with 250 beds each.. “IT’s not any one persons fault” she said, but the system failed” .. hospitals around the country were standing ready with empty beds, staff, triage centers, and air transportation to fetch patients she said.

But they couldn’t launch the rescue flights without requests for help and those requests never came. These victims could have been here a week ago, but now they are spending a lot of time and money making triage centers. Situations like this every minute counts, not every day counts. Why not get them to these open beds ? she asked.

Frank Russo of Chicago Ambulance Alliance said he was ready to send help immediately but the request did not come until Thursday, three days after the hurricane struck. Z”We didn’t want to just get up and go, after 9/11 we learned from that—everybody just got up and went to 9/11 and got there and say.. nowhere to go..”

New Jersey Gov. Richard Cody said he had a task force of 105 police officers , 55 vehicles and medical task force of 55 physicians and 53 nurses standing by.. but other rescuers simply couldn’t or wouldn’t wait. On Friday, Gary McLaughlin of Santa Cruz CA flew to Nashville TN where he bought a diesel powered 1990 school bus for 2000 dollars, and charged 1500 dollars worth of water, granola bars, diapers, and peanut butter crackers, on his credit card and headed straight for the shelters.

By Sunday evening he was driving loads of evacuees from the New Orleans Aiport to a rescue shelter in Covington Louisiana. Some are defending the FEMA saying it was the FEMA management who brought in the Nebraska Air Natl Guard to deliver 66,000 MRE meals and extra fuel to hard hit areas. And they brought in rescuers from Hamilton County OH to search the rubble of Gulfport … for survivors.. and it was the FEMA that dispatched a nine member disaster medical assistance team from Hawaii to the New Orleans airport where they triaged persons evacuated from hospitals.

The federal government actually wrote a “How to” BOOK for National catastrophes after the 9/11 attack 462 page document entitled the National Response Plan was released in December 2004. Frank Cilluffo, director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute, George Wash Univ. says that “Hurricane Katrina is the first real test of the plan, and has exposed its strengths and weaknesses. But quite honestly at the federal level the response was quite robust” he said. “But clearly we need ways to improve the process.

Article about the mobile hospital in MISSISSIPPI,, they tried to get into Lousiana but were turned away. .. the whole hospital was designed by the Dept of Homeland Security. .. almost all the medical equipment you need and a pharmacy.. . and it can be flown almost anywhere in the world C130’s big cargo planes. Article by Marilyn Marchione.

More than 17000 people living in American Red Cross Shelters-- living in Gulf coast area.. bad experience for some . some of the Vietnamese living in the Gulf Coast area.. have had previous experience with mass evacuations, .. third mass evacuation for ____________ at which time he fled Vietnam through Malaysia to the United States..

Vietnam’s history two major mass exodus’.. first .. The War Against the French that ended in 1954. and then in the 70’s.. Lien Le, age 39, manager at a kenner Louisiana plant.. thinking it would only be a short evacuation.. in Mississippi.. many vietnamese worked the Gulf for shrimp

Thirteen-year-old Nick Luong tells how his family lost their home in Biloxi but saved their boat… they road out Katrina for hours. Viet Linh .. age 55 was not so lucky—all six of their boats sank. The L.A. Sheriff Dept.. sent a helicopter team into the Gulf Coast.. two to three day trip by helicopter. L.A. Sheriff Deputies.. driving their cars out to the coast today. Air and ground search and rescue teams.. deputies with skills and scuba water rescue.

Landlord faces a misdemeanor charge accused of turning on the heat in an asthmatic tenants apartment this summer after a dispute over unpaid rent and living conditions. Fred Bernard , age 62, Cape Girardeau was to appear in court Sept 26.. police recorded a temperature of 125 degrees in the apartment of tenant Denise Owens. “Basically , it was like walking into a sauna” Patrolman Paul Zagicek said.

The tenant told police that the landlord came to the apartment seeking money on August 6. She claimed her air conditioner, stove, and refrigerator were not working and she was without hot water. She told police she refused to pay until he fixed the problems, according to a probable cause statement. She claimed that bernard then raised the heat and left—on a very hot day knowing that her air conditioner was not working, and that she suffered from asthma. Bernard then refused to come to be apartment with the police officer called and asked him to turn down the heat.

Some of the oil refineries damaged by Katrina began to ramp up production this week. .. 70 percent of the normal oil production and 50 percent of the natural gas production remains shut down. Eight major refineries that produce gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and heating oil were knocked out of commission and the output of two others was cut by last weeks hurricane.

An Orlando pastor at the Apopka Assembly opens once a month only for dogs—nondenominational at a pet spa on Orlandos West Side. Pastor Dee Rinda a former dog trainer brings her own Border Collie with her. Recent sermon Rinda likened the relationship of dog to owner to that of people’s relationship with God. “When you go to the pound and save a dog you bring that dog into the family. Jesus rescued us and brought us into His family” she said. “Yappy Hour” she calls the time of socializing. At a Methodist Church dogs, tadpoles, and turtles were alongside worshippers at a service designed to show humans how to live harmoniously with animals.

Disaster chief waited for hours after Katrina had already struck the Gulf Coast before asking his boss to deploy 1000 Homeland Security to the region. And gave them two days to arrive according to internal documents. Michael Brown director of the FEMA sought the approval from Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff roughly five hours after Katrina made land fall on August 29.

Brown’s memo to Chertoff described Katrina as a “near catastrophic event” but otherwise lacked any urgent language and finished politely saying “Thank you for your consideration in helping us meet our responsibility.” Susan Collins R-Maine said all levels failed. Homeland Security spokesperson Russ Knocke said Brown had positioned front line rescue teams in Coast Guard helicopters before the storm. Article by Ted Bridis on VZW top stories.

Houston Independent School District had taken in 889 extra students from Katrina evacuees. The district is hiring retired teachers and certified instructors from Louisiana. Article by Todd Lewan VZW top stories. Mayor Ray Nagin said after an aerial tour that 60% of the city was under water, down from 80%, and that it will take three more weeks to remove the water and another week or two to clear the debris. Also eight weeks to get the electricity back. He warned that what awaits authorities below the toxic muck will be gruesome.

Meanwhile they began sending paratroopers from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in to New Orleans. …1000 paratroopers should be in place by Tuesday said Major General William B. Caldwell IV. Some people staking it out in New Orleans –who Nagin says must get out..or they must convince them to get out. They are pumping about a million dollars a day worth of gas into the air. 9788 patients and others were evacuated by New Orleans Airport.

Aaron Broussard continues to speak out about the problems of the federal response (or lack of) on CBS Early Show ‘I’m asking Congress to please investigate this now—take whatever idiot they have at the top of whatever agency and give me a better idiot. Give me a caring idiot. Give me a sensitive idiot. Just don’t give me the same idiot. “

Barbara Bush said that so many persons in the Astrodome were “underprivileged anyways so this is working well for them.” Article by Doug Simpson, Headline news VZW. “What to Call the People Displaced by the Hurricane’ Some say “refugee” is not an appropriate world—and Boston Globe, Washington Post, Miami Herald all banned the word “refugee” from being used to refer to these people. Some people say “evacuee” is a better term. Why not victims?

Batboy Nick Carillo, age 19, for the Florida Marlins was suspended for six games after accepting a bet from pitcher Brad Penny that he couldn’t drink a gallon of milk in one hour without vomiting. The boy drank the entire gallon in 59 minutes but did vomit later on. David Letterman invited him to the show as a guest.

Condoleeza Rice defended the president on Sunday against charges that the federal government’s sluggish response was due to racial insensitivity. She worshiped at the Pilgrim Rest AME ZION Church outside of Mobile Alabama. She grew up in Mobile. Malone Smith Jr. advised the congregation to “Wait on the Lord” after which Rice said , “The Lord is going to come on time if we just wait.” Rice is the grand daughter of a Presbyterian minister. Rice was criticized last week for attending a Broadway show and shopping in New York during an abbreviated vacation. Canada is sending an extra 91,000 barrels of oil to the U.S. to help make up for shortages.

City of Orleans, France, south of Paris—New Orleans sister city, is trying to help out the Katrina victims.. the university has offered to take 50 students from the University of New Orleans for a semester. Orleans, 75 miles south of Paris, is best known as the city that was saved by Joan of Arc, in 1429, from a British siege. New Orleans was founded in 1718 by French settlers and named after the Duke of Orleans who was regent of France at the time.

Smugglers on a boat making a illegal crossing from Somalia to Yemen forced passengers into the Red Sea at gunpoint, ten miles from shore- leaving at least 57 dead, 100 missing.

U.S. submarine, the U.S. S Philadelphia, was traveling on the surface of the water when it hit the Turkish Yaso Aysen at around 2 a.m.

The President is in Baton Rouge. He visited the Bethany World Prayer Center, half-filled with pallets and half-filled with dining tables. Some people ran up to him.. more than 5000 Red Cross volunteers any way they could get there.

Jerry Rice has announced his retirement. Rice holds almost every NFL record for receivers including 1549 receptions, 22895 receiving yards, 197 touchdowns, and the record for total touchdowns with 208. He won three SuperBowl titles. Spent ___- seasons with San Francisco 49ers. And was the MVP of the 49ers Superbowl XXIII. Against Cincinatti catching 11 passes for 215 yards.

1500 pound chunk of concrete being carried by a helicopter for a ski resort construction project hit a gondola full of alpine tourists Monday, knocking it out of the sky and killing 9 people. Two other gondolas were rocked and people were ejected from the gondola, at least four were injured. In the town of Solden , 25 miles west of Innsbruck.

The accident evoked memories of ’98 ski lift tragedy in neighboring Italy where a low-flying U.S. Marine Jet sliced a ski lift cable killing twenty people.

They say the levees were built to withstand a Category 3 hurricane, no stronger. Air Force Major General Marvin Scott Mayes, leader of the Air Component for the military task force operating in the hurricane ravaged region says “now comes the grunt work.. the hard part.. going door to door..” by foot and boat to many of the harder-to-reach sections.

Mayes is based at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.. He says they have evacuated more than 3000 patients out of New Orleans Intl. Aiport. He said crews have also shuttled more than 15,000 persons out of the swamped region and flown in more than 4600 tons of supplies.

Worship services went on—inside Reunion Arena in Dallas 16 evacuees wearing pink ID bracelets joined hands in a circle to sing “Amazing Grace!” At Trinity United Church of Christ, a predominant black church the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. criticized the nations slow response. Indianapolis suburb of Noblesville the Rev. Craig Parker of the Bridgeway Community Church referred to a passage in the book of Matthew in which Jesus calmed the storm. David Williams at the Colonial Baptist church in Carey NC said “Where is God’s hand with the loss of a home or life. How to explain flood waters. It’s hard to express what is going on.” But he says “Time and time again history shows that God uses tragedy to transform human lives.”

Mississippi coast—worshippers brought chairs and blankets for services on the scarred earth where churches once stood. Spokesman for the Army Corp of Engineer now says that those five or six persons shot by police yesterday as they crossed the Danziger Bridge were contractors on their way to launch barges into Lake Pontchartrain to fix the 17th st. Canal. Said John Hall, a spokesperson for the Corp of Engineers. ..

September 7, 2005

Man confessed to killing two convicted child sex offenders.

California approved a bill to allow same sex marriages.but Arnold may veto it.. arnold says it should be a court decision and he will uphold whatever the court decides.. Margit Thompson, a governor spokesperson said on Tuesday. Town of Julian—60 miles northeast of San Diego is being threatened by a wildfire.. that’s where the pies are isn’t it.. internet scams popping up on the internet—one for the Red Cross. Same standardized forms.. security log.. making you believe it is a secured site.. but it is not.. it is an ingenious fake,, traced to scammers in brazil.. sophisticated.. with one final twist..after making a donation it sends you to the authentic Red Cross site. .. other phone sites have been traced to Korea, and the U.S. , and China in the last few days. Red Cross never sends out e-mail solicitations.. ABC NEWS David Scott & Avni Pato contributed to this report.

Dan Hubbard , sr. director of security & technology research for Websense.Inc… in an impassioned plea for more federal funds to upgrade levees and flood control equipment senator Mary Landrieu, Democrat from Louisiana told the Senate late last…. of a New Orleans worker who had collected 1000’s of body bags in case the levee ever failed. I hope that never happens he said, but it did. Shea Penland for years warned that a powerful hurricane could wipe out New Orleans..”We have a terrible problem” he told me five years ago [says Lee Dye, writer].. when he talked about the future of the Lower mississippi delta.. Penland is the director of Pontchartrain Environmental Studies at the University of New Orleans.. devoted much of his life to the study of coastal louisiana. Bacteria is 10 times the acceptable level in the flood waters of New Orleans. .. avoid even skin contact.

At least 30 found dead in a NursingHOme in New Orleans. .. St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stevens said 30 plus bodies were found in a St. Regis nursing home in lower St. Bernard Parish. About 30 to 40 others were rescued..

September 8, 2005

EPA had to make a choice between emptying the water from the New Orleans streets into the Mississippi River or the Lake Pontchartrain—they chose the lake. Saturday at 830 pm. about 35 hours before Katrina hit the coast.. Max Mayfield of the director of the National Hurricane Center.. was so concerned about the storm he personally called the governors of Mississipi and New Orleans plus the Mayor of New Orleans.. when I walked out that night I wanted to, you know, be able to sleep.. the next day President Bush listened into a FEMA conference call during which Mayfield warned of a storm surge.. of more than 20 feet rolling over levees.. FEMA had over 1300 disaster assistance workers pre-positioned. ..

Brown assured Bush that they were ready for the storm. .. some of the long term FEMA managers were convinced that FEMA was not ready for Katrina. ..”some of us were shaking our heads and saying ‘this isn’t going to be enough, the director has to know this isn’t going to be enough. But nothing more is happening.” Said Leo Bosner, president of the FEMA Headquarters employee union.

He said the Homeland Security now slows down the process. .. union warned Congress in a detailed letter about FEMA’s decline a year ago..

Capitol Hill & Homeland Security just weeks ago said DHS is too focused on one thing—terrorism. Person by the name of Smart. .. personally went down to the Gulf Coast—starting with the Astrodome.. and found that some of the people are faring better at some of the informal shelters.. set up in the municipal offices & churches than at some of those established by the ARC and other groups, because it is considered a liability for them to provide any assistance beyond food & shelter.

Proselytizing is prohibited as is dispensing over the counter medicines for headaches and diarhaea. .. People who are getting help in a wholistic manner were better off in those place that weren’t offering those things, smart said. They didn’t have TV or internet access. They didn’t know how to find their loved ones, he added. The spiritual aspect—it depends on whether an individual wants to get into that. Certainly that’s not going on at the Red Cross and not even at the church in some places. He added, “We encouraged the evacuees, but serendipitiously encourage the volunteers— the pastors, the Red Cross People, the National Guard” St. John’s Missionary baptist Church 820 New Rafe Road Baton Rouge LA 70807. .. Pastor Donald Ruth. 225-775-9756. Magic Johnson is involved in relief efforts—he visited the Dream Center yesterday and is offering some jobs at some his corporations.

Mayor Villaraigosa said Los Angeles is prepared to take up to 2000 evacuees from the Gulf Coast. Officials in New Orleans are now concerned that corpses could get stuck in water pumps. . Biloxi Mississippi –they are worried about debris becoming firewood—with temperature in the 90’s things are starting to dry quickly--- .many of the military bases were damaged along the Gulf Coast.

Nevell from the Nevell Brothers commented re the hurricane.. he had a studio and a house in New Orleans which he assumes was destroyed. .. angels won, A’s won, Yankees lost.

September 10, 2005

Michael Brown has been removed from his position in Louisiana and has been sent back to Washington D.C. Some accuse him of having “padded” his resume. He denies it.

Two New Orleans couple marry in a shelter—Fort Worth Texas’ Leo Tate never took his eyes off his bride, Annie Lee. Besides them Donna Matthis cried as she said her vows to James Nelson Jr. They were married at the Northside Tri-Ethnic Community Center. Mariah Carey, Neil Young, The Foo Fighters, Don Fogerty, Kenye West, Chris Rock—all appeared on a TV special trying to raise money for the Gulf Coast disaster. Bill Clinton phoned in. U2, Also, Steve Harvey was the co-host. For the BET Special…..

The leadership role of Michael Brown was taken over by vice-admiral Thad Allen, the chief-of Staff of the U.S. Coast Guard. They say family helping family in Louisiana is probably the largest form of assistance, noting that Louisiana has the most sedentary population—those born there tend to stay there. “There is no question that family has and will dwarf any other kind of assistance in this disaster” said Karl Brasseaux, professor of History at the University of Louisiana and director of its Center for Louisiana Studies.

He said “Had family structures in Louisiana have eroded to the point they have in many parts of the country many refugees would face a very long and bleak road ahead.” Red Cross & FEMA have no intentions to help families helping families. If I wanted to be secretive and stalk her why would I write a letter about it. That would seem to make it clear that I was not trying to be sneaky and secretive. Captured one of the alligators in Lake Machado.. Hunter Thompson left a suicide note four days before he did it. BIC sells its 100 billionth pen.

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