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Around 190 person have been kidnapped in Iraq in the last year the latest being the Italian Journalist kidnapped near Baghdad University. the president of Togo, a small African country, died today.

February 6, 2005

Couple wanted for Child torture in Florida have been arrested in Utah. Alice Resnick, a state supreme court justice in Ohio, was arrested for drunk driving. “My golly I decide all these cases in your favor and look what you are doing to me” she said to the trooper. Her blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit
February 7, 2005

Screen writer or alleged screen writer for Devils’ Advocate, Jonathon Lempkin, age 43… got lost hiking around Mt. Baldy along with a friend Clay Senechal… Senechal is the son of Potts who starred in Designing Women and who played bo peep in Toy Story 2..also his father is Scott Senechall a director.

February 8, 2005

IN Affluent Glen Ridge New Jersey a soldier was involved in shooting at his ex-wife (injuring her) as well as a man that was with her and then killing himself.. He was involved in a case back in 1989 in which a group of popular kids raped a mentally retarded girl with a broom and baseball bat.

Corchoran the son of a police lieutenant was one of several involved but was acquitted or not charged …three other boys were sentence to jail…in ’97 Corchoran won a $200,000 settlement… in a federal civil rights lawsuit that charged Essex County with malicious prosecution…Corchoran was in Afghanistan for a year.

13 year old Devin Brown was shot and killed by police after he stole a car and backed into the police vehicle.. 9 year veteran age 31 fired the shots and six year veteran age 26 was also involved.

Britain’s Ellen Macarthur became the world’s fastest person to sail solo around the world.. 71 days 14 hours. Israeli born officer says China will take over the U.S. economically by 2025… author’s name is Oded Shenkar… book entitled The Chinese Century and he is a professor at Ohio State Univ. A Welsh rugby fan cut off his own testicles to celebrate Wales beating England in rugby… age 26 was so convinced that England would win Saturday’s match Geoff Hush told fellow drinkers at a club that he would cut off his testicles if Wales wins… he is hospitalized in serious condition they discovered a new species of monkey in Brazil.. highest bidder gets the honor of naming it… carbon increasing on all planets.

Notre Dame upsets Boston College in Top 25 basketball. . man found with rusty nail in neck…stalker arrested for swimming across Miami Beach Bay and laying spread eagle naked on the beach near her house… a four year old in Sand Lake Michigan drove his mom’s car to a video store he would jump down hit the gas and then jump back up to see where he was going..… at 2:00 in the morning and made it there without incident but hit two cars and then a patrol car on the way back. Refugee camps in Sudan.

Man who video tapes prostitutes for public awareness is arrested for allegedly paying the prostitutes to do their sexual acts in front of the camera.

Hakeem Olajuwon, former Houston Rockets star, is under investigation for contributions his mosque made to various terrorist related organizations…researchers are now saying it may be possible to predict some tsunamis by watching the coastline .. a phenomena called subsidence before a the oceanic plate dives under the continental plate it pulls the continental plate down slowly and eventually so much so that it snaps.. there seems to be a bending before it snaps… so that the shoreline/tide levels decrease slightly---by watching for slight decreases (which can also be determined by the life of microorganisms along the shoreline) it may be able to predict future tsunamis but without any way of saying exactly when.. but not all earthquakes move up and down for example the San Andreas fault moves laterally.

They are less concerned about this happening on the southwest coast than the Cascadia subduction Zone which stretches from North California to British Columbia, and also mentioned parts of the Northeast coast.

The moose population in West Wyoming has become lower than normal.. now about at 2700 some studies suggest malnutrition and starvation , others say it was due to grizzly bears , 8% caused by car crashes, wolves 2%, …North Korea acknowledges for the first time it has nuclear weapons.. young gals and women are being sexually abused in Congo… new U.N resolution makes it unlawful for them to have sex with the Congonese women…Zimbabwe arrest man for competing as a woman athlete.. boy stunned by police officers in Chicago with a stun gun experienced cardiac arrest and has still not regained full consciousness… the problem of actor missionaries.

February 10, 2005

Story about “John of God “ in remote Brazilian village Abediania who calls himself a healer and has an avid faithful following of people coming to him for healing .. some say he is successful… actor Corey Feldman has been subpoenaed to appear in the Michael Jackson trial.

Now researchers are saying that even so-called “healthy” juices are not much better for children (or adults) than sodas—the juices being simply sugary water, not much different than soda…better off drinking milk… a newborn boy was tossed out the car window with umbilical cord still attached found on the grass less than an hour old ..serious condition in hospital. Found in plastic bag.. in Fort Lauderdale

Minny Mandela, Nelson’s wife… was convicted of fraud in 2003.. bank loan scam.. sentenced to 3 ½ years of prison in ’91 convicted of kidnapping a 14 year old Soweto activist… later found dead… she was sentenced to 6 years in prison which was reduced to a fine on appeal… [Nelson’s son died of aids] … There’s fighting on the island of Jolo in the Philippines… 30 soldiers and 60 rebels have been killed since…Monday.

Tsunami/earthquake was 9.0 on Richter scale and largest to rattle the earth since the 1968 Alaska quake..disrupted the planets rotation and shaved 2.8 microseconds.. from the length of a day…shifted the earth’s north pole by 1 inch and made the earth slightly less oblate , or flattened at the poles.. [this is based on calculations rather than measurements].

Mangroves..and coral reef was destroyed by the tsunami…. Leprosy in Tanzania—trying to create awareness that it is potentially curable in some cases…or at least not as hopeless as once thought or commonly believed…a couple from Michigan who brought medicine to a convent in Cuba were fined $5000 by a federal judge for traveling to Cuba without a license…they should have applied for a license to visit Cuba for humanitarian reasons…which are issued by the OFCA.. for various reasons.

THE ABA reports that negligent or unprepared lawyers are leading to faulty convictions…and more serious punishment than should be given.. lack of training for lawyers for the indigent most states pay more for prosecutors than for public defenders.

California allocates defense counsel $60.90 for every $100 prosecution receives…some defense attorneys even negotiated plea agreements the first day they meet their client.. reports of incidents of indigent clients languishing in jail for months…the study says that the representation of indigents is in a state of crisis… the ABA committee wants Congress.. and local governments to spend more money.. against shoddy legal representation… an ABA meeting right now in Salt Lake City that runs through Tuesday.. has not put this issue on its Ohio State University Professor by the name of Doug Bermin was interviewed by AP news in regards to the ABA report…
February 11, 2005

Arthur Miller died. Christo & Jeanne Claude are setting up an art exhibit in Central Park that cost them 20 million dollars to create and display—called “The Gates” It will unfurl Saturday…they’ve been working on it for a few decades…Karl Malone has decided to retire—he considered playing another year for the Lakers and also talked with the Spurs but finally said he would call it quits altogether, finally—leaving the game as the 2nd highest scorer in NBA history –his only regret not ever having won a championship ring, losing twice in the finals with the Jazz to the Bulls and M. Jordan, and last year losing to the Pistons with the Lakers.

Doctors say eating Thai Curry can help protect against cancer.. ginger root called galangal used to flavor the dishes appears to kill cancer cells..and the researchers at King’s College in London also believe it can also protect healthy cells…Galangal has already been used as a treatment for stomach cancer..and has also been used as an aphrodisiac…

74 year old American nun was shot to death in Brazilia’s Amazon Rain Forest … she worked for decades to defend human rights.. Dorothy Stang..was shot in the state of Para.

More about the “Gates” exhibit in Central Park there are 7500 Gates along 23 miles of pathways in Central Park.

Remember the lady who sued the two girls for delivering her cookies… now she, Renee Young, and her husband, Herb, have gone on Good Morning America and told their side of the story—saying the two gals had to scale two fences and crawl under a third to get to her door and then they banged on the door so hard she was sure that somebody was trying to break in. The two gals, Taylors Ostergaard and the other Linsey Zellitti, now 19 years old…the girls on Good Morning America said they offered to pay them the money without going to court but Renee & Herb say that is not true. The girls have gotten all kinds of contributions because of this.. and a cookie company has named a cookie the “Kindness Cookie” in regards to it. Ray Kurzweil, professor & scientist, thinks he can live forever..and plans to do so.

A Tennessee community’s image of a teacher is shattered after finding out that this female teacher, Pamela Turner, a physical education teacher, a former college basketball player and blonde with “movie star looks” ---trying to reconcile the wholesome image with charges that she sexually assaulted one of her male students, a 13 year old boy. “She’s absolutely gorgeous” Warren County Sheriff Jackie Mathanie said…” I hate it for everyone” She was charged with 13 counts of battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape for allegedly having sex with the boy at his home and school . Turner lived with the boy and his family for a brief time after her marriage to a high school basketball coach ended. School superintendent Hale said Turner was adamant in her defense … ‘basically said she wasn’t guilty. She was shocked that she had been accused.”

Kansas State University Education professor Bob Shoop who has testified in 40 court cases involving sexual abuse in schools says people are always surprised when a woman is involved in such cases because they assume boys are sexually aggressive and cannot be the victim. The reality is a child is a child regardless of the gender, Shoop said. It’s immoral, illegal, and unethical, for any educator to have sex with any student.

The case is reminiscent of the one involving Mary Kay Letourneau, an elementary school teacher who had sex with a 12 year old student in suburban Seattle. Letorneau eventually gave birth to two of the boy’s babies. She spent seven years in prison.

Senator Larry Mumper is a former high school teacher now a Republican Senator from Ohio (?)…is trying to get a bill passed that would prevent public & private school professors from presenting opinion as fact and for penalizing students for expressing their viewpoints in an attempt to stop the liberal agenda in academia. Similar legislation failed in California and Colorado last year. The California Bill that would effect only public schools has been re-introduced.

February 13, 2005

Red Roses are banned in Saudi Arabia due to Muslim religious rules. Neo-nazis marched on the 60th anniversary of the Allied bombing in Dresden, marring an otherwise usually bright moment in history for Dresden to re-live. Dresden is known in Germany as the “Florence of the North” and was untouched by WWII battles until Feb 13, 1945 only a few months before the war ended when it was bombed by British and American planes.

The neo-Nazi march was scheduled by the German’s National Democratic Party (NDP) and Udo Voight one of the leaders of the rally expressed great admiration for Adolf Hitler. The leader of the Christian Party in Iraq was abducted. Lucia de Jesus de Santos (Sister Lucia Martos) was one of the three children who saw the vision of the Fatima Virgin in 1916 died. She was born in Aljustral, Portugal. Her two siblings, Jasunta and Francisco, died shortly after the vision around 1920, both of them were beatified by the pope.

One of Lucia’s last visitors was Mel Gibson who brought her a copy of his dvd in July, 2004. She says the main theme of the visions was the struggle of Atheistic communism against Christianity. A fire in Madrid, Spain destroys a sky scraper.

February 14, 2005

Michael Jackson is lining up defense witnesses which include Kobe Bryant, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jay Leno. Have to wonder about the wisdom of putting Kobe Bryant as a character witness for Michael Jackson. Prince Charles is getting re-married.. The initials HRH mean “Her Royal Highness” and it is a coveted title says AP News concerning the upcoming marriage of Prince Charles to Camila Bowes who will become the Royal Duchess rather than a , and it was “HRH’ that was taken away from Lady Di when she and Charles got divorced. Michael Jackson comes down with severe flu on the way to court---goes to hospital for help—is in stable condition… delays jury selection process. Cup of coffee per day may be good for you they say now…. Can help prevent liver cancer

February 15, 2005

100’s mourn the death of Devin Brown—the teenage boy show stole a car and was shot to death after a chase.. subsequently the LAPD is revising their shooting policies for moving vehicles. Baby 81 is re-united with its parents in Sri Lanka—after the baby was swept away from the mother’s arms in the tsunami… 8 couples claimed the baby was theirs---but DNA tests proved whose it was…entering Vacaville at 124 a.m. .. Department of Interior Secretary Gale Norton took a trip through Yellowstone to see how the snowmobiles affected the environment and seemed pleased that they did not seem to have a negative effect on the wildlife.

The presumed myth of Romulus and Remus—the two babies who lost their mother and were raised by wolves, breastfed by wolves… the myth is that these two babies founded Rome in 1753 B.C. and Romulus and Remus were the twin sons of the god Mars, the god of War.. recently they found archeology that uncovered more royal remnants than previously realized.. the previous archeologists found only huts.. .. ______________ discovered traces of regal splendor… at least 8 passengers departed from the Cruise Ship Voyager with broken bones after waves pounded the cruise liner in the Mediterranean Sea near Menorca (which is not far from Mallorca). .. pummeled by Force 11 gales and waves u p to 45 feet while on route from Tunisia to Barcelona… Harnessing the energy of the waves is becoming a new challenge for energy companies.

St. Patrick was first taken to Ireland as a teenager when raiders kidnapped him from his Roman parents British home…and used him as a slave… he escaped years later but returned later as a clergyman…religion has him introducing Christianity to the pagan islanders and banishing snakes…historians dismiss both claims saying there have never been any snakes in Ireland and there’s evidence that other Christians had attempted to convert the island previously. However, Patrick was an astute converter who incorporated pagan imagery into Christian evangelism…celebrating Easter with bonfires…and placing a sun at the center of the cross…to produce a Celtic cross..Patrick tried hard for 40 years to make Christianity work… and truly dominated Ireland by targeting Irish Gaelic aristocrats…
February 17, 2005

Shots fired on bus in Milwaukee, 1 dead. … Former prime minister of Lebanon was laid to rest today after being assassinated a few days ago..Giuliana Sgrena a 56 year old Italian journalist was kidnapped a week or so ago and was now forced to appear on videotape to plea for her life. She was a journalist for the Communist Daily II Manifesto. Two ships collide in the foggy port of Hong Kong. At least 100 people injured

Woman who dressed up as a giant Hummer in New York is suing the city for false arrest saying she had the right to speak and demonstrate against the sale of giant SUV’s.

Panda bears are expanding their territory according to a study of their feces found in new areas. New emphasis on frog safaris.

Story about a group in New York that started specifically to clean up after death scenes—i.e. to clean up the guts, body parts, brain splatter, etc. Journalists on the Mexican side of the U.S/Mexican border are facing increased persecution by the drug lords.. three journalists killed recently … University of Illinois is 26-0 ,#1.

Lance Armstrong declares he will race again in the Tour de France … Russian Astronaut Salizhan Sharipov is too tall to fit into the seat of the spaceship Soyuz to return home.. in order to fit he will have to squeeze into what they call a “penguin suit” which will shorten him. Sharipov lost the natural curve in his spine after four months with no gravity, making him taller.

Sella Field Nuclear plant cannot account for 66 pounds of plutonium but they say it’s not necessarily an actual loss but a “paper loss.” Italian researchers are urging over weight kids to drink more milk. Calcium increased the rate of fat burning and slows the growth of fat cells. It flies in the face of the notion that diets should include less milk and cheese.. which actually is not helpful… because it not only prevents the burning of fat but also you lose the benefit of calcium intake.

Arlen Spector, senator, has Hodgkins Disease and will under go Chemotherapy.Cyclone Olaf is causing damage in the Cook Island area. Two Kenyan boys were attacked by some sort of tribal group and had their penises cut off with the intent of making an anti-aid potion. A Kenyan doctor reconstructed their penises so they can live without a catheter.

The largest Presbyterian branch of churches is threatening to divest the money they have invested in Palestine/Israel if peace does not prevail. Hole in the skull of King Tut sparking questions about whether he was murdered—they are now doing Cat determine the significance of the hole-in-the-skull. King Tut was found in 1922 by British archaeologist Howard Carter…King Tut ruled during a “troubled and confusing” period of Egyptian history, shortly after the death of monotheist (?) Akhenaten in 1362 B.C. who may have been King Tut’s father. Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is near Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Mark Thatcher, son of Margaret Thatcher, had to appear in court and answer more questions his involvement in the plot to assassinate the equatorial New Guinea president (and he admitted purchasing a helicopter with a group of people) ---his wife and children are living in Texas.

Talking about the plaintiff in the Michael Jackson case –defense attorneys are calling them “professional plaintiffs” and want the jury to know about their involvement in lawsuits against J.C. Penny and Tower Records in 2001.

The man who parked his SUV on the railroad track in Glendale—initially it was thought to be a suicide attempt, but now prosecutors point to the fact that he poured gasoline on the vehicle which would not be necessary if the man simply wanted to die, himself. They say it indicates he was trying to cause an explosion. Lindsay Lohan—the gal who played the twins in the re-make of Parent Trap (1998 version)—now is 18 years old—and is playing more controversial , risqué films.

February 18, 2005

U.S. is running ad in Pakistan on TV for the capture of Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive, 25 million dollar bounty. Judge Ernest Murphy, a superior court judge in Boston, sued reporter David Wedge of the Boston Herald for misquoting him as saying “She should get over it” in a callous manner about a 14-year-old rape victim.

Jury awarded 2.1 million for libel saying the paper and reporter were wrong. The gorilla Koko in N. California.. two employees are suing because they are saying the keeper who employed them wanted them to expose their breasts for the gorilla in view of him saying he (the gorilla) has a nipple fetish.

The tsunami uncovered an ancient town in India, covered by sand near the coastal town of Maha Balapurum…another earthquake hits in Indonesia at 6.9 on Richter scale in Sulawesi region.

California is one of eleven states allowing marijuana for medical reasons. Mexico begins a new trial process, changing their system. From secretive corrupt trial to oral trial similar to the U.S. system. Mother of the Detroit Tiger pitcher who was kidnapped in Venezuela and held for 6 million dollar ransom was rescued by a law enforcement team , killing one of the kidnappers in the process.

They raided the camp ..taking Urbina’s mom back. She had been held for 5 months. Sr. Bush and Clinton are in Thailand assessing the tsunami disaster. USS Carter, a sea wolf class submarine is scheduled to be commissioned tomorrow, Jimmy Carter was a submariner in his military years.

February 19, 2005

China is becoming more and more an economic power, China is attempting to woo relationships with other countries away from rival Taiwan, China has set a force of police to Haiti to help the country in the first communist deployment in the western hemisphere, and they are especially targeting the Caribbean, two countries in the Caribbean—Dominica & Granada switched allegiance from Taiwan to China despite Taiwan’s “money diplomacy” and the recent offer of 9 million dollars but China counter-offered 112 million over 6 years.. …China still insists that Taiwan is part of China. The two sides split in the Civil War in 1949 and Beijing has since refused to have ties with any government that recognizes Taiwan. The Bahamas abandoned Taiwan in 1997. And it has added Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, and St. Lucia as approved travel destinations for Chinese tourists. China is the leading importer of Trinidadian asphalt used for highways and airport runways.

Only four countries maintain relationships with Taiwan---Dominican Republic, Haiti, St. Kits, St. Vincent (Grenadines), but China has economic missions in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. When China became communist in 1949, the U.S. supported Taiwan, the island where the former Chinese government had taken refuge. U.S troops fought Chinese soldiers in the 1950-53 Korean War. In 1979 the U.N. gave Beijing the China seat and Taiwan was expelled. In 1979 the U.S. Recognized China’s legitimacy. IN 2001 China entered the World Trade Organization and trade is up 33% since 2003.
The Father of Lindsay Lohan who I just mentioned a few days ago as the star of the Parent Trap (re-make of 1998) was arrested for driving under the influence in New York and apparently has had several scrapes with the law over the past few years.

George Bush Jr. admits to having tried marijuana. In audio tapes before his initial run for the presidency, in conversation with a friend he says “ I would never answer question to the press like Al Gore did [about smoking marijuana] because I would not want some little kid doing what I tried.” This conversation was with his friend Doug Wead, a former aid to George Bush Sr.

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