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Suspected BTK killer—Dennis Rader, says he is not being treated right by his attorneys ..they’re not giving him the files. Wife contemplating divorce. Prositituion is legal in france. Not illegal in England but soliciting it is. In Thailand it is illegal but paying for sex is not illegal.

Billy Graham is on last revival in United States. –in New York . Fire in Mojave Desert. Parents of Dutch Teen in Aruba say they think he is innocent. Prince Williams graduates from College. More suicide bombings in Baghdad. Zimbabwe government is plowing down houses which they say are illegal or that illegal trading is going on in them—leaving 120,000 homeless during a time when unemployment is at 70 %…

73 year old Kenyan grandfather reached into the mouth of an attacking leopard and pulled out its tongue, killing it. Snapple tried to erect the largest popsicle ever but it melted so fast in a New York park they had to take it down before it ever got all the way

Spurs beat Pistons to win the Championship. Roger Ebert got a star on the walk of fame. Now the Dutch Teen in Aruba says he did not drop the gal off at the hotel but left her at the beach. Wildfires in Arizona & California. 3rd Championship in 7 seasons for Spurs incl ’99 , and ’03. Roger Clemens leads major leagues with ERA of 1.51 his lowest ever at this point of the season. His 334 th career victory for Astros. He’s 6-3 on the season and could be undefeated but Astros are struggling . He’s 42 years old. Today is Take your Dog to Work day.

John Couey, age 46, says he fed Jessical Lundsford for 2 or 3 days in a closet in his mobil home .. and when investigators came they didn’t search the premises but that she was still in there, alive. He then buried her alive. Medical examination determined death by Asphyxiation. Her fingers stuck through the bag. “She was alive I buried her alive” he said. He said he sneaked through an unlocked door after a night of smoking crack and drinking beer. He told the gal to follow him to his sisters house. For the next three days he raped the gal and sexually assaulted her at least two other times in his bedroom He said Jessica never yelled or banged on the walls to draw attention. Even though he admits all this he has pled not guilty. He has contradicted himself though—at one point he said he kept her alive for one day, another time for six days, and now three days.

Mexico became the first state to require ignition interlock systems for drunk driver offenders. If can’t pass breathalyzer the car will not start. Snapping turtle in Germany bites a boy on the penis. They think the snapping turtle was somebody's pet.

Tim Duncan MVP of Championship series.

One of the beliefs of Scientology is that earthlings were invaded millions of years ago by alien souls sent from outer space. Scientology church has 8 million members—one of the fastest growing on earth. Newcomers start with “auditing” which is a cross between an interview and confession employing a rudimentary lie detector . .the goal is to learn about, target, and shed negative forces that blunt potential .. for a regular person the first step may be a free stress test. If you are just starting out you go through a “pre-clear” which is what Katy Holmes is—fiance of Tom Cruise. If you keep going you become a Thetan, knowledge of confidential teachings of scientology. Travolta is OT7, Cruise is OT6. One of the secrets revealed is the incident that led to the current evils of the earth—posted on internet.. a galactic shakeup 75 million years ago when an alien ruler sent billions of subjects to the planet to solve an overpopulation problem … these thetan souls dispersed and invaded humans.. scientology is the means by which one’s body’s thetans are purged. Scientology vehemently objects psychiatry and psychiatric drugs. Hence Tom Cruise’s criticism of Brooke Shields for taking Paxil for post-partum depression. It can cost up to $100,000 in donations to attain a level of OT.

At National Championships a volunteer, Paul Suzuki, age 77, was hit in the head by a practice shot put and died. A twelve –year old Ethiopian gal was kidnapped and beaten by some men and some lions attacked the men, drove them away and then protected the gal. Is that a miracle? Bat bites from rabid bats have killed 11 people in Brazil in the last week. .

June 24, 2005

Tom Cruise Told Matt Lauer from ABC’s Today Show that he (Matt) did not know the history of psychiatry but Cruise dows. Lauer said he knew people who had been helped by the medication Ritalin for attention deficit disorder, Cruise responded to Lauer that he (matt) was being “glib” , and told Matt that he (Matt) did not even know what Ritalin is if he was talking about chemical imbalance…and told him that he had evaluated the research on the subject..He also told Matt that one could be both Christian and Scientologist…and that Scientology is a religion because it is dealing with the spirit and that that it provides tools for life… ..he talked about his engagement to Katy Holmes and previous marriages Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman which ended in divorce.

Professor Stephen Kent of University of Alberta in Canada has written extensively about scientology, and tha the space invasion in the War of the Worlds has some similarities to scientology’s teaching of the Marcab Confederacy which he says is described in a church document as a group of planets ..a vast civilization …worse off than earth in many ways.

The church’s website says that scientologists believe that the human soul is eternal and after death it is reincarnated. Kent says scientologists also teach the story of Xenu, a galactic warlord from 75 million years ago who buried billions of people from other planets in earths volcanos. The souls of these space creatures constantly interfere with the humans. One of the missions of scientology is to help shed these spirits. The website also mentions “Space Opera” which scientology says is the concept how over the course of millions of years, human reincarnations has been effected by space creatures. “ Space Opera has space travel, spaceships, spacemen, intergalactic travel, wars, conflicts, and other beings, other civilizations and societies, planets & galaxies. It is not fiction and concerns actual incidents.” Cruise says, “ I think it is supreme arrogance to think we are the only life form in the entire universe.”

Three New Jersey Boys: Manny Jesstin Pagan age 5, Danny Agosto, age 6, and Annibal Juni Cruz age 11, vanished from their yard next to Annibals home on Monday evening. The car where they were found was parked in a driveway next to the yard. They were in the trunk—all three died from suffocation. Camden County, New Jersey.

Billy Grahams last U.S. Crusade begins tonight in Flushing Meadows. Mother with quintuplets has been charged with endangering their welfare, leaving them alone with the four year old to take care of them for an hour and 20 minutes. Father is a truck driver, says that it is hard to make ends meet. Fire rages at St. Louis factory, homes evacuated. Russian space Cargo Ship from Intl. Space Station plunged into the Pacific Ocean after undocking from the state station.

Another woman has come forward claiming that Bill Cosby was drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby.. she has lined up eleven other women who will claim the same. Beth Ferrier from Denver claims that 21 years ago she had a brief fling with Cosby. She said he gave her coffee and then woke up in the back of her car alone, bra undone, … Ms. Canstane had already filed a civil suit saying Cosby drugged and assaulted her in January 2004 in his Philadelphia mansion. Women who eat Soya might lessen their chance to become pregnant. Soya can be found in everyday foods such as margarine, sauces, chocolate, meat substitutes, including vegeterian foods.

Billy graham has fluid in the brain, prostrate cancer, and Parkinsons disease.

June 25, 2005

Shaquille, O’Neal got his MBA from University of Phoenix. While playing for Lakers he would attend classes at the West LA. Campus. He left LSU without His bachelors degree, junior year, but went back and got it. Lakers move from Forum to Staples in ’99.

Story of Moonlight Graham: On 6/29/05 Archibald Wright Graham made his lone appearance in the majors, never got to hit, left on deck, played only two innings, may not have even touched the ball, he went to right field as a late substitute. “went to right field for New York…” 20 year old rookie.. like a flash of moonlight he was gone.. story took a while to get around. Author W.P Kinsella to make such a part of the poetry and romance that celebrates the lore and lure of baseball..more than a decade after Graham died in 1965, the prize winning author was looking through his Baseball Enyclopedia that his father had given him.. it had stats for all major league players.. I was intrigued by the notation for Graham.. his 1982 novel “Shoeless Joe” was adapted into the ’89 film “Field of Dreams” and Moonlight was reborn.. eventually a couple of websites were dedicated to him and a scholarship fund dedicated to his honor. < Kinsella said he did not anticipate this could happen in a TV interview with in British Columbia. . When the … scoreboard flickers with Graham seeking one at bat, he asks “…is there enough magic out there in the moonlight to make dreams come true?”

Veta Ponikvar knew Graham for almost half a century in Minnesota.. he arrived around 1912 after the town placed an ad for a school doctor. She said he never boasted about his ball playing, nor his enchanting nickname. I guessed that it was because by the light of the moon that he practiced baseball. Some people said because he moonlighted as a doctor. No matter , she said that Bert Lancaster’s kindly portrayal was perfect. “I remember probably in 3rd grade when he inoculated me for scarlet fever” she said. “I still have the mark on my arm. Growing up I thought it was the most horrible thing. Later I th ought Oh Doc Graham you are pretty precious. You left your mark. Now in her mid 80’s she will be at the Metrodome this Wednesday to throw out the first ball before Kansas City plays Minnesota on Moonlight Graham Day. Just because of sheer luck… when Kinsella flipped through the encyclopedia he could have easily turned to a page for any of the other 900 players who only played in one major league game . “I had no back up “ kinsella said. “When I approach fiction writing and need facts, I invent them, so I would have invented a background for Moonlight Graham, but I am sure that nothing is as wonderful as the truth. It was a goldmine.”

So what if he didn’t play in the last game of the season. And what if he didn’t bat left handed rather than right.? Or that he got sent down after his one big league game and spent three more years in the minors. Those blue hats he bought for his wife, Alicia—absolutely true..he said. He patted children to clear food stuck in their throats. Another fact: His younger brother, Frank Porter graham was a U.S. Senator for North Carolina. It’s a story that fans everywhere embraced, almost everyone. Barry Bonds, the slugger for the NY Giants says he doesn’t watch movies about what he does. However, Darrin Erstadt, Angels Star, says he has watched “Field of Dreams” twenty to thirty times. “It’s a special thing” he said, “Because it is the dream of a lot of kids out there. “ Bob Hegman’s one big league game came in August of ’85 when he replaced George Brett in the Kansas City infield in the 9th inning. “You wait for so long…just running on to the field was surreal” said Hegman, now an advance scout for the Twins. The Royals went on to win the World Series that year and they remembered him, sort of anyways, everybody asks did you get a ring? Heck no, all I got was a $100 check. I wished I had kept it and framed it but I needed to eat. “ Called up in Sept. ’79 Hargus made his lone appearance for Pittsburgh on the next-to-last day of the season .

You keep thinking, just let me in one game, so my name can get in the book” he said. “When you do, it’s just like the movie. Your eyes light up. You never want that night to end. You just want to play ball like when you were a kid.” At least Kevin Morgan got to bat… after floating to the plate he popped up in ’97 for the New York Mets. “Definitely I thought there would be more opportunities “said Morgan, now the director of minor league operations. “But as it turned out that was the only one.” Which is more than Mickey Harrington got in his lone outing with Philadelphia in ’63. “I was expecting to at least get an at bat” he said, “ I was 6’4, 205 pounds, and it was disappointing to be used as a pinch runner. I figured someone else would pick me. I thought I would get another chance but I never did.” Archie Graham never got to bat in the majors either but he was a pretty good hitter for three years in the minors…manager John McGraw invited him to Spring Training in 1905 but Graham declined because he wanted to finish medical school.

According to extensive research by bill Moose (?) for Society of Baseball Research, Graham finally made his debut in Washington Park built before…now a depot for the Con Edison Power Co. –in a game against the Superbas (the forerunners of the Dodgers) Graham replaced Stuart Brown in right field for the bottom of the 8th inning. Nothing was hit his way and he was left on deck in the 9th when Pitcher Claude Elliot flied out. Bottom Half Graham may have gotten a play when batter singled presumably to right field. He was batting left against the right Elliot and perhaps he pulled it in Graham’s direction, but there is simply no record of where the ball went. It is possible that he may have touched it, Moose said. No telling for sure though. AP Sportswriter Jamie McCauley and AP Freelance Write Joel Resnick contributed to this story.

June 27, 2005

Billionaire John Walton, second son of Sam Walton the founder of Wal Mart, and a Walmart board member died Monday when his small ultralight airplane crashed shortly after takeoff from the Jackson Hole, WY airport. Walton was ranked 11th on Forbes most recent list of worlds richest people. He was listed as being worth 18.2 billion. He had served in the U.S. Army Green Berets as a medic and had been given a Silver Star in Vietnam. Man wins sauna contest by staying in a sauna for four minutes and fifty-two seconds at a temperature of 110 celsius or 230 fahrenheit. Andreas Kramp from Lemgo, Western Germany.

Spielberg has seven children. Angels win their 7th straight game and hold a 7 1/2 lead in the AL west. Supreme Court rules that religious symbols such as statutes, monuments, plaques, etc. in federal courthouses are allowed only if they are not promoting a specific religion or faith. Simone Simmons wrote a book called Diana: The Last Word about Princess Diana and says that she had an relationship with JFK Jr. and also claims that Diana once tried cocaine and hated it so much she vowed to help druggies overcome their addictions.
June 29, 2005

Record for longest life lived is 122 year old Jeanne Louise Calment who died in 1997. Surfers made a new record in Carlsbad CA by surfing the same wave simultaneously …they had to stay up for at least 5 seconds simultaneously , 40 surfers at same time,. Woman whose marriage was cancelled 12 days prior—knew they were going to be billed so they threw a party for the homeless, menu of beef, salmon, shrimp cocktail.

United Church of Christ is poised to become the largest Christian denomination to endorse same sex marriages.. over 1000 clergy/seminarians are gay in the UCC, out of 10,000 total. Reverend Libby Tigner ministery of the 1st Congregational United Church of Christ in Long Beachsponsored the measure. . July 1 is Canada Day.

Luther Vandross, the singer, dies in New York. He sold over 25 million albums in his career.

Shark bit ankle of Austrian tourist, Armin Toaja (?) in Florida as he stood chest deep in the Gulf of Mexico and was brought to Fort Myers hospital—this incident happened 200 miles from where the shark took a boys leg and 350 miles from where a shark took a gals life. The BTK serial killer will be allowed to receive letters from the media and will be allowed to talk to a woman who is writing a book about his life story. Mustang Ranch—“Best little whorehouse in the west” is re-opening west of Reno with the name “World famous Brothel: Wild Horse Resort & Spa” –five miles east of the old mustang site. Jodi Huisentruit, anchor of the morning news in Mason City Iowa (northern Iowa) , disappeared ten years ago, police have never found her.

ON June 27, 1995 she did not show up at the studio at 5 a.m. as scheduled after her assistant had called her and woke her up. The assistant waited and waited but didn’t call the police until a few hours later when she didn’t show up at all (7 a.m.), the police went to her apartment and in the parking lot there was evidence of a struggle.

Live 8 Concert is in London, Philadelphia, Johannesberg, Berlin, Tokyo, and other places across the world raising awareness for poverty and debt in Africa—name given to mimic the G8 gathering of the world’s wealthiest countries (taking place this week). The goal is to get 25 billion in relief aid for Africa –from the countries leaders.. Bob Geldof is leading the efforts. Former governors Gray Davis, Jerry Brown, and Pete Wilson were at the mayoral inauguration.Brown is now the mayor of Oakland. Former secretary of state Warren Christopher was also present at the inauguration.

When people booed Gov. Arnold, the new mayor said “Angelenos, there will be civility today.” Chase of a drunken driver ended at Bellflower Blvd & Spring St. , the driver died. Man in riverside county kidnapped two destitute or homeless or mentally challenged women with the promise of free room and board and then used them as sex slaves, giving them drugs.. and holding them captives until one broke away and called the police The CHP information number is 800-427-7623. Man is making a comic book based on the name of the city, Hell, in Michigan

July 2, 2005

Federer will play roddick in the finals at Wimbledon on Sunday. Federer, from Sweden, defeated Roddick in last years final. Federere needs this victor to join Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg as the only men since 1936 to win three consecutive wimbledon titles. Roddick won the 2003 U.S. Open, his only major so far. He’s 1-8 against Federer including losses in the past four matches. Arnold has a cigar tent outside the capitol bldg and the legislators tried to shut it down, to which he responded by calling them “childish.”

Venus Williams beat Lindsay Davenport at Wimbledon for her 3rd Wimbledon Championship. At one point they had a 25 shot exchange, the longest point in the longest women’s Wimbledon final in records. Venus is ranked #14 or was before Wimbledon. She hadn’t won a tournament in 13 months. She’s lost the last five grand slam finals all to her sister.225 pm.: The Netherlands is sending three jets to Aruba to help in the search for Natalie Holloway. San Diego Congressman is being investigated for rule violations.

Lance Armstrong is 2nd overall in the Tour de France.. over 2000 miles to go.. his girlfriend is Sheryl Crow, the rock star. Jim Furyk wins the Western Open in Illinois—holding off Tiger Woods’ late

July 4, 2005

Bush was in West Virginia on July 4 morning. NASA venture to hit the comet was successful but pics are not in yet. Mysterious column of water vapor shot up out of the sea near Iwo Jima Japan…they think it is an underwater volcano. Oceanic scientists in Hawaii were going to a reef area to retrieve nets which could inadvertently capture seals and in so doing their boat hit a reef and sunk… all persons on board were rescued. …and the boat started leaking oil.

Kjell Inge Roekke a billionairie industrialist (Norway?) is getting 30 days in jail for fraudulently obtaining a boat captain’s license. … Michigan family scores high in the cherry pit spitting championship in Eu claire Michigan (southwest MI)—the Krause family—all won or were on top of their divisions… Redneck Games in Georgia “bobbing for pig feet, mudpit bellyflop, armpit seranade, “ 95, 000 attended in the first decade… in East Dublin Georgia. Between Macon & Savanaah. 15,000 attended last year.

Next Saturday is the 10th annual Mudpit Bellyflop judges people on their flabby form and sonic splat as they drop gut first in the muddy water. Armpit seranade rates children on their musical skills pumping air with a damp hand beneath their underarm. There’s also hubcap hurling, and redneck horsehoes played with toilet seats. The publisher of Redneck magazine sees this event as an example, alongside the popularity of country music, and the comedy television show Blue Collar TV, of folks embracing their inner good ol’ boy without the baggage of racist stereotypes. He said when he started a redneck was a guy whose hobby was hanging people from trees but “now most rednecks I know are just hard working people who like BBQ’s and the outdoors”
The top rim or dome of Mt. St Helens fell into the crater today.

Deep Impact Collission supposed to take place at 1052 pm pst. On July 3… ten minutes before 11. One person likened the collision between standing in the middle of the road and being hit by a semi truck going 23,000 mph. If the comet is porous like a sponge the impact should create a stadium sized crater…this would suggest that the comets interior holds some of the pristine materials of the early solar system….but if the comet is packed like a snowball…the crater formed would be much smaller.

Another scenario is that the comet is so porous that most of the impact’s energy is absorbed, creating an even smaller but deeper crater. They have less than 15 minutes to snap images from the cosmic collission before it is bombarded by a desert of debris.. the comet which is supposed to be hit by deep impact is traveling at 23, 000 mph, the equivalent of traveling from New York to Los Angeles in less than 6.5 minutes. The Hubble, Chandra, Spitzer, Galex, Swas…and other space telescopes will all be recording the event.

Europe’s Rosetta spacecraft will also be observing. .. the best place to view the impact is in Hawaii. A comet is different from an asteroid …an asteroid is composed of metal & rocky material, …formed much closer to the sun. …an asteroid is also known as a “minor planet” .. comets are further from the sun.

Three restaurants in Pasadena robbed—Roscoes House of Chicken & Waffles.. Kevin Hall Pasadena Police Lt said.. thirty minutes later they were at Marie Callendars.. says three but they only specify two. New “Facebook” online student directory.

July 5, 2005

Lance Armstrong takes lead .. Long standing Rock formation known as the “12 apostles” off the coast of Australia—crumbled before tourists eyes..never to be back again in Southern Ocean. Angeline Jolie, age 30, is adopting a baby Ethiopian girl. She already has a son by the name of Maddox , age 3, who she adopted from Cambodia. The new baby gal will be named Zahara. President of the Philippines faces election fraud charges.

July 6, 2005

London is chosen for 2012 Olympics, Paris is runner up. Angels win. Tigers win

Homeless ex-convict is accused of killing a 56 year old woman in a parking garage, suburban mall, who said he killed her because he is fighting a race war and she was white. The man, Philip Grant, age 43, appeared at a court hearing Tuesday in shackles and a bullet –proof vest …A 45 minute video tape played during the hearing …Grant told police “All I knew was that she had blonde hair, blue eyes, and she had to die..” Grant said Connie Russo Carriero was not an innocent victim because she was white. Russo Carriero, a legal secretary, and mother of two grown children was stabbed to death last Wednesday afternoon while walking to her car in a parking garage, next to the Galleria Mall. She was buried Tuesday. Grant was charged with second degree murder and weapons possession. Grant said he was sick of being harassed on the street for being a registered sex offender. He also claimed that Westchester County never helped him with his mental problems. He said he was not remorseful for his actions and would hurt other white people if he could

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