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The following year Illinois prosecuted Kathy Cecil of Wood River for the first degree murder of her two-year-old son, Michael. She did not participate in his fatal beating and had repeatedly been punched, choked, and raped by her lover for months. Cecil, now 31, was sentenced to 35 years in jail. Battered women do not get much sympathy in these cases prosecutors say. Abuse of the mother is irrelevant. It’s not an excuse for standing by and letting someone beat your child to death. Says Terry Patton the state’s attorney in Henry County, Illinois. Advocates of battered woman say it’s not that simple. These women may be unable to help because if their husband or boyfriend is beating a child they are probably beating the mother too.

That was happening in Linda Lee Smith’s case said her surviving daughter Bethany McDermott said in an interview last week. She said her mother did not intervene in Amy’s beating because she was paralyzed with fear. She said Smith had been battered and sexually tortured for months by her boyfriend David Foster who was convicted of 2nd degree murder and is still in prison Her mother had been severely beaten when she tried to stop Foster from harming McDermott … a few weeks earlier..standing back and not doing anything was horrible said McDermott, age 29. But such a harsh punishment was not the right answer.

Three burned crosses were found in Durham, NC. That’s where Sandra Vanderlinde lives.

Police were called in to stop a fight at Jefferson High in Los Angeles. I've been there.
The murder suspect remains on top of the crane in Atlanta for the 3rd day now—the 31 year old man quit his job as a software salesman, filed for bankruptcy, and talked about moving to Las vegas. A Tennessee state senator has been placed under house arrest for bribery

May 27, 2005
Paula Creamer, age 18, won her first LPGA tournament …she’s already won $350,000 on the LPGA tour. Her nickname is Pink Panther. Rascall Flatts kicked off the summer concert series in Bryant Park in mid-town Manhattan.

British engineers have invented the Indi pod—an inflatable in car toilet powered by a cigarette lighter.. it inflates to an area of four feet high and three feet wide—sufficient to accommodate two people (how fun—go to the bathroom with somebody). Denice Williams suffered an embarrassing 3rd round defeat by a 15 year old Bulgarian Spice Girls fan. The Americans fortunes withered at the French Open on Friday. She lost to 98th ranked Sesil Karantcheva…Woodpecker in Syracuse New York sees itself in the mirrors of cars and pecks at them as if his reflection were an enemy bird—breaking several car mirrors.

An off-duty police officer in Jersey City had to fight off a naked man who jumped out of the woods wearing only a condom. John D. Kelly, age 39, a vice-president for a New York banking corporation, surrendered to the police eight days after the incident. The woman he attempted to accost happened to be an off-duty police officer.

A police officer in Boulder, Colorado found marijuana growing alongside some tulips at the Pearl St. Mall and pulled them. The author of a book entitled Dying to Win soon to be released about suicide bombers says there have been thirteen suicide bomber campaigns over time … and of those thirteen, seven have produced success.

IN Lebanon in 1983, 241 Marines were killed by suicide bomber driving a truck… subsequently Ronald Reagan withdrew all military forces from Lebanon virtually abandoning the country. The articles notes, however, that the victims of the suicide bombings in Iraq have been largely Iraqi citizens, not U.S. soldiers , making it less potent to the war. … they also note that a lot of the suicide bombers in Iraq are not from Iraq—says Bruce Hoffman of the Rand Corporation , a policy think tank, therefore the suicidal bomber has less chance of becoming a famous martyr, which happens more often apparently in Israel. ..There’s no “cult of the martyr” in Iraq. The cause remains greater than the individual.

May 28, 2005

Interesting case about a couple by the name of Mark & Linda Adanalian in Fresno, CA.. twelve years married, four children, apparently had some sort of argument or arguments over time … and Mark was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis… then suddenly, not too long ago, Linda just collapsed and died. They said, subsequently, due to a post exhumed autopsy that she died of selenium toxicity… but it was not initially investigated as a potential homicide, but some friends & family of Linda say there were indications prior to her death that he might have the desire and will to kill her.

Temperatures in Seattle are unseasonably high. Angels win, beating the Royals in ten innings after being down 8-3 in the top of the 9th, allowing them to remain tied for first in the west. Minor league pitcher, Rick Helling, a former ten year major leaguer, was impaled by a shard of a broken bat in his non-pitching arm…NBA playoffs Phoenix-San Antonio, Miami-Detroit. … former president Clinton visits a part of Sri Lanka that was hit by the tsunami.

The Puente Hills fault that runs under Los Angeles has caused quakes of 7.2 to 7.5 magnitude at least four times in the past 11, 000 years says the team at the U.S Geological Survey in the southern California earthquake center at the University of Southern California. They say the next quake from the Puente Hills fault is not a matter of if but when.

Voyager I has been on a 26 year journey from earth and is getting closer to the sun, going through a region known as termination shock…but still some 8.7 billion miles away from the sun, …now entering a section called the “helio sheath”…further than twice the distance of Pluto—the furthest planet in our system. Voyager I & II were launched in 1977, on a mission to explore the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn. The pair kept going, however, and the mission was extended. Voyager II went on to explore Uranus & Neptune… the only spacecraft to have visited these outer planets. Both spacecraft are now part of the Voyager Interstellar Mission … to explore the outer-most edge of the sun’s domain. They are able to keep operating until the year 2020. Wherever they go they carry a golden phonograph record which has messages from earth such as surf, wind, thunder, and animals…also some musical selections, spoken greetings in 55 languages, along with instruments, instructions and equipment on how to play the records.

Eddie Alberts—an actor in the show Green Acres died at age 99. Oliver Stone, film maker, was arrested for DUI and drug possession in Los Angeles.MSNBC local edition says that there have been bear sightings in West Michigan. Manar Maged , an Egyptian baby, was born with two heads—doctors successfully separated the second head and the baby has been discharged from the hospital.

John Ford, State Senator of Tennessee—one of Tennessee's most powerful political families has been placed on house arrest … member of senate for 30 years.. charged with taking payoffs and threatening to kill a witness.. brother Harold Ford served 11 years in Congress.. during his tenure in Senate.. Ford lost paternity law suits, gave a political job to a girlfriend, used campaign money for his daughters’s wedding, and was successfully sued for sexual harassment, … Ford and other lawmakers took $92, 000 to usher e-cycle bills through congress. Ford himself is accused of taking $55, 000. ..

Junior Allen—spent 35 years in prison for stealing a black & white TV set.. now age 65 he has been released.. having watched persons convicted of murder, rape, and child molestation come and go before him. In North Carolina. IN D. C. rolling thunder rally—POW MIA situations.. benefits for veterans

May, 29, 2005

Heat beat Pistons. Lead series 2-1. Shaq had 28 points and was 8 for 12 from the foul line at the Palace. He also had five assists. Coach Stan Van Gundy took him out in the first quarter despite his protestations. The final score was 113-104. Small plane crashed –pilot in serious condition—rescuer died after falling off back of pick up truck on way there. Article re. Cotton picking in Uzbekistan. Govt. prevents privatization. “Million Dollar Baby” was about female boxing—and in India Muslim women are getting into it.

The thawing of the permafrost in Alaska—is going to change things—the methane released—will accelerate the greenhouse effect.. Dan Whelden won the Indy 500, the first Brit to win the Indy since 1966. The female race-Danica Patrick came in 4th. Angels beat Royals.

Mo Cheeks hired as 76’ers head coach. Cheeks was four time all-star, fifteen seasons, led Sixers to championships over Lakers in 1983. He played with Dr. J. and Moses Malone. Cheeks was fired as Portland Trailblazers coach after four years there and leading them to their fourth highest win title in Blazer history but he was plagued by his players who had drug problems. … two teens kill homeless man “for fun” in Daytona Beach.

May 30, 2005

Pistons beat Heat, series tied at 2-2. Scott Moody on the Ohio Farm killed grandparents, mother, and two friends before himself.. his sister was shot in the neck and is in the hospital. A dozen male students in the Philippines stripped off their clothes in the civic center in the Philippines.. to protest educational problems.

Rev. Keith Kimber at St. Johns Rectory Church in the city of Cardiff had a hot spot hooked up in his church so that parishioners can surf the web during the service or send an e-e-mail. He says he has no problem with it. That’s in Wales. Dean Craig 36 year old man set his own home on fire in order to get two visitors to leave.

Flash floods kill 250 in the Philppines , Quezon province. Yale fans Ken Jennings, Jeopardy champion finally lost. Dianna Deetric Berns is subject to excessive force by Atlanta police and it is caught on video at the airport. Officer Clarence Alexander was the instigating officer, seven other officers arrived thereafter. The district attorney was Bob Keller, Berns attorney is Steven Lister. : Airplane attempting to make first round the world nonstop , non-re-fueled flight

June 1, 2005

Deep Throat has been revealed as Mark Felt, age 91, second in command at FBI at the time, passed over by Nixon to take J. Edgar Hoovers places. , Oxytocin is a chemical released during sexual intimacy, causes people to be more trusting. Resort in Starkenberg… Austria’s Tryol region has filled 7 13 foot long pools with beer.. they claim it helps heal skin diseases some drink it as they swim..

June 2, 2005

Closing arguments begin today in the M. Jackson case. Jennifer Wilbanks, Runaway Bride sentenced to community service and probation, Buddy Bell hired to manage the KC Royals next year.

Miami Heat win over the Pistons to make it 3-2 . Shaq had 20 points. George Mikan former NBA star—former Minneapolis Lakers player died today. He was the first big man to dominate the sport at six foot ten inches. When they came to New York in December (1949), the Madison Square Gardens said Mikan v. Knicks …College basketball started the goal tending rule because of him. The NBA doubled the width of the free throw lane because of him. . When Lakers lost to the Fort Wayne Pistons in 1950 .. it was the lowest scoring game in NBA history 19-18... because of the stalling tactics in that game.. the 24 second clock was started. Shaquille O’Neal said he wanted to pay for the funeral, apparently he had been friend with Mikan and he said that without Mikan there would be no Shaquille. .. Mikan’s surviving son said he appreciated the offer but said it was up to his mother whether or not she would accept it.

Over 80 persons were rescued off a Costa Rican island. …after sending a message in a bottle asking for help.. they had been on the island for ten days after their boat sunk and their rescuers came within 24 hours of the bottle being sent

Three infant bodies found in freezer in Austria—body parts cut up. Woman confessed to killing them for fear they would drive her male partner away and because of mounting bills. Red Tide in New England is one of the largest ever , causing shellfish to be unsuitable for eating.

The Akiane Kramarik.. “God gives me the ideas I just paint them” she says. Her paintings fetch 1000’s of dollars says the article. Teenager Natalie Holloway from Alabama has disappeared in the island of Aruba.. so far nothing has shown up. Rubbish in the road at Coyote Creek Golf Course. Gal from Alabama was 18 years old—an honors student from Mountain Brook High School in Birmingham. Bags ready to go, full ride scholarship to theUniversity of Alabama.. pre-med. Three men said they took her to the tip of the island and back to the hotel but security doesn’t show them on camera returning.

Rich DeVos has announced he will run for governor. He is the son of Rich DeVos Sr., the Amway Founder Snoop Jackson writes an interesting article about Shaqulle O’Neal. Addressing the notion of him being overrated but then he reverses and concludes with high praise for the Shaq. Shaquill once referred to Kobe Bryant as an Uncle Tom on a radio talk show. Snoop Jackson Resides in Chicago—two children..

David Toms hit a hole-in-one in the Memorial Golf Classic in Dublin Ohio. The first Good Year Blimp was named Pilgrim and was launched on June 3, 1925. Today Goodyear has four blimps—three in USA and one in Brazil.

Car crashes over bridge barricade—killing five male adults. No skid marks. King City is a well kept town—industrial town of some sort—big plant or factory.

Sports: Dwayne Wade sat out game six of the Pistons-Heat series—which the Pistons won. Gas is back up to $2.57. No clues to whereabouts of missing Idaho Kids, Dylan and Shasta Groene. They say the NBA may have a lockout next season if they can’t come to an agreement. ..

June 5, 2005

Ethnic Cleansing in Sudan has allegedly claimed 180 million lives. They say it is one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Sheik Musa Hallal is claimed to be the one responsible for a lot of the deaths in Sudan and is on a list of most wanted by the U.S. –with recommendations that Sudan arrest him. But that appears unlikely—given ABC News interviewed him openly at none other than the police club. Anniversary of Tianhamen Square Massacre 16th anniversary commemoration..

The Mars Rover Opportunity was stuck in soft sand for several days.. finally got it to break free. Both rovers are still operational on Mars. Spirit& Opportunity.

Arrested two men re. The missing Alabama gal in Aruba. .. they found a bloody mattress but it has been eliminated as having to do with missing gal. They have arrested two security guards.. and have requested a diving team.

160 Whales stranded on beach in Perth Australia ..closer to the town of Busselton.. ESPN televised the Spelling Bee this year. Two movies made about Spelling Bees: “Bee Season” with Richard Gere and the other “Spellbound” –an Oscar Nominated documentary film about eight competitors in the 1999 spelling bee, including the winner. .. Several European countries led by Australia are planning to protest Japan’s endeavor to expand it’s whaling industry—wanting to increase their take.

Eric Wang—owner of a Tiawanese restaurant.. in which the food is served in miniature toilet bowls.. the name is Marton which means toilet in Chinese.. urinals decorate the wall , and you sit in toilet lid seats.. 80 year old woman by the name of .. Vera Tursi was arrested for being the ringleader of a prostitution ring.. as best as I can tell in Newark New Jersey.

Paris is trying to win the 2012 Olympic games..

Missing Alabama Teenager in Aruba was last seen on May 30 after attending a concert featuring “Boys II Men”…and Lilian Hill on Sunset Beach in Aruba.. 3rd Annual Soul Beach Music Festival… 8000 attended …she then ate at Carlos & Charlies Bar & Restaurant..

Red Delicious pack the most potent anti oxidant punch, Northern…#2 , Cortland #3, Gold Delicious #5, Macintosh & Empire..the skins of the apples have more antioxidant.. people turned out for a confederate memorial service.. singing dixie.. under a rebel battle flag.. confederate monument.. to the east . protesters voiced their disapproval by marching outside the Missouri Governor’s Mansion—Jefferson City (aha)

Governor Matt Blunt allowed a one day flying of the flag at the request of a group.. ..the commemoration took place in Higginsville. Missing Texas A&M Student.. Brandy Stahr –who disappeared in Oct. 1998… has been found… working at Sams Club in Kentucky—did not want to be found. She’s now age 27… she left after she got in an argument with her family and the family stopped paying for her student bills. She’s been working under her real name and social security # but police were unable to locate her because they do not have access to IRS records (they could get them with a subpoena).

Babe Ruth contract selling the Babe from the Red Sox to the Yankees is going on auction at Sotheby’s. Assemblyman Craig Stanley from New Jersey wants the New Jersey Devils hockey team to change their name saying their name has satanic implications. Stanley is a Baptist deacon. The Devils say, however, that the name of their team comes from a 1982 fan naming contest.. and “devils” comes from the mythical Jersey devil not the Christian symbol of the anti-Christ (according to Weird New Jersey’s Travel Guide to the State’s Most Offbeat Attractions)…the mythical jersey devil with batlike wings and over-sized claws was said to terrorize Pine _____ dwellers in the 18th century after being born the 13th child of a south Jersey family and morphing into a dinosaur-like beast. The owner of the Devils is Jeff Vanderbeek and he apparently stands opposed to a name change.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Guiulanni is talking about starting a new hockey league if the NHL continues it’s lockout. Called the International Hockey Association.. would rely on Guilanni’s New York Consulting Co. to raise up to 5 billion in seed money. Julia Ceasar Chavez has a career record of 106-5-2 with 88 knockouts..planning on returning to Staples in LA .. with his son, Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. if Sr. wins there may be an adios II. Jr. is 18-0 with 14 knockouts. Storms in southeast Michigan knocking lines down. Flooding in Southern China has killed at least 200 people, 79 still missing. Hunan province hit hard. 37 killed after landmine hits bus in Nepal planted by suspected communist rebels …

Interview with Brad Pitt by Diane Sawyer at ABC.. he said he doesn’t like all the focus on him he’s concerned about death in Africa.. open to adopting children. Anything to get focus off myself why people should listen to him I’m not sure they should he says.

Mark Hacking—the Utah man who confessed to killing his wife while she slept, gets six years to life for his crime, the maximum allowed by Utah law. 91-year-old woman beats off a purse snatcher chasing him away—they get the license plate number and arrest him (England). Off Duty police officer in Charleston NC sees his stolen car being driven and apprehends the suspects. Peanuts Cartoon creator Charles Schultz lived in Santa Rosa until his death a few years ago at the age of 77. The town is decorated with Charlie Brown statues, one of which was stolen yesterday.

June 7, 2005

Volcano in Ciuddad Guzman (Guzman City) in Culima Mexico is showing some activity. Isabel Dupe , age 36, was killed by a grizzly bear 55 miles east of Calgary Canada while jogging.. this was a bear that had been removed from a neighborhood for threatening people only eight days earlier--, the bear was subsequently tracked and killed. Tommy Hook was beaten up at a bar , apparently in regard to some whistleblowing he did at the Los Alamos Lab (left with broken jaw)

Professor Benjamin Brenner writes in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis that Jesus probably died of blood clot that reached his lungs rather than blood loss. … Sicilian Court condemned road authorities on Monday for suspending a driver’s license because he was gay.

A court on the Mediterranean Island said that being gay was merely a personality disturbance which had no bearing on his ability to drive. ..Article about racism around the world. … in Brazil still a lot of racism they say. …sometimes when they advertise for prospective employees they say they want persons with “good presence” which is a veiled way of saying “white.”

Vicente Fox , president of Mexico, blundered, in saying that “Mexican immigrants do jobs that not even blacks want to do in the United States”. .. article by Lorraine Arlende (Mexico City), Edwardo Orozco (Lima Peru), Larry Millikan (La Paz), Louise Egan (Buenos Aires) (YAHOO News).

Republicans are fighting back in Hollywood—they say Star Wars VI includes a veiled insult about George Bush. And other films—Republicans are starting their own film production studios such as American Pride Film Group (APFG), Right Side Video,

Republicans not only yearn for equal access in film making …in the famously left-leaning Hollywood, but also considers themselves at war against the hostile left-leaning majority in the industry, even organizing groups such as Hollywood Congress of Republicans, which sponsors luncheons at which celebrities including Ben Stine and Morgan Brittany offer moral support for like-minded political minority. They are tired of being mocked by the Industry. _______Rhoads. who played title role in compilation “Mother Goose Treasury” is writing a book about being conservative in Hollywood…

She tells stories such as about the time she was on a TV Network show-the producer yelled “Anybody who votes Republican is fired.” ..and says that if she said the same thing about homosexuals there would be lawsuits. ..they are set to hash on their differences on June 21 at the Level One Restaurant in Los Angeles, an event sponsored by …New Hollywood Conservative Forum. …asked for examples of Hollywood’s liberal slant…he goes on endlessly—the uptight preacher in the 1984 movie “Footloose”…a conservative American town so juiced up it outlaws dancing…a character representing a U.S. Marine in 1999’s “American Beauty” is portrayed mostly as a homophobic lunatic.

Communism is lionized in movies such as 1981’s “Reds” and 2004 “Motorcyle Diaries” …employees always come off as heroes such as in 1979 ”Norma Rae”… the system is always evil 1987’s “Wall Street”, 1987’s “Dirty Dancing” extols the virtues of abortion, 1990’s “Pretty Woman” glorifies prostitution. ..and Brian De Palma’s classic ’76 horror film “Carrie”—Carrie is made a geek by the mother’s over-protectiveness and wackiness, , derived from religion , specifically Christianity.

They also mention that no Hollywood executive today is willing to greenlight a movie that portrays extreme Islamists as the enemy, although some point to 1994 “True Lies” which portrays none other than gov. Schwaarzenaager going head to head with crazy Jihads.. but they say that’s a practical decision, not political—more due to fear for their life than anything else.. in London. Father and Son in Lodi, California—south of Sacramento were arrested on suspicion of having terrorist affiliations.

Actor Russel Crowe apologizes on David Letterman for throwing phone at concierge. Surfer may have been bit by great white shark off coast of New Jersey (or sand bar shark).

Two pilots, Dennis Cloyd and Christopher Hughes, were arrested for drunk operation of a commercial airplane July 1, 2002 as their Phoenix bound jet was pushed back from the gate… they had drunk fourteen beers between them the night before, six hours before their flight was to depart. Both in jail until July 20 for sentencing. They could get up to five years in prison.

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