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The justices disagreed over the appropriate boundary of the public area but a five member majority held that the public can wander anywhere between the waters edge and the ordinary high water mark. The decision overturned an appeals court ruling that the state owns the land but that owners of adjacent property have exclusive use of it and can kick others out. It’s a tremendous victory for the public interest and for Michigan’s economy, much of which is based on tourism and access to Great Lake Beaches said Keith Schneider, deputy director of the Michigan Land Use Institute. The Bottom line is that there is a stretch that the public has a right to use said Pamela Burt, attorney for Glass. …story by John Flesher

A riptide is caused by a sandbar that creates an artificial pond—between the sandbar and the shore—but when there’s a break in the sandbar.. the water can flow out back to sea..sometimes as fast as 8 mph..when the current starts pulling them out sometimes they panic. In Walton County Florida—a panhandle beach.. on a Sunday in 2003.. which they now call “Black Sunday” eight people died from a riptide. Teenage boy disappeared from the Yankees/Angels game.. in New York.. police searched the stadium, nearby stores and restaurants but did not find him. He disappeared during the 7th inning stretch. Majelique Lewis of Stamford CT..

A Suspect in the London terrorist attack bombings Saturday admitted to a role in the bombing but said it was only intended to be an attention grabbing strike. Not a deadly one. Osman Hussain told interrogators he wasn’t carrying enough explosive even to harm people nearby. A sister-in-law and her boyfriend were arrested for murder of a 39 year old businessman who won a $20 million dollar lottery a few years ago—and who had moved to Florida and opened a popcorn shop –Cassies Popcorn Shop. Famine in Niger.

Prostitution is legal in germany in some places.. and they are gearing up for the World Cup next year.. including a 60 room brothel near the stadium. Sarajevo Christians are flocking to a northwestern Bosnia town to view an image of Jesus Christ—that apparently appeared in a part of a cut tree branch… pilgrims have been streaming to the tree—leaving money, cutting off bark.. and lighting candles.

Lyric sheet for “All you need is love” used by John Lennon in 1967 was sold for 1.04 million at an auction on Monday. Gal working for the BBC at the time John Lennon dropped it on the stage—retrieved the manuscript from beneath his music stand at the time and provided a letter of authenticity for the sale.

July 31, 2005

An interesting study done re. How much methanol and ethanol a cow emits.. the repercussions being similar to that of a car that emits too much smog—it could cost the farmer per cow. Kara Hurt in Ohio—convicted of theft by deception—received money from people after falsely telling them she had cancer. .. she set herself on fire yesterday and died. More mosquitos feed on Robins than Crows—a surprising study.. for West Nile Virus repurcussions.

Singh wins the Buick Open in Grand Blanc Michigan—defeating Tiger woods by a few strokes. .. “What the Hack?” Conference in the netherlands for computer programmers.. Agassi won his 4th Los Angeles title defeating Gyles Muller in straight sets—the Mercedes Benz Cup final. Agassi’s 60th career title.. Angels lose for the 6th time in 7 the Yankees.

Boy convicted of intentionally vomiting on his teacher has been sentenced to cleaning out police cars anytime somebody vomits in one for four months. Robin Doulin Kansas City suburb age 31 leaned out of her fast moving car to spit.. and went tumbling out on to the US 71.. and to the amazement of other drivers she hopped up and chased her car as it went down the embankment towards a construction site..—released with minor injuries.

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia died. Spacewalk for repairs? Palmero , first baseman for the Baltimore Orioles, who just got his 3000th hit a few weeks ago.. has now been suspended for 10 games for testing positive to steroids.

Bolton expected to get ambassador nomination.

Harvard board member resigns in protest of the salary raise of the Harvard President. Man who spent 19 years in prison for a rape he did not commit was released today after DNA tests cleared him of wrong doing. The judge dismissed charges against Thomas A. Doswell who had been convicted of the rape…thirty minutes later he walked out of the jail, expressing thanks not bitterness saying the the court system is not perfect but it works, justice has been served.. Doswell, age 46 , was convicted of the1986 rape of a 48 year old woman at a hospital in Pittsburg.

At the time he was the father of two young children,. ,,, he was sentenced from 13 to 26 years in prison and was denied parole four times because he refused to accept responsibility for the crime. Fisherman found the laptop computer in the river where the court prosecutor, Gricar, disappeared. Embattled nominee John Bolton has finally been installed as the ambassador for the United Nations on Monday—Bush appointing him during a congressional recess after a five month standoff with democrats. …who though the tough talking conservative was unfit for the job. Bush has made 106 recess appointments, many of the judges.

Bolton is the highest of the recess appointees, and the first recess appointee for UN ambassador. Joan Bacall says Tom Cruise’s behavior is vulgar—using his private personal life—upcoming marriage to Katie Holmes to sell his movie.

Matthew Huff says a sea lion bit a chunk out of his boogie board.. riding board off the northern end of the Morro Strand state beach. Golden retriever makes 1.2 mile swim from Alcatraz to the shore—the only dog among 500 swimmers. Stabbing outside Dodger Stadium.. security guards confronted persons selling illegal shirts—and somebody pulled a knife, and a few were stabbed.

August 2, 2005

Truck melted, burned to pieces, carcass of 18 wheeler along 605 at Whittier.. linen in freeway 605 and Washington.. chicago Carpenter should be stripped of U.S. Citizen ship because he was a member of a police unit that helped Nazis round up Ukranian Jews . Judge Samuel Der-yeghiayan is conducting the trial of OSYP FIRISHCHAK, age 86. …. Jet crash in Toronto—no fatalaties 309 passengers. 14 hurt. 16 year old girl missing since Friday was found stabbed to death …and dismembered, and police say that the killer lived next door… Jonathon Zarati, age 18 ..who appeared in Morris County Court, Randolph, New Jersey.

August 4-5, 2005

Astronaut Stephen Robinson removed two pieces of filler material from the shuttles belly on Wednesday, but now may have to fix another trouble spot—a torn thermal blanket near the cockpit window could cause problems (although now , a day later, NASA says they consider it “negligible.” )… . Baby Giant Panda born at San Diego zoo—weighed four ounces, the size of a stick of butter, gender unknown. The other one died. It’s difficult to breed pandas in the zoo because they are only in heat one or two days per year.

Man pulling his infant daughter out of the car was killed in an apparent case of road rage by a motorist who “exploded” and shot at him four times at close range in front of a dozen witnesses. The two month old girl was covered with blood but unharmed. The man with the gun, age 60, who was taking medication for depression was charged with 1st Degree murder for the death of 27 year old _______ Andrade. The man told investigators that he was driving his wife to the train station when Andrade’s vehicle backed toward him on Main St. The two exchanged heated words. After dropping his wife off he returned to the scene of the confrontation point, pointed the handgun at Andrade through an open window and fired four shots (town of Brockton, state not given, maybe MA), Martha Stewart’s home confinement has been extended three weeks—reason not given.

Some scientists are hopeful that they can, in the future, change the weather—such as hurricane weather… one far-fetched notion has to do with beaming microwave energy from satellites to the water—warming the water so that it does not act as a catalyst to the hurricane (which mixes with the water—and the water actually “fuels” the hurricane to a certain extent—but cannot if it is not the right temperature). , the other idea is to layer the water with a coat of oil thereby making it difficult for the hurricane to pick up water –because the oil slows the evaporation process.

Berkeley scientists say that there is an interesting link between stormy season and high winds—as the winds sweep up droplets of water …and expends them in the air , that layer of wet air acts as a lubricant , according to the model, thus allowing wind to pick up speed. …the way to reduce that effect, says mathematician Alexandre Chorin , is to reduce the size of the water droplets—that’s what the proverbial seamen were doing whether they knew it or not when they coated the water with oil. …it may be possible for a fleet of aircraft to spray the ocean with some harmless, biodegradable oil ---like soapy water.. , to deprive the winds of the energy they need to reach hurricane status.

A Canadian Judge has ruled that Dr. Roger Perrault, who is sick and elderly, age 68, and who was at the center of a tainted blood tragedy that left 1000’s of Canadians infected with HIV or hepatitis C, must nonetheless stand trial. Perrault is the former National Medical \Director for the Canadian Red Cross. He had a heart attack in 1980. It’s not clear how many people have lost their lives because of the tainted blood, but the known toll was 3000 as of 1997. This doctor along with three other doctors and New Jersey based Armour pharmaceutical company , are accused of allegedly allowing an HIV infected blood-clotting product to be given to hemophilia patients. The charge is that they failed to screen blood products and take adequate measures to prevent people infected with HIV from donating blood. Angels beat Orioles on Tuesday and Wednesday. Jimi Hendrix, the great rock-n-roller, lied to get out of the army, according to a new biography, A Room full of Mirrors by Charles Cross, published by Hyperion.
Missing Ranger in Colorado’s Mummy Range north of Denver-Christiansen—an experienced ranger with backpack and radio, and gun. .. last thing they heard were gun shots and clicking on radio.. a hopeful sign—(i.e. attempted transmission—gun shots perhaps a signal).

Two small planes collided over a seattle suburb… a plane undercut a pontoon plane—damaging the pontoons—but the pontoon plane managed to land safely.. without injuries.. the other plane crashed into an empty school, killing both on board.

A soldier who returned from Iraq nine days ago—shot and killed his wife and himself—in the Fort Collins, Colorado area. ..Stephen Sherwood, age 36, and his wife, were found dead. Their baby was being taken care of by a neighbor. He had been in Iraq for a year. ..Critics demanded an apology from James Dobson-, founder of Focus on the Family, for his comment that compared the use of embryonic stem cells to Nazi experiments on Holocaust victims. Angels lost to the Orioles.

August 5, 2005 continued

Russian mini-sub caught in a net—or a underwater antenna..—they are waiting for help.. U.S. is setting a mini-sub called the Scorpio by plane then ship.. now trying to drag the sub .. note found on airplane in Houston area airplane—says there is a bomb on board—they took it seriously.. and searched the plane (no bomb found). Mother off a 5 year old girl who died in a coin-operated washing machine is suing the machine operators. The gal, Rebecca Hope Waggoner, suffocated on June 17 after becoming trapped in the triple load machine-the suit contends the machine started without coins and she had to use a rock to open the door.. Hope’s 14 year old half-brother has been charged with involuntary manslaughter…

Man named Roberts in a Missouri prison—was convicted of a restaurant robbery to which another man subsequently confessed. While roberts was in jail a riot broke out and a guard by the name of Jackson, six months from retirement, was stabbed to death. Roberts was accused as being the one who held the guard down. He contends he did not--, nonetheless he was found guilty and sentenced to death. A few days before his execution he requested a polygraph test—he passed, but it didn’t change anything. ..The Chief investigator of the murder says he is certain that Roberts is guilty—the only problem is that another witness testified that Roberts was elsewhere at the time.. also there was no blood on Roberts shirt—despite the fact that the persons who stabbed the guard did so repeatedly in the guards eyes and heart among other places—making it unlikely that Roberts could have remained unstained by the blood. Roberts last words were “You’re killing an innocent man and you can all kiss my ass.”

Eddie Murphy’s wife filed for divorce—they’ve been married since 1993-they have four daughters and one son, ages 3 to 15. Wildfires in Montana close interstate 90.. ..Now there’s another accusation against William Blake—the actor from baretta—his first wife is saying that Blake also tried to get a contract on her to have her killed—this is part of a civil suit by the Bonnie Blakely children…In the Michael Jackson case—two former jurors are now convinced that he is guilty.. Eleanor Cook is writing a book entitled Guilty as Sin, Free as a Bird. With the help of her granddaughter. The second book entitled The Deliberator written by former juror Ray Hultman.
August 7, 2005

Oakland A’s are now tied with the Angels in the AL West for 1st. Peter jennings died. 57 years old , lung cancer. He had recently retired. He was a native Canadian He won the George Foster Peabody Award as well as the National Headline Award. He was a smoker for a while, also a high school dropout. And a bank teller for several years. At age 26 he was picked to anchor ABC News but turned it down saying he needed more experience in the field.

Scientists have found a large amount of cocaine residue in an Italian river, suggesting that about 40,000 doses of cocaine are consumed every day in the Po Valley. The river carried the equivalent of four kilograms of cocaine every day.

Riot at San Quentin. Ranger Christiansen apparently died of a head injury while hiking in the back country . Baseball manager Gene Mauch died.

Grammy winning singer and husband of ABC news reporter Elizabeth Vargas was shot through a window of a van during an attempted carjacking following a performance. He was treated at a hospital and released . Mark Cohn, who had a hit with the song “Walking in Memphis” Wildfires in Washington burn down at least 100 cabins, 35000 acres.

August 9, 2005

The container cranes which cost 10 to 15 million dollars apiece inspired George Segal for Star Wars creatures.

Girl dies at boyscout outing when a tree fell on their tent, at a first-aid class. Woman jumped to her death from a Hummer limousine at 5 a.m. on the 405 freeway after a night out—near Costa Mesa—appeared to be suicide.

50 year old retired airline pilot, Tim McDonald, married a female prisoner, Theresa Deion Smith Harris, age 34, who is in prison for murder without the possiblity of parole, in a Tennessee prison for women in Nashville. Jennifer Hyatt, a former prison nurse practitioner in Tiptonville, TN, (northwest correctional complex), was fired for having a relationship with prisoner George Hyatt who was serving a 35 year sentence for robbery and assault-, --she subsequently married him while he was still in prison and on Tuesday allegedly killed one of the guards transporting him outside the courthouse—and escaped with him.. they were caught the next day in Ohio.

Several male killers—on death row, have married while in prison. Kenneth Bianci and cousin Angelo Buono, better known as the “Hillside Stranglers”, who killed ten girls in Los Angeles.. while in prison both of them married to persons outside the prison. Serial killer John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy both had committed relationships with women before they were put to death. Night stalker Richard Marmirez, on death row for a string of brutal murders in California around 1985 , married a pen pal in 1996. Lyle Menendez and his brother, Rick, who are serving life sentences for killing their parents in 1989 both married after being incarcerated.

Lyle Menendez married pen pal Anna Erickson…in 1997. They split up after a year but then he married another correspondent in a prison ceremony in 2003. … Scott Peterson, on death row in San Quentin, has reportedly been flooded by letters from admirers. Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh received marriage proposals before he was executed. Children in Boulder Colorado found $98,000 in a duffel bag—reported it to police—nobody claimed it, nor was it connected to a robbery or drug money and so the kids got to keep it.

August 12, 2005

Article about the “Grizzly Man’ Treadwell.. tried to make it in hollywood but failed as an actor, went to Alaska and became infatuated with Grizzlies, going there every summer until 2003 when he and his girlfriend were killed by an angry grizzly… they also called him the “bear whisperer.” Museum of Earth History—Eureka Springs Arkansas.. if I wanted to do something violent to the custodians I would have done so long ago—or to their car.. they cannot retaliate against me for a lawsuit against DMA—and the police should not help them retaliate. U.S. District Court Judge Linda Reade was called up for jury duty, but rejected..

Gang of prisoners tunneled out of a Brazilian jail only to emerge in the prison yard, just 30 centimeters short of the prison wall. Prince harry is on toilet cleaning duty at at Sandhurst, part of the Army training college.

August 13, 2005

They found a 5 foot alligator in Machado lake.

Sheehan, mother of the son who died in Iraq.. is now an outspoken anti-war advocate.. wanting to meet Bush in Crawford..she grew up in Bellflower. Jerry Lewis still tours as a rock’ n’’ roller.. house now closed for tours.

Burns Harbor.. Indiana—two gals drowned while playing in lake, now the thirteen year, Esther Niebauer also died.. she had tried to save her two sisters.. her sisters Naomi, age 13, and Miriam, age 8.. were in a roped off swimming area at lakewood

In Monrovia, CA—Energy CS has converted two Prius’s to use as little as one liter per 100 kilometers .. 230 mpg.. by using powerful lithium ion batteries—it is forming a new company, e-drive systems, that will convert hybrids to plug ins for about $12,000.. next year..

Albuqurque , New Mexico.. a retired judge and his wife were found dead. Gerald Cole shot his wife nancy, 65, and then turned the gun on himself. Article re. Keeping the mind active, agile, mental calisthenics.. staving off onset of alzheimers.. and senility.. or helping you live with it...

Marine by the name of Daniel cotnoir, age 33, was awarded Marine of the Year by the Marine Corps Times. And was a marine corps mortician who actually prepared the bodies for open casket funerals.. he’s been back living in Mass. With his wife and two daughters.

Wyoming woman killed in her first skydive, a tandem dive with an instructor… Julia (?) Bond of Evanston WY died in a hospital after the jump.. and John VanCleave was in stable but serious condition..they hit a building on the way down making the chute collapse,,,and they fell 20 feet together to the ground.

A Bulgarian student who apparently drowned in the Connecticut River may have been participating in what Dartmouth students call the Ledyard Challenge… Todorov Valkov a student from Trinity College in hartford CT was found in the river.. the tradition of swimming naked across the river is well known by Dartmouth students… it’s legal to be naked in Vermont but not in New Hampshire.. the challenge is to run across the Ledyard bridge naked to Vermont and then swim back and get your clothes on before getting caught .

Officer Francisco_________ age 25, pled guilty to smuggling cocaine into the United States from Columbia using military aircraft.

August 16, 2005

Stampede in Virginia to get discount laptops.. 1000 laptops, 5000 people pushing and shoving. BTK sentencing begins this week. Madonna fell off a horse, broke ribs, collarbone, and hand outside a country home in London.Plane crash in Venezuela kills 160.

August 17, 2005

William Taft, Governor of Ohio, is being criminally charged for not reporting gifts received while governor, especially golf outings, among other things. 40 % of school teachers plan to exit the profession in the next five years. , the highest rate since 1990, and it is expected to be even higher among high school teachers. 42% of teachers are age 50 or older. BTK killer, Dennis Rader, called himself a “monster” and told authorities about a chilling conversation with an 11 year old girl he said he targeted because of sexual attraction. After he had killed her parents and brother , he took the girl to the basement…Judge Gregory Waller gave Dennis Rader 10 consecutive life sentences, 175 years in jail with no possibility of parole.

Cindy Sheehan, the mother of the boy-soldier who was killed in Iraq, and who has been camped outside President bush’s Crawford Ranch for several weeks, had to leave to return to Los Angeles after she found out her mother had a stroke. ..Gal age 17, …Hilderbrand, was killed by a Siberian Tiger who was posing for photos at a family run animal sanctuary in southeast Kansas. Native Americans---have started their first suicide hotline—because of the high rate of suicide especially amongst teens in the Native-American population. Prison Riot in Calipatria state prison near San Diego.. Brothels are now required to issue health certificates for their prostitutes in Tijuana.

August 18, 2005

Man in San Mateo CA killed his wife and two children and himself.. Anthony Richards, age 53, killed his wife Nicole, 53, and two daughters,--Alexa, age 17, and Tessa, age 13. 18 tornadoes hit Wisconsin on Thursday night.

Courtney love violated her probation , is addicted to drugs and is being sent to a chemical dependency clinic.
August 20, 2005

While flying, Don Beatty of Montana got stuck in power lines as he descended in his power parachute, a form of ultralite aircraft.. along US 87 near Great Falls on Saturday,,… man named Ronny Perris age 22who told friends he did not want his 3 year old son to be a sissy was sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing the boy by slamming his head into a kitchen wall, just weeks after the child returned from foster care.

San Francisco 49er Offensive lineman Thomas Herrion collapsed and died in the locker room yesterday after the 49ers pre season game against the Denver Broncos. Ted Turner is among a group of people who is interested in introducing lions and elephants and other African species into the Great Plains to live wild. An original manuscript of Albert Einstein was discovered ina library in Europe—having to do with “mono-atoms”- (or nano-atoms?).

Washington Redskins are the wealthiest NFL Team. Lance Armstrong and George Bush rode together at Bush’s Crawford Ranch—after a 17 mile bicycle ride they took a swim in his pool. Armstrong is against the war in Iraq but they didn’t speak about that—they did speak about cancer research, however. Convicted felon, Jose Betancourt, age 52, must forfeit 2.7 million in Texas lottery winnings because of his drug-related conviction.. the court said that because he bought the ticket with drug money.

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