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The new pope was briefly a member of the Hitler Youth organization,but it was revealed that Hitler Youth was compulsory for boys of his age at the time, and not voluntary. San Antonio police officer went to the restroom and as he took his pants down his gun belt slipped and as he grabbed for the gun it fired twice at the ground, one of the shots rebounded off the floor and hit a person washing his hands in the leg—who was subsequently taken to the hospital. Woman apparently dissatisfied with her haircut robbed a hair salon at gun point, then shot at her stylists car, and used part of the money to get a haircut elsewhere.

Julie Anderson, age 48, was booked for investigation of 1st degree robbery, 2nd degree malicious mischief. Jose Francisco Martinez age19 got stuck in a chimney at a home in the Lake Tahoe area—as he was attempting to go down the chimney to rob the house. He had to yell for help. The police had to dismantle the chimney brick by brick to get him out, doing about $20,000 in damage to get him out.

Thirty years after Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge 64 year old Cambodian Bou Meing takes a trip down memory lane. He is returning to Tuol Soeng, the high school which became Cambodias Auschwitz where 1000’s of Pol Pot’s enemies were imprisoned and tortured before being clubbed to death in the Cheoung Ek Killing Fields outside the capitol. Bou Meing was one of the lucky ones who did not get killed. When the black clad Khmer Rouge over ran Thnompenh on April 17, 1975 the sieged city's’s residents welcomed them with open arms hoping it meant the end of Cambodia's civil war, a tragic side show to the U.S. anti-Communist conflict in neigh boring Vietnam.

However, the real nightmare was about to begin---, within hours of occupying the sleepy capitol nestled on the banks of the Mekong and dripping in French colonial grandeur, Pol Pot started year zero of one of the most violent social experiments in human history. Towns & cities were emptied as the entire population was forced out into the fields. Some say the population of Phnom Penh went from 2 million to 25, 200 in just 3 days. Those with softhands, spoke a foreign language, or wore glasses were considered to be educated or bourgeois and therefore enemies of Pol Pot’s peasant revolution. Even children were not spared. The revolution was ended by Vietnamese troops in January 1979 after a total of 1.7 million Cambodians, about 1/3 of the population were killed. To this day no Khmer Rouge has ever faced justice for the atrocities.

The Wendy’s customer who said she found the tip of a finger in her bowl of chili has been arrested … no further details yet

April 24, 2005

A man by the name of Elwood “Woody” Norris has invented two new devices—one is the air scooter—a personal air transportation device barely ten feet tall small enough not to require a license, and also a “hypersonic” communication device which allows a person to communicate individually to another person in a crowd so that only the person at whom the devices is aimed can hear it—without the need for headphones or earplugs… The Soyuz space capsule landed safely on earth today.

False Alarm—plane in restricted air space President & V.P. rushed to secure areas

April 29, 2005

The launch of the space shuttle has been delayed until July 12. They want to make sure the gas tank is okay—won’t shed parts on lift off .Missing Atlanta Jogger was a bride to be, no explanations yet.. but sounds like they may have discovered some hair

April 30, 2005

The missing bride-to-be , Jennifer Wilbanks, showed up in Albuquerque New Mexico. She said he was kidnapped but that the kidnappers released her because of the intense media scrutiny, but then admitted she had run away, having gotten cold feet. Miami Heat are leading 3-0 in the playoffs. Pistons are leading 2-1. Angels lost. Oil is below $50 for the first time in a few months. Pacers lead Celtics 2-1.

May 1, 2005

Car bomb in Iraq kills 25 Iraqis. Wounded 50. Three persons arrested in regard to the Margarat Husan murder in Iraq. 3 boys lost at sea for three days prayed that they would die rather than continue as they were…they traveled over 100 miles in a sunfish sailboat. Runaway bride may be charged afterall. Miami Heat win sweeping the series. Celtics Pacers tied at 2 games apiece.

May 2, 2005

Lindy England has pled guilty.. lowers her maximum sentence to 11 years from 16 years.. they say her attorney will introduce evidence re. Her mental health which will probably reduce it to 2 ½ years max

May 3, 2005

Now they are saying that the guilty plea by Lindy England is not going to be accepted… Attorneys for Michael Jackson are arguing for a motion to dismiss. Over Lake Chapin and St. Joseph River. Car on Fire. I should remark to Kevin & Julie that Andy’s neighbors don’t even know who Andy is

May 6, 2005

Wizards beat Bulls 94-91, clinching the series. Tigers are playing the Angels.

May 7, 2005

Bush is in Latvia. Giacomo wins the 131st Kentucky Derby, a 50-1 longshot, ridden by Jockey Mike Smith. Bush is at a cemetery on the Netherland/German Border… anniversary of the end of WWII and the victory over Nazi Germany…poignant because I had just mentioned the lingering reality of the War to Nivek a few days ago—the daily reminder from cemeteries and monuments, among other things. . A cemetary in the Netherlands has 8000 U.S. soldiers buried there.

Two Teenage gals were detained for six weeks ina detention center in Pennsylvania—suspected of being recruits f or a suicide bombing plot. Prayer requires presence, prayer requires presence…Suicide bombing kills 22 in Baghdad. Heisman Trophy Winner Jason White went undrafted? He won the Heisman two years ago as a quarterback for Oklahoma. He tried out for the Chiefs but they didn’t want him. World Hockey Championship—Americans play Sweden next

May 11, 2005

Nolan Ryan pitched seven shut out innings. .. he’s 2-1 for the seasons so far… Five suicide attacks already today –killing 60 in Iraq. McCauley Caulkin is scheduled to testify in the Michael Jackson trial… The Capitol Bldg was emptied out today due to plane scare. MCCauley Caulkin took the stand in the Michael Jackson trial. Saying Jackson never touched him. . Pistons beat Pacers in the last game 96-81 and now they are leading right now, second half….

May 14, 2005

Paris Hilton is going to do an ad for Carls Jr. Eric Cooper around Houston Texas duped at least 9 women into marrying him under pretense of being a Navy Pilot , having an MBA and having inherited from his mother .. L.A. police shot 120 rounds at an unarmed person—suspected of murder..some of the errant shots hit houses.. four shots hit the suspect, Winston Hayes, one shot hit another deputy in his bullet proof vest..the police appeared in plain clothes the next day in court with their attorney Gregory Emerson to apologize.

Edmund Viesturs becomes one of only twelve persons in the world to reach the summit of all the worlds tallest peaks.. He reached the summit of Anapurna to attain his goal… of climbing all fourteen mountains that are higher than 8000 meters.. The pilot, Hayden Jim Schaefer Jr, who encroached the area over the White House.. froze up after approached .. the student pilot had to take over Troy martin who only had 30 hours of flight time had to take over,

Mark Geragos testified on behalf of Michael jackson saying that he was concerned when hired that Michael jackson was being made a mark--. The young gal seen in explicit poses on photographs taken in the Disney area has been located. She was found and adopted by somebody else. The man who coerced her into those poses (her guardian at the time) is now serving a fifteen year prison sentence. T

The finger tip allegedly found in a bowl of Chili has now been traced to a man in Nevada who gave it to the husband of the woman who said she found it….no evidence that the finger had been cooked..

Tiger Woods misses the cut for the first time in 142 tournaments, seven years.. at the Byron Nelson Classic5 years. Michael Ross was executed in New England earlier today—the first to be executed in New England in

Ronnie Artest was suspended for an entire season for his participation in the Pacers/Pistons brawl. Miami Heat win, despite Shaq sitting out—Alonzo Mourning took his place… Kindergarten Teachers filmed having sex parties in the nursery school in Romania—showing semi-naked women wearing children’s carnival costumes while drinking, smoking, & playing sex games… Couple in Romania –one by the name of Filip and his girlfriend Andrea Popescu age 18 were so carried away in their sexual act—she was giving him oral sex at the time—they crashed their car but despite having crashed and despite concerned onlookers peering in to see if they were okay—they continued with their sexual activity to completion. Dating service for celibates is now offered.
May 16, 2005

Condoleeza Rice made a visit to Iraq. Monster-in-Law with Jane Fonda is the top move at the box offices this weekend. It is her first movie in fifteen years. Newsweek is retracting a story re the mistreatment of the Koran by American troops or prison guards. They initially said that Americans had flushed Korans down the toilet. The alleged and now convicted killer of Samantha Runion has been sentenced by a jury to death.

May 17, 2005

Using magnets for depression therapy. Pistons lead Pacers 3-2.
May 18, 2005

Latinos make up 47 % of Los Angeles. Angloes make up 30%. Hahn loses the election to the Latino. In the Jackson case Jay leno is scheduled to testify on Monday. Jackson’s young cousin testified that he saw the accuser and his cousin sneaking a bottle of wine out of the kitchen. another cousin o M. Jackson testified saying that he saw the accuser and his brother masturbating while watching a show with naked women on it.. and also saw them stealing things
Governor of Illinois says he has “testicular verility” meaning he is able to make tough choices. Camera found in underground tunnel aimed up toward the streets purportedly to look up skirts. .. created a bomb scare in New York. Workers find 193 year old whiskey bottle. New York court tosses out a “forcible touching” charge concerning a man who touched a gal on the bottom twice.

Woman cut her husbands penis.. he was brought to the New London Family Medical Center. Waupaca County Circuit Court-.. Rijo Jackson--, young cousin of Michael, said he saw the accuser and his brother fondling themselves as they watched naked women on television. HE also testified that he saw them stealing things .. including money belonging to a chef as well as to Jesus Salazar, a ranch manager.

Also social worker Irene Lavern Peters said she met with the accuser and his family during the time they said they were kept captive and they praised Jackson and denied any sexual abuse. Gal at a Roman Catholic high school in Alabama became pregnant before graduation. She was allowed to graduate but not to participate in ceremonies. So she walked in on her own and announced herself. Her boyfriend and father of the baby was also a senior and was allowed to walk.

Man by the name of Brown said he received divine inspiration to start his company Zion Oil and is digging in Israel trying to help them become energy independent. Since 1947 470 wells have been drilled in Israel—none of them significant.. although they have discovered natural gas.

Flood in Alaska washes out road to the airport.. in village of Emmonak.. the Yukon River is overflowing. .. the CIA killed Haitham Al-Yemeni along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border with a predator missile.. he was one of the top al quaeda officials. They had been tracking him for a while. .. but they feared he was going to go into hiding so they eliminated him. Anthropologistis have done a study and determined that the color red is correlated with winning teams more than any other color. Russel Hill and Robert Barton , of University of Durham in England did the study
May 19, 2005

Photographer in China criticized for taking photos of people who hit a pothole submerged under water.. the photographer waited for the accident to happen.

May 20, 2005

Priscilla Owens , an appeals court nominee, is being debated in congress..democrats plan a “filibuster” but now the Republicans are considering declaring filibusters for appeals & supreme court nominees to be illegal.. which the democrats are calling the “nuclear option.” Sports: Spurs clinch the western conference semi-finals. Pistons take on Miami Heat
May 21, 2005

Kay leterneaou, the former elementary school teacher who was impregnated by one of her twelve year old students—after spending seven years in prison she married the boy (now age 22) at a winery, and two of her children from her first marriage attended, as well as the two that she has begotten from her new husband.

New Study shows that animals may be more intelligent than we think , especially pigs and lambs, but also cows—one study indicated that they appeared to show excitement when they learned something new Lady Bush faced protesters in Jerusalem and in the Muslim temple she visited.. some of her guards had to create a ring of held hands around her to keep the protesters at bay. Some of them were yelling “Free Pollard!” Jonathon Pollard is an American Jew who was convicted of spying for Israel and is doing a life sentence in prison. He was in the Navy.

May 22-24, 2005

870,000 government officials in China were convicted for corruption in 2004. Police in Baghdad Brazil (not Iraq) under orders from the court to destroy a squatters village, ended up destroying the wrong village! A pond in Bolotnikovo, Russia disappeared overnight sucking everything down with it.

Attorney Ron Miller of Van Nuys CA works as a pornography star at night with his gal friend Brooke Hunter (her porn name*e. sen him a Bible. They live in San Fernando Valley—the “heart of America’s thriving porn industry” where he goes by the name of “Don Hollywood”
Two bodies found on Mt. Ranier—Tim Stark age 57, and Greg Stark age 27, --went hiking and a freak snowstorm hit—despite having tents and sleeping bags their bodies were found without any indication that they had tried to use them. .. She Xiangin in China was released from prison in China after eleven years because the wife he had been convicted of killing suddenly appeared in the village.

Authorities had accused him of killing his bride—he says he was brutally beaten for ten days by police shortly after she disappeared—and he made a false confession which he later retracted. He was sentenced to death by immediate execution but the court later decided there was not enough evidence to support the death penalty. They say the “The police make the meal, the prosecutors carry the meal, and the courts eat the meal”

Priscilla Owens won confirmation as conservative judge in New Orleans. Jennifer Wilbanks will be indicted for false report of kidnapping as a pretense for not going through with the wedding---she could get up to six years in jail.

The Rivers are overflowing in southwest Colorado—where I just was a few days ago, including the Animas River. The defense rests in the Michael Jackson case, last witness, Chris Tucker, the comedian. He said the mother seemed “Possessed” .

United States has closed it’s diplomatic missions in Indonesia—citing unspecified threats . The U.S. Has re-promised it’s pledge to Indonesia of approximately 400 million—which is almost half of the entire amount pledged—857 million to the countries affected by the tsunami.

Former Stamford police officer has been sentenced to 20 days in jail—Arthur Bertana—age 63 … he had a toy banana in his pants and flashed passerbys in a lewd manner—his second arrest for lewd conduct. Former dentist, John Hall, convicted of using a syringe to inject his own semen into the mouths of female patients has been sentenced to probation on seven assault charges—but refused to plead guilty—although he admitted there is enough evidence for a conviction in front of superior court judge Robert Ervin. Three months house arrest and 120 hours of community service. DNA tests of syringes confiscated from the dentists office show that they contained the dentists semen. The cessna aircraft that inadvertently wandered into Washington D.C. airspace was apparently within seconds of being shot down according to the Washington Post.

Father of the two missing Idaho children failed a part of a polygraph test but is not a suspect in the case. David Groene admitted in a TV interview that he lacked an alibi and failed a part of the lie detector test. . Miami Heat beats the Pistons tying the series at 1-1. Italian Parents wondered why their son was still gaining wait despite being on a diet and it turns out he was stealing the dog’s food. New medication for premature ejaculation called Dapoxetine.a Jerry Rice has been signed by the Denver Broncos—his 21st season in the NFL.
The worst earthquake ever could happen right under downtown Los Angeles—a newly discovered temblor on the Puente Hills fault.. could cause 18,000 fatalaties and 250 billion in damages

May 26, 2005

Iraqi Government plans to deploy 40,000 police & troops around the city to form a human ring around the city. …with 100’s of checkpoints. Justin Nutbrown, age 13, and his younger brother Joshua Nutbrown, age 11, along with Alison Hanson, age 11, were found dead in a river in Vermont. It appears that they all slipped in and were defeated by the icy cold water. The Pentagon is making plans in case North Korea continues to do nuclear tests.

Five journalists have been killed this year in the Philippines. Fort DeSoto Park’s North Beach in Florida near St. Petersburg received #1 of the top ten beaches in the United States. San Diego’s Coronado Beach received #7.

Driver in Morganfield Kentucky was stopped for a traffic violation at which point the police realized he had a suspended license—leading to a 144 mile chase of the4 man in the 18 wheeler. Authorities laid plastic spike devices in several spots—deflating most of the tires—reducing the speed of the truck from 85 mph to 35 mph. He was riding on the rims by the time he reached Williamson County. Then he tried to run but was caught.

Study shows that pregnant mothers exposed. to chemical called Phthalates will have a greater chance of harm to their male babies reproductive system. They said this would increase the odds by ten times that their sons will have a shorter than expected distance between the anus and the base of the penis—the so-called AGD measurement is a sensitive indicator of the impacts on their reproductive systems.

Carl Edward Roland , a murder suspect, climbed an 18 story crane in Atlanta yesterday and is still on top of it. Concerns about mothers being held accountable for the beating or killing of their children by their husbands—if they, the wife/mothers, don’t intervene, they themselves could be convicted of murder or abuse.

When Governor Arnold denied parole to a battered woman last week he underscored a message that courts impressed …increasingly giving mothers that they could be prosecuted for murder and imprisoned if they fail to prevent their children from being killed. Lilly (?) Smith,age 52, spent 44 years in prison for the murder of her two year old daughter, Amy.

The parole board has declared her suitable for release six times since 1989 but the state governors have decided otherwise. Smith was convicted of second degree murder in San Luis Obispo County in 1980 and sentenced to 15 years to life after she did not stop her boyfriend from fatally beating Amy.

Whether Smith participated in Amy’s abuse was hotly disputed at the trial. Prosecution argued that by not aggressively intervening she condoned the violence.That Smith may have been a victim of domestic violence is no defense Gov. Arnold said in his May 18 letter denying parole. “Smith still poses an unreasonable threat to public safety”. Smiths’ situation is not unique . Scholars and court dockets across the nation suggest that during the past two decades mothers have increasingly been blamed and prosecuted for not protecting their children from harm. That includes women who have been victims of domestic violence or have used drugs while they were pregnant. “That’s the sense of the noose being tightened” said Michille Overman, a Santa Clara University Law Professor and co-author of the book , Mothers Who Kill their Children. “We want to try to find some way to think we are protecting children” says Benjamin Wolf, associate director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Illinois. “ Fixing social problems is too complicated” he says. “Blaming the mother is the easy way out.”

Some prosecutors say women are merely being held to the same standards as men. If we are not going to hold the mother accountable then who is going to be responsible for protecting the child?” says Wendy McFarlane a deputy district attorney in Ventura County, California. It is not always clear precisely how many mothers are being prosecuted and convicted of failing to protect their children each year.

They are charged under a complex web of state laws which are enforced differently in various jurisdictions. Nobody tracks the number of prosecutions across the state. Overman and other legal scholars say there is no doubt that prosecutions and convictions of mothers for children’s deaths are on the rise. Anecdotal evidence from court dockets support this. In Lake County Indiana the county prosecutor is not excusing Felicia Gordon for not intervening in the fatal beating of her son George, age 7 in March. Gordon, age 27, of Gary Indiana was charged with murder after her boyfriend repeatedly hit, punched, and kicked the boy to death. She admitted to police that she could hear beating and screaming for ten minutes. Her attorney, Lemuel Stiegler, said she stayed in another room during most of the incident because she was trying to protect her other son, a one-year old.

She said her boyfriend pointed at her after the beating and threated to hurt her if she called the police. If convicted, she could face more than 65 years in prison. In a case this week, Arlene Haynes, 24, of Ulysses, PA , pled guilty to child endangerment because she couldn’t stop her boyfriend from fatally abusing her 2-year-old daughter, Serena, last year. Had a plea agreement not been struck , Haynes could have been sentenced to up to seven years. Preventing harm can even include not doing enough to prevent the child’s suicide.

IN Oct 2003, Judith Scruggs was found guilty of contributing to her son’s suicide,…a Connecticut jury convicted scruggs of … injury to a minor because she kept such a filthy home and allowed her son’s hygiene to deteriorate so much that he was bullied at school. She received probation . Same month the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of a South Carolina mother convicted of murder through an interpretation of the state’s homicide by child abuse law . Regina McKnight was prosecuted for having cocaine in her blood when she was suffering a still birth. She is serving twelve years in prison.

Mary Becker, an Illinois attorney involved in protection cases says “Mothers are being treated differently under the law because they are assumed to be the child’s natural protector. Father’s rarely are charged” she says. In 1992, Illinois became the first state to consider parents accomplices to 1st degree murder if they don’t protect their children. That’s when an appellate court upheld a conviction of Kimberly Novi of Shiloh Illinois—saying although she may have been battered by her husband and may have caused her step son’s fatal injury her actions and inaction make her responsible for the child’s murder. She is serving 30 years.

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