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St. Nicholas was a 4th Century Christian Bishop who lived and worked in what is now the southern Turkish town of Demare. He was especially revered by Russia’s Orthodox Church. They’ve changed the statute from an old bronze one with a Bible in one hand to the modern day Santa Claus image—with a red & white suit. Schiavo speaks out about his wife in a vegetative state—she had a heart attack in 1990—and she’s been non-communicative for fifteen years now. Grizzly bears and Polar bears are clashing on Melville Island. They’ve created a hydrogen powered bike in England which can reach 50 miles per hour in 12 seconds.

March 16, 2005

Robert Blake was found not guilty of murder. They say that Jay Leno will testify in the Jackson case that the accuser called him but that the boy sounded as if he were rehearsing something… and that his mom handed the phone to him, whereas the accuser has said that he only got through to an answering machine. Scott Peterson moved to San Quentins death row

March 17, 2005

Police Chief Sam Roundy who operates a police station in Colorado City Arizona which crosses over into Utah has been recommended to have his license revoked due to a polygamous life style.

Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by senators in Rome in 44 BC on March 15, the Ides of March. UCLA is planning a 20 million dollar stem cell research center—creating 12 new faculty positions and a lab.

A new species of shrimp has been found in Idaho—one of only four species, among hundreds, that are longer than an inch and eat their relatives. John Aschroft is going to teach a class “Leadership in Times of Crisis” at Regents University—which was started by televangelist Pat Robertson who is still the president. It has 3000 undergraduate & graduate students (combined?), Ashcroft’s father & grandfather were Assembly of God ministers--, as is the university.

In 2002 the justice dept. spent 8000 dollars for blue drapes that were placed over a bare breasted statute near the office. Before becoming attorney general Ashcroft served two full terms as Missouri’s governor, and a six year term as a U.S. Senator.

Family of murdered Belfast man, Robert McCartney, will take their campaign for justice to a new level when they meet president Bush among growing outrage of the brutal murder , St. Patricks day celebrations in Washington carry particular resonance as Sinn Fein (the country?) battles to win back valuable support from Irish leaders. Leader Gerry Adams has been warned by senators that time was running out to make a break with the IRA, but has not done so, and therefore he was excluded from the White House invitation…for the first time in a decade all Northern Ireland political leaders are banned from the annual shamrock ceremony at the white house, but the McCartney family has been welcomed.

The name of the brother of the Michael Jackson accuser is Star Gavizo. Prostitutes in Groningen Netherlands complain that the police have been watching them have sex with their clients –prostitution being legal there in the sex zone

Priest in Italy by the name of Cesare Lodeserto , former head of an Italian foundation that looks after the welfare of prostitutes, was arrested for mistreating prostitutes—being accused of keeping them against their will; but he claims he was doing it for their own welfare—some of them were drunk and if they had been allowed to wander in the streets they would have been take advantage of. Another person claimed the scandal was a setup and that he had been offered cash to file a complaint against the priest.

Millionaire by the name of Phil Walker, age 53, who owns a warehouse , noticed a 6 year old gal with cerebral palsy and was so touched by her physical challenges he bought a pool for her for $15,000 pounds. Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates is said to be the most expensive hotel ever built—at an expense of 3 billion dollars.

The Ten Commandments monument at the center of controversy in Alabama (and Judge Roy Moore) has been brought to Kalamazoo, MI. (NFI),

Boy Named Zach Ingels hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer to help Eastern Kentucky into the NCAA basketball tournament—they tell about his life growing up in Michigan (Gowen or Greenvile) and the early death of his mother—sister left in a coma, but he had vowed shortly before she died that hee would make it into the NCAA tournament, and he did!. His other sister works as a high school basketball coach in Big Rapids. Only 23 of the men’s NCAA tourney’s 65 managed to graduate at least 50 % of their athletes .

They are talking about changing the color of the NHL ice from white to blue, and the lines to orange. Tennis tournament at Indian Wells is underway? Bill (?) Schwartzbach was the attorney for Robert Blake, who was acquitted. Lakers play the Heat today.

Little Kim the female rapper was convicted of perjury and conspiracy. Dutch Court opens hearings on Friday against man accused of helping former Iraq leader Saddam Hussein commit war crimes and genocide by providing him with materials for chemical weapons. Franz Van air iat, age 62, is accused of 1000’s of tons of raw materials for chemical weapons used in the 1980-88war against Iran and Iraqi Kurds, including a 1988 attack in which and estimated 5000 people were killed.

Harold David Goldstein was convicted of impersonating an attorney, falsely representing himself as an attorney, and was sentenced to 12 ½ years in prison . Goldstein, age 59, said he sincerely did his best for clients and won 25 cases. He operated a busy Newport Beach law practice. Goldstein represented 100’s of clients, including many immigrants that were deported. Goldstein has convictions dating to the 70’s when he was found guilty of defrauding 13, 000 investors in a commodity scheme, and selling millions of dollars in phony contracts. In 1980 L.A. District Attorney charged him with stealing 4 million from small businesses …and seeking loans with a phony overseas bank that he and a partner established. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison but was released in ’86.

Genetic mutations and diseases such as color blindness , autism, and hemophilia , are linked to the X Chromosome, and therefore more common in males because they do not have another X to compensate for the faults of the other, whereas females have two X chromosomes , one of which is largely turned off because a single X is all they need, whereas males have an X and a Y. The X chromosome is larger than the Y chromosome. There are disproportionate number of diseases associated with the X chromosome, said Dr. David Bentley of the Welcome Trust Sangar Institute.

Experts are now suggesting the coast along the Caribbean Sea is vulnerable to another tsunami /earthquake. At least 10 significant tsunamis have been documented in the northern Caribbean since 1492 …movement along plate boundary that runs 2000 miles off the north coast of the island of Hispaniola, which includes the countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic to the lesser Antilles.

And British experts are saying that another earthquake/tsunami could occur in the same area as the one on Boxing Day 2004 within the next year—perhaps even of the same magnititude and re-occuring in some of the same places, including Bande Aceh. One of these destroyed Port Royal Jamaica in 1692, another killed at least 10 Jamaicans in 1780. In 1946 a magnitude 8.1 earthquake hit near the dominican republic causing a wave that killed 1800 people.

Shaquille O’Neal had 25 points and 12 rebounds as the Miami Heat beat the Lakers in the second meeting between the two teams this season. In the first matchup the Heat won by 2, in this matchup they won by a score of 102-89. This was the Heats 11th straight win and their single season record of 14 straight at home, just behind San Antonia for the leagues best record
Kiki Fournier , a former housekeeper for Michael Jackson, was called by the prosecution to testify. She said there was a parade of boys who stayed at Jacksons estate, among them were the accuser but others such as McCauley Caulkins , and that sometimes they ran wild and trashed the living quarters, toward the end of their stay. She said she saw Jackson at the dinner table with some children who appeared to be intoxicated ; other times she saw them in an outbuilding with local children, some of whom appeared intoxicated. She described Jackson as an indulgent host and suggested that the children took advantage of him .

She said that with the absence of an authority figure , the children became wild and without their parents there it became like Pinocchios Pleasure Island.

Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy is publishing a book featuring naked fat bottom girls, members of the cabaret group, the Fat Bottom Revue, are photographed in similar poses to models used by acclaimed erotic photographers . Nimoy age 73 previously caused controversy with a book of photographs featuring women wearing only ritual Jewish prayer items. The book was entitled Shekinah. Islamic militants killed as many as 12 barbers for shaving their beards or giving them western hair cuts. NCAA: UCLA lost to Texas Tech. Illinois beat Farleigh Dickinson and play Nevada on Saturday.

Man named Mr. Frank who was working on David Letterman’s ranch as a painter and hatched a plot to kidnap Letterman’s newborn baby and their nanny—and hold them for 5 million dollar ransom. He confided in somebody who reported it to police.

The Santa Anita Race track was used as a relocation site for Japanese-Americans during WWII. Now the feeding Tube in the Schiavo case has been removed—the presiding judge stepped in and ordered it removed. She could live two weeks without the tube.

The accuser of Michael Jackson and his father went to the home of George Lopez, the comedian, as guests and the boy left his wallet—they called back to get it and said there was $300 in the wallet, but Lopez said there was only $3.00. The prosecutors said that was the dad’s con, not the son’s—the son didn’t want to go along with it.
Former Governor of Connecticut, John G. Rowland, gets a year in prison The governor of connecticut was sentenced to a year in prison for accepting bribes. Amina wadub a professor of Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University led a Muslim service that included a mixed congregation, using the pronouns it, she, and he for Allah, causing some Muslims locally and around the world to become very upset, --one of the buildings they had planned to originally hold their service received a bomb threat forcing them to move to a different location.

She said she was trying to address the problem of women being treated unequally in the Muslim religion but others say it is not a matter of being unequal, just different. The 1899 insurrection in the Philippines costs 1000’s of more U.S. lives than the Iraq War (so far). What was this insurrection in the Philippines? The U.S. was in WW1 for only one and a half years, although the number of American lives lost was greater than Iraq. Now they are saying it is possible that we may be in Iraq longer than we were in WWII. The numbers of soldiers killed in Iraq (about 1500 so far) is far less than either WWI or WWII, which was in the 100’s of 1000’s.

A Belgian man is on trial for having sex with dogs, saying he did it out of compassion and love for the dogs, some of which cannot have sex because they are in kennels, and posted pictures of himself having sex with dogs on the internet.

A 5 year old kindergarten gal in Florida was arrested by police and put in plastic wrist cuffs and metal ankle cuffs and put in the back of the police cruiser for having a temper tantrum. Syracuse was upset by Univ. of Vermont in NCAA college basketball tournament. Now they play MSU. More than 700 people were arrested in Ireland on St. Patricks day for drunkenness and vandalism Andre Agassi has pulled out of the Indian Wells tournament due to a sore toe.

March 19, 2005

They found the body of the Jessica Lundsford gal. Tustin Museum One of the most remarkable photographs in that museum was a photo of an airplane flying above a car (VW BUG?) with a rope hanging down pulling up buckets of gasoline to re-fuel in flight, in order to make a endurance flight record
Former Prosecutor, David Masters, died of drug overdose—apparently got involved in drugs after a life time of busting druggies. His body was found by the ozark River in Missouri. He had practiced law in Macon County (Georgia?), , father of seven, owed three weeks rent, had made passes at the woman in the place he lived, 52 years old. Two arrested for murder.
Condoleeza rice is the daughter of a preacher, and she made a point of attending church on Palm Sunday in China. Manila is on high-alert for terrorist/Muslim bombings. LeBron James scored 56 points against the Raptors but they still lose; their 9th consecutive road game loss. Three big ten teams made it to the sweet sixteen: Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan State
WWII Japanese submarine found of the coast of Hawaii. John Delorean dies at age 80. Japan had a 7.0 earthquake, killing one, injuring 500, on the island of Genkaijima a small island of the northern coast of Kyushu.

March 20, 2005

A high school student went on a shooting rampage on an Indian reservation, killing his grandparents at his home in Minnesota and then killing seven people (five students, a teacher, and a security guard; and fifteen others were injured), at his school , as well as himself. This is the nations worst school shooting since the Columbine Massacre in 1999 that killed 13 people. His grandfather was a police officer with the Red Lake police Dept. Midwest & United Arilines are now offering extra frequent flyer miles when a passenger travels with his or her pet.

Hogzilla was caught in Georgia—about 7 ½ feet long, weighed up to 800 pounds. The tusks of hogzilla were 16 to 18 inches. And this was after the pig had been buried for six months.

The owner of the land where the pig was shot insisted that it was even larger than that before it was buried. Hogzilla was shot by guide, Chris Griffin. Lady librarian at Harvard trying to get a promotion is suing Harvard for discrimination, contending that they have not promoted her because of her race or the way she dressed and despite the fact that she has a masters degree.

Laura koenig is doing research at the University of Minnesota asserts that some of the religious differences between individuals is, in part, genetic.Identical twins showed strong overlap in spirituality—twice as likely as fraternal twins to share as much as or little faith . Indian woman (from India) killed herself so that her kids could see—both born blind , but Dr’s say a a cornea transplant may not be cure them.

The Cavaliers fire head coach Paul Silas thinking they should be doing better , and still struggling for a playoff spot. In the Schiavo case—after al the dramatics by congress and rushing the bill to the President and sending it to the federal judge at 3 a.m—after all this—the judge (Whittemore) denied the request, and now it goes to federal appeals, the 11 th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.

A man in Russia had his penis removed, sewn on to his arm so that it could grow, and then re-attached to his groin—supposedly it will be fully functional.

Jeff Weise was the one who killed the students in Minnesota. Louise Palanker is a comedian who said she got a phone call from the accusers mom as if they were being held against their will. Did she call the police? Federal Appeals refuses to re-consider the Schiavo Case
March 23, 2005

Now they are saying Social security will probably go broke in the year 2041. Jeb Bush says a neurologist thinks the physicians made a mistake and thinks that Schiavo is actually in a state of minimal consciousness rather than vegetative. Wouldn’t that be something if they re-insert the tube and later she comes back to full consciousness?

Man accused of pointing a laser beam at a small passenger jet has been charged.David Banach was charged …he claims he was looking at stars with his daughter. The pilot and co-pilot were hit three times as the plane approached the airport (where?).

Bobby Fischer has been released from prison and is on his way to Iceland. He’s a feisty personality. Apparently at one point he stopped unzipped his pants and pretended to be urinating on the wall in defiance of Japan. He referred to President Bush and Koizumi (the Japanese President) as war criminals and that they should be hung. Fischer, age 62, had a long white beard and was wearing jeans and a baseball hat. He said the Japanese ruling party are “gangsters” and that America is Jewish-controlled. Iceland is where Fischer won the chess championship in 1972, defeating Spassky (Boris?) . In 1992 Fischer accepted a re-match with Spassky and won again—but did so in violation of U.S. sanctions imposed on Yugoslavia to punish Miloslevic (the president). If convicted he could face up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Researchers did a test with rhesus monkeys to see if and how they would steal grapes when in the presence of human beings. They discovered almost invariably that the rhesus monkeys were more likely to steal when the humans eyes were averted or covered by cardboard. State of minimal consciousness versus vegetative state.

Physician by the name of Bernat from New Yorks Presbyterian Medical Ctr. Says the key parts of the brain are the cerebral cortex and the thalamus and the connections between them, damage to these parts can strip a person of his or her awareness, even though the undamaged brain stem keeps the autonomous functions such as breathing, sleep & wake cycles, and eye movement operating somewhat normally. Cerebral cortex and thalamus are the most important parts of the brain in terms of consciousness. This is what differentiates us from lower animals in terms of our ability to use language and communicate.

Sufficiently preserved brain stem permits survival –i.e breathing, with medically assisted bowel and bladder continence. Variably preserved cranial lower functioning permit spinal reflexes, the person may blink or smile, but AAN considers those who have been in this condition for a year or longer to have “almost no probability of recovery” A neurologist at the University of Minnesota says that Schiavo’s cerebral cortex suffered severe damage from the six minute period in 1990 when her heart stopped and her brain was without oxygen. He says Eeg’s and brain-wave tests reveal no activity, and that areas of her brain have shown shrinkage, a sign of irreversible damage.

Jurors in the Michael Jackson case were shown more than 75 pornographic magazines, but the judge did not allow them to see website pornography that was on Jackson computer saying some of it or all of it could have been “cached” from pop-ups. They also included a framed photo of celebrity McCauley Caulkin who the housekeeper said Jackson was close to for a period of time. One of the attorneys for the defense, Brian Oxman, suddenly took ill. They had to take him by ambulance to the nearby medical center.

Dr. Hunter Adams , aka Patch Adams , dressed up in a clown suit a t a hospital in Sri Lanka, where a lot of tsunami survivors are being treated. He thinks the tsunami has changed the world for the better, for a moment making people forget their greed and power and for a moment think of humanity.

He is visiting refugee camps and hospitals in the Balkans, Africa, Afghanistan, and Cambodia. The Karapitya Hospital he visited in Sri Lanka handled over 1200 bodies in the aftermath of the tsunami. One clown raced down a dimly lit hospital ward on a unicycle while juggling oranges; another person dressed up like a macaw, sprayed the wards with soap bubbles while another group of three clowns staged a puppet show for kids with cancer . A study shows that elephants can learn to mimic sounds—one elephant learned to mimic a truck after living near a highway for a long time.

An egg built with at least 50,000 bars of chocolate measured 8.32 metres high , making a new worlds record for the largest Easter Egg, produced by Belgian chocolate maker Guylan. It took them 525 hours to build the egg. Not meant to be eaten they say.

March 24, 2005

The gal who turned in the courthouse shooter in Georgia received $79,000 in reward money. Researchers from Berkeley have observed Octupi trying to escape from predators by tiptoeing away and wrapping other tentacles around themselves to disguise themselves as algae.

American Prison guards in Iraq have discovered a tunnel leading away from one of the pow prisons, apparently dug by prisoners. Bush agrees to sell F-16’s to Pakistan. Michigan State upsets Duke (they lost to Duke in November). Wisconsin wins. That leaves three big ten teams in the Elite 8. A boy in a mall hit the Easter Bunny in the nose giving him a bloody nose. Lawyer by the name of Stephen V. Copenhaver was approached by a friend—somebody he knew—asking him for legal help, but said she didn’t have any money. He offered her legal help if he would have sex with him and another gal. He’s on the School Board.

Former Chief-of-Police, Daryl Briston tried to eat a receipt during a hearing, scuffled with a state trooper and elbowed him. He was fired last year from Ranking Police Dept. when convicted of stealing $5000 in cash seized by police, and falsifying receipts. Baggage handler in Milwaukee trying to put a wheel chair into a compartment in the plane was locked into the compartment before takeoff and couldn’t get out. They didn’t find him until they landed at their destination.He was okay.

Russel Stover is producing a milk chocolate cross, with caramel made of goat’s milk. Four times more women than men were killed in the tsunami. Anthony Urquiza , a psychologist specializing in sexual abuse, testified in the Michael Jackson Case testified that pornography can be used as “grooming” material to coax a child into molestation.

Professor by the name of Churchhill at the University of Colorado who compared the victims of the Sept 11 attacks to “little Eichmanns’ of the Holocaust is being increasingly scrutinized for other matters—including possibly plagiarism as well as misleading statements of his nationality—saying he was an American Indian… an “enrolled member of the Keetowah Band of the Cherokees” but the chief of this band said he is an “honorary associate” member, not an “enrolled” member.

Question about whether the death of Schiavo is painful or not—they say over-hydration can be a problem and note there is a “death rattle” shortly preceding actual death.

Spacecraft “Deep Impact” is scheduled to reach a comet on July 4, at which point it will release an “impactor” and study the results of the impact which could leave a stadium sized impact. What hospital is Schiavo in? Woodside Hospice.

Garcia Esparat, age 45, in the Philippines was gunned down by a gunman in front of her children. She had been assigned two police escorts but had let them go on leave early for the Easter Holiday. She had many enemies because of her exposes on corruption.

Fourteen journalists were killed in the Philippines last year, more than any other country except Iraq.

Derek Brun was a security guard who got shot and killed by the high school student who shot several others on the Indian Reservation in Minnesota—Bush commended his bravery because he rushed the kid, despite not having a gun, and giving time for the other students to take cover.

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