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A federal judge found two dead bodies in her home. U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow found [what turned out to be, in fact, her husband and mother, dead in her home] around 6 pm in the Chicago area. Another kidnapped journalist pleads for help on a video tape. French journalist Flourence Aubenas appeared on video tape begging for help. She went missing on January 5, 2005.

Michigan State University is considering moving it’s medical school to Grand Rapids. Ichiro Suzuki hit .429 from the All-Star Break to the end of the season. Steve Fossett who sailed around the globe in a balloon two years ago took off from a Kansas airfield on Monday trying to circle the earth in a non-stop, non-refueled, one engine plane, solo flight.

He hopes to touch back down in Kansas in three days, or less. It would not be the first non-stop, non-refueled flight but would be the first solo of that sort. Jeanna Yeager and Dick Rutan did so in 1986 but that took nine days. The fuel takes up 83 percent of the aircrafts weight. University of Illinois is 28-0 and they are two wins away from a perfect regular season.
The judge who was on the tribunal that was going to try Saddam Hussein in court was assassinated outside his home. Judge Barwez Mohammad Mahmoud, and his son, a lawyer, were both killed.

March 2, 2005

Clark, pastor of Christ Lutheran church in Kansas said Dennis Radar, the alleged BTK killer, will continue to be a member of their congregation and will remain on as president of the church council. Wow. Martha Stewart is scheduled to be released from prison this week. 14 year old boy was charged with shooting the bus driver in Tennessee. She had reported the boy a day earlier for using smokeless tobacco on the bus.

The bus crashed into a utility pole Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy suggested that for the court to tell the state that it can not allow the Ten Commandments on state land would reflect on obsessive concern with references to religion. They have not yet made a formal decision yet. In The Van Orden Case,however, the homeless lawyer from Texas who wanted the 10 Commandments display removed from the Texas Supreme Court lost his bid.

The name of of one of Michael Jackson’s attorneys is David LeGrand. Kobe Bryant settled the civil case with accuser who is now pregnant and married. The name of the Michael Jackson accuser is Gavin Arvizo.The trial is in Santa Maria.

Sports: Illinois plays Purdue tomorrow and play Ohio State on March 6 for their final two games . Mario Lemieux is owner/player for Pittsburgh Penguins
March 3, 2005

Thermal vents near middle of Atlantic Ocean—discovered new creatures by these vents. Near an area called the “Lost City”—black smokers are chimney-like structures that form when very hot water from the earths interior, up to 700 degrees fahrenheit breaks through into the ocean water coming into contact with the frigid ocean water…minerals crystallize during the process…and give the chimneys their black color.

They’ve discovered Tube Worms that can grow as long as eight feet. Also tiny shrimp and crab, often translucent, and less than an inch in size. Pilot Steve Fossett made a new world record by flying around the world without refueling or landing, and doing it solo. He landed in Kansas. It took him 67 hours to make the 23,000 mile flight. He survived on 12 milk shakes and water. His main problems were headaches and lack of sleep. He used bottles for a bathroom. He also set a ballooning record in 2002, has swum the English Channel, taken part in an Iditarod Sled Dog race, and driven in the 24 hours of LeMans auto race.

Umbilical cord blood apparently has high healing powers—but is expensive to keep in a blood bank. Research suggests that those who perform last in a contest will get better scores. Bruine de Bruin from Netherlands conducted the research. They are going to sink the USS America—an Air Craft Carrier—for the sake of research—to study its vulnerabilities and strengths—since it was ready to be retired anyways…it will cost them 20 million to sink it.

Mel Gibson appeared in court to testify about the experience he and his family had with a stalker. Zack Sinclair, native of Idaho is charged with one count of felony stalking—for writing unwanted letters and showing up at Gibsons church and home (today, 3/4/05, he was convicted). Archuleta. Gibson lives in Malibu with wife and children (or at least one child).

Tyler Perry made film called “Mad Black Woman” and despite having been homeless for a while has recently made a number of successful movies which have made him wealthy. Coyotes are increasing in the Washington D.C. area..Illinois defeats Purdue in mens college basketball 84-50 and is one win away from a perfect regular season.

In the five month absence of Martha Stewart from her company the value of the stock has increased times four. She was in Alderson Federal Prison. Shaaban Hifiz Ahmad Ali-shaaban age 52 from Indiana was charged with agreeing to act as a foreign agent for Iraq and immigration violations…and was arrested on Thursday. He agreed to sell the names of U.S. Intelligence Agents to Saddam Hussein’s government for 3 million dollars, said Susan Brooks attorney for southern Indiana. Uri Kravachenko , former Ukranian interior minister, linked to the murder of investigative journalist Georgiy Gangadze committed suicide.

March 4, 2005.

Military death toll in Iraq is now up to 1500. Raining again. Four Canadian mounties were shot and killed while investigating a marijuana farm. The Jury has begun deliberating in the Robert Blake Case. They say that the power being produced in Iraq meets less than half of the demand,

The Mall Rapist “James perry” over five years committed dozens of sexual attacks on children and women, many around Madison Wisconsin, (but also Illinois, Ohio, and Texas), and Harry’s wife may have been his first victim. He made videos of his attacks and put them on internet porn. When confronted with abuse the typical child will shut down and gets like a small animal, like a rabbit or something, and just freezes, (said ___________),

Perry’s success depended upon that blank frozen reaction from his child victim. James Perry, now 35, was sentenced on November 2004 to 470 years in prison for creating child pornography, child rape, and kidnapping, the longest sexual crime sentence in Wisconsin history.

Glen Matlock, former bassist for the Sex Pistols, who was subsequently replaced by Sid Vicious, --is now calling for the media to stop using so much profanity—ironic given the Sex Pistols penchant for using profanity themselves to shock people, years ago “When the earth shook and the waters began receding from the creek near their settlement, the Onje’s if India’s little Andaman Island knew nature was telling them something and the primitive hunter-gatherers did not wait to pick up their possessions or passports but instinctively made for higher ground.

All of the 100 or so Onje left in the world seemed to have survived the tsunami’s deadly power, now they are wondering what to do –given their village has been destroyed.. they are considering moving inland which may in fact be the best thing for them after all—a blessing in disguise.

March 5, 2005

New fighter technology or defense technology allows Israel soldiers to wear wrist watch video monitors with footage from unmanned drone planes video-taping the ground below during battle.

A LOT OF people adopt in the United States but not African American boys—they are, for some reason, overlooked—Americans go abroad to find babies to adopt when there are a lot of African American babies right here up for adoption—so many that other countries are coming to American to adopt them.

Some people who say that Love is color blind and race is not an issue are naive says Hughes (full name and title not provided), Phil Bertleson an African American filmmaker in New York who grew up in a white family in New Jersey says his upbringing almost created a cocoon of protection from the reality of race in the world around him.

He began examining the issue in his new film “Outside Looking In” about transracial adoption, and the impact it had on his sense of cultural identity. He said it was a challenge facing the discord outside the home when all you had experienced was something else.

They say while progressive minded adoptive parents may be well intended in the matter of race it doesn’t matter Bertleson says –it can be dangerous and damaging because when you ignore my race and ethnicity you are essentially taking away a part of who I am.

Former Korn guitarist Brian “The Head” Welch was baptized in the Jordan River weeks after quitting the band and quitting drugs. He and about 20 others from his church in bakersfield were baptized by Pastor Ron Vietti. Dolphins beached themselves in Marathon Florida—some are wondering if it is related to the submarine tests done by the military off Key West around the same time.. The mother of the accuser of Michael Jackson is Hispanic. They apparently interacted with a lot of celebrities including Kobe Bryant and a fellow by the name of Tucker, and Jay Leno apparently was approached by them at one point---but he called the police telling them he thought they might be looking for a mark.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book entitled “The Tipping Point” and cites a bottle of Ketchup for analogy—saying if you tap it a few times it will come out little by little but then suddenly it will pour out---[same analogy as ‘critical mass’ I think]Chief of Police Bratton of LAPD (former NY)said that for three years they intentionally enforced even the most minor crimes and in that same period the violent crime rate dropped by double digits.

In New York’s most murderous precinct aka “The Killing Fields” Bratton thinks the failure of the army to stop the looting in Iraq after the initial bombing was a tipping point for the terrorists and insurgents to rebel. Tom Friedman from NY Times gives an example of rock music having a tipping point in th 60’s with the rise of portable radios and batteries … Bratton hopes the election in Iraq will be a tipping point in the right direction—Story by Chris Bury and Ted Koppel on Nightline

March 6, 2005

Mark Saina of Kenya wins the 20th annual L.A. Marathon. Illinois loses 65-64 in final game of season vs. OSU—last Big Ten team to go undefeated was the Indiana Hoosiers of 1976.

Surfers created new world record by surfing a 40 foot 10 foot wide surfboard in Australia—20 to carry it to the water, 44-47 rode it beating the 2003 record of 14 people. New implant for women who have had mastectomies—they use pig fat cells—that will grow to the size of tennis balls in 12 weeks.

Reggie Jackson was hit by an SUV traveling at a high speed—both vehicles flipped—Jackson was treated and released, the other driver was in critical condition. Ethiopian archeologists have discovered 12 fossils that appear to be older than the famous fossil Lucy. The specimens, estimated to be 3.8 to 4 million years old will be important in terms of understanding the early phases of human evolution, before Lucy, said Yohannes Haile Selassie , an Ethiopian archaeologist. The discovery of Lucy, the hominid skeleton estimated to be about . 3.2 million years old in 1974 was a landmark in the search for the origins of humanity…the new discovery was found approximately 37 miles north of the site where Lucy was discovered in the eastern region of Afar.

In my manual about “Missiology for Islamic Women” they say too often missiologists have treated male and female Muslims as the same—gender blind. A Homosexual man, James Maestas age 21, was beaten unconscious in Santa Fe Mexico in a “hate crime”—Santa Fe is second only to San Francisco in the percentage of same sex households. The community holds a gay pride parade each summer, and is know for its progressive politics. Gabriel Maturan, age 20, Isaiah Medina 19, and David Trinidad were charged with assault & battery.

March 7, 2005

Michael Jackson Case. They’re cross-examining the accusers sister, Bryan Bland says, for AP news. Cross-examiner wants to know why if they are such a close-knit family (which she claims) they have never discussed the 1993 JC Penney Case in which her mother was awarded $150,000 after contending the guards abused her?

Former Sports Illustrated Cover Girl Model was in Thailand when the tsunami hit—her boyfriend and photographer was swept away by the tsunami. She was at the Khao Lak resort when the tsunami hit. She’s age 25, her boyfriend, Simon Atlee, was 33. The other brother of Jacksons accuser, age 14, said he saw Jackson touching his brother when they were sleeping on his bed together.

He said he twice saw Jackson masturbating with one hand while Jackson’s others hand was in his brother’s underwear (today 3/9/05 they said he claimed Jacksons hand was on top of the brothers crotch). He did not state the dates but that it occurred two days apart. The defense says the allegations are a fiction created by the children’s mother in an attempt to extort money. He also described a time when Jackson grabbed a female mannequin in his bedroom and pretended like he was having intercourse with it on a bed fully clothed while laughing. Jacksons mother and father were present but showed no reaction.

A prison in the Dominican Republic with a maximum capacity of 25 had 178 people in it when a fire started. Prisoners have access to knives and drugs, 34 died, 2 Americans from Puerto Rico apparently died in the fire. Garcia drank more than 50 shots of tequila in a drinking contest and died of alcohol poisoning a few hours later in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The Governor of Georgia, Perdue, is apparently a licensed veterinarian—and is planning to participate in neutering a dog for some sort of awareness campaign.

Bobby Fischer is still in Japan—apparently in solitary for a few days because of some fracas he had with prison guards about a boiled egg. Iceland has offered to give him citizenship if Japan will allow it (Fischer wants to renounce his American citizenship but is currently wanted by the U.S. for violating a ban on entering __________ a few decades ago—to play Chess. His fiance, Miyoko Watai, a four time Japan women’s chess champion, is supporting him from the outside.
Michael Jackson—the other brother is now testifying—says that Jackson showed him a pornography magazine entitled “Barely Legal” but when the defense attorney asked him if this was it (having an actual copy of “Barely Legal” ) and the boy said yes—he indicated the date on it was after they had been there (to which the boy responded that he did not necessarily mean that exact magazine but one like it , which is possible if Jackson subscribes to it—he would throw out the old ones), the boy also admitted that he lied under oath when he swore his mother and father never fought and that his father never hit him.

The lawyer asked him if somebody told him to lie in the JC Penney case and the boy responded that he didn’t remember. The attorney then asked him about this alarm system Jackson has which goes off anytime somebody enters the hallway outside his bedroom, and the boy said that is true but that it only goes off if a second door is opened. The attorney asked him if in both cases that he saw Jackson touching his brother the alarm went off? Yes the boy said, but the previous day he did not mention any alarm and that his brother slept through both incidents, snoring at one point.

The Dept. of Engineers gives the United States a D for infrastructure. High School Football coach in Oregon was accused of licking the scab or cut on the knee of one of his players. Missouri apparently has a reputation for being pornography friendly and the governor wants to change it. New female champion surfer in peru, 21 year old Sophia Mulanovich, puts Peru back on the map as a surfing country.

March 9, 2005

Mt. St. Helens had a small eruption. The unpopular leader of Hong Kong steps down—Hong Kong wants “universal suffrage” and uninhibited democracy but Beijing—is holding them back they appointed a leader by the name of Tung Chee-Hwa who is disliked by the Hong Kong people—and announced he is stepping down due to health concerns.

Star of heavy metal band Motorhead Ian Kilmeister aka “Lenny” speaks out on WWII---saying he doesn’t think it was just the Germans who were bad and Americans/British good—says he didn’t make as much money as Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne—because he had warts on his face—he’s fifty nine—and has many girlfriends some of whom he has shared with his son, but draws the line about sharing his son’s wife.

The Barnes art collection , which has one of the largest collections of Picassos, Cezannes, and matisse is scheduled to move a few miles closer to Philadelphia to make them more accessible to the public.

March 10, 2005

News professor who compared the victims of the World Trade Center to little Adolf eichmanns at the Univ. of Colorado ----negotiations are under way to buy out his contract—to get him to leave-, professor Churchhill?. Michael Jackson showed up an hour late due to bad back. Marijuana usages is increasing in Canada.
The Word Anaheim comes from German –Heim means home and Ana comes from Santa Ana—the river—hence “home by the river.” The Mexicans called it Campo Aleman. It originally had four gates to keep the cattle away from the grape vines—the gates were the Los Angeles, the San Diego, Yorba, and San Pedro,

The German families did not come to Anaheim until the 1859 when the grape vines began to produce. The Mission grape helped them establish their wineries…brought to California by the Franciscan fathers, but other grapes included the Barcelona, Malviosic, Zinfandel, and ____________ grapes; 400, 000 vines were planted the first year. In 1861 75,000 gallons of wine were produced; by 1884 with 50 wineries in operation Anaheim produced 1, 250,000gallons. Anaheim wine was said to be better than some European wines. Between 1884 and 1888 the vines were destroyed by disease—thus killing the wine industry.

Other crops took their place including walnuts, sugar beets, lemons, apricots, and the Anaheim Chili pepper, but most successful was the Valencian Orange—so much so that they named the new county after it.

March 11, 2005

Shooting at a Fulton County Courthouse—in Georgia—an accused rapist/defendant was being escorted into the court by the bailiff when he grabbed the bailiffs gun, shot the bailiff, the court clerk, and the judge, killing all three. Then he may have stolen a green Honda Accord—and is on the loose.

Two former Police Officer/Detectives, Luis Espolito and Stephen Caracapa, from New York , living in Nevada, were arrested for conspiring with the mob/mafia. Spain is commemorating the March 11, 2004 bombings of the trains. The accuser in the Michael Jackson case says that Jackson told him if he doesn’t masturbate he may be inclined to rape somebody, and he said he once looked over the balcony and saw a boy having sex with a dog.

33 year old Bryan Nichols, former computer technician, on trial for rape, stole a gun on the way into court, shot the bailiff, shot the clerk, shot the judge, shot a officer, killed all three but the bailiff (who is in critical condition) (and the next day 3/12/05 shot a marshall and stole his truck), on the loose (now caught 3/12/05).

Judge Rowland Barnes and Court Reporter Julie Brandaus were killed inside and Deputy Sgt. Hoyt Teasley was killed outside the court. The bailiff/deputy, Cynthia Hall, was in critical condition after being shot in the face—but will probably survive. He was not handcuffed because the law requires they do not wear handcuffs so as not to unfairly influence the jury. 27 kids died perhaps of food poisoning on the Island of Bohol in the Philippines.

The state of Washington is experiencing a drought this year—driest since 1977. Seattle, know for being one of the rainiest cities in the U.S., actually receives less rain, on average, than does New York City. Seattle averages 37 inches whereas NYC averages 47 inches. Harvard Sophomore Michael Kopko has started a dorm cleaning business but others are against it because they say it differentiates between the “haves” and “ have nots” --.

Canadian Marlene Jennings (actually half american_) parliamentary secretary for U.S. Canadian Relations who reports to Prime Minister Paul Martin said “Lets embarrass the hell out of the Americans” in regard to their reneging on a treaty—while they (the U.S) is attempting to negotiate treaties with other countries.

Tax Defaulters in Southern India have to put up with drummers assigned to drum outside their door until they agree to pay their bill. North Carolina State upset #3 Wake Forest in the ACC quarterfinals, 81-65,---. Doug Flutie, age 42, is being released by the San Diego Charges. He played for Chicago, New England, Buffalo, and now San Diego—he started out with the now defunct USFL, and also played in the Canadian League. The mother of Univ. Illinois basketball coach, Bruce Webber, died of heart problems, and his brother is coach at Glenbrook North High School in the northern part of Chicago.

March 13, 2005

In Japan mass suicides are becoming a problem---people are going on line to make suicide pacts---most often done by lighting charcoal inside a car and dying of carbon monoxide poisoning, most recently 7 people in Siatama died together, six in Kanagawa, and four in Hokkaido died this way.

Geraldine Mccaughrean has been chosen to write the official sequel to J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, said the hospital who holds the copyright to the book. Barrie willed the book to this British hospital in 1937. The New work will be entitled Captain Pan.

Disney Company is expected to announce that Robert Iger is going to replace Michael Eisner as chief executive in September.

A team of American Dr.s flew secretly to Ukraine in mid-December to assist in the care of Victor Yuschenko and made the assessment that he had been poisoned. 5.9 earthquake hit southern Iran on Sunday, but damage was minimal to the sparsely populated area. A two year old was shot by his four year old brother who pulled a loaded pistol out of his mothers purse. The baby is in critical condition at the Ben Taub Hospital in Houston Texas. The pope is leaving the hospital

Randy Gregory the pastor, age 51 and his son, James Gregory age 16 of Gurnee Illinois both died in the shooting at the hotel worship service in Wisconsin.

March 14, 2005

Filipino Guards shoot dead 17 prisoners. In beijing 240,000 manhole covers have been stolen, in 2003. they are going to replace the manholes with non-metallic, non-recyclable materials.

March 15, 2005

Bill Clintons home in New York isin Chappaqua 40 miles north of Manhattan. “These people are not above the law you know, they may fly on private planes, make millions of dollars, and be on baseball cards—but a subpoena is exactly what it says it is and they have to appear”, Representative Tom Davis said. Davis, a republican from Virigina, said that Congress would issue contempt of Congress if they did not show up.

The subpoenas were issued after most of the witnesses refused invitations to appear, the panel says. Some Muslims being held prisoners by the Fliipine govt took the guards guns and shot through the guards—as they were being served breakfast in a Manila Jail. One of Harvard’s Colleges passes a no confidence vote about the Harvard President, Lawrence Summers.

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