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Previously unknown Aria by German composer Johann Sebastian Bach has been discovered in eastern town of Weimar—one of the few surviving pieces from Bach’s early period. Substitute teacher is accused of choking a 12 year old boy until he lost consciousness in an experiment to see how long it would take to reach unconsciousness… at John Marshall Elementary School.. in Dorchester Neighborhood (in Boston?)..

University of Michigan wins womens softball championship, beating UCLA in ten innings in Oklahoma City. The son of former Soccer star, Pele, was arrested for drug trafficking admitted a teary-eyed Pele, in Sao Paolo Brazil—the son was a second string goal keeper for eight years for Santos, Pele’s former club. He retired in 1999. That same year he was convicted of vehicular homicide while participating in a road race that killed a motorcyclist. He was sentenced to six years of work release.

Tangipahoa Parish School District—near Baton Rouge LA, people are very sincere and committed to prayer and Bible teaching in the public schools. They have violated court orders telling them to stop, and now It may go to the Supreme Court. 2100 journalists have credentials to cover the Michael Jackson trial, but not all are there every day.

Tommy Hook , age 52, originally contended he was beaten for whistleblowing at the Los Alamos Club, now police say it was not related to whistle blowing but that he backed into a pedestrian while leaving the club. And then they beat him up. Hook sticks to his story, along with his wife and lawyer. This is an obvious frame job—get him to come to a disreputable place , cause a controversy, and then try to make him look bad, by association, in the press. Woman hostage, Italian Clementina Cantoni, age 32, held by terrorists in Afghanistan has been released in Kabul, unharmed. Ex –forest ranger was trying to show kids in a classroom how to light a fire without matches—the gunpowder sparked, the school had to be evacuated and the ranger was taken to the hospital with burn injuries.

Two gal cousins hit a hole-in-one on the same hole, consecutively, at Chenango Valley State Park Women’s Golf Association. Former Stripper Diana Hampton, age 39, has been elected to the municipal court in Henderson, NV as a judge beating her opponent by 176 votes. She acknowledges she worked at a Las Vegas strip tease club in order to work her way through college 14 years ago.

Man held in Jail at LAPD”s 77th St. Station on suspicion of robbing a homeless man, dug a hole in the jail wall and escaped. Spurs beat Pistons 84-79, game one of championship series. Plan to shoot a bullet , a big copper bullet into a comet on July 4 by NASA’ s Deep Impact probe , impact at 152 a.m. est which is 1052 pm pst on 4th of July.

Thirteen L.A. sheriff’s deputies will be disciplined for firing about 120 shots at an unarmed driver last month. One will be suspended for fifteen days, others less, some only written reprimands.

Gov. Arnold is trying to pass a bill that will make it harder for teachers to get tenure—from two years to five years. And give governors vast new powers to cut spending. And To strip legislatures the ability to draw their own districts. He says “I have faith in teachers and nurses but not their unions.” Part of Arnold's three year plan—first stop the bleeding, 2nd heal the patient, 3rd rebuild California. #4 run for re-election in 2006 ?He didn’t say.

June 10, 2005

Calcium Chloride flaker plant here at the turn off towards Joshua Tree. Still no sign of missing Alabama gal. Tropical Storm . Kim Peek was the subject of the movie “Rain Man” –Kim Peek was an autistic savant. Another story here about an autistic savant –they can do incredible intellectual things—reciting pi for five hours, for example, but often an inability to do basic things—this one can’t walk without being conscious.. can’t go to the beach –too many pebbles to count. It bothers him.

Now they are saying in story about Missing Alabama gal that she met a Dutch teen at one point and was kissing him at one point in the car.. they said they dropped her off at the hotel—she refused assistance from Dutch escort.. she stumbled, and they said they left as they saw a security guard approaching her. They say some security guards patrol the area looking for women as prey.

British bus company is testing a new secret weapon—to reduce polluting emissions—sheep urine, a stage coach has fitted a bus with a tank containing the urine, sprayed into the exhaust to reduce emissions, as reported by

Ananova’s Quirkies. Phil Jackson is considering a return as coach to the Lakers—he is represented by Todd Musberger, brother of ABC’s Brent Musberger—a commentator.

June 11, 2005

12, 000 university students in N. Korea have been ordered into the rice fields—universities are closed until food crisis is over. They also claim to have a nuclear bomb or bombs but wont say how many. Frenchman by the name of Alain Robert calling himself “spiderman’ scaled a 62 story skyscraper using only his bare hands. He got to the top where police officer were waiting for him. They checked his passport but did not arrest him. He has previously scaled Taiwan’s Taipei 101—the world’s tallest bldg—it took him four hours because it was raining. 1679 feet. He’s also climbed Malaysias Pedrona Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Bldg.

Mike Tyson loses fight to Kevin McBride in 6th round.. Bride is 6 foot 5 weighs 271, Tyson weighs 233—Tyson was the heavy favorite. Laila Ali daughter of Muhammad won the fight—the undercard of the Tyson fight—she remains undefeated first woman to win WBC title.

Larry Brown coached the Spurs from ’88 to ’92. At the time Gregg Poppovich, now the Spurs head coach, was Brown’s assistant. Spurs have won two titles since then: in ’99 and in ’03. Condoleeza rice played a piano duet with a young person who had a disease then played some of her own—she originally planned to be a concert pianist.

Article about use of Video Tape against Police: ABC “Some Turn to Video Tape to Challenge Police” .. Last Summer NY City police were faced with 100’s of 1000’s of protesters planning on protesting the GOP convention at Madison Square Garden. By the end of the convention week the NYPD had made 1806 arrests. Ten months later, just 170 people have been convicted or have entered guilty pleas. While many cases continue to wind through the court system, many potential prosecutions have been dropped. Some of them because of video taped evidence.

People with video cameras such as Dennis Kyne.. came from California planning a whole week of protesting against the GOP. ON the 3rd day he and dozens others were arrested in front of the New York Public Library. Kynde said that before the police moved in “It was totally harmonious. Everybody was assembling peaceably[sic] and congregating quietly” He also noticed that “There were a lot of people with video cameras. A lot of people taking pictures.” That came in handy when Kyne was arrested for alleged rioting and resisting arrest because it turned out that at least one documentary filmmaker’s camera was aimed at him. She documented that at this particular parade there …all the way to the time when the police pushed me down to the ground and accused me of acting violently, inciting a riot, and resisting arrest.” The tape, part of a large archives collected by the National Lawyers Guild, a civil rights group that monitored the protests, showed Dennis Kyne shouting insults and getting into police officers faces, but nothing worse than that. The tape showed no trace of the official arresting officer, an absence that led authorities to dropping charges against Kyne. The incident is still under investigation by the NYPD which refused further comment. Police video—the officer could show up on police department videos of the event because there are plenty of them.

Video coverage of public events has been standard operating procedure for the NYPD since the year of what then police commission Ben Ward called the police riot in Tompkins Square Park. Miami Police Chief John Timoney was a mid-level NY City police officer when demonstrators and police squared off. “Around midnight all hell broke lose. There was a rapid mobilization from every precinct within New York City. A lot of confrontations were caught on videotape.” From that day forward more and more protesters were armed with these video cameras. Timoney added “to the point where now a dozen years or so later it’s very hard to find a protester without a camera. And the police are very aware of that.” And they are ready with camcorders of their own.

After Tompkins Square Park “I think all bets were off” Timoney said …protesters were going to get cameras to show their side and police thought they ought to have cameras to show their side of the event. Unfair edits? Sometimes when cameras take sides justice gets short-changed. Attorney Robert Anello successfully defended a native american protester charged with attacking NY state police during a demonstration on the Onondaga Reservation near Syracuse in 1997, a demonstration the police had videotaped. The police video couldn’t make things happen that didn’t happen but certainly avoided certain of the scenes, Anello said.

Fortunately, for Anellos’ client a local news organization camera saw things that the police camera did not. The police who said that they were not using batons were using batons quite liberally, Anello said. At trial it was pretty apparent that the difference between what police weren’t showing and what the media was able to catch on tape, before the cameras were removed made the difference between the charges and ultimately the acquittal.

Brian McNamara who teaches future police officers, prosecutors, and defense attorneys at John Jay College in New York City believes video tape can bring better justice. “ I think police officers always have to keep in the back of their mind that anything they do—anytime they are out on patrol is subject to being videotaped” McNamara said. “I think it is a step forward. It is kind of a trite saying, but a picture is worth a 1000 words” but still the bottom line is that the jury can see it. And make their own determination.”

Acquitted by Video—Alexander Dunlop said he was just walking out to eat when he was swept up in the demonstration and arrested. Police charged him with a whole laundry list of misdemeanors. It would have carried up to a years sentence if I was convicted of all the charges. Prosecutors told Dunlop and his attorney Michael Conroy they had him dead to rights on NYPD video tape. “I was told by the DA’s office on several occasions that this was the complete unedited tape” Said Conroy. But it turned out it wasn’t. The tape that prosecutors planned to use was an edited version. It left out images that supported Dunlops story, and undercut police claims that he had been resistant.

Again , the National Lawyers Guild tape collection saved an innocent man. And again authorities said they cannot comment on the way the police and prosecutors handled the evidence because the case is under investigation. “I’m certain there are people out there who were arrested” Conroy said, “who are still being prosecuted in this case who are absolutely innocent, who don’t have the video tape to prove it”

But Miami Police chief Timoney says that video cameras help the officers too by reminding them that at any moment the world could be watching. Timoney said “This generation of protesters tend to be much more restrained than their parents or grandparents..maybe in part because they too want to look better on video tape.” ABC News’ David Marash contributed to this story on June 7, 2005 on Nightline

Tornado damages 22 homes in Wisconsin. Slept outside Redlands Ranch last night at 1721 Colton Ave. Colton & Dearborn, Here’s the University of Redlands.

11th anniversary of the murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson. Indonesian president gave the entire country access to his cell phone as a gesture of good will, but the line crashed because of so many calls. Rain Queen of Africa dies at age 27.Woman in Pennsylvania wins million dollar lottery twice in the same year. Baby alligator found in the backyard of a Napa Valley home.

June 14, 2005

Jacksons’ attorney says Michael will no longer allow kids in his bedroom. Mesereaux.
Sean Penn, the actor, age 44, is working for the san Francisco Chronicle in Iran as a reporter covering the presidential elections. Eagle with fish in its mouth flies through a picture window of a home in Alaska, .. and after a few stunned moments flies back out. The woman inside hears a crash, finds a fish carcass and broken glass all over the place and has no idea what just happened, not seeing the bird. Not until a neighbor comes by who observed it does she find out. She initially thought somebody threw a fish carcass through her window.

Teen charged with battery after intentionally vomiting on his Spanish teacher at the Olathe Northwest High School .

Court police officer (bailiff) leaves her gun, a 44 caliber Glock pistol, in the restroom inside the Binghampton courthouse, in Broom County.

Philippines president Gloria Arroyo is one of the most unpopular presidents ever, after only being in office a year or so. Leatherback turtles are facing extinction because of the loss of one of their few (one of four)nesting grounds following the tsunami, which washed out the beach on the Nicobar Islands. They have very important qualifications for nesting beaches. Galathea Beach on Great Nicobar has virtually been washed away. Pistons beat Spurs at home. Phil Jackson is returning to coach the Lakers, Disney world in Orange County Florida? Now they are searching the home of the Dutch Teen in Aruba in regards to disappearance of Alabama gal.

Florida city is using cell phone tech to pay for parking—they give the meters a number—you call it in—the charge begins when you tell it to and stops when you return. Arrested 14 times and spent 5 months in jail, and now he plans to do it again with his gal friend Melanie Roberts. Mike Tyson says he will retire now ending with 50-6 record, lots of knockouts early in his career, the biggest one against Michael Spinks in 88 seconds.

Plane crashes near Yuma AZ,--one of those that can take off like a helicopter and then fly like a plane. Four bombs on board. Nobody killed, but the pilot was injured, several homes damaged.

June 16, 2005

Four Keller High School cheerleaders were sent home early from summer camp after allegedly putting human feces on a pizza and trying to frame rival cheerleaders for doing it. Former Holly Hill Police officer, Mark Wright age 36, charged for making deals with female traffic citation recipients –he would let them go if they stripped for him In July ’99 and December 2004, Wright initiated traffic stops on women who were driving under suspension. He allowed them to drive to the police station, …once inside he offered to drop the charges if the women allowed him to videotape them taking their clothes off. In ’98 he stopped a woman and offered to drop the charge if she pulled up her shirt .

13-year-old boy jumped into a Public Works truck and led police on a chase for at least 20 miles., around Miami, Dade County. He ran over a police officer? And caused at least two crashes.

A 14 year old boy stole a Cessna airplane and went on a late night joy ride, despite having never flown a plane before, taking off and landing twice before being arrested. Strip clubs become increasingly big business n Manhattan New York, Pistons win 102-71, tying the series at 2-2. … a Los Angeles woman was struck in the head by a stray bullet while standing in line with her fiance at a chicken stand. She died.
Defense Attorney Mari Dee Castanzo made a reputation for herself as an aggressive attorney is now facing charges of trying to hire somebody to kill her husband. She pled guilty, (Youngstown? St. Petersburg, FL?).

Olympic Sprinter Asafa Powell has become the worlds fastest man clocking 9.77 seconds in the 100 meter in Athens Olympic Stadium German man, Thomas Menninger, age 39, near Frankfurt Germany, fell off building after sleepwalking out his bedroom window up a drain pipe to the roof. Before falling 20 feet. He was not seriously injured.

Leigh Ann Hester of the Kentucky National guard, from Nashville TN, became the first female soldier to receive Silver Star since WWII for gallantry in fighting through an ambush in Iraq on March 20, 2005—killing at least 3 insurgents. She is a retail store manager when she isn’t fighting for the army.

Aruba authorities searched the apartment of The Dutch Teen, Joran Vandersloot, as well as the adjoining residence of his father Dutch official, Paul Vandersloot,. They say the father is not a suspect in the disappearance of the Alabama gal, but the son is, although no charges have been filed.

[Another Very Sick & Disturbing Story, from Canada]

The accomplice in a series of rapes & murders of teenage gals, one of Canada’s most infamous criminals, will walk free in a few weeks, Karla Homolka, age 35, has finished her 12 year sentence for her role in the sexual slaying of two pubescent gals in the early 90’s. She also took part in the slaying of her sister, Tanna, but wasn’t charged in her death. Many people thought she should have been put in jail for life, but in order to get her to testify against her accomplice and former husband, Canadian authorities agreed to a plea bargain.

She pled guilty to manslaughter, giving her a dozen years in jail. . she claims that her husband at the time beat her until she agreed to drug & rape her sister, and that her husband said he would kill her and her family if she did not. On Christmas Eve 1990 the couple dragged her younger sister Tanna to knock her unconscious while they sexually assaulted her and videotaped it. The episode ended horrifically [sic] with Tammy choking to death on her own vomit. It was considered an accident at the time. Following that the two of them got married in 1991,…two weeks before their wedding day they abducted , assaulted, and strangled 14 year-old Leslie Mahaffy. IN April ’92 Christian French age 15 disappeared. They kidnapped the teenager and raped her day and night, with the video camera rolling. Later, they dumped her body by the side of the road and drove off.

She went to the police and confessed, and arranged a plea bargain, but then during the trial in 1995 the videotapes suddenly surfaced and they showed that Karla did not appear to have been forced by her husband but seemed to be enjoying the slayings and sexual assaults. He got life in prison without parole.

The Mighty Ducks have been sold for 75 million to Henry & Susan Samueli.
June 17, 2005

Governor Bush has ordered an investigation into the collapse of Teri Schiavo before she went into a coma.

Marcus Wesson, the fellow who either killed all his children and grandchildren or made his daughter do so, was found guilty of murder, and could be sentenced to death.

ANOTHER potential suspect in the missing Alabama gal in Aruba—a disc jockey by the name of Steve Gregory Croes, age 26, …Another helicopter crashed in New York, that’s two in two weeks, this time the helicopter sank, but everybody survived, only one serious injury. The helicopter had just taken off from the 34St heliport.

Contestants will gather at the Bottle Inn in southwest England (Marshwood) Saturday Night to take part in the 9th annual World Nettle Eating Championship. They must pluck & eat as many leaves as they can from the feathery stinging plants in one hour, the results are measured in feet & inches. Last year the winner ate 42 feet of nettles. The world record is 74 feet. A woman, Wendy Cobb, age 38, searching for aluminum cans in a trash bin, was dumped into the back of a garbage truck unbeknownst to the driver who heard her screams just before he was about to hit the compactor button (Framingham?),

Kangaroo on the loose outside Charleston W. Va—3 foot kangaroo comes out at night.

Book about behind the scenes in a crimnal courthouse by Steve Bogira, Entitled ‘Courtroom 302, a Year Behind the Scenes in an American Criminal Courthouse” he says the Cook County jail is so overcrowded and overwhelmed there are people who are convicted who are innocent and people who are innocent who plead guilty. He says that some people who get into the system don’t look at it from the standpoint of I didn’ do this but psychologically they figure okay I’m in the system how do I get out with the least harm possible. Investigators found that detectives routinely used electric shock and other methods of torture to extract confessions.

Angels reliever Brendon Donnelly was suspended for ten games for being caught with pine tar in his mitt. Against the washington Nationals. Both managers were also suspended for one game apiece for quarelling.

Governor Bush has ordered an investigation into the Schiavo case—why the lapse between the time she collapsed and the time the husband called 911?!She collapsed on Feb 25, 1990. One of the jurors, Pauline Coccoz, who acquitted Michael Jackson showed up for a party at a casino, as did one of his attorneys , robert Sanger, and numerous fans, as well as Jacksons mother, and his brother Tito, but not Michael himself. Journalists were not allowed in.

A Korean couple crossed over from North Korea to South Korea by sailboat—with the intent of defecting. The couple, last name Choi, have been determined to leave N. Korea since the husband’s mother and brother were executed in 2004 for experiments on human bodies.

June 18, 2005.

Pastor Chuck Obrenski ….pastor of Kindren Community Church is also the chaplain for the Anaheim Angels and the Mighty Ducks—he was also chaplain for the Ramsbefore they moved—he’s been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Spurs beat Pistons 96-95 in overtime. Tom Cruise got squirted in the face with a water gun. He called the guy a jerk and rude.

June 21, 2005

Pistons Beat Spurs 95-86, tying the series at 3 games apiece. A surge in Christian book sales, including Christian “chick lit.” Houston Astros outfielder, Jason Lane(?), caught a fly ball and thought that made the third out—so he flipped the ball casually into the stands for a fan. But as it turned out, there were only two outs…so the other team scored on his mistake.

Killen found guilty of manslaughter, the movie “Mississippi Burning” was based on his life. .. Neither Rick Burroughs house was very impressive. He must have been a local yokel who grewup around here.

June 23, 2005

350 years commemoration of Jews in the military” . In 1654, Asher Levy one of the original 23 Jewish settlers in New Amsterdam, demanded and secured for himself and his fellow soldiers the right to stand guard at the stockade. During the 20th Century nearly 1 million Jews served in the armed services of the United States …WW1 250,000, WWII 600,000, ,Korea/Vietnam/Gulf War 150,000; one of three physicians and dentists in the military are Jewish. ..Mark Evnim was the first Jewish casualty in Iraq. Lt. Seth Dvorin died in Iraq in Feb 2004. In the Revolutionary War many Jews were in general George Washington’s continental army (p.12 Seymour “Sy’ Brody, pdc. Illustrated by Art Seiden). When the U.S. Declared War on Spain there were 30 Jewish officers in the army and 20 in the navy. In WW1 there were more than 250,000 Jews that answered America’s call to action. Over 3500 were killed, 12,000 wounded, 1100 decorations for bravery. 11000 Jews were killed in WWII, 40,000 wounded. Three recipients of the Medal of Honor. 157 Distinguised Service Medals & Crosses. 1600 were awarded the Silver Star. IN WWII Captain Rabbi Alexander Goode gave his life in the army…he and three Christian chaplains gave up their lifejackets and went down with the sinking ship. …

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