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Neighbor called police re. Fight at OJ simpsons house claiming his girlfriend was beating OJ..on Takeoff there’s a thing called the Bernoulli Effect..that’s the wind in the wings… should produce lift. But until the wings are canted upwards Bernoulli’s Effect wont’ produce enough upward force to lift the plane off the ground. Pilots compute a certain speed for every takeoff based on the weight of the plane and other factors in order to determine the best possible time to raise the nose of the plane. ..the instrument approach is the way they land and it is a series of pathways and precise altitudes and directions on a piece of paper called the approach plate(?) or plane (?) which if followed carefully will absolutely guarantee a safe approach to the airport’s runway.

People are comparing Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Michael Jackson..saying Depp looks like a woman too. IN Germany a plane inadvertently landed on top of a speeding Porsche at a local airport The driver slammed on the brakes upon feeling impact on top of the vehicle causing both the plane and the car to crash. Brush fire in Palmdale. Six blasts rocked London’s underground to coincide with the beginning of the G-8 Summit. The national Guard in Sacramento has been accused of spying on people—the unit known as Information Synchronization Knowledge Management Intelligence Fusion Program .

July 7, 2005

One of Billy Graham’s daughters, Virginia Graham Foreman, age 59, was arrested and charged with domestic abuse after witnesses said she choked her husband in the parking lot. Her husband said the observers misunderstood the incident.

First one turkey jumped to its death and then 1500 others followed over the cliff—four hundred of them dying on impact. The others fall was softened by the pile up and survived—in Turkey.

July 10, 2005

210 Freeway—car-to-car shooting. Hollywood subway shut down for a few hours due to a bomb scare. Two planes collide in Canada—imitating dog fight in an air show—both pilots died. Wife of a man last name Gehring two kids Philip & Sara—the man killed and buried them somewhere along the I-80 maybe around Iowa City. Then the man commit suicide in jail while waiting for trial. She has not found the burial site yet.

July 11, 2005

History Professor Peter de Agostino was beaten to death in Oak Park IL, no suspects. And then just a few days ago a college student in Illinois was beaten to death by two other students—apparently beaten to death with a bike lock. Tombol malik, age 23, was beaten to death near the University of Illinois

Wim Kok former president of the Netherlands was blamed for sending unprepared and not enough troops to Srebrenica… the Netherland troops ended up just watching the Serbs take Muslim boys and fathers to be executed. 8000 Serbs were killed in an act of genocide …that was in July of ’95 and was one of the reasons there was pressure on Kok to retire.

July 12, 2005

4 year old boy Jacob Deats climbed in a duffle bag by the curb and was tossed into the truck in Wisconsin, the driver heard him just before the compactor went in to action.

July 13-14, 2005

Gov. Arnold makes 8.15 million over 5 years to serve as editor of two muscle magazines. Craig Hutto , age 17, who lost his leg while fishing in Cape San Blas—due to a shark attack, is on the way home after two weeks in the hospital. Prominent Islamic scholar in Alexandria Virginia who exhorted his followers after the Sept 11, 2001attacks to join the taliban and fight U.S. Troops was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison. Ali al-timimi was convicted in April of soliciting treason and inducing others to aid the Taliban and others to use firearms in violation of Federal law. …he was a U.S. Native, born here and frequently spoke at a small mosque in Falls Church, Virginia.

Woman in Canada fell off a sailboat and swam for nine hours—saved with fifteen minutes of giving up she said. Near the Fraser River in Vancouver. “Cooter” one of the stars from the old Dukes of Hazard show , is urging Dukes of Hazard fans not to go to the movie because it contains profanity and sexual content. Housing boom in South Central Los Angeles where the riots were in ’92 ..apparently a lot of houses and condominiums are being built. South Central has been officially renamed South Los Angeles.

Criminal Case against John Rutter for allegedly trying to extort money from Cameron Diaz .. threatening to expose her with topless photos of herself before she became a real star.

Boise Idaho –woman pled guilty to scalping a mohawk wearing teenage gal.. blaming the attack on mental illness and drug addiction. Prosecutors said she tied up the 15-year old gal and used a 4 inch knife to cut away the entire crown and back portion of the gals scalp. The gal spent two weeks in a hospital while doctors used skin from her thigh to cover the patch of missing skin. The perpetrator took the gal to the hospital after scalping her. … Tropical Storm Emily is near Dominican Republic. Could touch in southern Texas. Rapper Eminem’s tour bus turned over on the highway in Odessa Missouri, hitting two trucks, ..11 people were injured. Eminem was not in the bus at the time. His “Anger Management “Tour was expected to continue nonetheless.

Wesley Snipes in trouble in South Africa for having forged travel documents. Man in New Zeeland was fined for removing a condom while having sexual intercourse with a prostitute. Prostitution apparently is legal but protection is required by law. London Bombings –the person they believe to be the mastermind for building the bombs has been captured in Cairo Egypt. Bastille Day in France is a celebration of the 1789 storming of the former Bastille Prison in paris by Angry crowds sparking the revolution that rid France of its monarchy. IN 2002 a gunman tried to shoot President Chirac on a July 14 Bastille Day parade. The president was not hurt. The potential assassin was sentenced to ten years in prison (only ten years?).

July 15, 2005

Hurricane Emily approaching Southern Texas Northeast Mexico … Saturday Evening

July 16, 2005

Lance Armstrong has a 1 ½ minute lead in the Tour de France… Red shirt freshman in Missouri—collapsed in a pre-season workout.. no reason known. Rumors about Pat Riley, the current Heat president, returning to the coaching position, but he says he is not. Stan Van Gundy remains the coach. Riley has won 1, 110 regular season games, 155 playoff games, and led the Lakers to championships in 82, ’85, 87, , and ’88. He also coached the Knicks from ’91 to ’95 , and the Heat from ’95 to 2003.

The original policeman in the 1970’s rock group “The Village People” was arrested for drug and gun possession and driving without a license in Daly City south of San Francisco. . There was also a $15,000 outstanding warrant for his arrest. HE tried to lie about his name and residence. /45 caliber handgun, rock cocaine and drug paraphenelia. He posted $100,000 bail.

Attorney Gerry Spence is representing the Islamic lawyer who is now suing the federal government in regards to him being arrested and detained for two weeks as they investigated the Madrid bombings. Spence says the Feds intentionally misled the judge in order to get a warrant for his arrest.

July 17, 2005

Trinity Site in Los Alamos Mexico marks the spot where the 1st atomic bomb was tested in July, 1945. Teeball coach allegedly paid one of his players to hurt an 8-year-old disabled boy in order to keep him out of the game. League rules require that all players play at least two innings. The coach allegedly got so competitive he wanted the disabled boy on the sidelines. Mark Downs Jr. of Dunbar age 27, was the coach. Hillary Clinton is trying to get some legal action against the video game called “Grand Theft Auto” because of the sexual content.. (and its for kids). Biblical segment (parchment) found in Israel—verses from Leviticus on it. St. Cyprian

New Mega Church can handle 16,000 at a the Houston Rockets former arena (Lakewood Church Joel Osteen, in Texas, the former Compaq Center. Averages more than 30,000 weekly, $75 million to complete renovations, added five more stories to make room. (Article by Kristy Rieken )

Civilian Border Patrol in California based in El Campo 40 miles east of San diego. Bethany Christian Services in Mississippi is under fire for not allowing Catholic parents to adopt from them. This man by the name of Duncan (last name) who killed the family members in Idaho and kidnapped the youngest boy & gal killing the boy and finally being caught with the gal at a Dennys apparently had been imprisoned before for molestation—he raped a boy at gunpoint when he was seventeen years old.

Later he developed a homosexual relationship with a man in Washington who wrote to the parole board and tried to convince them that Duncan was okay, a decent fellow. Later a fellow by the name of Wacksman—who was married with two young children, tried to convince the parole board to allow Duncan to live with his family. Some people gave him money for bail after he got out and was arrested again.. somebody wrote a $15,000 check for him. And then he did this and finally got caught again. He should get death. Angels win.

Miss America Contest has had a significant decline in TV audience –from 30 million ten or fifteen years 9 million a few years ago. And now the Networks are not even hosting the pageant. Country Music TV (CMT) is taking it and will change the date to January.

Tiger Woods wins the British Open , his 10th Major title, and second Grand Slam.Jack Nicolaus is the only other pro golfer to have won two grand slams and also leads all golfers with 18 career majors, which many people thought nobody would ever break or even come close to.

Caretakers of gardens in Leland, MI wanted an attention-getting way to raise money. They had twelve men pose nude –with carefully placed props.. including the school superintendent Michael_________(near Traverse City, MI). Estimated 1590 wild pandas in China. 105 year old survivor of nazis Dachua concentration camp and his wife have earned the title of worlds oldest living couple. Herbert and Magda Brown live in Philadelphia.
July 18, 2005

Deborah Lafave, a middle school reading teacher around Tampa Bay , is pleading insanity to having sex numerous times with a 14 year old male student. …once in a classroom , once at her house, and once in a vehicle while his cousin drove the car. Thailand is about ready to declare a state of emergency because of Muslim uprisings in the country. Two navy Fighter jets collided in mid-air over the Mojave Desert. Both pilots survived apparently but were hospitalized in serious condition.

Whirlpool wants to buy Maytag for 1.37 billion . Hurricane Emily roars through Cancun, Cozumel. Etc. Acura Integra’s are the most highly stolen car. Dogs at Capitol Hill to raise awareness about the danger of coolant and antifreeze—and the sweet soda-like taste it has—but can be deadly to dogs and other animals who drink it. 10,000 dogs are killed annually and 1400 kids sickened each year because of it. California & Oregon already have laws concerning using a “bitter” additive to give it a bad taste. Denatonium benzoate makes it bitter.

Michael Zucchet, San Diego’s acting mayor, was found guilty of conspiracy, extortion, and fraud on his first business day in office. San Diego has lost a few mayors in succession. Zucchet and a councilman was convicted of taking illegal campaign cash from a strip club owner to help repeal a no touch law. They also returned guilty verdicts against former Clark County Nevada Lance Malone who worked for strip club owner Michael Galardi in their effort to repeal San diego’s no touch law. Zuchett and the councilman were accused of taking $34,000 in cash bribes. Both age 35. Murphy , a 62 year old former judge, who served 4 ½ years as Mayor , resigned in the face of questions regarding his handling of the deficit-ridden pension fund.

City officials in Chicago are now being charged with corruption and falsifying test scores to make sure certain people get hired. Hot in Phoenix 116 degrees yesterday. 125 in Needles CA. Boy in Minnesota who shot and killed two other boys in a school was convicted of 1st Degree Murder despite his insanity plea.

Piece of tape in Aruba found with blond hair on it … they are sending it to the Netherlands for testing and to the FBI in the US. The father of Natalie Holloway is planning on leaving Aruba and returning to Mississippi. He gave the father of Joran Vandersloot a Bible and some inspirational Christian literature.

July 19, 2005

8 year old boy kills his infant sister—hitting her with a 2 by 4 .. on May 22, He could be sent to juvenile until age 21. He said he didn’t like her getting all the attention and she wouldn’t stop crying. Counselors at a state-run wilderness camp for troubled boys are charged with murder for restraining a boy to the extent that he died. White County. Appalachian Wilderness Camp in Cleveland, North Georgia Mts.

Those three new Jersey Boys who suffocated in the car trunk may have been trapped alive for at least 13 hours. Dark chocolate is good for one’s health as long as it has flavonoids. Flavonoids can also be found in tea, onions, soy, and wine. It should have cocoa in it.. and not “dutch processed.”

Man on grey hound bus from Dallas to LA. On the freeway in Ontario, CA asked the bus driver to pull over so he could get off. The bus driver refused to pull over so the man went back to his seat, opened the emergency window and jumped out while the bus was going 65 mph. He was immediately killed by traffic. Pistons don’t want Coach Brown back. They’re letting him go. He’s been there for two years, gave them a championship the first year.

July 20, 2005

Stephen white singlehandedly defeated the push to move all major port business from L.A. to Santa Monica. He opened the way for the federally constructed breakwater that transformed the extensive mud flats of San Pedro.. leading to the port of L.A. First European explorer to see the coast California. Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo … landed in 1522 on the beach that bears his name.

London experienced more bombings today—no deaths or injuries reported. Denver has a total ban on pit bulls. , even if they just look like it.. they can take them without question.. and they are doing so at a rate of three per day.. putting them to death. Hillary Clinton was successful in getting the video game “Grand theft Auto” classified as “adult only.”

Supreme Court nominee John Roberts grew up a stone’s throw away from Lake Michigan. 30 miles outside Chicago.his dad worked at a steel mill..he worked there too as part of the “executives children “ program. Not an elitist ivy league blue blood, “just a regular midwest guy”.. Long Beach Chicago? His dad was an electrical engineer who later became a plant manager. Roberts excelled in academics, played football, and was editor of the school newspaper. He graduated in ’73.. from high school, attended Harvard for undergrad and law degree.

Indiana Police questioned Magdalenz Lopez , age 30, after her two sons were found , one age 9, the other age 2, both died of multiple head injuries. Wild dogs have been marauding animals at the Indianapolis Zoo.. at least one of the dogs, however, had a collar.

Condoleeza Rice went to sudan and some of her people were roughed up by some of Sudan’s security at the presidents house. She visited Danfur where there’s been a massacre of poor rural people—genocide.

Teenager was planning a massacre at his high school Andrew Osantowski … Chippewa Valley High.—sentenced to 4 ½ years in prison. Man arrested after shoot-out—fatal shoot out, police say he admitted that he threw a hand grenade at President Bush –VladimirAretyunian …investigators found grenades in his home in Tbilisi—in the country of Georgia—one of the police officers was killed in the shootout.

Brad Pitt, the actor, accepted a check for $250,000 on behalf of the Film Foundation Inc. at the Hollywood Forum Press Assoc in Beverly Hills. . Other stars included Kevin Bacon, Jesse Bradford, Peter Falk, … Sally Field. Lance Armstrong holds the lead with three days remaining. Elizabeth Wallenberg, age 28, fell off her skateboard in New York –Manhattan, and on to a manhole—which apparently was very hot—a cover over a steampipe at 2nd and 13th in East Village, causing permanent burn marks on her left arm, about which she is suing the city.

Man in Philadelphia was walking around naked at 9th & Market at 5 pm. Accosted by police officer, officer shot the man after he attacked the officer. The man then took the officers car and hit a bus. Andre Kasechenkin, a cycler in the Tour De France, was hit in the face by a spectator during the 16th stage of the Tour de France on Tuesday…unclear whether it was intentional or otherwise. His nose started bleeding but he was able to continue.

July 22, 2005

Scientists now say the earthquake that caused the Indonesian tsunami … they estimate the Indian plate slipped 33 to 50 feet and that it lasted .. the fault shook for at least 8 minutes, whereas the typical earthquakes lasts about 8 seconds. Angels beat yankees—second game in a row.

July 23, 2005—

The terror suspect in London who was killed by London police, turned out not to be linked to terror at all—the London police treated him as suspicious because he came out of a house they had under surveillance—was wearing a overcoat and they chased him on to the subway—but despite the fact that the man was already in the grasp of the police—they shot him in the head and torso and killed him. !!!

New system used by LAPD to identify bad cops—developed by Sierra Systems Group along with Bearing Point… it combines databases of complaints, pursuits, lawsuits , use of force..and other records that might be overlooked or ignored by supervisors or judges .. in the past much of that data only existed on paper spread across bureaus, making it difficult to compile.

July 26, 2005

Aruba is draining a lake in hopes of finding Natalie Holloways body. 22 year old man married a 13 year old gal in Kansas, but then when they went to Nebraska—and he is being charged and prosecuted for having sex with a minor. He’s married to the gal.

OJ Simpson has been ordered to pay $25,000 to DirectTV for bootlegging broadcasts—he was caught using the bootleg devices at his home in Miami.

Garlic Festival in Gilroy CA this weekend. In January there are lettuce days in Yuma (CA or AZ). In Encino? Tomato mania. Stockton has asparagus festival. Testical festival in Missoula Festival—celebrating Rocky Mt Oysters. On Sept 16. Wisconsin has a national Mustard Museum. Mt. Horeb Mustard Museum. Ohio has sauerkraut festival on Oct 8. Washington has the lentil festival Aug 19. IN April—on weekends there’s the salsa festival in Scotsland AZ. Collinsville IL has a ketchup celebration, every June.

Michelle Kramer was a 25 year old graduate student when she met mark Weinberger, an Ivy league educated doctor who had been married twice before.. he had a medical practice, seemed to be doing well, he was taking her on trips.. and then on a trip to Greece on Sept 24, 2004 she woke up to discover he was gone, and it turns out, Weinnberger, age 42, is alive and is on the run. His patients had filed over 330 medical malpractice suits. His clinic was more than 6 million dollars in debt. His physicians license in Indiana was revoked in May, 2005.

July 27, 2005

Estranged couple with 12 children has split up after husband admitted he was gay. Mum Alina Look dumped her husband, Hannes, after the shocking revelation. Hannes had announced he was leaving the family home for another man. He told his wife that he made her pregnant only so that she would have something to do.

She's under arrest for child endangerment, after authorities said she abandoned her son on the Capitol Beltway in Washington D.C. and then struck the baby with the car when he tried to get back in. Channoah Alec Green, age 22, of Newport News Virginia, abandoned the boy alongside the highway. As she attempted to drive off, the boy tried to get back in but was knocked down, leading to the hit-and-run-charges.

The shuttle discovery lost a large chunk of foam debris upon takeoff despite the lengthy efforts since the Columbia disaster to prevent such a mishap. The same problem could have occurred had the chunk of debris hit the Discovery in the same way it hit the Columbia. There were no signs yet that the Discovery was damaged by the falling debris. NASA now says, however, that there will be no future flights until that hazard is fixed. The damage caused during the Columbia lift off led to a plate-size hole in one of the wings, which allowed super-heated gas into the wing (I thought previously they said it was a dime-sized hole).

Former city commissioner in Miami recently indicted on corruption charges shot himself in the lobby of the Miami Herald on Wednesday—shot in the mouth. He came to the Miami Herald and told somebody to pass on a message to a reporter telling the reporter Jim Defede to pass on to his wife that he loves her.

The judge waived the usual 60 day waiting period and granted a divorce to the wife of the BTK serial killer, Dennis Rader, agreeing that her mental health was in danger. Dennis did not contest the divorce. He signed the couples property and all of his retirement benefits over to his wife. They had been married for 34 years.

Boyscouts fall sick as they wait for the president to speak at a luncheon. The president had to postpone the engagement because of lightning. ..a few days prior—some boyscout leaders were killed when a tent was set up by an electrical wire that subsequently caused the tent to start on fire. In Alaska?

July 29, 2005

Now they are digging through a landfill. ..trying to find the body of Natalie Halloway, and they are trying to get a court order allowing them to get a dna sample of the Vandersloot boy, which the judge so far has denied.

A woman shot her two young sons and herself at the family home ..killing two-year old Brody Gollob, and three year old Brayden Gollob…the two older siblings, age 10 & 13, ran next door to call police. When they came back they found their mother, Rachella Stark, lying wounded in an upstairs bedroom… she was taken to a DesMoines Hospital where she later died.

This African American , Teale, an influential person for the Republicans for transportation for black people.. during the Reagan administration.. who recently was under attack for corruption.. took his life at the Miami Herald Building this week… shooting himself in the mouth.

Danger of the choking game—kids trying to get a rush in their head by squeezing off the oxygen … problem that some are using ropes and strings.. and don’t get the string off in time. When their bodies are found it looks like suicide.

July 30, 2005

People can stroll along Michigan’s 3200 miles of Great Lakes Beaches whether they are lakefront property owners or not.. Supreme court ruled unanimously, siding with Joan M. Glass, …who sued the neighbors for access to the Lake Huron waterfront, …the neighbors said she was trespassing… .

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