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Year old man is being tried for “sex tourism” what’s that? French woman rowed solo across the Pacific

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87 Year old man is being tried for “sex tourism” what’s that? French woman rowed solo across the Pacific.

March 27, 2005

Man by the name of Vitalmiro Bastos De Moura suspected of killing Dorothy Stang, the nun in the rain forest in Brazil was taken into custody .

March 28, 2005

Natural serum eyedrops—better than artificial, take blood from a person mix it with saline solution and use as eyedrops—researchers say is superior than artificial.

Son of a tribal chiefsman was arrested in relation to the teenage shooter on the Minnesota Indian reservation, no further details. In Colorado, a Death Penalty Sentence was thrown out after the judge heard the jurors consulted the Bible in making their determination to apply the death penalty. Woman survives fall in SUV off bridge into Oregon River. After sinking 55 feet to the bottom of the river she broke through the window and swam to the top with nothing but minor cuts. Adolf Hitler’s anti-semitic book entitled Mein Kampf “My Struggle” has been on the top ten seller list in the past two months in the country of Turkey.

Now experts are saying there is a potential for a third earthquake in the tsunami area. State of Wyoming has a budget surplus larger than any other state—mostly due to their abundance of natural gas. In 1999 it was $2.19 per 1000 cubic foot of natural gas. By 2004 , it was at $5.49 , a 150% increase. Wyoming has increased their spending on government operations from 1.6 billion to 2.5 billion in two years, a 56% jump.

A National Guard Officer by the name of Capt. Scott Southworth in Iraq , a Christian man adopted a disabled Iraqi boy with cerebral palsy and brought him back to Wisconsin. He’s a bachelor and is now taking care of the boy back in the U.S. Doctors say the boy may walk after all ,despite cerebral palsy. There’s been at least 600 vehicular suicide attacks in Iraq from May 2004 to January 2005.

March 29, 2005

The stewardess from the flights Jackson took with the accuser says she did serve wine to Jackson in soda cans but says she did not serve it to the kids, nor see him sharing it with them. The Weinsteins—who founded Miramax which merged with Disney are now going independent again, leaving Miramax under the Disney wing, and starting anew—calling themselves the Weinstein Group or something like that.

Former Boy Scout Task Force Person Douglas Smith, age 64, who worked to protect children from child pornography is now being indicted for at the federal court for receiving images over the internet of children engaging in sex.

Jerry Falwell is in the hospital. Study on Marmoset Monkeys indicates that they will turn down opportunity for sex outside of marriage or their partnership if they have a child or children… in the study of these monkey—only the monkeys without children were aroused and accepted the opportunity to get sexually involved with a female monkey , whereas the male monkeys with children showed no or very little sexual arousal around a third female. They wonder if this crosses over to humans.

Blink, a former Iowa juvenile court judge, says several factors such as age of the offender, the relationship to the victim, and the severity of the offense went into the judge’s decision …sex offender under the age of 20 at the time of the offense, the victim is fourteen or fifteen years old , the offender cannot be placed on the registry’s website. , but perhaps the most important consideration, Blink said, was whether the juvenile is likely to commit another sex crime. ABC NEWS affiliate WOI TV in Des Moines Iowa contributed to this report.

Study of Monkeys & Celebrityism suggests Monkeys would rather forego juice despite being thirsty in order to view dominant monkeys, or high-status monkeys, or “celebrity monkeys”; while the same monkeys would rather drink juice than view pictures of low status monkeys.

Psychologist Stan Katz said that children over five years old rarely fabricate claims of molestation. He said that accusers who appear to be truthful sometimes change their stories or embellish or exaggerate, whereas children who make false allegations are usually consistent, almost scripted. Thursday is Cesar Chavez Day in California, a state holiday. “

The withdrawal of the Gaza Strip by the Jewish—a forced withdrawal is scheduled for July 20, 2005, at which point a lot of Jews are planning to resist the withdrawal. It could become a violent scene, even suicidal.

A Beard gets a lot of respect in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries. There have been persons in journalism making fun of people with beards and in one case a judge gave a stiff sentence to a journalist for his parody of persons with beards, and now the questions is whether or not the sentence will stick, because one of the royal leaders has said it does not.

The earthquake that triggered the tsunami on December 26 was a long one—lasting 8 minutes at its peak power. Now researchers are saying that a tsunami from the same fault area is unlikely, due to the unique characteristics of the Dec. 26 quake, but there is a threat of a tsunami from a fault segment to the south still remains.

Former wife of senator Edward Kennedy, Joan, was found unconscious in the street—suffered concussion and broken shoulder, former alcoholic. Rick Pitino, coach of Louisville, is the first college coach to take three different teams to the final four. MSU is close to a championship in womens basketball.

March 31, 2005

Teri Schiavo passed away today. The husband would not allow the parents in to the room during her dying moments

Former national security advisor Sandy Berger is being indicted for taking classified documents from the National Archives. Berger who served under the Clinton administration will enter a plea on Friday in U.S. District Court in Washington. Jerry Falwell is recovering in the hospital after experiencing breathing difficulties.

Five GI’s are under investigation after allegedly trying to smuggle 25 pounds of cocaine out of Columbia on a military plane. The pope apparently suffered heart failure and is now in grave condition says a Vatican spokesperson. A new report severely criticizes both the CIA and the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) for their failures to give reliable information on Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion.

At a horse race in the horses were on their final turn toward the finish line when suddenly a flock of seagulls rose in the path and flew directly in to the running horses, causing several mishaps and some injuries to jockies, including one broken arm.

Jane Fonda apologizes for her appearance on a Vietnam anti-aircraft station in 1972 when she visited Vietnam, now realizing it was a bad judment, although she defends visiting the American POW’s. Lance Armstrong’s former personal assistant now claims he once found a bottle of steroids in the bathroom of the hotel room in which Lance stayed in Spain for a period of time.

April 1-April 7, 2005

Aid workers are still trying to reach some of the outlying areas of Indonesia’s devestated Nail Island…1000’s are still homeless and some possibly trapped following the 8.0 earthquake . Open Loop Terminals take in sea water to warm LNG (liquefied natural gas) from 260 below fahrenheit until it returns to gaseous state and then return the water to the gulf, the temperature changes 10 to 20 degrees fahrenheit which is shocking to sea life researchers say.

Several off shore LNG terminals have been proposed for the U.S. Gulf Coast. National Marine Fishery Service says the threat to wildlife demands a closed system that reheats and recirculates water like a radiator. They say a closed loop system is worth the extra expense to protect fish. Red Drum is the species that will be most impacted referring to the popular species that is recovering from being over-fished. They pump 150 million gallons of water per day which amounts to billions of gallons of water sterilized per year.

Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan spoke at Western Michigan University and somebody threw salad dressing at him, dousing his head, and causing him to cut short his speech. He could have pressed felony charges but he didn’t—so the person was charged with a misdemeanor of disturbing the peace.

Sixty-nine officers combed Michael Jacksons 2800 acre ranch all on one day per subpoena. Brain implant has given a man an ability to think what he wants to happen such as turn on a tv with remote—these are electronic implants connected to software. Daylight Savings: Spring ahead, fall back.

Man in Gallup, New Mexico dragged a man by rope behind his car causing severe injuries to the man. The pope died at 237 pm eastern time, 1137 am pacific time probably while I was on the toll road 241 south
They say one place a new pope will not come from is the United States although there is much greater latitude for selection from all over the rest of the world, including Latin America.

Pope John Paul was the first non-Italian pope in 455 years ! Wow. They say that a new pope would not be elected from the United States because it would not appeal to the rest of the world, people would be suspicious of it being a CIA planned election or backed by Wall Street.

The man convicted of killing Martin Luther King, James Early Ray died in 1998. MLK was killed in 1968. LAUSD owns the Ambassador Hotel where various famous guests stayed over the years including Albert Einstein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Rudolph Valentino, and is where R. F. Kennedy was assassinated, and although the LAUSD plans to build a 4000 student campus for 318 million dollars, currently plans are on hold due to preservationists attempts to keep the building, as is, or to have it renovated rather than torn down.

Will Pope John Paul II be made into a saint? Some say not for the big things he did such as support the downfall of communism, but for some of the seemingly smaller things such as forgiving the man who shot him. The pope’s birth name was Karol Woj tyla from Krakow Poland. He became pope on October 16, 1978 when I was about 11 years old. He was a conservative who maintained a stand against contraception, abortion, married clergy, and woman clergy, sometimes antagonizing the liberals.

College basketball: Illinois beats Louisville, giving them a tie with UNLV and Duke for 37 wins ina seasons (Duke did it twice). Illinois defeated Louisville 72-57, blow out. Near fatal shooting by the Turkish gunman in 1981. Pope was the first pontiff to preach in a protestant church, and in a synagogue, and to set foot in a mosque. March 2000—he prayed at Jerusalem’s western wall and asked for forgiveness of Catholic sins against Jews over the centuries. He appointed over 95% of the cardinals who will elect his successor.

Sports: High-Five wins the Florida Derby ridden by Jerry Bailey. Kentucky Derby is in five weeks—making High Five the favorite.

MSU loses 87-71, so it will be Illinois v. North Carolina. This is a poignant championship game pitting the #1 team versus #2 North Carolina. For ministry to be effective we must think of each other as teammates rather than competitors—both intra church and inter church.

The adjusted scoring margin (asm) is the sum of the offensive quotient and the defensive quotient. If Duke’s opponents allow an average of 70 points per game, and the Blue Devils average 75, the offensive quotient is 5. If Dukes opponents score 70 and Louisville allows 60 points on average the defensive quotient is positive ten. So their Asm would be 15. An ASM of positive 10 is typically that of a very good team. An ASM of 20 is elite or final four.

San Bernardino Valley played the starring role in the worlds’ municipal power development. While many assume the development of electrical power usage was primarily in the east, inland empire capitalists and engineers created the worlds standards…the problem is that Edison & Brush relied on DC power, but DC power could not be transmitted over three miles from the generating source.

This meant that generation would have to be local. Edisons’ light bulb , incandescent, could be run using AC or DC. Brush started the arc light in the late 1870’s but it was too bright and dangerous for indoor use. Theodore Roosevelt stopped in Redlands to visit once. The Two Smiley Bros. were twins born in Maine in 1828 graduating from Haverford College in Philadelphia… they purchased Canyon Crest Park…March 31 to May 21 is Redlands 8 week festival celebration of the citrus industry. The area could boast home styles from California Craftsman, High Victorian, Classical Revival, and Missionary Revival.

A fertilizer venture Cotton Farmer says he gets 14 buds per branch with the new feritlization, whereas without it, farmers right next to him only get three per branch. Physio Nutritional Management (FNM). Redhat society for women over fifty who want to have fun.

Recent earthquake in Indonesia was on the Sunda Trench which is what triggered the tsunami in December, this trench had previous tsunami creating quakes in 1833 and 1861. Both earthquakes were caused by the Australian tectonic plate grinding underneath the Indonesian Plate, which affects a zone running for about 2800 miles from Myanmar to Indonesia’s java Island. Seismologists are now looking at the country of Turkey for clue as to what might happen in Asia. Turkey situated where the Arabian & African plates clash…w as hit by eleven earthquakes in the last century, the latest was in Izmit at 7.4 that killed 30,000. 1000’s of oil and natural gas platforms could be turned in to fishing farms that would include mahi-mahi, red snapper, yellowfin tuna, and flounder under a proposal backed by the Bush Administration. The solution to pollution is dilution.

Alex Sanchez has been suspended for ten days for testing positive for steroids, He plays for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Pastors don’t need unemployment because they can’t do anything wrong apart from murder or something of a giant magnitude
Billboard says, “50% of women get heart disease, that’s 100’s scary” Physicists from the Federal Radiological Physics Center detected an error on March 7 at the Lee Moffitt Cancer

Center Research Institute…they noticed on March 7 that the radiation machine was giving out 50% more radiation than was required. . The research institute did not acknowledge it until Friday. Officials said 77 patients were affected, 12 have since died.The physicists calibrating the machine used an incorrect formula. They are supposed to have a second physicist confirm the settings, but they apparently did not do so. They were only fined $1000 on March 24.

Insurgents Attacked Abu Gharaib Prison in Iraq wounding 44 American soldiers Son of one of Michael Jacksons’ housekeepers testified that Jackson touched the boys groin area in a tickling session maybe two or three times Today is the big college basketball game , Illinois v. North Carolina

Illinois is losing 14-12 first half. Illinois is leading 18-17. North Carolina is leading Illinois 35-27 first half. Illinois is losing 40-27 at half time. Illinois is losing 52-48, second half. Illinois is losing 75-70 one minute left. And it’s Over, Illinois loses 75-70!

At around 820 pm pst. Illinois shot 38 percent, 12 for 40 from long range.

James Earl Ray died of liver disease while in prison in Nashville serving a 99 year prison sentence. His brother is now trying to sell a video tape of the autopsy of James Earl Ray, setting up a tent right outside the Civil Rights Museum and where King was shot, and on the anniversary of the shooting. Border Patrol is complaining about the volunteer “minuteman” near Nogales texas/Mexico border saying that some of them are triggering the alarms they have set up.

Kirk Gibson is the Tigers bench coach. 105 year old man is challenging the 100 metre running record for centenarians. Guo Cairu of Nan Jing City, Jiangsu Province. Current centenarian record is held by South African Philip Babonowitz with a time of 30.86 seconds.

Woman is breastfeeding a pair of tiger cubs in Myanmar which had to be separated from their violent mother at Yangon Zoo. She’s been breastfeeding the cubs for thirty minutes four times per day. They had to be separated from their mother after she killed a third cub. The Minuteman Border Patrol is near Nogales, Arizona, between Yuma and Douglas.

Roger Williams holds a degree from Julliard School of Music, He has played at the Hollywood Bowl, the White House, and at Carnegie House. He’s gotten the title of “Pianist to the Presidents” having played for eight chief executives. He holds the record for the longest piano playing marathon. October 1 he celebrated his 80th birthday with Jimmy Carter at the Carther Library/Museum logging 13 ½ hours on the keyboard, with five minute breaks allowed once per hour. He’s performing at mcCallum Theatre in Palm Desert on April 1. His first degree was in Mechanical engineering, He served in the Navy in WWII and was sent to Officers Training School. He’s also a former boxer and has taught karate. He lives in encino, has two daughters, a son, and five grandchildren

Convicted Murderer and Deputy warden’s wife, Parker, have been found living together in Texas, ten years after he kidnapped the deputy warden’s wife. The woman said she was held captive the whole time staying with the man due to fear. She was reunited with her husband and children, two daughters. They were living outside Campti near the Louisiana border. The man was convicted of a 1981 murder of a karate instructor . They likened Parker’s relationship to him as Stockholm Syndrome where kidnapping victims become sympathetic towards their captors over time. Some people note that California’s success is due to the phenomena that people who came to California were running “to” the area, not “from” something else, making it a more optimistic settlement.

More than 100 prisoners are loose on the island of Nais after the earthquake jolted the region, the prison being one of many buildings affected. Turkish officials rejected the prisoner who shot the pope’s request to be allowed to attend the pope’s funeral. Iraq had named a president—a veteran Kurdish leader, and a Sunni as a VP and a Shiite as the other VP, no names provided.

British tabloids reported a conversation between Prince Charles and his wife-to-be Camile in which he purportedly said that he would like to be reincarnated as her tampon. A new blue light instrument may replace tooth brushes for cleaning the gums—it will kill the bad bacteria.

Lakers have been eliminated from playoff contention. Scotty Skiles is now the head coach of the Chicago Bulls. Florida has passed a “stand your ground” bill which allows people to self-defend themselves with deadly force if they believe they are in danger of great harm or death, rather than fleeing.

An experience called “suspension” where they raise one’s body up off the ground via fish hooks attached to the flesh, supposedly giving a transcendent experience.

Man in the Bronx was stuck in an elevator for 80 hours. The Town of Cuatro Cienegas in Mexico has 170 cactus ringed lagoons around the town which have been a source of intrigue for evolutionary biologists because the fish and turtle species rival the Galapagos Islands. Baylor defeats MSU (Michigan State University) for the women’s college basketball championship.

Becky Zerlentes took a shot to a head in the third round of a womens’ boxing match, staggered forward , collapsed, and died. She was the wife of a Colorado professor, a karate instructor, among other things. Miami Heat have clinched the top spot in their division for the playoffs on the same night that the Lakers were eliminated from contention.

The line to see the pope is over one mile long and takes 12 hours to get to see the body of the former pope. Peter Jennings has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is due to begin chemotherapy but will continue to anchor ABC News as much as he can.
Johnny Cochran funeral today. A New York Lawer accused of abusing foster children, killed himself as the jury was still deciding a verdict. Andrew Dunn, age 40 , was accused of sodomy on a ten year old and a fourteen year old boy.

Michael Jacksons’ former security guard told jurors that he witnessed Michael Jackson performing oral sex on a ten year old boy who later received a financial settlement from the pop star. The defense attacked security guard Ralph Chacon as making the whole thing up, to get even with the singer, and said the other witness Adrian McManus is a thief and a liar.

He accused Chacon of trying to extort 16 million from Jackson in a lawsuit, which he, Chacon, and McManus (a former Jackson maid), lost. They ended up paying Jackson 1.4 million after the 6 month trial. McManus also testified that she saw Jackson kiss McCauley’s cheek while his (Jackson’s) hand was on McCauley’s bottom. McManus an d her husband were also found in a lawsuit to have defrauded three children of more than $30,500 from their estate, and in the Jackson case she (McManus) was fined $30,000 for stealing a sketch of Elvis Presley drawn by Michael Jackson. She said she found it in the trash and didn’t think it was worth anything. Berlin Art Museum is holding a live nude exhibit, with live females nudes in various poses. Two men trying to cross the Bering Strait to set a new record were stranded on an ice flow and had to be rescued.

Italian Restaurant Buca di Beppo in the United States has already begun removing the busts of Pogpe John Paul II from their restaurants. State Supreme Court in Washington announced a two year suspension for attorney caught having jail house sex with her client, a triple –murder defendant. Theresa Olson’s suspension begins Friday. IN 2002 guards outside a ______ County Jail saw Olsen with her dress pulled up and her client Sebestian_____ Byrnes(?) standing behind her with his pants down. At the time Olson was age 43 and married. Byrnes was 26. He was convicted last year of beating a friends sister and parents to death in 1994.
April 8, 2005

They quote Bush as saying he disagrees with Clintons assessment of the Pope as having left a “mixed legacy.” Woman who washed her head in a stream got a leech up her nostril. Man at an airport in Australia (?) had a camel uniform in his luggage suddenly saw a baggage handler for Quantas wearing it.

34 year old high school math teacher was arrested after two female students said he served them vodka drinks and smoked marijuana with them at his house. Michael Zieman showed the gals how he grew marijuana in his garage, a Sarasota County sheriff’s report said. They found a skeleton of a mammoth elephant in Moorpark, 50 miles west of Los Angeles—75% complete with tusks up to eight/nine feet long. The tusks are believed to be between 400,000 and 1.4 million years old. Scientists create remote control fruit flies using some sort of laser light to trigger the neurons.

April 9, 2005

Montana becomes the second to last state to ban open alcohol containers while driving. Mississippi still allows it, in parts. Arthur Finkelstein, a prominent Republican consultant, said he married his male partner in civil ceremony in Massachussets.

One of the “Minutemen” volunteers patrolling the border in Arizona caught a immigrant sneaking across and made him pose with a t-shirt saying, “I snuck across the border and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”With six games left in the season, the Cavaliers are tied with Philadelphia for the number seven playoff spot in the east. Lebron James had a triple double, 10 assists, 10 rebounds, and 40 points.

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