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August 21, 2005

Plane crashes at Palos Verde.. surf spot called Longs.. crashed while pulling banner, pilot was not hurt. ..Mailomo, John.. name of pilot.. Raqueteering, mobster John Gotti.. stands trial beginning tomorrow.. for ordering a hit on Sliwa a radio talks how host and former guardian angel leader..

August 23, 2005

University of Wisconsin, Madison, is ranked as the top drinking school. 5 dead in Ingelwood …suspect killed sister-in-law, her husband and two children, and himself. Huey Lewis owns land in Montana near Mitchel Slough.. good fishing..Montana has law saying any rivers or streams are public property. But Huey and other nearby property owners contend they stocked the area and re-vitalized it at their own expense so it should be private. A judge and a few others made a point of going to fish there to prove it was public land.

Interned Japanese American s from WWII get honorary high school diplomas. In Los Angeles. .. Virginia Beach religious broadcaster Pat Robertson called on Monday for the assassination of Venezuela President Hugh Chavez saying, “I don’t know anything about this doctrine of assassination but if he thinks we are trying to assasinate him I think we really ought to go ahead and do it. IT’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war. We have the ability to take him out and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability”

Olivia Newton John’s boyfriend, Patrick Kim McDermott, age 48, is missing after a overnight fishing trip in San Pedro. 23 passengers and 3 crewman. Olivia is age 56. McDermott was a cameraman.

August 23, 2005

U.S. Judge on Monday overturned a ban imposed by city officials ruled in favor of fashion companies right to hold street party featuring graffiti artists painting mock subway cars..
August 24, 2005

Free land in the Heartland draws newcomers.. Ellsworth Kansas.. rainstorm or hail storm.. Plane Crash. 90 people on board 50 survived. Landing in a swamp in Peru.. boyfriend of Olivia Newton John who disappeared had filed for bankruptcy in 2000 owing $30,000 to creditors (that’s not much). And owed $800 /mo in child support to ex-wife.. they are wondering if he staged his disappearance. His ex-wife was Yvette Nipar..

Four inches of rain in southern Arizona causes flooding and evacuations.. .. Tucson.. Anthony____ age 36 taken into custody Tuesday night in San Pedro CA. where they found remnants of a makeshift alligator habitat, two snapping turtles, and some drugs. They suspect he was the one who dumped the alligator into Lake Machado. .. and then they arrested Todd Natow. Age 42, and found three alligators, four piranhas,three desert tortoises, six tortoise eggs, one rattle snake, scorpion and some marijuana at his house.

August 25, 2005

Sweltering heat and loss of a key transmission line caused power officials to impose rolling blackouts.. half a million without power for half an hour at a time. Katrina—storm/hurricane heading towards Florida… minor league player Rick or Greg Short is hovering around .400 batting average.. makes 10,000 per month for minors.. feed team for Wash Nationals..

Last time somebody hit .400 in minors was 1961 Arron Pointer hit .402 for Salisbury.. but was better known for his sisters, the Pointer Sisters.. last time somebody hit .400 in the majors was 1941.. Angels lost, A’s won. The Tsunamie which hit Asia, .. the wave was felt all over the world.. in Alaska the waves were 10 inches higher, Pt. Reyes CA 15 inches higher

Anthony Sukto .. a year ago.. watched his father stab his mother to death in Tacoma WA.. then the father turned the knife upon Anthony… the 8 year old was stabbed 6 times, but managed to call 911. ,,… “My daddy killed me with a knife and I’m gone. Can you please send an ambulance? “ He gave the address and hung up. The operator called back and Anthony said “My daddy killed me with a butcher knife?” She said “How did that happen if you are talking to me? “ He said “My dad was killing my mom and told me to go into the other room and said you’re next” I’m still alive. I kind of survived.

August 26, 2005

hamster powerd phone recharger.. man caught with 375 tortoises in a Columbia airport, many of them already dead.

Two Argentian couples—found out six years after the birth of their children that the babies were mixed up at the hospital, and they got the wrong child. The couples agreed with each other that they would keep the babies rather than swap them given they had had them for six years. David Smith Sr. was shot in a cannon ball from Tiajuana to the U.S. over the border. . John Wooden is 94 years old.

He won 10 basketball championships in his last twelve years of coaching at UCLA.

August 27, 2005

Iranian motorcycle daredevil died in an attempt to jump over 22 motorcycles lined up side by side.. he landed on the 13th one. ….apparently died instantly Quentin Tarantino took his first ride in a Nascar race car.. going over 100 mph ..seemed to be excited about it. ..

Hurricane Katrina.. could be the first Category 5 hurricane to hit the U.S. in a long time. .. It’s directed towards New Orleans. Total mandatory evacuation in New Orleans. ..

Category 5 storm—is the highest category on the Saffir-Simpson scale of hurricane intensity. Only three category 5 storms have made landfall in the U.S. since records were kept—the first was in 1935, then 1969, and most recently Hurricane Andrew in 1992 the costliest hurricane ever. ..

Two brothers—in Aruba .. now being held for murder and rape.. they had been arrested before. But released. Now Aruba says they have new evidence. .. along with a third man unidentified. . Julian Elizndo.. recalls escaping from a shark hitting it in the hose and lifting it from the head to get its clenched teeth off his ankle.. just a few feet off shore in the Gulf of Mexico.. Angels lose, A’s win.

Country Star Gretchen wilson was warned by TennesseeAttorney General Paul Summers. That her smokeless tobacco Skoal.. can might violate state law. She’s agreed not to use it in concerts. .. Deputy Warden at the Ross Correctional Institution was suspended for 5 days after he mistakenly showed inmates a sexually explicity tv show.

Breastfeeding mother was erroneously arrested in a mistaken identity case. Mercedes Archuleta was breastfeeding her baby at the time she was stopped with her husband driving for a traffic violation. The Police first made a mistake in telling the husband he couldn’t drive because of a suspended license.. (they were wrong). They told the wife to drive and asked for her license and somebody with the same name (or stolen identity) was on a warrant for arrest, so they yanked her out of the car .. without even giving her time to button up her blouse.. put her up against the window with her blouse open and her kids staring at the window.. and refused to listen to her at all.. arrested her. Found out they made a mistake later on.

LAPD accused of an unprovoked attack at a muslim vigil.. they had been mourning the death of one of their followers who had been shot to death the night before. .. ____Muhammad was one there and apparently police officers said they asked somebody to move a car, there was some arguing and Muhammad was beaten up. Left with bloody lip.

South Los Angeles has 42% of the murders in all of Los Angeles County. National Folk Hero Romanian Vlad Tepes.. 15th century … who successfully staved off invasion by the Turkish empire called himself Vlad Dracula.. according to scholar Eliz Miller.. .. it was a nickname derived from his father who went by Dracul.. the Romanian word for “The dragon” Dracula meant The Little Dragon or “Son of the Dragon” so La Dracula.. who .. so Vlad Dracula.. led the famous stand at the Poenari Fortress against invading Turks was known as both a great warrior and a brutal tyrant Miller said. .. also known as Vlad the Impaler for his preferred method of execution.. a tool of psychological warfare.. William Wilkinson. “Accounts of the Principalities of Wallichia & Moldavia” ..Wilkinson said Dracula also meant Devil. Dram Stoker, the original author of Wilkinson… previously had used the name Count Wampyr.. then he read Wilkinsons book and found the name dracula .. or devil..

Story about a man in Louisiana who was charged with murder.. didn’t have enough money to pay for an attorney so he had to wait for a public defender. He ended up waiting for eight years. Finally, his mother got $500 to pay for an attorney who got the charges dropped. National Legal Aid & Defender Association in Washington D.C. found in a nationwide survey of indigent legal services.. found that suchprograms across the nation are short on lawyers, investigators, and other staff, and that they frequently fail to investigate the charges against the client, hire necessary experts and make appropriate motions in court.

One of the worst examples the association found was the case of a Louisiana man, Johnny Lee Bell, who was convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole, last year, after meeting with a public defender for only eleven minutes prior to trial, according to Bell. “There’s a real disconnect in this country between what people perceive is the state of indigent defense and what it is” says …David Carroll, the groups research director. He says too many people watch shows like “Law and Order” where a defendant says he or she wants a public defender and all of a sudden legal aid appears in the cell. That’s what people think.

American bar Association examined legal services for the poor in 22 states this year and came to a similar conclusion . Dale Whitehurst, an Austin lawyer who led the efforts says the ABA study reveals system mired in crisis in which inadequacies in funding , excessive caseloads carried by lawyers, and a lack of legal experience have become routine.

I don’t know how many people are wrongly behind bars because of problems in public defender programs’ Whitehurst says, “but it’s clear there are some.” “Not only is it inadequate it’s a tragedy, Whitehurst says of the public defender system. The worst thing that can happen is when an innocent person goes to jail. …we have been doing this with some regularity. Can’t turn on the TV now without Larry King talking about some guy who was convicted …and was found to be innocent.

Poor people who have been charged with crimes that could result in jail time have been entitled to lawyers since the U.S. Supreme Court decision in ______ v. Wainright in 1963. Massachusetts eluded a crisis earlier this summer when legislature approved a 30 million dollar package to raise the pay for court-appointed lawyers after more than 400 lawyers in the Boston area had stopped taking indigent cases to protest hourly pay rates that hadn’t been raised in two decades.

Lawmakers voted to raise the rates to $100/hour for murder cases and $60/hour for lesser charges. Judges were warned that more than 600 defendants could be released from jail if they did not get lawyers soon. IN Virginia caps on fees paid to court-appointed lawyers are the lowest in the nation, Carroll says. Fees on a felony that carries a sentence of 20 years or less are capped at $428, while defenders whose clients face felonies of a sentence of more than 20 years can be paid no more than $1186.

In Wisconsin more than 11,000 people go to court annually without representation because anybody who makes more than $3000/year is considered able to afford a lawyer. Nevada caps defenders fees on death penalty cases at $12,000.

In that school that was bombed in the terrorist attack in Russia—Nur-Pashi Kulayev was the only one of 32 attackers who survived the incident…that ended the 52 hour standoff at Beslans Number 1 school… one of the witnesses , a lady by the name of Zemfira Agayeva, age 35, riveted the trial with her account of being held in the sweltering school gym with her husband and two sons on the first day of the school year. There was no food and very little water. Her breasts were swollen with milk for her 7 month old daughter she had left at home , sacrificed her dignity for those suffering around her, shared her breasts with 12 and 14 year old boys.

Report says middle schools are flawed organizationally and they are now eradicating some middle schools and making it K to 9.

Maurice Clarett will be released from the Broncos.

August 29, 2005

Driver of Al Sharpton after he visited Cindy Sheehan was stopped and arrested for going 110 on a 65 mph highway and evading arrest. He was arrested, while Sharpton caught a ride with a passer-by. Fred Crenshaw who lived across the street from the Sash Assembly of God Church exchanged words in the parking lot with a churchgoer Wes Brown(?).. who asked Crenshaw to leave. Crenshaw returned a short time later and shot Brown, age 61, at close range and then shot the pastor, Armstrong, age 42. And he killed two women towing a horse trailer who appeared to be simply random victims.

August 30, 2005

Waiting for the arrival of four heavy duty Chinook helicopters….so far none of the city’s pumps are working. Setting up command/control on Vicksburg Mississippi more than 150 miles away…Texas is sending 475 busses ot New Orleans to evacuate people. Mississippi’s hardest hit areas of Hancock, harrison, & Jackson Counties..emergency officials were setting up MASH style mobile hospitals. FEMA has issued a list of organizations for those seeking to provide assistance.Typhoon Talim hit Taiwan leaving at least one dead and 24 wounded.

Katrinas wind speed at landfall was 140 mph placing the storm at a strong category 4 level. Hurricane Andrew was Category 5 with winds of 165 mph when it made landfall south of Miami. Windspeed is the criteria for determining the category of hurricanes, not barometric pressure. Red Cross has dispatched 15 mobile kitchens to feed 350, 000 people daily..also providing 50,000 people in more than 250 shelters.

Salvation Army has raised at least 4 million dollars. Many Hurricane Katrina evacuees will be forced from their hotel rooms victims of guaranteed reservations, some of which were made months ago. Hotel Management must honor guaranteed reservations. New Orleans district contains 350 miles of hurricane levees, most of which are along Lake Pontertrain to the north and Mississippi River to the South. …the levees were erected soon after the city’s founding in 1718… it was after 1955 when the last major Hurricane Betsy struck close to New Orleans…that the levees encircling the area were raised to up to 23 feet. ..the phone provider for New Orleans estimated Wednesday that 750,000 lines in the most heavily damaged areas may be out of service and that 187 central offices were running on back up generators.

World reaction: while there is a lot of sympathy in some corners—others have had an attitude of the U.S. reaping what it sows, under the impression that it is the U.S. that has caused most of the global warming and that global warming has caused the increase in hurricanes. Joern Ehlers , a spokesman for World Wildlife Fund in Germany said that global warming has increased the intensity of hurricanes. ________ Watson, however, U.S. Envoy for Negotiations on Climate change denied any link between climate change and strength of storms. . Rescue crews are passing by dead bodies to try to save survivors . on rooftops. Now the mayor or governor has issued an order to evacuate the entire city including everybody inside the Superdome.

They are considering using cruise ships. 5000 inmates had to be evacuated. French Quarter was spared flooding but is being looted. ______ Jeffries of New Orleans had already been evacuated from one hotel when he was evacuated from a second hotel on Friday due to rising water. The 37 year old banker admitted to looting some food from a nearby supermarket.

Worlds Oldest person dies at age 115 in the Netherlands .. Hendrikje VanAndel Schipper died peacefully in her sleep .. her husband Dick Van Andel died in 1959. She had no children and no immediate family. Art Garfunkel was arrested for possession of marijuana near Woodstock NY. He was arrested a year ago for the same thing. Sonny Bono died in 1998 in a skiing accident and his wife Mary Bono originally from South pasadena took his congressional seat—running for office and winning.

Military chaplain charged in sexual assaults. Roman catholic Chaplain by the name of Gregory Arfleck, age 44, is being charged with forcible sodomy and assault .. stationed at 279th Base Support Battalion in bamberg Germany.

August 31, 2005

As if a cascade of debris, rats, alligators, snakes, and sewage weren’t daunting enough for hurricane workers grappling with Katrinas flood waters, they are also faced with determining whether high level industrial toxants are taining the water. Officials say bacteria and sewage pose the most serious and immediate dangers. Any time a current flows it traps sediment and that mud in this case will no doubt carry some of the petrochemical compounds that are in the area around New Orleans. One of the compromised levels sits along the industrial canal, a 5.5. mile waterway that connects the Mississippi River to the intra-coastal waterway.

The petrochemical factories around New Orleans manufacture ¼ of Americas petrochemicals, including basic chemicals, plastics and fertilizers, and more than 1/3 of all industrial chemicals transported on the nations inland waterway system. THE EPA has not been notified of any major spills. New health study says coffee has some benefits for its antioxidants along with black tea and bananas.. decaf or regular has the same antixodiant benefits. Colorado is the nations thinnest state, only 16.8 % of the population is obese. Mississippi is the heaviest with 29 % obese. Colorado has 300 days of sunshine which the governor says makes a big difference. Four men were arrested for plotting terrorist attacks on Los Angeles, two of them were caught robbing a bank to fund their attack . Red Cross has already received 21 million dollars in donations. Catholic Charities USA based in Alexandria VA has received 100’s of calls from volunteers asking how they can help.

They’ve raised $15,000.

Pray for Katrina victims. Health & Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said they are “gravely concerned about the potential for cholera, typhoid, and dehydrating diseases.” Electricity is out for more than 2.3 million in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. Some drivers in Atlanta Georgia faced prices of $5.00 /gallon for gas. Evacuation from Superdome to Astrodome has begun. Army Corp of Engineer is using helicopters to drop 15,000 pound sandbags in the breaches of the levee system. Flow water into New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain finally abated and the lake level began dropping gradually.

At least 7 hospitals in the city were evacuating patients due to flooding and a frightening breakdown in public order. On Canal St., the city’s main thoroughfare, police allowed citizens to take shoes from a shoe store as long as they fit. Katrina left Biloxi’s Keesler Air Force BASe, home to the U.S. Airforce Fleet of Hurricane hunting aircraft 95% smashed. One of the breeches in the levees stretched 350 feet at 17th St. Canal, the other one is 400 feet wide at the London Ave. canal.

Two smaller breeches occurred on the industrial canal one of them appearing to be about 250 feet wide. In each case the steel and concrete levees eroded and failed when water began pouring over the top. It will take weeks for them to pump the water out. More than 1000 sandbags weighing 15,000 pounds are likely to be needed.

September 1, 2005

300 National Guard troops landed in new Orleans right out of duty in Iraq. Governor Kathleen Blanco said the troops “know how to shoot and kill and are more than willing to do so and I expect they will.” 20,000 people who took shelter in the New Orleans convention center had become increasingly hostile after waiting several days for buses amongst the filth and the dead. Police Chief Eddie Compass “We have individuals who are getting raped. We have individuals who are getting beaten.”

Colonel Henry Whitehorn, chief of the Louisiana State police said he heard of numerous instances of New Orleans police officers , many of whom were from flooded areas, turning in their badges. They indicated that they had lost everything and didn’t feel it was worth going back to take fire from looters and losing their lives.

At least seven bodies were scattered outside the convention center. Old man in a chaise lounge laid dead in a grassy median, as hungry babies wailed around him. Elderly woman lay dead in her wheel chair covered up by a blanket. Another body lay beside her wrapped in a sheet. The street outside the center above the flood waters smelled of urine and feces, while the crowd chanted “We want help!” Later a lady went up on the steps and led the crowd in reciting the 23rd Psalm.

At the superdome fistfights and fires erupted. Lines of half a mile to board the yellow school buses.. military police man was shot in the leg as he and a man scuffled for the MP’s rifle, said police Captain Ernie Demmo. 11 hours after they began evacuating the Superdome it held 10,000 more people than it did at dawn.

When hospitals tried to airlift patients, Coastguard Lt Commander Cheri Ben-iesan said “There are people just taking potshots at police and the helicopters telling them they better come and get their family”. Lake Pontchartrain. After they drop the sandbags in the breeches in the levees, they are going to drop about 250 concrete road barriers, said Johnny Bradberry, head of the state department of Transportation. Crews are driving around coastal Mississippi picking up bodies and depositing them in refrigerated mobile morgues. Coroners are conducting autopsies in the parking lot because the only available light is from the sun. The death toll is at 126 so far.

Adding to the miserable conditions along the coast were tons of rotting shrimp and chicken that had been blown into the water from shipping containers. Some survivors were still being found on Wednesday—they found an 80 year old man under 12 feet of debris in Long Beach, (AP writer Cain Burdeau contributed to the story. Russ Bynun was the primary writer.)

Sniper fire at Charity Hospital halted evacuation of a hospital, across from Tulane Medical Center. Evacuations by boat were halted as looters threatened medics and overturned one of their boats.

CNN reports that somebody did fire at somebody standing outside the New Orleans Convention Center, and that the shooter is now in custody. They say that some of the inmates at the Orleans Parish Jail may have taken control of the prison, even though they cannot get out—they are still locked in. But they do have weapons. 1000s of people lying in the streets. .. phone system is completely out.

They are using satellite phones to try to help. Home of Jazz. Kerry Emanuel, in August’s journal Nature that major storms spinning in the Pacific & Atlantic have increased in duration and intensity by about 50% since 1970’s …average global temperatures have increased about 1 degree fahrenheit along with increases in carbon dioxide and other heat trapping pollutants from industry smokestacks, traffic exhaust, and other sources.

Hurricanes draw from huge pools of warm water at the surface of the ocean to grow for several days, as tradewinds spin it pulls the heat from the ocean and uses it as fuel .

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