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Bob Jones of Bob Jones University—is going to retire as president of Bob Jones university,, ending a 34 year reign …the school grabbed headlines in 2000 after George Busch spoke there because of it’s racist policies and its fundamentalist views and their ban on inter-racial dating which has since been changed.

Jones son, Stephen, age 35, will take over the school in May. The 65 year old Bob Jones’ grandfather founded the school 78 years ago. He says “It is time for someone younger and closer to the present generation to take over. I’ve seen too many institutions, churches, Christian ministries suffer when somebody stays on too long. I never wanted that to happen here. Jones said he will spend more time traveling and preaching but will remain a visible part of the campus as chairman of the board of trustees and perhaps as “grandpa” to the 5000 student campus.

A Nevada man castrated himself to lower his libido, but ends up in the hospital. Senator Kevin Parker was arrested for allegedly punching a traffic agent/officer who was writing him a ticket. The Brooklyn Democrat was charged with 3rd degree assault. 100’s of giant squid are washing up on Orange County beaches, the Humboldt squid. Approximately 500 of them began washing up on the sands of Laguna and Newport Beach, one of them up to 17 pounds.

J.P. Morgan apologizes for participating in slave trade before the Civil War—having taken slaves as collateral for unpaid loans---their researchers discovered, and so now they are setting up a scholarship fund for African American students in Louisiana, with a program called Smart Start which will provide 5 million dollars for full tuition.

Battle of the Anaheim Angels baseball team name is going to OC Superior Court—the Angels want to change their name to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, but both the city of Los Angeles and the City of Anaheim are contesting it. When the Angels were founded in 1961 with Gene Autry their owner they were the Los Angeles Angels and they played in Dodger stadium. In 1965 they became the California Angels and moved to Anaheim.

When Disney bought the club in 1997 they changed the name to Anaheim Angels. New study suggests that person with lower IQ are more prone to suicide, and persons with low IQ as well as highly educated parents are even more prone to suicide. Researchers from Bristol and __________________ conducted the test, although they note previous conflicting results –one of which indicated that persons with higher IQ were more prone to suicide ( Israel), whereas in Australia they found the opposite.

Lady went into labor during a parachute jump and delivered the baby on the ground minutes after she landed. ).

January 21, 2005

An article says “An ancient version of global warming may have been the cause of the greatest mass extinction in history…the event known as the great dying some 250 million years ago 90% of all marine life and nearly ¾ of all land-based plants and animals went extinct. Scientists think it’s due to volcanic activity.

They think some animals evolved to survive at lower oxygen levels, such as birds, ---the atmosphere currently consists of 20% oxygen, but at that time it could have been as low as 16%, or less. The Coqui Frog is infesting the Hawaiian big island and is a problem because of the shrieking loud noise it makes at night, it came over from Puerto Rico, which is fond of the frog. The judge refuses to grant a preliminary injunction stopping the Anaheim Angels from changing their name, meaning it will go to trial.

A real life Romeo & Juliet Story near Verona Italy.. a 78 year old man, Ettore, sat by the bed of his comatose wife for four months and finally in despair took his own life. Less than a day later his wife awoke and asked for him, just 40 miles from Verona.

Movies like “Braveheart” and “Legends of the Fall” are on a growing list of movies inspirational to some Christians that encourage them to throw out the “nice guy” act and emulate warriors. John Eldrige inspired the movement…with his book “Wild at Heart” which has already sold 1.5 million copies . Eldrige believes that many Christian men have become bored really nice guys and invites them to newly discover passion by thinking of life as a battle to win and a mission to accomplish, including somebody (such as their wife) to rescue. He says the modern era has brought up immense conveniences but at what price? The human heart is desperate for more than a quicker serving of popcorn. “Eldrige calls on men to be prepared to take risks and re-discover their dreams, but does not provide a specific route to find. Career, marriage, and family become heroic quests rather than chains that bind. He focuses on how men can become less passive and engage those around them particularly their wives and children. The …who sits in front of the television is unengaged..they need to be engaged whether it is playing on the floor with their 1 year old or tougher games with their fifteen year old. Eldridge has said he has been astounded by the response to his book, steadily gathering since it was published by Nelsons in 2001. Men have been going to retreats even tribes on the Amazon River, he said. One of these believers in “Wild at Heart” ___________ says it does remind you that we are in a battle every day, it might be boredom and routine, but ..the moral of the story is that God has written a story and we have to find what the story is and live it , Chase says. He says the book inspired him to teach his 15 year old to ride a motorcycle. Eldridge was a trained counselor for fifteen years with Focus on the Family, and says we are currently living in a fatherless age, with many men having abandoned their children, if not physically then emotionally. One father was an alcoholic who after_____ years…became increasingly distant Chase had lost his father..who he described as very cold just months before he attended the retreat…and makes the analogy of father figure to God figure. Some women have welcome receiving more attention from their husband than flowers. The movement has stirred controversy and criticism from some Christian leaders who fear he may just be reinforcing stereotypes. While some women have welcomed….[it] they are concerned about the long-term impact on marriages…A professor at Fuller Seminary said that needing a “princess to rescue has set back marriage and family relationships in the church by 30 years..sanctifying the mythological 1950 view of manhood says Chapman Clark, associate professor of family and marriage at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena.. says “It is destructive to marriages in the long run, “ Clark said, that “Treating women as a figurine rather than the personal image of God will hurt relationships over time.” Clark says Eldridge had “tapped into an angst among middle-aged white men who are dissatisfied with their lives and for whom depression had become a very serious problem. “ Eldridge acknowledges the success of it will be judged by the impact it has on family lives…and whether Wild At Heart makes life better for children and/or women. When I receive letters from women who are immensely grateful [I am happy].
The Alfalfa Club is named after the plant which has roots that will go anywhere for a drink—and Bush spoke at their club a day after the inauguration.
Donald Trump gets married again for the third time his first two wives included Ivana Trump and Marla Maples, —in Palm Beach FL… guests included Katy Couric and Barbara Walters. [ Stop at #21] now he married Melania Kanuss, also guests Star Jones and Billy Joel & Tony Bennet and Rudy Guilianna. And Matt Louer. Married at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda by the Sea. She’s 34 , he’s 58. She’s from Slovania
The Green party in Austria is angry at Governor Schwwaarzenaager for allowing a death penalty conviction to proceed. Arnold was born in 1947 in the Village of Thal, just outside Graz. He still has Austrian citizenship. They’re saying he should be stripped of his citizenship because of it. A 40 year old mother in the Denver area had a party and supplied teenagers with alcohol and methemphetamines and marijuana and had sex with five of the boys—her name is Sylvia Johnson. She said she wanted to be a “kool mom.”

Non-alcoholic beer can reduce the risk of cancer. Scientists say it helps protect liver, lungs, and kidney against DNA damage. A Japan University gave mice NA beer once a day and found it reduced cancer by 85 %. It is thought that a compound in the beer blocks harmful chemicals and protects liver, lungs, and kidney from DNA damage.

Evander Holyfield visits Sri Lanka and India to assess the tsunami damage. Hector “macho” Camacho was released from jail in Gulfport , Mississippi after being charged with burglary of a Gulfport computer shop. Also charged with drug possession after officers said they found him with ten ecstasy pills. Camacho 70-5-2 with…he had been scheduled for a middleweight fight on Jan. 21. He lost to DeLa Hoya in1997; Chris McCarron is retiring from his job in administration at Santa Anita race track—moving to Kentucky to start a jockey school. Russel Baze moved into a tie with Billy Shoemaker for second on the all time victory list with 8330 wins.

Johnny Carson passes away age 79, due to complications from emphysema. Letterman says a night doesn’t go by that he doesn’t ask himself “What would Johnny do?” A former amateur magician and ventriloquist, Carson started his career in Lincoln Nebraska in 1948 after a stint in the Navy during World War II. He was a writer for the Variety series , “The Red Skelton Show” and hosted his first TV show “Carson’s Cellar” in 1951. He also hosted the early ABC game show ‘Who can You Trust?” where he appeared with McMahon for the first time in 1958. He replaced Jack Paar as the host of the Tonight Show in Oct 1962. Paar died only last January, 2004. Steve Allen died in October 2000. He was the first host of the Tonight Show. No Memorial Service—very private off stage. He even refused to appear on NBC’s 75th anniversary show. Carson was born in Corning Iowa in 1925. His family then moved to Norfolk NB. As he moved into the nascent [i.e. promising] world of television at an Omaha station.

The federal court in Pittsburgh which the federal government has been trying to implement—federal judge declared that the government’s anti-obscenity laws were unconstitutional The Michigan elementary school teacher who hacked her husband to death with a hatchet was sentenced Monday to life in prison without possibility of parole.

January 27, 2005

Man parked his train on train tracks in Glendale—wanted to kill himself, , changed his mind just moments before the train hit and jumped out.. Manuel Alvarez of Compton, age 25, his Jeep Grand Cherokee, also stabbed himself and slashed his wrists. Alvarez’ sister told TV interviewer that he had separated from his wife … then the wife got a court order to keep him away from her and the children…he wanted to see his wife and son… he was having problems with drugs she said and was violent… he went around as if he wanted to kill himself.., she said to him if you’re going to kill yourself kill yourself far away, don’t come by here telling that to my sister [ his wife] she said he had also threatened suicide in front of his son [ you see the problem, in part, there—they further ostracize him in his grief,,.. making him all the more despondent.. taking away his manhood. ] They don’t have sympathy for his grief and despair.. the treat him like a lunatic, making him all the more dejected… [creating a killer] … at the same time if you indulge his behavior too much you allow him to manipulate you.. is there a happy middle? Yes.

This was the worst train derailment since March, 1999…in this particular case the accident was compounded by the fact that the locomotive was pushing the train, not pulling , they said that if it had been pulling the train it might have simply pushed the car off the track.. but as it was—there was an accordion effect, increasing the damage to the middle cars.

Architect Philip Johnson died at age 98. HE did participate in the Crystal Cathedral drafting. He also was known for the Glass House—the centerpiece of his bachelor pad enclave in Connecticut. He also was involved with the Seagram building in New York. He did the west wing of the Museum of Modern Art..and the library at New York University… and the distinctive stacked lipstick ovals in New York.

Larry Green, a 29 year old man , was hit by ac car and declared dead ..already in the morgue when an inspector came by and found him barely breathing. JP Perdue, the medical inspector who found him still alive…/ , several medical employees were suspended pending an investigation.
A seven year old gal was found stabbed to death at a Catholic school 50 miles north of New York City—no suspects they say( one day later however they say , in fact, the gal was found in the men’s restroom and the father was arrested). Jerrica Rhodes was the daughter of Chris Rhodes, the son of a former police chief. A long article about detainee interrogations and how they used women to interrogate Muslim prisoners using sexual tactics—some of them highly offensive to Muslim norms. Scientists have discovered that hydrogen fuels microbes at Yellowstone, not sulfur.

Michael Ross, the Connecticut serial killer--, was due to be executed last night—but the execution as postponed at the last moment—he’s an Ivy League graduate. Estes Park Town Trustee David Habecker is being challenged to a recall election because he refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and say the words “under God.” Those allegedly missing computer discs at the Los Alamos Nuclear Plant computer lab—they now say never actually existed. Methamphetamines become a bigger problem—across the USA—can quickly make it with cold medicine and battery acid and a few other ingredients.

January 30, 2005

Angeline Jolie is am ambassador for the United nations High Commission of Refugees, a Good Will ambassador, she says she would just as soon do her ambassador work full time but realizes she needs to keep making movies for the publicity and money… . Stem cells taken from human embryos were coaxed into becoming motor neurons in an experiment that might one day help scientists to repair damaged nervous systems…researchers say they can train embryonic cells to develop on demand into any type of tissue in the body.. SBC one of the baby bells created with the break up of Ma Bell is now buying AT&T the original ma bell

January 31, 2005

Phytocerols in potato chips—supposed to block the cholesterol. Usually the owner/founder maintains control, but just recently they said that the founders of Habitat for Humanity had actually been kicked off the board of directors and was no longer part of the Habitat (not even in an honorary way Ward Churchill, a professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder has compared the victims of the World Trade Center attack to Nazis and the attackers as good… it’s mentioned because he was scheduled to make a speech at a college on the east coast but there were death threats and it had to be cancelled.. subsequently he has resigned as the department chairman.. but his colleagues defend his right to free speech… and have no plans to fire him altogether.. …

February 1, 2005

James Pitino—one of the casualties from the train wreck in Glendale and a sheriff’s deputy was mourned at a funeral by 1500 people, including letters and calls from prisoners where he was a guard. Circus employee was trampled to death by an elephant after falling down inside the truck/pen.

February 2, 2005

they’re doing a “Minuteman Project” in Arizona around Tumbleweed along the border they are going to set up their own citizen patrol, ….Chris Simcox is the founder of Civil Homeland Defense which runs its own border patrol with 417 people from 41 states had volunteered to take up positions between two Arizona towns, one of them Douglas…the rally is planned for April 1…when organizers expect 2000 people to park their cars along the border.. stared by James Gilchrest of Aliso Viejo, CA, a retired accountant…,they had a meeting at the Crenshaw Christian Center…one of the largest L.A. Churches…of ministers who backed the Bush re-election with an emphasis on the anti-gay agenda.. Bishop Frank L. Stewart, Pastor of the Zoe Christian Church .. of L.A. said he is a life long democrat but backed Bush because of moral issues.

The Nixon Library is now eligible for federal funds… a young woman who had a friend call in a bomb threat to the Philadelphia Airport in order to avoid missing a flight to London was sentenced Wednesday to a year in prison..Ceylan age 19 and her friend Ilays Savas was also ordered to reimburse American Airlines 9000 dollars to and to pay 100 dollars to each of the 17 people aboard the delayed flight…the two were arrested in June when they tried to redeem the unused tickets.

The King-Drew Medical Center in South Los Angeles is losing its accreditation…the commission found incompetent staff, inconsistent patient care, incomplete medical charts, and other problems.

February 3, 2005

Max Schmelling died at age 99 .. he was the German who fought Joe Louis back in 1932 or thereabouts and was knocked out in the first round, but the fight was billed as white v. black and was intertwined with the Nazi notion of superiority, so it was a big blow to them… he apparently had a decent boxing career apart from the Joe Louis defeat—going about 50 wins out of 70 fights…..

Ossie Davis died. Alan Alda says he was his hero article about Somalia. difficulty of doing tsunami relief there because Somali has no central government ever since the dictator was assassinated in 1991.. only recently have all the factions and outlaws agreed on people to lead, but the leaders don’t even dare live in their own country—they live in Kenya. Delivering aid there is dangerous On Jan. 9 one of the aid volunteers was shot and killed by bandits. Sec of State Kevin Shelley stepping down amid allegations of improprieties…he was a democrat.

February 4, 2005

Afghanistan airplane goes down in Afghanistan killing around 100. As many as 6 of the passengers may have been Americans. Dr. Richard Olney a top neurologist who dedicated his career to fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease suddenly became afflicted by it himself. Idaho’s most famous outlaw, Claude Dallas, is scheduled to be released from prison after 24 years for killing two game warden officers who had come to his “campout” and found him with bobcat hides in one of his tents—thereafter a gunfight ensued with Dallas taking both of them down, and then putting a bullet into the head of each for good measure.

They made it sound as if, however, the game wardens, had tracked him down looking for a fight and that he, Dallas, did not believe he was actually poaching. A political associate of the Georgia prime minister found dead two days ago commit suicide today. Ossie Davis died—he was a black man who was in some of the Spike Lee films, including “Do the Right Thing”, but prior to that he was involved in many many films dating back to the 60’s… he was also a guest actor in Showtime’s “The L Word” series—so he was a radical liberal. He also wrote Purie Victorious in 1961 which lampoons racial stereotypes .

Alan Alda who appeared in the film version of Purie Victorious said Ossie was his hero. Ossie delivered a eulogy for Malcolm X in 1965 and then he repeated it for Spike Lee’s film, “Malcolm X”. He directed a film called “Cotton Comes to Harlem.” He also did “The Cardinal” in 1963, and “The Client “ in 1994, and “I’m not Rappaport” in 1936. He also appeared in “12 Angry Men” in 1997.

Burt Reynolds an aging actor also has high praise for Ossie Davis saying “ NO man comes close to representing the man I want to be “(apart from his late father he says). He goes on to say , “I know he’s sitting next to God and I know God envies that voice.” He spent four years in the war as a surgical technician in an army hospital in Liberia

NHL Hockey Star Dany Heatley thanked the family of Dan Snyder, his teammate, who was killed in a car accident when Dany Heatley crashed his Ferrari into a wall, forsaking the judge to keep him out of jail. He could have gotten up to 20 years in prison. He got three years probation. No driving except under certain circumstances and the car must be six cylinders or less and will be rigged to ensure it cannot go faster than 70 mph. He also has to make 150 speeches about the dangers of speeding.

Attorney Dressbold says that a man given a ticket in Pennsylvania for following too close behind another car was also given a citation for a incorrect hand signal—when he actually apparently flipped the police officer off—(i.e. stuck his middle finger up at him). The attorney says “either way its an abuse of his constitutional rights” and that it is “lawful under the constitution to give the middle finger” The trooper , Nassan, says the driver, Corey, gave him a gesture indicating he was changing lanes, making it an improper lane change signal. The trooper acknowledges Corey has the right to give him the finger under some circumstances unless it is in plain view of the motoring public.

Home of the Pixley national Wildlife Refuge. Every year before the Superbowl apparently they have a festival of “wings and breasts”—not chicken breasts—human female breasts in the stadium along with a chicken wing-eating contest—scantily clad gals entertain the crowd while contestants try to eat the most chicken wings in a specified period of time. This year there were 23, 000 spectators. This is the 13th annual event.

In Texas a woman caused her husband’s death by giving him a “Sherry enema”—because he couldn’t drink due to a sore throat she poured two 1.5 liter bottles of Sherry in his butt. HE was an alcoholic and apparently craved it—but it was too much to handle. Male model in San Francisco posed for Tasters Choice/Nestle and got a nominal payment for it but didn’t think they actually used his picture…until one day he comes across a bottle of Tasters Choice in the Supermarket and finds his face on it… the court awarded him 16 million dollars.

Yogi Berra is suing TBS for their advertisements which I include his name for the series “Sex and the City” saying it casts him in a false light and damages his reputation and offends his personal sensibilities. His attorney says he is religious, and has children and grandchildren. Prostitution was legalized in Germany in 2001.

[That’s a really bad sign I think—in terms of morale and morality—when the country legalizes something immoral. It’s a sign of depression. ]Their unemployment rate is also going to be as high as it has been since the re-unification of west and East Germany in ’91.

Rotterdam Independent Film Festival is one of the premier showcase places for independent films.

Prime Minister Thaksin of Thailand got his college degree at Sam Houston University in Texas, and has presided over Thailand during a time of enormous economic growth, but critics are worried he is going to become too autocratic and dictatorial with a tendency to violate human rights, noting the deaths of numerous drug dealers..and also some of the Muslim insurgents…and say that the tsunami has actually helped his popularity in the way that he has dealt with it—perhaps saving him for the upcoming election… he has refused international aid and started the motto “Thais love Thais” which has increased patriotism.

Sports: The Skins Game is in Hawaii this year—and this will be the first time that Craig Stadler plays in it—alongside Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicholas, ; Arnold Palmer just got married—doesn’t say if it’s re-marriage or not, and Nicholas just had back surgery in November.

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